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Published on October 16, 2012

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John Manning 1615 His line from SohamParish, Cambridgeshire, England to America

John Manning, baptism 12/17/1615Soham Parish, Cambridgeshire, England

Confirmation of RecordsIn a message dated 4/24/2009 6:16:59 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:Dear Glenn ManningSorry to have kept you waiting. I have finally got round to checking our Index and transcript for Soham Parishregister and I can confirm the following:John Mannyng baptism: Dec 17 1615 son of Thomas and SusanThomas Manyng baptism: Jan 17 1585 son of Tho and AliceI also searched for Thomas and Susans marriage: Thomas Mannyng and Susan (nee Caps) Oct 1614I then searched for Thomas and Susans burial and although there are a number of burials for the nameSusan/Susann/Susanne Manning I think the following might be a likely match:Susan Maning Jul 28 1644Thomas appears one year later: Thomas Maning Nov 28 1645.There is no other information recorded to support the assumption that the above burials are your ancestorsbut on balance of the facts (the burials are in the right parish and also in a feasible period of time) I think theyare a good match.I hope the information is of help and interest to you.Yours sincerelyxxxx xxxx, Archives Assistant Cambridgeshire Archives, Shire Hall, Castle Hill, Cambridge, CB3 0AP 01223 699399

Thomas Manning (John I’s father) baptism January 17, 1584

Thomas Manning and Susan Caps, marriage October 1614

Susan Manning (John I’s mother), death on July 28, 1644

Thomas Manning (John I’s father). Death on November 28, 1645

Thomas Manning’s lineage to 1235 AD• Thomas Manning, born about 25 Jan 1561/62 in Downe, Kent, England. He married Miriam Botley.• Richard Manning, born 1544 in London, England; died 08 May 1582 in Downe, Kent, England. He married Agnes Unknown about 1575 in London, England.• George Manning, born about 1520 in St. Gray, Kent, England; died 08 May 1582 in Downe, Kent, England. He married Joanna Wallys 13 Aug 1540 in Downe, Kent, England.• John Manning, born about 1480 in St. Marys Cray, Kent, England; died 1543 in Downe, Kent, England. He married 28929. Agnes Petley Abt. 1500.• Hugh Manning, born about 1431 in Downe, Kent, England. He married Margaret Brandon 1456 in Downe, Kent, England.• John Manning, born about 1399 in Codham, Kent, England. He married Juliana Brockhill.• John Manning, born about 1365 in Codham, Kent, England. He married Alice Walden.• Simon Manning, born about 1335 in Codham, Kent, England. He married Catherine Chaucer about 1360.• William Manning, born about 1310 in Codham, Kent, England. He married Unknown Chyrfold. She was the daughter of Richard Chyrfold and Johanna Chyrfold.• Stephus Manning, born about 1270 in Bettreds Castle in Kent, England and died 1310. He married Unknown.• Symon Manning, born 1235 and died 1279. He married Tryaphena DeBettreds in Bettreds Castle, Kent, England .

Saint Mary’s Church in Downe In 1786 In 1997The Manning family was also numerous and important, and a brass inthe nave records the death of John in 1543. Another brass in thechancel shows the family arms and motto and records that Edward, theson of the last Manning buried in Downe, died in 1622 at the age of20, having been page to Prince Charles, later King Charles I. Source:The church website.

History of Saint Andrew’s ChurchSt. Felix Of Burgundy Apostle Of The East AnglesSt Felix of Burgundy founded an abbey near Soham around 630 ADbut it was destroyed by the Danes in 870 AD. Luttingus, a Saxonnobleman built a cathedral and palace at Soham around 900 AD, onthe site of the present day Church of St. Andrews and adjacent land.St. Andrews Church dates from the 12th century and traces of theSaxon Cathedral still exist within the church. In 1102 Hubert deBurgh, Chief Justice of England, granted Ranulph certain lands intrust for the Church of St. Andrews. Ranulph is recorded as the firstVicar of Soham and had a hand in designing the new NormanChurch. The current church is mainly later with the tower being thelatest addition in the 15th century. This tower was built to replace afallen crossing tower and now contains ten bells. The back 6 werecast in 1788 with two new trebles and two bells recast in 1808.There are some pictures and a description of the church at theCambridgeshire Churches website.

Saint Andrew’s Church

Saint Andrew’s Church Tower

Saint Andrew’s Church Sanctuary

Saint Andrew’s Church South Window

Soham in Cambridgeshire Cambridgeshire in England

Saint Andrew’s Church History "The church of St. Andrew, erected towards the end of the 12th century, is a cruciform edifice, chiefly in the Transition-Norman style, with portions and insertions of later date, and consists of chancel, with two chapels on the north side, now used as Vestries, clerestoried nave of four bays, aisles, transepts, north and south porches, and an embattled western tower 100 feet in height, with pinnaces, and containing a clock and 10 bells: the chancel is lighted by Decorated windows inserted about the middle of the 14th century: the stained east window is a memorial to the Rev. Henry Tasker, vicar (1832-74), who died 17 Jan. 1874; on each side of the window is a small niche, with traces of painting: the north wall retains a fresco of a bishop in the act of benediction, uncovered in 1849, and it would seem that the whole chancel was at one time ornamented in this way: the chancel roof, and the woodwork at the east end, are both of panelled oak; the stalls, 20 in number, are of the same material and with the exception of six on the north side, added in 1880, were fixed in 1849, when the rood screen, a fine example of modern work, was also erected: on the south side are ancient stone sedilia and a piscina, and there are finely carved altar rails of oak : in the chancel is buried the Rev. D. Harwood, a former vicar, d. 1746, and Mrs. Elizabeth Cawthorne, his sister, d. 1782: the easternmost of the two chapels, built in the 14th century, retains a stone altar at the east end, an aumbry and an irregular oblong tombstone, with incised lettering, as well as some old glass: here also is interred Dr. Cressener, vicar 1678-1717: the other chapel is of Late Perpendicular date and has on its east wall a monument to Edward Bernes esq. and Dorothie (Drurye), his wife; she died 18 Feb. 1598; the chapel is inclosed at the west end by a very perfect and elaborately wrought parclose screen, restored in 1880: each of the transepts has octagonal pinnacles at the angles, and in the south transept is an Early English piscina and a nearly illegible inscription and shields of arms to some member of the Dowman family, and on the east wall a brass with inscription to John Thornton gent. and Ann (Drurie), his wife; he died Sept. 13, 1598: the north transept contains an altar tomb of the 15th century, and a large marble slab, inscribed, but undated, to Thomas Dockwra and his wife: the south aisle retains an aumbrvy on the south side of the nave is a small brass to Oliver Robins, ob. 12 Aug. 1608, and Katherine (Salisbury) his wife, and at the west end are ten ancient stalls, with misereres, formerly in the chancel: the north porch is Perpendicular and has a stoup; the south porch, of the 14th century, has a large sundial over the entrance with the motto :-" Ab hoc momento pendent aeterna:" the tower, 25 feet square, is also Perpendicular: the royal arms, placed at the west end of the north aisle, date from the reign of Queen Anne: the church was completely restored in 1879-80, under the direction of Mr. J. P. St. Aubyn, at a cost of nearly £3,000, and was reopened May 18th, 1880, the whole of the galleries being removed, new roofs placed on the transepts and chapels, and the flooring repaired: parts of the pinnacles were blown down by the gale: of March 24, 1895, but have been restored under the direction of Mr. T. D. Atkinson, architect, of Cambridge. The church now affords 630 sittings: in the churchyard, near the north porch, is the grave of Mary DAye, great-grand-daughter of the Lord Protector Cromwell; she died Nov. 5, 1765, aged 75; on the south side of the chancel is buried Dr. John Ward, who died in 1641, aged 125. The registers are complete from the year 1558." "The Congregational chapel was built about 1837 and will seat 450 persons. In 1880 a school room, with class rooms, was built near the chapel, and there is also a ministers house. The Wesleyan chapel, erected in 1841, affords 200 sittings; the Primitive Methodist chapel, erected in 1869, will seat 300 and has Sunday school and class rooms, erected in 1890; and there is another Primitive Methodist chapel at Soham Fen, erected in 1872, and seating 164 persons. The Baptist chapel, erected in 1752 and rebuilt in 1837, seats 500; this chapel was the first pastoral charge, in 1775, of the Rev. Andrew Fuller D.D. a celebrated Baptist minister, born at Wicken in 1754, who was educated at the Free school here and died 7 May, 1815."[Kellys Directory Cambridgeshire - 1900] "The chapel of St. Nicholas, which is attached to the church of St. John the Baptist, Soham, is a small and plain building, consisting of chancel and nave only, and will seat 80 persons."[Kellys Directory of Cambridgeshire 1929]Church RecordsChurch of England Soham, St Andrew: Records of baptisms 1558-1907, marriages 1599-1915, burials 1558-1922 and banns 1754-1930 reside in the Cambridgeshire Archives.The Bishops Transcripts for the years 1563-1641, 1663-1845 reside at Suffolk Record Office and 1850-56 can be found in the Cambridge University Library, microfilm copies at held at the Cambridgeshire Archives for the years 1563-1641, 1663-99. Indexed transcripts are also available for baptisms 1558- 1875, marriages 1559-1875, burials 1558-1875 at the Cambridgeshire Archives. The parish register transcripts are available, on microfiche, from the Cambridgeshire Family History Society Bookstall.

Sailing to America 1635These under written names are to be transported to Virgina imbarqued in the Globe ofLondon Jeremy Blackman Master have been examined by the Minister of Gravesend oftheir conformitie and have taken the oaths of allegiance and supremacie.Minister John Goodbarne 30, Edward Lewes 21, Jo: Whitwham 26, Jo: Babington 20 , Wm Satchill 22, Tho: Gowen 18, Symon Moody 20, ThomasTucker 21, Jo: Walton 20, Jo: Ramsey 30, Richard Bates 16, Willm Bowler 14, Henry Hopes 23, Wm Barnes 22, George Nettleford 19, ThomasParker 22, Philip Meredith 12, Robert Coppyn 11, Wm Browne 20, Robert Yates 25, Wm Griffith 18, Clough Berne 19, James Copley 22, Tho:Blithe 20, Wm Howard 16, Jo: hale 14 , Nicholas Tayler 17, Benedict Rolls 16, Martin Perkins 18, Wm Emns 22, Davie Vaughan 18, Jo: Seaton19, Tho: Bowyer 19, Abram Bentley 20, Rich. Adams 22, John Russell 15, Henry Smithick 26, Tho: Grigg 16, Christopher Legg 18, Randall Burne20, Humfrey Buckley 18, Henry Ston 27, Phillipp Shenningham 17, Tho: Sharp 17, Wm Savoy 25, Edward King 21, Nathaniel Rogers 17, MichellVictor 18, Wm Sharp 21, Wm Smotherly 14, Robert Arnold 30, Jo: Thatcher 22, Wm Nash 22, Peter Payton 22, Robert Baldry 18, EdwardLangstell 18, James Scott 21, Wm Andrews 21, Jo: Bland 26, Philip Westlake 20, Jo: Marwood 17, Jo: Griffith 20, Jo: Howgate 17, Luke Hanes27, Jo: Stibbs 19, Jeffery Wynch 20, Richard Abbott 25, Rich. Steevenson 19, Tho: Smith 30, Anto Carter 22, Geo: More 25, Robert Gannock20, Wm Burton 20, Mathew Bateman 20, Jo: Bynstedd 20, Michell Hayms 21, Tho: In?on 21, John Whitfield 20, Allin Hamock 32, George Froth27, Charles Smith 22, Mathew Mprton 19, Wm Lewes 25, Richard Wells 26, Richard Guy 23, Jo: Swana 18, Edward Lene 32, Tho: Sawell 29, Tho:Whaplett 21, Mabell Eaton 27, Sara Cleyton 27, Ann Levyans 31, Mary Willis 22, Ann Creede 22, Julien Meridith 38, Lucie Becklie 18, Joan Jernew30, Eliz: Jernew 25, Robert Seriven 18, Robert Isham 14, Jo: Armsby 30, Wm Lemon 19, Michell Whitley 23, Jo: Mannings 20, Wm Barloe19, Edward Hollingbrigg 27, Wm Manifold 20, Gregorie Allin 17, Wm Talbot 14, Geo: Hawley 17, Edward Hodgokynns 21, Mark Gill 22, Tho:Harrwood 26, Abram Watson 17, Allin Rippin 28, John Hobson 25, Tho: Chapman 26, Rich Cooke 46, Richard Townsend 28, Nicholas Jernew28, Tho: Wallis 32, Willm Searfield 22, Nico. Reinolds 38, John Peter 20, Richard Wollman 22, Edward Clerborn 20, Nicholas Bate 24, Wm Bate35, Robert Vass 19, Richard Ward 23, Geo: Aldin 20, Wm Warner 25, Geo: Grace 25, Christopher Hamond 32, Jacob Averie 33, Geo: Averie23, Francis Bullock 26, Richard Upgate 21, Ann Willett 23, Joyce Robinson 20, Margaret Baylie 20, Mary Brackley 20, Francis Townsend21, Francis Townsend 2, Tho: Axstell 35, Jo: Reddman 46, Robert Mastrie 32, Robert Crouch 15, Tho: Owen 23, Robert Wattum 26, Debora Barrie23, Jo: Tyler 16, Tho: Gregorie 15, Tho: Tate 22, Tho: Hancock 15, Fra: Pepper 16, Wm Saunder 19 Transcriber: Laura Freeman Date: March 2003 Globe of London Aug. 1635 England Virginia

John Manning I, Patent 1648

Southern Branch of Elizabeth River

Saint Julian’s Creek 1690

John Manning II Will page 1 of 2

John Manning II Will page 2 of 2

John Manning III Will page 1 of 3

John Manning III Will page 2 of 3

John Manning III Will page 3 of 3

John Manning IV, Will page 1 of 2

John Manning IV, Will page 2 of 2

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