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Published on March 5, 2014

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TEMPERATURE OF CHICAGO • Mid-summer day, humidity is usually moderately high andtemperatures ordinarily reach anywhere between 78°Fand 92°F (26°C to 33°C). • Overnight temperatures in summer usually drop toaround 65°F (18°C), but can sometimes remain wellabove 70°F (21°C). • Yearly precipitation comes about 36 inches (920 mm). • Summer in Chicago is prone to thunderstorms. • In a normal summer, temperatures exceed 90°F (32°C)on 24 days.

PROJECT BRIEF Project :- John Hancock Center Architect :- Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. City :- Chicago Country :- USA Building Type :- Tower Number of Dwellings :- 700 Date Built :- 1968-70 Floor :- 100 Floor area :- (260,126 m²)

Height Antenna/Spire :-1,500 ft (457 m) Roof :-127 ft (344 m) Top floor :-1,078 ft (329 m) Elevator count :-42 Contractor :-Tishmanconstruction co. Developer :- johnHancock insurance Known locally as 'Big John', the John Hancock Center is one of the Chicagoans' favorite skyscrapers. The 100 - story building, completed in 1969, has a remarkable design, with the huge X-braces serving both a structural and a visual purpose. Visually, it gives the impression of stability and it moves the eye away from the human-sized windows

The building is one of the most recognizable in the world and has won numerous awards for its distinctive style, including the 1970 Honor Award of the AIA Chicago Chapter. In 1999 this building became the 30th recipient of the American Institute of Architects' prestigious Twenty-Five Year Award.

At 1506ft THE JOHN HANCOCK CENTER The hero of the movie Iron Man might be able to fly this high, but birds stop at about 500ft. So one wouldn’t expect to see one eye-to-eye up here.

Technical Data Height (tip) 456.90 m Height (architectural) 343.69 m Height (roof) 343.69 m Height (main roof) 337.31 m Height (top floor) 321.31 m Height (observation floor) 313.81 m Height (observation deck) 313.81 m Length 80.77 m Width 50.29 m Floors (above ground) 100 Construction start June 1965 Construction end 1969 Floor-to-ceiling height 2.64 m Elevators 50 Parking places 750 Building costs $95,000,000 Tallest building in Chicago (or anywhere outside New York) from 1969 to 1973; surpassed by the Standard Oil Building (now the Aon Center).

BUILDING USES Mixed use Communication Observation Office Residential

Located at 875 North Michigan Avenue in the GoldCoast area of Chicago, Illinois. Skyscraper designed by structural engineer fazlurKhan of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. It was the tallest building in the world outsideNew York City completed in 1969. Currently the fourth-tallest building in Chicago andthe sixth-tallest in the United States. When measured to the top of its antenna masts, itstands at 1,506 feet (459 m). The building is home to offices and restaurants, as well as about700 condominiums and contains the highest residences in the world. This skyscraper was named for John Hancock Mutual Life InsuranceCompany, a developer and original tenant of the building.


THE CROWN OF LIGHTS A band of white lights around the 100th floor is visible all over Chicago at night. The lights change color for Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, July 4, and Halloween. It takes two men 40 hours each to change all the light bulbs in the Crown of Lights, on the 99th floor.

FACADE The facade consists of 5 sections, each approximately 18storey high. Facade defined by the diagonal bracing tubes. In the top section, only half of the pattern is visible. The external cladding is made of anodized aluminum with tinted bronze glass and bronze colored aluminum window frames. Five sections defined bydiagonal braces.

Made of STEEL If you melted all the metal in John Hancock Center you could make 96 tour buses The slope of the windows helps to reduce the feeling of vertigo for people on higher floors. The building tapers on all four sides, narrowing by a total of 105 feet on the east & west sides and 65 feet on the north & south. Because of space constraints caused by the tower's tapering walls, common hallways and elevator lobbies are narrower on higher floors.



Structure in General Building type skyscraper Building status existing [completed] Structural system trussed tube Structural material steel Foundation system caisson foundation Facade material aluminum Facade system curtain wall Facade color black Architectural style structural expressionism Roof system flat roof with 1 box Since the floorplates do not transfer wind loads to the structural core as in most skyscrapers, it is possible to create a two-story space by cutting out the floor almost anywhere in the building!!

• The building's distinctive X-bracing has made it an architectural icon, and increases the flexibility of interior spaces by eliminating the need for regular columns between the core and perimeter • The construction was designed by the engineer Fazlur Kahn and architect Bruce Graham from Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. Fazlur Kahn devised the frame-tube system, which he also implemented in the Sears Tower. • This new construction method was made possible by new technologies, like more advanced software and new developments in steel. • Thanks to the new construction method, it was possible for Kahn to design constructions which could resist the strong windforces more effectively by having the forces absorbed by all three dimensions of the building. • The diagonals are connected to the exterior columns, making it possible for the forces to be carried over from the braces to the columns and back. • The innovative construction also resulted in a 50% decrease of required steel compared to skyscrapers built with interior columns.

ELEVATORS With the nation's fastest elevators, you'll arrive at the Observatory in 39 seconds. The maximum elevator speed is 549 m/min!

THE AMENITIES • The 95th floor has long been home to a restaurant. • While patrons dine, they can look out at Chicago and Lake Michigan. •TheHancockCenter'sobservationdeck facilities(called the Hancock Observatory) compete wi th theWillis Tower's Sky deckacross town. • The Hancock Center is in a commercial district, whilethe WillisTower is in the financial district. • The Hancock Center 94th floor observation deckdisplaysexhibits about the city of Chicago. • The 44th-floor sky lobby features America's highestindoor swimming pool • The first forty-one floors are office, parking, andcommercial; the remaining upper floors arecondominiums, an observatory, a restaurant & bar, andbroadcast facilities. • The skyscraper ... rises from 40,000 square feet at thebase to 18,000 square feet at the summit

APARTMENT It includes 48 stories of apartments (with a total of 711 apartments). LIVING ROOM PLAN OF APARTMENT


As an alternative to balconies, about one-third of the residential units have "sky terraces" - a sort of tiled sunroom separated from living spaces by glass doors.

• America's highest indoor swimming pool is located on the 44th floor near the skylobby. The pool itself is carved out of the mechanical floor below. • The parking garage is accessed through a detached spiral ramp at the southeast corner; the double helix makes 3 loops each way between ground level and the garage. • The semicircular sunken plaza on the west side is a public oasis with seasonal plantings and a 12-foot waterfall. • It includes 48 stories of apartments (with a total of 711 apartments), 29 stories offices, shops, a hotel, a swimming pool, an ice rink, restaurant and on top of the 344 meters (1127 ft) tall building radio and television facilities. • On top it offers services like its own post office and a refuse collection. • The apartments are located at the top of the tower. Some of them are so high that the inhabitants sometimes have to call the doorkeeper to ask what the weather's like down on the ground, as the apartments are sometimes above the clouds!

CHICAGO- The Windy City THE OBSERVATORY The observatory has the only open-air viewing deck in Chicago. They say fast-talking politicians gave the city its nickname, but up here, you might think otherwise.

The observation floor features the highest balcony in America, a screened-in area called the "Skywalk".

CRITICISM- A striking similarity! Criticism At the beginning of the project, it was controversial mostly because of the location of this massive tower, near the much smaller and more gentle buildings on Michigan Avenue. After its completion, most of the criticism dwindled, but much like with the Sears Tower, the plaza at the entrance was considered very user- unfriendly, being afflicted by heavy gales and loud traffic noise from Michigan Avenue. It was redesigned in 1995 and now includes a 3,5 meters high fountain to muffle the noise and a recirculation of office and shopping traffic. THE JOHN HANCOCK CENTER THE SEARS TOWER


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