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Published on September 16, 2014

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The E-Bootcamp in Hypnotic Marketing by Joe Vitale and Jo Han Mok Copyright © 2003 by Joe Vitale and Jo Han Mok. All rights reserved. Reproduction or distribution in any way, shape, or form is strictly forbidden. Lesson #9: The Hypnotic Super Affiliate Marketing Strategy Here’s the ultimate benchmark for knowing if you’re really a Hypnotic Marketer or just another Joe Schmoe who is ready to ‘make a killing’ with the next big thing. It’s the ability to outsell other people who are selling the same thing and leaving them in the dust. The biggest question on your mind will be “How do I do that with so many people who have been doing this longer and have much more resources than me?” “Can it REALLY be done?” The truth cannot be any further. While it is true that having more resources actually help a lot, (e.g. a huge list), there is really nothing to stop the ‘average’ person to make a serious profit with affiliate program with the right Hypnotic Marketing strategies. However, I really need to stress that all these strategies are absolutely useless unless you’re willing to ‘show’ yourself the ‘money’! All information is useless unless applied, so the best strategies in the world will be worth squat unless you actually use them and put them into practice, and you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll actually learn when you put these ideas into action. Often times, you’ll actually ‘discover’ new marketing strategies by yourself that will give you a serious edge. Here’s The 7 Most Powerful Hypnotic Super Affiliate Marketing Strategies: #1: Differentiate or Die: Why should I buy from you and not someone else? What do YOU have that nobody else already has? Think about it, most “affiliate programs” have a ‘standard’ sales letter and graphics, and if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen it all. You need to differentiate... or die. That’s a pretty grim figure of speech, but I think it drives home a very important point, you need to differentiate. Here are two of the most effective differentiating strategies you can use. Î Write your own copy This is really the most powerful thing you can do to differentiate yourself from the rest of the ‘wannabes’. Nothing can increase sales more effectively than powerful copy, and the most powerful copy is sincere, and has to come from you.

Here’s how you write sincere copy. Read the existing copy for the product that you’re an affiliate for, and ask yourself, what exactly drew you to the product and made you purchase it? Did you see something in the product that was not appropriately emphasized in the existing sales letter? Can you come up with a different angle? Can you come up with a more appealing sales proposition? For instance, I purchased reprint rights to an ‘automation’ software, and its sales letter had the following headline: “New software automatically types answers to tedious tech support and customer service emails in just seconds! Increase your free time by 800%!” It’s not a bad headline, but I personally felt that it was not powerful enough, and didn’t have enough of a hook to grab my prospects by the throat to read my copy, so I modified it to: “Breakthrough! Incredible Software Increases Your Free Time By 797% So That You Can Get Rich, The Lazy Man’s Way!” It’s quite apparent that the later headline has much more of a zing to it and by itself is a very powerful differentiating factor. Writing sizzling copy does not cost anything and can instantly increase the response and give you the edge over the competition. Here are some templates alongside with some embedded commands that I’ve found to work extremely well which you can tweak and adapt to your own promotions. Ideo Sensory Trance Inducers: What if you... Little by little you begin... And as you absorb this information, you'll... And as you are thinking about..., you become really interested... Are you beginning to see how... As you read each word in this letter,... Have you noticed yet that... As you keep skimming through this article, you're beginning to think... As you keep scanning over this report, you are beginning to... The more you keep reading this document the more you feel... The more and more you review this page the more you begin to find yourself... As you keep reading this web page, you are feeling more and more... Imagine what it would be like if... Now I would like to help you experience... Wouldn't it be amazing if... And you will sink deeper and deeper... And you will start to feel better and better about...

Just think about it... As you sit and read this web page you've forgotten all about... So now you have to choose between... The more and more you read this article you forget about your feeling of... Drift yourself back through time, before being... Let your thoughts focus upon this ad... Just suppose... Now I want you to go deep into your own mind and visualize... The closer and closer you get to the end of this article the further and further your problem... The further and further you browse toward the end of this report, slowly your problem... As your read this page, you will experience the feeling of... If you're like me... Really think about... And as I implant theses words in your brain, you'll notice... And I'm sure you've felt... As you're breathing... And you can remember how... And the longer you....the longer you... And so your mind remembers what the feeling like... And now you begin to realize... Your mind perceives... And, as you listen to your mind, you can notice the feeling of... You may remember the feeling of...from the past... As you continue to pay closer or closer attention to these words... Your feeling slowly disappearing the closer you come to the conclusion of this article... Your feeling slowly disappearing as you continue to read this letter word after word... Your feeling slowly vanishing away as you come closer to ordering... Your feeling of..., in a surprising way, is slowly changing to...the more and more you read this article... Your feeling of..., in a surprising way, is slowly changing to...the closer you come to ordering... Factual Reinforcers: People buy on emotions, but back it up with proof and facts. Make sure you let your readers know if you're telling them a fact. You can do this by labeling the fact before they read it. Here are some examples: Scientific Fact: Read these facts carefully. Proven Fact: Here's a fact for you FACT!

Absolute Fact! Pure Fact! Here's the bottom line... This fact is verified by.... Want more proof? A new study conducted by (insert word) proved... Face it... This fact is verified by... This statement is supported by... Studies will soon prove that... Many studies have already proven that.... The future will prove this fact:... TIP: If you have no proof to support your facts you can always use words and phrases that people naturally assume contain factual information. Here are some: In every instance... Everyone knows... Most people know... Most of us... Let's face another harsh reality that... You've probably heard... ...Because... Overtime... Everyone... Everywhere... ...Always... Everybody... ...Never... The fact of the matter is... The question is... The problem is... To further reinforce this fact... There is only one solution to this... The correct thing to do is... The right thing to do is.... That's not... You are never... What is important... The reality is... What is really going on is... The truth of the matter is... There is no reason for this... What is the true of meaning of this... There is no other way to... You are absolutely right ... This must be what is going on...

What does this all mean... It is quite obvious... Any expert will agree that... What this all means... As a matter of fact... The important thing is... Here's the truth... It does not matter if it’s a webpage or just an email. Taking the time to tweak the copy and making it uniquely yours will pay dividends. Here’s a special software that will allow you to create your own sales letters for Clickbank products and lead the prospect right to the order link already configured with your affiliate ID. Î Use different graphics Aside from writing copy, you can take it further by giving the product a cosmetic facelift by creating your original graphics. Here are some resources you can use to create your own graphics, even if you know nothing about graphic design. Header Generator Sales Letter Generator Ecover Generator Of course if you want real stunning graphics, you can pay to have them professionally created. The following Ebook cover artists have been highly used and recommended: They are not cheap though, but it’ll be easy as abc to recoup your investment with the stunning artwork they churn out. Î How about a blast of brutal honesty? Be honest. Honesty is a rare commodity online. Believe me, it’s very much appreciated. Tell people what you like about a product, and what you do not like about a product. Discuss the pros and cons, and limitations. Not only will you go to sleep feeling good about

yourself, but you’ll also gain the trust of your prospects who will buy from you over and over again. Also, people will never ‘question’ you when you give an opinion about something in the future. When you say it’s good, they know it’s good. It pays much more to be a ‘stick in the mud’ instead of just going around recommending crap to people. Crap that you probably have not bought. Sure, you’ll cheese off some hyper sensitive people but just as everyone has a nose, they have opinions. You’re entitled to yours. People respect that, if they don’t, they can keep theirs. Click here for a review case study and make notes about why this works. Î How about Invisible Selling? The best way to sell, is to sell within content itself, as people will be find the information so useful, they lower their ‘resistance’ to sales pitches and see them more as recommended resources instead. One of the best ways to do this is to write a special report. The most important thing you’ll need to realize is that your report needs to be on a hot topic so that it will grab people’s attention. What’s the buzz out there? What’s everyone talking about? Here are 3 easy ways you can find out: a) Find out from others Conduct a survey. You can use Survey Monkey to do this easily. Do a quick survey with multiple options to your mailing list and ask your existing contacts what they’re really interested in. Of course, it also helps if you offer them a incentive to complete the survey in exchange for their time, which is valuable. b) Snoop Go to forums and check out what people are discussing and what problems they’re facing. Generally it’s easy to see which topics are the really hot ones by the number of posts and replies. Here’s a great forum resource: c) Read Subscribe to the leading ezines/periodicals in your niche and find out which ‘topics’ are being published. You can then extract those topics and build your own content around them.

#2: Create an irresistible offer: Make resistance futile on your prospect’s part by bribing them silly. Why give them a chance to say no? Give them as much value as you can possibly can by piling on the bonuses and delivering as much as possible. Î Harness the power of packaging Bundle as much as you possibly can. People like complete “packages” or “systems”. Click here for a great example of “bundling”. Î After sales service How much can you help people after they’ve purchased from your link? You can offer free email consultation, or phone consultation. #3: Brandability: I’ve had people demanding me for MY affiliate link and were insistent of only purchasing from my link because they wanted me to have the commissions. It’s like literally putting money on a plate and giving it to me. Why? Because people know me, and those who like me stay with me, those who don’t, leave. That’s fine, because one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Î Do your prospects know you? Don’t be ashamed of yourself. Your brand is you. Let people know who you are. Show them a photo. ‘Tell’ them that you’re just like them, or you’re a guru, (whichever way you want to depict yourself), but let them know who you are! No one wants to do business with a guy who hides behind a PO box address. Be real. Be yourself. Î What experience do you bring with you to help them? Here’s where no one can compete with you, because there is only one you! Who are you? What have you done in your life, what have you experienced that makes you know without a shadow of a doubt that the particular product you’re recommending is good? Read this article by Joe titled: “How To Get Rich With Only Three Lines” In 1995 Kevin Hogan asked me for a favor. He had just written a book called The Psychology of Persuasion. He wanted to know if I would write a testimonial for it. I had learned years earlier that testimonials are good for me, as well as good for the person or company I endorse. For them, they get a third-party recommendation. You can't

beat that with a stick. After all, in this age of skepticism when no one believes your claims, having someone else rave about you just makes sense. For me, I get a free ride on their product. They will advertise me every time they advertise themselves. It's street-smart marketing to give as many endorsements as I can. They'll do nothing but help me (unless I endorse something that is crap, which I would never do). So when Kevin Hogan asked for my testimonial, I was ready and eager to give it. As it turns out, I probably wrote the best endorsement of my life for his book. Kevin liked it so much he put it right smack on the cover of his book, which was released in 1996. Here's what I wrote: "This is a work of sheer genius! If I were the only one who knew these secrets, I'd rule the earth." "Joe 'Mr. Fire" Vitale, author of The Seven Lost Secrets of Success and The AMA Complete Guide to Small Business Advertising. I still love that quote. It's barely three lines, yet it works miracles. People write me about it all the time. And of course Kevin likes it, too. It helps increase his book sales. And every time someone buys his book, they hear of me. They can't help it. I'm right on the cover of Kevin's book! Just recently someone asked me to give an endorsement for a magic video. I'm a magician and love performing magic. This video taught you how to perform street magic, the kind where you can walk up to anyone, any time, any place, and perform some baffling tricks. I love that kind of magic, so I asked to see the video. After viewing it, I wrote this endorsement for it: 'WATCH this video and one hour later perform mind-bending, jaw-dropping, eye-popping tricks that go beyond magic and into the category of miracles. And get this---They are all EASYyet STUNNING! One girl saw me perform the vanishing quarter (what a breeze to do) and she STILL has her mouth open in awe! I say get this video and get this video right NOW! It's awesome!' Joe Vitale, author of way too many books to list here, see Brad Christian, the magician who produced the Street Magic video, loved my quote. He now uses it in all his mailings and in all his promotions. I' pretty proud of that one, too. Not only does it help Brad sell his video, but it also

promotes me to a whole new audience: Magicians! If you can write an endorsement that sticks in the reader's mind, you've won the battle for their mind. One of the most effective ways to promote any reseller product or affiliate program is to write a personal endorsement for it. Learning to write highly persuasive endorsements can help you generate a very good income every month. But don't be modest. You can write personal endorsements for your own products, too. What is a personal endorsement? It's a short written piece, usually only three lines, that recommends the reader buy a product based on your own personal experience with it. Personal endorsements can be called many things. They can be called personal recommendations, personal testimonials, personal opinions, product reviews, personal evaluations, etc. Personal endorsements are very hypnotic because they can influence the prospect to buy the product without sounding or looking like an ad. People have trained their brains to ignore ads because they usually see hundreds of them everyday. That's why personal endorsements can bypass the conscious mind a go straight into the subconscious mind. This is true power. Personal endorsements give more credibility to the product you are promoting. People trust other customers more than they trust the business owners. When people see your name with the endorsement they usually believe your claims are true. They naturally assume must people won't purposely try to ruin their reputation and credibility by endorsing something that don't believe in. Now note: Very few affiliates ever take the time to write personal endorsements. Re-read that line. 'Very few affiliates ever take the time to write personal endorsements. This is a *big* opportunity for you. You can give yourself a super, unfair advantage over other affiliates by writing endorsements, and by collecting endorsements. Think about how many times you bought a product because somebody else other than the business was personally recommending it. You just then felt the power of an endorsement.

Most affiliate marketers are zombies. They simply use the ads they are provided with. That's not a personal endorsement. That's not all that smart. In order to be effective, you need more than the cookie-cutter templates you are handed. You need something hypnotic. Think of other affiliates as your competition (unless they are your sub-affiliates). You must find a niche or unique selling proposition to outsell them. That's what personal endorsements can do for you. Nobody can have the same written endorsement as you (unless they copy it). That's your niche! That's what will set you apart from the competition! You'll have endorsements that they don't have! Let me give you one last example before you jump into the actual meat of this book. In mid-June of 2002, my friend Mark Joyner called me. Mark runs Aesop Marketing and publishes most of my e-books, including this one. He was calling me because he was excited about a new affiliate program. He wanted me in on it. I asked him to send me the url for the program. He did. I reviewed the site and liked what I saw. I then had a decision to make: Do I just send an email to people and give them the url for the new program, letting the site sell them, or do I give an endorsement for the program and then the url? The site was like most sites for affiliate programs. It was informative but dry. There wasn't a single endorsement on the site. Well, just by reading this introduction you know that's a mistake. By now you should know that giving an endorsement would be the most powerful way for me to promote the new affiliate program Mark was calling me about. So here's what I sent to my email list: Mark Joyner, CEO of Aesop Marketing, publisher of most of my e-books, just called me. He almost never calls me. But he's excited. He wanted me to know about a new system for making money through investments. Mark is so excited he is flying to New Zealand this Saturday to talk to the owners. I so trust Mark that I joined this business as fast as I could. I'm inviting

you to hitch a ride with us. Since you will be joining under Mark Joyner and me, you will benefit from all our promotions. For details, go here now: Thanks, Joe **************************************************** Joe Vitale, President, Hypnotic Marketing, Inc. #1 Best-Selling Author - "Spiritual Marketing" Author of far too many other books to list here "Aude aliquid dignum" You may have noticed something unique about that endorsement: Besides my own testimonial for the program, which is the memo you just read it, *within* it is a secondary, almost subliminal endorsement. By saying Mark Joyner jumped into the program, I was saying Mark Joyner *endorsed* the program. Do you see the power of this type of advanced hypnotic endorsement? Not only am *I* endorsing the affiliate program, but so is the great Mark Joyner! And for the record, people started signing up under me faster than I could keep up with it. Why? Because of that hypnotic endorsement! Do you see the power of this strategy? Do you see how you can edge out your competition by creating endorsements---and gathering endorsements---for whatever you want to sell? Hey, it only takes three lines or so to write an endorsement---yet they can make you rich! Come to think of it, that last line is an endorsement for endorsements! It might read like this: "Hey, it only takes three lines or so to write an endorsement---yet they can make you rich!" --Joe Vitale, author of Spiritual Marketing and many other books Enough already. Start reading. Starting writing hypnotic endorsements. And start making

more money than you ever could before! - Joe Vitale 7 Simple Steps to Writing a Personal Endorsement This process is a snap. Let's break it down, step by step. 1. Chose a product and or affiliate program you would like to promote. There are many things you need to take into consideration when choosing the product or affiliate program you want to endorse: The reputation of the business, quality of web site/sales material/looks/graphics, the persuasiveness of the ad(s), payment structure, commission percentage or amount, the statistics system, the tracking system, payment dates, affiliate training, e-mail sales notifications, customer service, secure ordering, free or fee to join, residual/lifetime income, if the product's in demand, your target audiences needs and wants, repeat/back end sales, number of affiliates, limited no. of affiliates, conversion ratio, 2 tier/multiple level, marketing tools, affiliate agreement/contract, their own domain name, proven and tested ads, 24/7 affiliate support, affiliate newsletter, affiliate bonuses/contests/discounts, what other customers say, what other affiliates say, what the owners say, background info on business, etc. In short, you want to pick a business that you personally *believe* in. 2. Buy The Product/Service When you get the product or service in your hands, use it, study it, test it, play with it, review it, experiment with it, etc. Take notes. Write all of your findings down so you don't forget. There are many things you need to take into consideration when receiving the product/service: quality, the product package, looks of product, benefits received, features reviewed, customer service, deliver timeliness, new uses for the product, hidden benefits, hidden features, technical support, what positive emotions and feelings does it give you, your favorite parts of it, what negative emotion or feelings does it take away, etc. After buying and using the product/service would you recommend it to your customers, visitors, e-zine subscribers? Would they be happy with it? What many copywriters do before they write a sales letter is fully experience the product or service they are about to write about. Well, an endorsement is a sales letter. To write a good one, get to know your product. Get intimate with it. Discover if you really and truly love it. If you do, raving about it will be easy.

3. Organize your notes from most persuasive to least persuasive. Simply make a list of all your notes, comments and observations about the business. Then review them. Put them in a new order, with the most persuasive one first, lesser next, and so on. This will help clarify your thinking. 4. Smoothly connect your writing with flowing transitions. Transitions are "connector words" such as "and," "but," "or," and "finally." Transitions can be phrases, too, such as "Let me tell you one more thing," or "By the way." 5. Add things to your endorsements like: a headline, sub headline, your name, professional title, graphics, spacing, margins, bullet lists, etc. Look back to the introduction of this book. Note how the endorsements given there all have a short bio tag line? 6. Proofread for typos, missing words, misspellings, punctuation, grammar mistakes, etc. 7. Edit it. Eliminate, shorten and or replace useless words, phrases, sentences, etc. Read it as many different ways as you can think of. Silently, out loud, slowly line by line with a book marker or ruler, backwards, have others do the same and out loud to you, etc. Make sure a small child could understand it. Does it make sense? Is it clear? Can the reader follow your train of thought? Put yourself in your readers shoes and mind. After reading it would they really buy the product? Read it mentally and out loud one last time to catch any further mistakes. #4: Effective Preselling: Î Tell them what to do, then sell then how to do People want to know what to do. It’s hard to sell people how to do something without telling them what to do. When you tell your prospects what to do, you’re educating them and showing them the real benefits they can obtain. For example, if I tell my prospect this: “Virtual Covers have been proven to boost response by at least 97%, and in some cases even triple it, because people associate the virtual packaging with a tangible product. If you’re not displaying a virtual cover on your website, you’re probably losing profits as we speak. By the way, I know an incredible resource called Ecover Generator. Ecover

Generator allows you to create Virtual covers easily and in minutes, even if you know nothing about design. It’s so easy, that even a child can use it!” Can you see how effective this is? Now the prospect has every reason to purchase Ecover Generator because he wants to increase his sales. The best way to presell, is to write articles. 1. How to Articles. They include detailed step by step instructions. Examples: how to publish your e-zine, how to promote your business, how to attract visitors to your Web site. 2. Tips. They are usually small pieces of information about the size of a paragraph. Examples: tips on using a product, tips on doing your taxes. 3. Top Lists. They are a group of tips listed in order, usually numbered from first to last. Examples: top 7 ways to get to the top of search engines, top 10 ways to market your product. 4. News Articles. They can include news about your industry or company information. Examples: joint ventures, new product releases, special events, overseas activity. 5. Interview Articles. They could include interviews from customers, employees and experts. Examples: interview an employee that won an award, an expert related to your industry, a satisfied customer, people profiles. 6. Publications. They include information that's bundled together to take with the person. Examples: ebooks, reports, software, auto responder information. 7. Business History Articles. They include information about your business. Examples: years in business, goals your business has accomplished, community affairs, financial information. 8. Product Articles. They include information about your product or services. Examples: new products, improvements to existing products, new accessories. 9. Visual Content. They include visual helpers that help explains, shows or supports an example. Examples: charts, photos, graphics, graphs. 10. Entertaining Content. They include humorous and off beat information. Examples: contests; quizzes, trivia, puzzles, games, cartoons. 11. Excerpts. They include information used from other resources for different purposes, but can also support your business. Examples: journal articles, transcripts of seminars, reprints, speeches, press releases. 12. Technology Content. They are new technologies you can use to present your content. Examples: audio clips, streaming video, MP3 files. 30 Fill-in-the-Blank Article and Title Templates How (your interviewee) Made ($) In Just ( No.) Days The ( name) Profile ...Interview Of The (day, week, month, etc.) Unlock... Open... How To... Learn...

Discover... Uncover... ...Exposed. ...Revealed. ...Explained. What You... Profit... Save... Make... Secrets Of... Top (No.)... The (Adjective)... A (Adjective)... ( No. ) ( Adjective ) Ways... ( No. ) ( Adjective ) Tips... ( No. ) ( Adjective ) Strategies... ( No. ) ( Adjective ) Techniques... ( No. ) ( Adjective ) Tactics... ( No. ) ( Adjective ) Secrets... ( No. ) ( Adjective ) Ideas... ( No. ) ( Adjective ) Benefits... ( No. ) ( Adjective ) Reasons... ( No. ) ( Adjective ) Questions... ( No. ) ( Adjective ) Steps... Five Fill-in-the-Blank Resource Box/Byline Templates #1 ----- (your name) is the CEO of (your business name). He/She provides free (subject(s)) information at http://www.(yoursiteaddress).com (your name) can be reached at (your email address) ----- #2 ----- (your name) is the owner of (your business name) He/She has been in business for (no.) years. If you would like to receive a free quote or information just visit: http://www.(yoursiteaddress).com ----- #3 ----- (your name) is the publisher of (your e-zine name). You can subscribe to his/her free e-zine by sending email to (sub. email) or by visiting his/her Web site at http://www.(yoursiteaddress).com

----- #4 ----- (your name) is the Web master of (your site name) At his/her site you can find free (software, ebooks, articles, etc). Visit http://www.(yoursiteaddress).com ----- #5 ----- (your name) is the author of best-selling ebook (your ebook's name) To get the first chapter of this ebook for free just visit: http://www.(yoursiteaddress).com ----- Where to Submit Your Article to Thousands of E-zine and Web Site Publishers You will need to read the article directory's or announcement list rules before you submit your article to them. They all have different submission guidelines and subject categories. Î The proof is in the pudding. Let them taste it Proof is probably the most powerful marketing technique on the planet. If you can prove what you say, then you can even get away with weak copy. Click here to review a sales letter that has probably the greatest amount of ‘proof’ within a single sales letter. Is it no wonder that this product took the Internet Marketing community by the storm? #5: Bondability: Do you bond with your list? Do they ‘really’ know who you are and what you do? You have to realize that they person reading your email messages is a real live human being who has feelings too. When you tell them a loved one fell sick and you have to attend to them, people empathize. Do you not? Î Be yourself

That’s the best way to gain rapport with your list. People have to like you for who you are and if they don’t, they can always unsubscribe. You don’t need them anyway. Of course, I’m not telling you to go overboard in relating your personal experience to your list, but my point is, including your personal experience allows your subscriber to see exactly where you’re coming from and why you’re saying the things you’re saying. It’s all about forging a virtual friendship. #6: Kiss an Elephant’s Butt: Î How much do you stand behind the product? Are you willing to guarantee a product beyond it’s stated one? I once promoted a $20 product and said that if anyone purchased it and found that it was not going to increase their profits, they could get a full refund as well as get $10 cash sent to them for wasting their time. Guess how many refunds I got? Zero. Why? Because it was a solid product, and I was willing to put myself on the line. How far will you go? #7: The Affiliate Marketing Follow up Model: Finally, the one thing you can do to increase the size of your affiliate check radically, is to use what I call the Affiliate Marketing Follow Up Model. Here’s what you do with this system in a nutshell: You tell ‘em, then you tell’em again, then you finally tell’em what you told them. Here’s the structure: Teaser Email offering a Free Report Î Prospect is sent to Subscription Page Offering Free Report Î Prospect parts with email address to get Free Report Î Downloads Free Report Î Sequential Autoresponder follows up, reiterating benefits of the affiliate product Î List is kept and related products are continually added to be marketed to this sublist. Although this seems like pure common sense, many affiliates are just NOT following up with their prospects by sending them straight to the affiliate page. Î Don’t give up the email address When you have the email address, it’s the only way you can tell who’s interested in what and keeping these sublists will allow you to better target your efforts for related products in the future. Next, I’ll have you take a short quiz. These quizzes are for your use only. You do not need to send them to me or to anyone else. They are to help you reinforce and integrate the principles you are learning here. QUIZ: 1. What is the most powerful form of copy?

________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 2. How do you presell effectively? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 3. How do you make your offer irresistible? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 4. What are the 3 best ways to find out what everyone else is talking about? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 5. What is the one thing that can put a great sales letter to shame? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ HOMEWORK: Your homework for this lesson is to put together a special 5 page report for the Hypnotic Marketing Bootcamp. Decide on what angle you’d like to use to approach this, and put it together, and see if you can add “extra bonuses, and the discussed elements into this report. It should be ‘educational’, yet be able to grab the sale. More importantly, you should insert ‘yourself’ into the report as much as possible. Your homework should be submitted in a Word Doc format. Send your homework to and be sure to put in the subject line “BOOTCAMP HOMEWORK” so I can clearly see it from all my other emails.

Go for it! Jo Han Mok in partnership with Dr. Joe Vitale ☺ Director, Hypnotic Marketing Institute See NEW! - "The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History"

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Dr. Joe Vitale

Dr. Joe Vitale. 223,050 likes · 3,661 talking about this. Author, speaker, musician, movie star, Law of Attraction expert, Miracles Coach, Hypnotic...
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Attract a New Car: Lesson #1 - Joe Vitale of The Secret ...

Attract a New Car: Lesson #1 Teleseminar on 05­04­05 By Joe Vitale Joe: Okay, this is Joe Vitale. Welcome to the first of five ...
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Joe Vitale - YouTube

Joe Vitale of 'The Secret' at Chicago Wealth Expo - Duration: ... Life Lessons in Hypnotic Song with Dr. Joe Vitale - Duration: 78 seconds. 1,404 views; 11 ...
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Attract a New Car: Lesson #3 - Joe Vitale of The Secret ...

Attract a New Car: Lesson #3 Teleseminar on 05­18­05 By Joe Vitale Joe: Well, I don’t know what just happened, but I was ...
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