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Published on September 16, 2014

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Joe Vitale-Secrets of Marketing

For Hypnotic Gold Members Only “Hypnotic Websites” By Dr. Joe Vitale “Give me just 45 minutes and I’ll Show You How to Easily Write a Hypnotic Website - Guaranteed!” NEW: A Special “Brain Scan” of the Best Hypnotic Websites of All Time by Dr. Joe Vitale Joe: Hello everybody. This is Dr. Joe Vitale of This is a special audio lesson for Hypnotic Gold Members Only. What we’re going to be doing on this particular call is analyzing five different hypnotic websites. The point is we’re going to try to learn what makes a website hypnotic—what are the obvious lessons, what are the deeper lessons, what maybe are the transcendental lessons from a hypnotic website. So, first of all, a hypnotic website to me is any website that grabs your attention, holds your attention and then leads you to do whatever the website asks you to do. More often than not, it will want you to make a purchase. So a hypnotic website is a direct selling website, a direct marketing approach online. What you’re trying to do is hold the person’s attention that got there—you grabbed it, you’re holding it, you lead them all the way down to the end of the website and then they buy whatever it is you’re selling. Now, obviously some websites are nothing more than a squeeze page where there is a form where somebody has to give their name and their email address before they can get past that page, or squeezing information out of them. Usually that leads to a full-blown website, which is what we’re analyzing here. I’m not going to be analyzing squeeze pages. They’re pretty obvious; you probably already know what they are because of my description I just gave or because of your earlier experience with websites. This particular bonus call for Hypnotic Gold Members Only is me analyzing five hypnotic websites to find out what makes them tick. All of these websites I either wrote or influenced which should make sense because I’m the guy who invented

hypnotic writing, hypnotic marketing, hypnotic selling, hypnotic publicity, hypnotic speaking and, of course, my company is Hypnotic Marketing, Incorporated. So I should be naturally the guy to talk about hypnotic websites. Now, most websites are not hypnotic at all. Most websites lose the browser as soon as the person gets to the website because the headline is not very good or just not a good graphic, there are no benefits, and it’s not laid out very well. So, those we’re not going to be talking about. I believe in re-enforcing what works. There is an area of psychology called “positive psychology” and positive psychology has the basic fundamental belief that you get more of whatever you focus on. So if you focus on what isn’t working, you will do more of what isn’t working. Now, yes you can learn from what isn’t working, but that’s not the approach I’m going to take. I think this is an accelerated learning approach and, again, this is for Hypnotic Gold Members Only. What I’m trying to do is spill the beans and let you inside my brain. By focusing on what works, we’re practicing positive psychology. When I describe how these websites are ticking, you can learn from it and then go on and make your own websites based on the lessons you’ve gotten from this conversation. So, having said all of that, you should be in front of your computer. The first website is So you’d be going to So have pen and paper ready, get to your computer and let’s go through this. So, the very first thing—the big, bold headline is, “Who Else Wants to Attract the Brand-New Car, Boat or House or maybe $97,000 Cash – using this new secret magic formula?” So, let’s stop there. The headline that beings with “Who Else is Tried and True.” The headline formula “Who Else..” fill in the blank...has been used since the 1920s, so it’s been used for about 100 years, pretty close to that, it’s going to be going over that. It may have already gone over that and we just don’t know that for a fact. I don’t know who wrote the first one, it could have been John Caples, the famous copywriter who worked for BBDO. If you ever have a chance to read the books by John Caples, read and memorize every single one of them. That’s John Caples, C-a-p-l-e-s. This is a formula headline, “Who Else Wants to Lose Weight,” “Who Else Wants to Stop Smoking,” “Who Else Wants to Make More Money Online,” “Who Else Wants to Increase Their Downline,” “Who Else Wants to Have a New Car,” “Who Else...” fill in the blank. That headline always works. Now, my pet peeve is people overuse it because they get lazy and they figure, “Well, the headlines worked before, let’s not come up with anything unique.” Well, I’m guilty of that, too, because I wrote this headline, so, “Who Else Wants to Attract a Brand-New Car, Boat, House, Maybe $97,000 in Cash,” blah, blah, blah. All of this is very specific. I know there are a couple of things. There is a quotation around this headline—why? Research shows that the headline will get read about 15% more with the

quotation than if you did not have the quotation. Now this is something that I’ve learned from the days when I was reading literary fiction. Whenever you have dialogue in a book, and this goes for a sales letter or website, it suggests that somebody is seeking; it suggests that there is live information here and it’s much more colorful with the quotation than without the quotation. So there is a particular psychology that goes behind having quotation marks around your headline. You might want to consider whatever headline you already have adding quotes to it to increase the readability of it. So, first of all we have a formula headline, then we have the quotes around it, then we have some keywords. We have “new,” now everybody wants to know what’s new, using this new secret magic formula, new is a hypnotic trigger word. Secret, of course is a trigger word. There’s a movie called, The Secret. By now you know about it. If, for some reason, you don’t, go to TheSecret.TV and watch that movie—get that movie, it’s life-changing. But the movie itself was simply called The Secret. Everybody wants to know what a secret is. New, secret—magic is also a trigger word. Now, I am a magician but I also know that the word “magic” implies a whole lot of mystery and a whole lot of intrigue and curiosity. Then we have the word “formula.” Now we could have just said, “You’re going to buy an audio program that you download at the site,” but that’s nowhere near as magical has having the word “formula.” People want a formula, they want a system, and they want to know a paint-by-the-numbers approach of getting something. So, formula is a trigger word. So, we haven’t gone past the headline here at AttractANewCar and we’ve already gone deeper into the psychology of this particular headline. Now, of course, within that headline there’s a phrase “$97,000 in cash.” That is a very solid number. It’s also made of up of mystical numbers. Nine and seven are considered mystical. Now again I’m talking about the psychology of this headline, I’m not talking about anything metaphysical. I am saying that nine and seven have more intrigue to them than if the number had been $86,000 in cash. Now, the reality is that’s how much the person this number is referring to actually brought in as a result of using the new secret magic formula. But even if it weren’t, you’d want to have an odd number there because it stands out in the brain a lot better than an even number. Okay, let’s go to the secondary headline —“Give me four hours and I’ll show you how to attract a new car” and then you can read the rest—right there. “Give me four hours.” That’s also based on an old formula. I saw a headline back in the 1920s when I was doing some research—it might have even been before that, it might have been in the old early Success magazines that came out. Orson Martin was the guy who published the early Success magazines at the turn of the last century. “Give me four hours and...” fill in the blank. “Give me four hours and I’ll show you how to lose weight.” “Give me four hours and I’ll show you how to save money on your taxes,” “Give me four hours and I’ll show you how to have the physique of a major league baseball player,” “Give me four hours and I’ll show you how to play

the guitar,” “Give me four hours and I’ll...”fill in the blanks. You can see this is a formula that will work for a lot of different websites. Again, it’s a formula and it works. People want formulas—well, here’s one you can take to the bank. “Give me four hours and I’ll show you to attract a new car,” which is the subject of this website, or anything else you can imagine using my guaranteed five-step easy system.” Well, here we go again with some more keywords. “Guaranteed”—that’s a trigger word. “Five step.” Five is a magical, mystical number—it’s an odd number, it stays in your brain better than four steps. “Easy,” of course, is a keyword. “System”—I mentioned early, “formula” is a keyword—system is a keyword. We want formulas and systems. Then we have a couple dots and it leads to “I’ve attracted seven new cars so far and now I’m teaching others how to manifest them.” When to be next. Well, seven mystical numbers, odd number, memorable number. I’ve attracted many more cars since I wrote this particular headline so that’s interesting to look back at this. Now I’m teaching others to do it, that’s implying that you can be next. And then I do say specifically what to be next. And, of course, you notice this is all in quotes because it’s coming from me. My name’s right under it—Dr. Joe Vitale—and then I give the credibility line just in case some people who end up on this website from a search engine, from a Google ad, from a news release, from an email campaign don’t remember or forgot or never knew who Joe Vitale is or whatever, we have authored way too many books to list, including and I list the book I’m most known for so far, The Attractor Factor. Then we don’t stop there. Now, can you see where this is grabbing attention and leading people pretty much by their psychological interest right into the deeper aspect of this copy? Very first picture is of me and Nerissa and standing in front of at that time was my brand-new 2005 BMW 645CI which is a very luxury, pretty expensive at $90,000, sports car. That picture is pretty hypnotic. Obviously we look like we’re in love, we’re very happy, we’re standing in front of this car, and we’ve got this great scenic background. It looks like the rich man’s dream come true. This is a hypnotic graphic and I’ve mentioned from time to time that not enough people who create emails, websites, and sales letters, whatever, use graphics. There is a whole lot that can influence people by having an interesting picture and that’s the point. You need an interesting picture, something that communicates part of the essence of what you’re trying to say at your website. Okay. The yellow box said “invest in my proven system.” Okay, let’s stop right there. I’m not telling them to buy, I’m telling them to invest. That’s a keyword change. Buy is used all the time and naturally there’re going to be buying and naturally that’s what I want them to do is buy something. But I’ve changed the word “buy” so that it reflects psychologically that they’re going to be investing in a system, the other keyword. They want a system. So, this is an investment in their life, it’s an investment in their future, it’s an investment in their portfolio because, cars, of course, are valuable. Some

people buy paintings, some people buy rare objects of art. Well, I buy cars. So you can invest in a proven system. Before I let people out of that line, I go on to say that they’ll get to read a rare book on how to command the universe to give you what you want. A magical—there’s the keyword again—little book I bid $1,500 on eBay paid over $500 to win yours free. Free is another trigger word. You probably know that but it’s always worth mentioning. So we go down a little bit and there, of course, I’m standing in front of Francine, which is my 2005 Panoz Esperante GTLM, it’s a rare exotic luxury sports car. Now if that picture doesn’t radiate a confident millionaire kind of look I don’t know what picture does. I like this picture so much it is now on the front of my current business card. I think this picture radiates a lot. And, of course, a Panoz is a rare car; there are only 300 of them made so far by the Panoz Company outside of Atlanta, Georgia. So this is a hypnotic graphic. Then we move into something that’s really important and was not in the original copy that I wrote. The question becomes why the focus on manifesting a new car. Whoa! That’s good. See, a lot of people having problems bringing in a lot of money or bringing in a lot of cars or bringing in a lot of “stuff.” They feel it’s too material, they feel it’s too greedy, they feel why is Joe teaching people how to manifest a car, what’s the point of that? So I knew that was on people’s minds and I knew it because I had let a handful of peers review the website before I put it up to the public. Almost every one of my peers came back and said, “You know, the question a lot of skeptical potential customers are going to have is why are you focusing on manifesting a new car?” That surprised me and even jolted me but I thought, “You know, if that’s coming up, I should go ahead and focus and answer that question.” And that’s a tip when you’re writing copy; don’t just trust yourself to cover all the bases. Show it to some of your peers, hire a professional copywriter to review it if need be, but get some other eyes on it. This is very important. This is one of those million-dollar tips that I use throughout my career and I encourage you to use as well. So, I very conversationally say good question. Here’s why. First, a new car is something almost everyone wants and then I go on and explain and second, unlike subjective goals like wealth and happiness a new car is tangible. I really like my answer there because I’m telling people there’s a lot of folks who sell you pie-in-the-sky approaches to success, wealth or happiness. And in many ways the words wealth, success and happiness are vague. We don’t all know what that means—but a new car? That’s concrete. If you buy this program or invest in this program and you don’t have a new car and after you listen to the program you have a new car, then you know the program worked. So I think my logical answer to the question why the focus on manifesting a new car really does address in a way that closes the door on the whole argument the idea that this is why you want to manifest a new car, this is proof that these principles work. There is no doubt about it. When you don’t’ have a new car, do this and you have a new car, and

this stuff works. So I go on to say it’s all revealed in the following incredible true story. Well, this is packed with loaded words. Revealed, that’s a hypnotic word, it’s implying that it’s never been revealed before; we’re going to do something nobody else has seen before. People want to know what’s new, they want to know what’s curious, and they want to know what a break-through is. So, the word “reveal” communicates a lot all in the one word. Incredible is a hypnotic word. True is very powerful. They want to know this is true. Story is very powerful. I’ve written a lot about hypnotic stories. You always want to tell a story that’s captivating, that yet communicates your message. This goes on to say following incredible true story-including how one woman attracted $97,000. That’s implying that you’re about to read a story. A woman attracted $97,000. Obviously, in the back of your mind, you’re going, “How, what did she do?” Okay, this is all before we get into the sales letter. So, what this website is doing is grabbing your attention, and then holding it as it leads you into the actual hypnotic copy. And again, this is by definition of a good hypnotic website. This is for the record a website that is making sales night and day. People are stumbling across The orders just keep coming in—it’s a wonderful thing to see because it’s all residual income. All of this has been done; the website is up so it has a life of its own. All I do is kind of grin as the orders come in. So, you can see that the copy is written traditionally. We have very short sentences. We have little commands like “keep reading.” We have subheadings and the results were amazing.” We have bulleted points. Now these bulleted points are very powerful because they add credibility. I’m looking in the section right under “and the results were amazing, here are just some of the results so far.” Then I have Kevin Coin [ph] attracted a new SUV, Alan D’Angelo attracted a new Mercedes, Bill Hibbler [ph], these are all real people. We’ve got some photographs here; we’ve got real names so there’s no question that these are real. We live in the age of skepticism, I’ve said that repeatedly. So you need as much evidence as possible to prove your point. Real names, real people, real pictures, all of this kind of storm-wall people so that they can’t doubt that what you’re saying is true. And then I go on to say they all got new cars and me and then I talk about my story and there’s a picture of my BMW. I’m going on and you can see that the copy in the layout is divided to be very readable. It’s not wall-to-wall text. We have headlines in red; we have headlines that are very intriguing. Like, I’m looking at the headline that says, “how is all this possible?” The next line you have to stop and wonder and again bulleted points. Now, look at these bulleted points. First of all, the bulleted points make this very attractive visually. It’s not overwhelming to look at; it’s very easy on the eye. It looks like you could absorb it pretty easily, whether you read it word-for-word or you skim it or you just jump around on the website. The first bulleted point under “you have to stop and wonder” says “how can everyday average people like you and me actually attract new cars?”

Notice you can’t answer the question without reading more of the copy. This is one of my pet peeves, this is one of my fundamental points in hypnotic writing and hypnotic websites and hypnotic email—hypnotic everything—is when you ask a question be sure it’s a question people cannot answer with a “yes” or “no.” Make it more open-ended. The next question is “how can a person get a Bentley worth $250,000 for only $5,000?” Well, how can a person get a Bentley like that? You don’t know, you can’t answer it. The next one—“How can someone with no credit and no cash drive off with a brand-new car?” You can see that almost every one of these bulleted points begins with “how.” “How” and “how-to” are also proven words and proven phrases that are very hypnotic. They bring people in, they want to know more. So, we go on and you can see, and I’m not going to read it word for word, you can study the website—this is traditional hypnotic copy here. We have a place where it says, “Here’s proof.” Now, everybody needs proof and I’ve got a guy in a boat with a nice picture here and his endorsement. I’ve got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight—looks like there’s about eight of them. Then I go on to talk about people who’ve attracted more than cars or boats and we go into the story of the woman, Anita Long, who attracted $97,000. Her whole testimonial is there with her website so this is not doubtable. We’ve got a real person, real website; we even have a copy of her check showing her getting $50,000, which was part of what she ended up getting. So, that’s pretty real there. The list goes on, then before I even hit them, I start talking about what they’re going to get. This is important. There are a lot of websites that will want you to order, they’ll want you to invest, but they don’t really spell out what you’re getting. People end up wondering, “Well, am I getting something shipped to me? Do I have to download something? Is this a book? Is this a CD? Is this a digital audio? What is it?” So I go on to explain it and I also breakdown the highlights of the teleseminar. There’s Lesson One, I tell them what’s in it. Lesson Two, I tell them what’s in it. If you look at the way it’s written, you’ll notice it’s written with an air of mystery. Lesson one, for example, says, “Two mystery guests begin the cause by explaining how they attracted new cars, both Mercedes. You then get to listen as an energy expert teaches you a way to release the blocks and so on.” Notice I don’t tell you who the guests are. I let you wonder. If I told you who they were, I would take away just a little bit of the intrigue that would make you want to know who the guests are. So, what I’m trying to do here is build even more desire—I’m building even more curiosity, I’m making the emotion of interest even more accelerated so that by the time you get down to the order button, you’re ready to just click and buy this thing. But I don’t give up, I say there’s the truth about this system, I’m still putting on the pressure. I give you more endorsement. I talk about how people left these calls. I talk about some of the bonus gifts you get and I give evidence on why they’re valuable. Let’s look at that for a second where it says, “You’ll get these surprise bonus gifts, too.”

It goes on to say, “Number one, you’ll get...” and look at “Number two, you’ll also get...” and look at Number three, you’ll also get, Number four, you’ll get, Number five, you’ll also get, Number six, you’ll also get, Number seven, you’ll get. These are all hypnotic phrases focused on the person reading this. Too many websites are focused on the person who wrote the website—it’s all “I, I, I.” This is focused on “you, you, you.” A basic rule of thumb in writing copy is to change everything that you want to write into “you will get, you will also get, you’ll get.” It forces you to focus on what will the customer ultimately get. All seven of these bonuses are worded in such a way that it’s focused on the person, not on the seller. So we go on and then I put the price in perspective. I say, “As you can sense, this is a terrific bundle of material. Advisers told me I should charge $997 for all this. I’m tempted to charge $395 or more.” Then I go on to say, “$137 is the price for it.” So I put it in perspective as being a pretty good deal but I go on to say, “There’s even an eight week money-back guarantee. This product is on ClickBank and ClickBank has an eight week limit, I believe it is. Then you’ll see that as I go on, I’ll say, “Look, if you buy today, it’s only $97.” So, I’ve really made that price seem like it’s a no-brainer. Look I wanted to charge $1,000, I could’ve charged $400, I made up my mind to charge $137 but, no, you get it for $97 and again look at the number—97, 9-7, mystical, odd, memorable numbers. Those numbers have been proven to work over and over again throughout direct marketing history. We go on, there’s a picture of me, well, this is a rule of thumb. People like to do business with people they know, they like and they respect. Having a picture of me there gives them a little bit of a feeling that I’m real. A smiling, friendly face so they should feel like, “He’s a nice guy.” Unless they are objectionable to bald guys, they should be okay with this picture. Then, of course, we go into some postscripts and I’ve said repeatedly that p.s. should be renamed “powerful statement.” Here’s your chance to kind of hit them right between the eyes with your basic offer and I do that in the first p.s. The second p.p.s. is more proof, more of a testimonial. And, again, I’m overwhelming them with testimonials. At the very bottom you can see that particular testimonial also has a hypnotic graphic. All of this adds credibility. Way down at the bottom, you can see that there is a BBB online reliability program. I’m not that big of a fan of the Better Business Bureau but I think by having a Better Business Bureau sticker there, it makes people feel a wee bit comfortable, if they were at all resistant at this point, to going ahead and clicking to “order now.” I think to join the Better Business Bureau online is probably $500 a year and I believe you can have a dozen, maybe even two dozen, websites under your company name that can always use a sticker like that. And that’s just kind of giving you a psychological edge to what we’re going here. So, this is a quick but pretty in-depth overview of If you study this some more, you may see some things that are obvious to you that I didn’t point out because I just didn’t see them or I forgot about them or they were too obvious for me to even mention.

I did it sort of unconsciously. I wrote this copy a couple years ago and, except for updating it with things like I now have more cars, some of the people who were in here now have different cars, a lot more people have written to me with new cars. So there’s a lot more evidence I could give but the bottom line is this website is working. It is making sales, it is a hypnotic website, and the orders keep coming in. I got no complaints! So let’s look at website number two. I’ve spent a lot of time on that one so maybe I can spend a little less time on these other ones. Website number two will be “Money Beyond Belief.” I’m going to type it in right now, So, we have an opening quote, “Give us 151 minutes and we’ll show you nine ancient taps that lead to breathtaking wealth and abundance or you don’t pay a penny.” And, again, this is at Notice right there, we’ve got quotes around these headlines; they’re in nice big readable red. We’ve got solid but mystical numbers, 1-5-1, we have nine. The next phrase is “each tap lasts just three seconds,” another magical number. We’ll walk you through over 217 combinations—that’s a very real solid number and two of those numbers are those mystical ones. But just one of them can transform your relationship to money forever. This website is another one that is pulling like gangbusters. Orders are coming in night and day. The headline is very solid. It goes back to that “give us, blah, blah, blah,” and “we’ll give you, blah, blah, blah.” That’s a formula—it’s working right here, right now. The very first opening question hard to believe—well, a lot of people who are reading this will want to believe but they’re not going to believe without some evidence. So we have to say, “Let us prove it to you. If our money beyond belief home tapping system doesn’t heal your deepest beliefs about money, we’ll refund 100% your purchase. Yes, that’s cash back in your pocket, how’s that for abundance on the spot.” We go into the next phrase, “Just imagine,” well, just imagine—it’s a hypnotic command. You’ll find it’s used a lot in my website on my copy, “just imagine.” How powerful of a website designer you will be or how powerful of a hypnotic copywriter you will be once you learn all of Joe Vitale’s methods for writing hypnotically. Just imagine how much more money you’ll make when you learn my seven ways to save money on your taxes. And, again, I’m making these up but you could make them up for you. Just imagine a very, very powerful...let’s go through here; I haven’t looked at this one in a while. I did not write the copy for this one, I should say this up front. Sam Rosen [ph] wrote this copy and he did a magnificent job. We have pictures of me and we have pictures of Brad Yates, or one of each here. I think that’s good because it lets people know we’re real people. People look at pictures and they decide, they make some judgments about them. Notice—this is something I don’t usually point out--notice in both of these photos we’re smiling. A study was done of all the advertisements from Coca-Cola for like a 100-year period, trying to find out what was the commonality in all of those ads from Coke. What

they realized that, in every single ad for 100-plus years, the people in the ads for Coca- Cola were smiling. That simple smile is very disarming. That smile touches people unconsciously in their heart. They relax a little bit. You don’t want a picture here of me looking angry or looking like I’m in the Sopranos or something. You don’t want a picture of Brad looking like he’s had a hard night and he’s hung over or something. You want pictures to look friendly, happy; they radiate something to people and make them feel even more comfortable. We go on to talk about the wealth mindset. This copy is probably well worth reading. Instead of bulleted points, we’ve got dashes, which break up the copy which makes it very readable. All of that, of course, is before we ever get to the actual sales letter which begins, “Dear Friend...151 minutes and 49 seconds from now, you could have eliminated over 217 negative beliefs towards money right where you’re sitting this very moment.” What this is doing is painting a picture of what your life will be once you’ve gone through this program and I think that’s a very hypnotic thing to do because in many ways, I forget who said it, it was a famous copywriter, his name is escaping me, but he said, “A good copywriter is a script writer where the prospects dream.” That is so good to remember. You are a script writer for your prospects’ dreams. So, imagine what your prospect wants and then paint this future picture of their life having that. That is a very hypnotic thing to do and a lot of this copy is doing that. There are some questions here if you go down a little bit you’ll see some green arrow check marks but just think there’s a green mark there. What if you can clear your negative emotions with nine simple taps? What if the lack of money in your life was simply a distortion in your energy field that you could heal within minutes? Notice that these questions are pretty open-ended; you really can’t answer them without starting to nod your head a little bit and saying, “Yeah, that would be pretty cool, I don’t know how to do it, but that would be pretty cool if I could get rid of the money worry.” We go on, oh, there’s the picture I didn’t know my picture with Nerissa and the BMW was here but that’s a good one. Again, it’s hypnotic. You’ll see more check points making this very readable. Then we get into some testimonials that are pretty strong. I think the testimonials could be better if they weren’t initialed last name. We have one by Terry S. We should have a full name and a website. Julie M, we should have a full name and a website. Audrey O, again, it’s not as real to people if you just have initials. We want real people. Use their pictures, put a video testimonial or an audio testimonial, if possible, to help people really get that this is for real. A little further down, we have Amy Biddle [ph] and she has her website given—that’s more credible. We can understand. Joyce McGee [ph] gives a testimonial and her website’s given. Then we have quite a few with more check points, some in general look and feel is here. We do describe what people get, which is all great. The copy, we have the guarantee, we always want a guarantee, that’s there. Brad Yates [ph] picture, we have the p.s., we have a second p.s., and we have an ending pretty strong endorsement from Nicole Whitney [ph] down at the bottom.

So, overall this is a hypnotic website. I don’t have time to go into it as in-depth as I did with the previous one but in many ways this is modeled on the AttractANewCar one. So, MoneyBeyondBelief is pretty strong. Let’s go to another one. Let’s go to BeyondManifestation, This is another one of my websites and, for some reason, it’s not going up, it’s moving really slow. finally showed up, okay. Now, we have the title Beyond Manifestation. I did write the copy for this so let’s see what I’ve done here. Listen to Dr. Joe Vitale’s breakthrough advanced manifestation system and taste the amazing power of the Z state, that divine state where there are no limits and you can have, do, or be anything you can imagine. Then right underneath it is actually a video clip from part of my appearance in the movie, The Secret. Okay, Beyond Manifestation, the first headline, “Listen to Dr. Joe Vitale’s breakthrough.” Okay, “Listen” is a hypnotic command. If I just said, “Listen,” you’d lean forward or if I said, “Look,” or if I said, “Stop,” or if I said, “Look at that.” These are all hypnotic commands. So, listen to Dr. Joe Vitale. Well, my name’s in there because I think the people coming here probably are coming to this website because of my name. So, I want them to know right away that they’re in the right place. “Breakthrough,” that is a hypnotic word. Advanced manifestation system. Well you heard me say earlier that we want systems. There are manifestation systems out there but this is an advanced one. So that sounds much more curious to people, this separates it from the competition and elevates it above the competition. Then I say, “And taste.” Well, taste is a very hypnotic thing to do. It’s one of our sensory awareness techniques so we want people to taste. “Amazing” is a keyword. “Power” is a keyword. The Z state, that divine state—people are curious where there are no limits and you can have, do or be anything you can imagine. I think that’s a provocative headline. Having my video clip there adds credibility, makes this much more engaging. And I think it was Armand Morin a while back who said that when you put video and/or audio on your website, people stay longer on your website, partly because they’re watching the video and audio. So that gives them more of a chance to absorb your message. I then go on underneath the video to say, “These audio recordings of the historic seminar go beyond The Attractor Factor, Power of Intention.” What I’m doing there is pointing out pretty directly that maybe you read The Attractor Factor, The Power of Intention, Beyond Positive Thinking. Maybe you saw the movie, The Secret. But this is going beyond it, this is advanced information. If you thought you knew what you were doing before, wait until you hear these recordings. So, psychologically, I’m positioning this as being so far past anything else you have even done before, including my own work that you’ve got to stop everything and look at this. Then I say, “If you’re skeptical, don’t bother to read this, but if you’re open-minded, brace yourself for some goosebumps.” That’s a little bit of a psychological dodge there. What I’m saying is if you’re skeptical, you’re probably not going to admit that you’re

skeptical. If you’re skeptical, you’ll probably keep it to yourself and keep reading. How many people are going to say, “I’m skeptical, I don’t even want to read this.” They’re going to sound like an idiot to themselves. The next line says, “But if you’re open-minded.” Well, who doesn’t want to be considered open-minded? So, I’m saying, “Look, you better keep reading this or you’re skeptical and you’re close-minded.” There’s a bit of a built-in insult there. I think this is more of a psychological tactic to keep them reading. Then we go into the actual copy. I’m heavily using video on this one which I don’t use very often. But these video clips are so short and so strong, so hard-hitting that I couldn’t help but want to use them. This is another website that is making orders night and day, people are buying these audios and they just keep coming in. So I would say this is hypnotic and it keeps working. You can read the copy yourself and you’ll notice that it’s pretty easy to read. There is a story being told. You’ll see that there are a lot of bulleted points. They’re broken up with a couple sub-headlines. Pictures are here. Look at that one picture that’s under the headline, “Here’s what just a few of the attendees said.” That group shot radiates happiness, radiates love and, of course, I was there, I’m the one in the front of the group there on my one knee and I know the feeling that was in that picture. So putting it on here is pretty hypnotic. Notice the testimonials. We got full names and long testimonials and websites and we have photos. This is a strong credibility builder. Almost every one of these testimonials has a real person’s picture beside it. And, if you go all the way down, you’ll see there’s always a guarantee. I like using the little emblems, “Satisfaction 100% guaranteed” because there is no doubt about it and it’s very visual. People can see it in a glance. We tell them what they’re getting, six audio recordings, six transcripts, the manual, it’s all described. The p.s. on this one is a little different and I even admit it. Normally I write something (indiscernible 40:27) in a p.s. to remind you of the importance of grabbing this program right now. We all know if we wait, you don’t take action. If you don’t take action, you stay stuck, continuously getting what you’ve always been getting. But I won’t practice bulldog marketing or even hypnotic marketing in this p.s. Instead, I’ll just say “I’m grateful that you have read this far and that I love you, do what you feel inspired to do.” Wow! Now, that is a pretty amazing p.s. even if I wrote it myself. It is telling you what I wanted to tell you anyway even though I’m saying I’m not going to tell you it. I normally might say, “Look, if you don’t take action right now, you’re going to be missing out on a great deal.” But I don’t say that. I’ll say, “We all know that if you wait, you don’t take action. If you don’t take action, you stay stuck.” Well, I’m telling them the very thing I want them to hear but in a very soft-sell type of approach. This is one of my better postscripts because it really communicates in a way that still has the integrity of this website. This website is pretty much spiritual kind of metaphysical; it is a very loving website.

So the postscript has to stay in that same vibe and it does while still saying, “Look, if you don’t buy, you’re going to stay stuck.” So, I’m pretty pleased and there are probably some things I’d do a little different. I’d probably add my own photo way down at the bottom where it says, “Expect miracles,” by my signature. I might, I don’t know, I like this, this is pretty good. I might play with different headlines but the headline that’s here, the layout, is hypnotic and is working. So, let’s go to another one real quick. Let’s go to, Okay. You have a picture of me on the left, picture of Mark Ryan on the right. The headline says, “Dramatically speed up your manifestation process, it’s as easy as watching TV.” Well, this website is selling but I’ve got to admit now that I look at it, because I didn’t look at this too closely earlier, it’s not as hypnotic as it could be. The headline’s okay. “Dramatically speed up your manifestation process; it’s as easy as watching TV.” That communicates what it’s doing. Volume one, forgiveness and love and tells a little bit about what’s in it. Volume two increases sales, tells a little bit about what’s in it. Probably we need a lot more copy to explain what’s here. The testimonials help. We’ve got some pretty strong testimonials but the way it is, I’m almost regretting, I don’t think this is as hypnotic a website as it could be. So, I am going to say click on “Forgiveness and love” if you see the banner, the yellow banner there underneath, it says, “Home, forgiveness and love increase sales.” Click on Forgiveness and Love. That one has a lot more copy and it has a lot more bulleted points. So, I think this is probably in the right direction of being hypnotic but I should have looked at this in advance because I do not think this is a top five hypnotic website. So, let’s jump from that and go to the last one which is at, Now, at the very top we have Miracles Coaching Program, we have the Missing Secret Getting Clear, we have a little audio message from me. Again, having audio and video on the website helps keep people on the website. Then we have a headline, “You can accelerate the process of manifestation, you can exceed your own expectations.” We have it in quotes. That could be better even if we went back to some of our formula and said, “Who else wants to accelerate the process of manifestation?” “Who else wants to exceed their own expectations?” Or even if we went to the other headline that’s proven and we said, “Give me six months and I will teach you how to accelerate the process of manifestation beyond all known expectations.” That might even be better. But this is okay, I mean, we’re getting applicants to the Miracles Coaching program. You can see that there’s a picture of me and Larry King, very credibility-building. We have another audio that you can listen to, another one under that. I’m often asked about manifesting money, here’s what I tell people. We’ve got five key points, it’s broken up, and it’s very readable. Can miracles really happen to you? These are testimonials but I think we have the same problem. B.M.? Who’s B.M.? M.W. and D.P. We need to have real people speaking here so that’s not as good as some of the testimonials even lower that have real people listed.

There is a sub-headline that says, “If you’re skeptical, don’t bother to apply but if you’re open-minded, then brace yourself for some goosebumps. Obviously, that line is stolen from the earlier website I looked at where we had the very same line. But we’re using it for the very same reason. We’ve got more pictures. I greatly believe in pictures. We’ve got a postscript. We’ve got an application form. I think this is a pretty good website. It’s probably a B- in terms of a hypnotic website, but it is doing what we wanted. I think I would improve this with a better headline, a more engaging story leading into the manifestation of money. I think those opening testimonials need to be moved or we need to get permission from the people to use the real full fledged testimonials there. The testimonials from thrilled clients are good. The video excerpt of me again from the movie, The Secret, is worth having here. The postscript, that p.s. is stolen from my other website. That’s almost word-for-word, if not word-for-word from the other website I was just talking about. Application form is good. This is another tip probably worth mentioning. If you can get your readers to get involved in your copy, in other words, not just reading your website copy but actually checking a box or filling out a form—in this case, filling out an application. If you can get them involved in your website, even if they get to the point where it’s time to order, have them check a box. This is something that we learned way back in the old school direct marketing days, if you think to the times when you would get an offer in the mail for say to get a subscription to a magazine. It will also have a card; it will often have a card in there for you to fill out. But it will say, peel off the “yes” sticker from the envelope and stick it here on the card and then send it in. Now, why would they have you do that? It seems like it’s pointless. It’s a waste. They had to print the sticker; they’re asking you to peel the sticker and put it on the order form and send it in. Well, they found out that if you can be involved in the copy, you will be more involved in actually going through with your purchase. So that’s probably another million-dollar tip that was worth this whole ride through these five websites. So, again, that’s kind of a quick overview. I’ve probably spent the most time on AttractANewCar, so probably the most hypnotic lessons were from that particular website. But, all of these are worth looking at. And, again, there is so much to learn about hypnotic writing and hypnotic marketing and hypnotic selling. That’s why every month I keep interviewing new people for the hypnotic Gold membership program. And these people help add depth and help add breakthrough thinking and originality and get me as well as everybody else thinking of things we haven’t thought of before. So, I still keep learning. Everybody else keeps learning and that’s why I want to keep the Hypnotic Gold membership going for Hypnotic Gold members only. And, of course, this Hypnotic website’s review has been for Hypnotic Gold members only. This is Joe Vitale of I wish you Godspeed in everything you’re doing and I’ll see you on the next audio lesson. Have a spectacular day!

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