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Published on September 16, 2014

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Joe Vitale - Lesson7

The E-Bootcamp in Hypnotic Marketing by Joe Vitale and Jo Han Mok Copyright © 2003 by Joe Vitale and Jo Han Mok. All rights reserved. Reproduction or distribution in any way, shape, or form is strictly forbidden. Lesson #7: The Lazy man’s Blueprint to Hypnotic Marketing Success! Now that you’re armed with all the techniques of Hypnotic Writing and how to make your prospect go into a buying trance with the techniques of Collier, Barton, Caples and Hopkins, I’ll be willing to bet that the one question that exists on your mind is: “How do I apply all this “old stuff” to the Internet?” Well, this “old stuff” may seem pretty dated, but when you harness the power of the Internet and create a Hypnotic Marketing System to automate your Hypnotic Marketing, you’ll be able to become rich, the Lazy man’s way! This lesson will go through the blueprint of the Hypnotic Marketing System in detail, and give you a paint-by-numbers approach. It’s called the Lazy man’s Blueprint, because you literally will be able to use this system to double your income and double your time off at the same time! What does a Hypnotic Marketing System do? A Hypnotic Marketing System will run the following aspects of your business for you automatically: • Sales and delivery of product. (digital) • Taking payments for you, following up with your customers, and selling your back-end products. • Signs up and equips your resellers with training and tools • Tracks your ads and sales, and calculates conversion rates for you. • Tracks your resellers' ads, sales, conversion rates, and commissions. • Creates and manages your clients and databases, segments your mailing lists, and broadcasts. Your Hypnotic Marketing System will do all this and more, and it automates the entire process! You will need the following components to create your Hypnotic Marketing System: 1. A Minisite that sells your product for you 2. Online Credit Card Processor 3. Automated Digital Delivery for your digital product 4. A lead capture system, for follow-up (Pre-purchase) 5. Customer follow-up (Post-purchase)

6. Affiliate Sign up 7. Affiliate training and follow up 8. Affiliate tracking All this may seem pretty overwhelming at first, but it’ll all be worth it, as you only have to do the “work” once and then you can reap a lifetime of profits from it. Some of these components do not come free, and usually have costs associated with them. However, you’ve probably heard the saying that time is money, and the time you save by spending that little money on these valuable components can be devoted to making even more money. When everything is completely set up and in place, your only task would be to market and get as many qualified prospects to your website as possible and let the system do the rest. Let’s begin with the Minisite. Minisite: A Minisite is nothing more than a 2 page website consisting of a sales letter and an order form. Before you even construct a mini site, you will need a good domain name and a web host. As a rule of thumb, if you’re selling a specific product it would be best to get a domain that is content rich and benefit laden but yet as short as possible. If you’re interested in branding yourself with a portal type of site, then using your name would be a good possibility. E.g. Here’s a great FREE resource to brainstorm your domain name: You can type in up to 15 words and it will give you a list of all available combinations of available domain names. Once you’ve decided on a domain name, you’d need to host it, and I there are basically on two hosting providers I will recommend. They are: Third Sphere Web Hosting I’ve been hosting almost all my sites with them, and it is rock solid with a true 99.9% uptime. The interface is extremely easy to use, quality "snap in" ebooks to profit from, multiple domain parking and hardly any downtime. My highest recommendation! Host 4 Profit

Started by legendary Internet Marketer Allen Says of Internet Marketing Warriors fame, you can't go wrong with so many Internet Marketers who give it the big thumbs up, and you get FREE access to the world's greatest Internet Marketing Forum that boasts 30,000 members Layout and Design: A layout is basically how you arrange your typography, art and interactive elements. It should preferably be aesthetic, but with only one purpose, which is to enhance the copy. Here are 7 tips for getting the most out of your layout: #1: Use the law of contrast to make your copy easy to read. Use dark text on a light background. You usually cannot go wrong with black on white. #2: Make your site load as quickly as possible. People have a short attention span. #3: Don’t go wild on colors. Your color scheme should enhance the credibility and respectability of your web business. Psychedelic colors are a no no. #4: Never assume that your web visitors are web savvy. They may not know that pictures are clickable, and just because some text is underlined and blue doesn’t mean your web visitor knows that it is a hyperlink. Make it simple and easy to understand. Label all your buttons and graphics as well as hyperlinks. #5: Make sure you display your contact information clearly and a link to a contact page should be present on every page. #6: Make it easy to navigate. Always provide a way for your user to get back to the main page. #7: Make body copy easy to read. Each paragraph should have no more than 4 lines. Recommended Resources: If you use Dreamweaver, you can save $1000s of dollars from this exclusive training guide. If you use Microsoft Frontpage, check out: There is a powerful tool called Frontpage Power Edit that not Front page user should be without. What it does, is that it strips away the bloated code that is added to Frontpage HTML pages and makes HTML editing much easier and more straightforward. Online Credit Card Processing/ Digital Delivery

Digital Delivery Format: • Ebook (.exe) • PDF • User-protected Website Access (membership sites) Ebook: Can be delivered to customer easily. Retains HTML formatting, and supports java script and flash, making it more attractive and interactive than plain text. Can be disabled to radically reduce refund rates and it is also possible now to embed documents like PDF or Word within the Ebook itself! However, it is not cross platform, and you need a compiler to ‘compile’ the HTML pages. Recommended Resource: E-book Generator PDF: Cross platform, ‘standard’ ebook publishing format. It can be created from any printable format. Your users however, need to download Acrobat Reader separately to access the format. Adobe Acrobat is also highly priced at $249. An alternative to Acrobat is Instant PDF Generator. User Protected Website Access: Easily done through Server control panel. User and password needs to be changed every month for maximum security. Paypal: It’s not only free to join, but you’ll get paid $5 to sign up! Now you can accept credit cards instantly! Paypal’s Merchant Tools have been radically improved, and supports recurring billing and subscriptions. The caveat with using Paypal is that it is prone to theft because the source code is exposed, and reveals the location of the thankyou page. This can be solved by using Flash technology to make it 100% bulletproof. 2Checkout: This thing is a beauty. You could be all set up and ready to go in under 10 minutes. There are no monthly fees, no statement fees, low transaction fees of 5.5%, direct deposit into your US bank account. Supports physical products and recurring subscriptions and integrates with shopping cart systems. It’s one flat fee for an unlimited number of products. By far, it’s the best of the best. Highly recommended! Clickbank: It’s a love hate relationship. Here’s why. Pros: No need for merchant account Manages affiliate program for you

Pays affiliates for you Pays bi-weekly Manages purchases and refunds Cons: Affiliate program limited to single tier Tedious approval process Does not support physical products Does not support recurring billing (To be added soon) Clickbank links are prone to hijacking, unless encrypted. Here’s special encryption software that is a must if you’re working with Clickbank. Also, if you’d like to use your Clickbank account to sell multiple products, you need special software to set up different landing pages. Automated Follow up Systems: Did you know that? 2% of sales are made on the 1st contact. 3% of sales are made on the 2nd contact. 5% of sales are made on the 3rd contact. 10% of sales are made on the 4th contact. 80% of sales are made on the 5th-12th contact! Can you imagine how much profit you’re cheating yourself of if you stopped contacting your prospect at the 4th time? Here are 3 resources I highly recommend you check out to determine which one suits your needs best. • Autoresponse Plus • My Email Manager • Ultimate Merchant You’ll need to automate your sequential follow up marketing in 3 specific categories: #1: Leads Develop a relationship with your leads by providing them useful content. Build trust and establish credibility. Here’s a proven outline that can do just that. Immediate – Provide free info you promised. Do not mention your product. You can link to your website with a sig file. Message #2 – Include more information and telling your prospect what to do, and HOW your product helps them do it. (One day later.)

Message #3 – Outline features and benefits of your product (Two days later.) Message #4 – More product information and useful tips on using it. (Three days later) Message #5 – More features and benefits. (Four days later) Message #6 – Send testimonials from existing satisfied customers. (Five days later) Message #7 – Include call to action. I.e. price break (six days later) Message #8 – Frankly I’m puzzled. (Nine days later) Message #9 – Even more testimonials. (Thirteen days later) Message #10 – Pitch a related product. Product #1 might not have been suitable (Nineteen days later) Message #11 – Testimonials for Product #2 (Twenty one days later) Message #12 – Try to bribe them with a lot of unadvertised bonuses (Twenty eight days later) If they still do not buy from you, you can still keep them on your mailing list and mail to them until they eventually buy or opt out. #2: Customers Get testimonials, give bonuses to prevent buyer’s remorse and reduce refunds. Milk the backend. Immediate – Personal Thank You note with download instructions and FAQ. (This minimizes tech support by 73 %!) Message #2 – Unadvertised bonus. This prevents the customer from feeling buyer’s remorse. (Three days later) Message #3 – Get a testimonial or conduct a survey and send them a gift for doing it. (Seven days later) Message #4 – Offer them a complimentary product with a preferred customer discount. (Twenty days later) #3: Affiliates Provide training and tools to empower affiliates to help sell your products as well as the latest tips and motivation. (Reseller contests) It can be as simple as, “Dear John Doe, we’ve just released a new product, and here’s a solo ad you can use...” The main focus for this list is ‘empowerment’. Give them as many tools like ready to go emails, classifieds, banners, and viral marketing ebooks as they need to promote your product easily.

You’ll reap dividends once you have your powerful army of salespeople selling for you day in and day out even while you’re sleeping! It’s quite possibly the most powerful free advertising system there is. Affiliate Program Setup/Management: Server Based Software: The software runs off your server. It is usually a CGI Script that needs to be installed, so you either need to know a little CGI programming or you can get pay someone to install it for you. It usually doesn’t cost much. Assoctrac The best out there used by top flight Internet Marketers. It has recently been upgraded. It’s not cheap, and comes with a monthly maintenance fee. However, you do get access to reports like: • Sales Revenues Through Associates • Total Sales By Associate • Total Sales By Product • Total Combined Revenue • Visitor Sales • Refunds • Sales Ratios • Previous Balance • Associate Commission • Referral Commissions • Total Commission • Direct Sales Revenues This will allow you to isolate exactly where your marketing is lackluster and where it is performing well. Web Based: Clickbank This is probably the best option if you’re just starting out, and do not have the capital for fancy software. Clickbank pays all your affiliates for you twice a month, and handles all the work for you. The caveat is that it is limited to a single tier, and you cannot adjust commissions for Super Affiliates. Ultimate Merchant This brand new solution allows you to process:

• unlimited number of transactions, • send an unlimited number of emails, • totally automate your follow-up marketing, • effectively track every promotional campaign you embark on, • recruit and management thousands of affiliates (an unlimited number actually) • and manage your email/mailing/ezine lists (and any other lists) via one simple, easy to use control panel. It’s probably the most comprehensive solution out there and provides the best bang for the buck. Case Studies: As crazy as it seems, the ‘real’ Hypnotic Marketing Systems are to be found in the MLM industry. Having done some copywriting work with some of these guys, I can tell you, that this is true set and forget technology. Forget your prejudices against MLM for a moment, and take some time to examine the systems below. Visit the following websites, and watch what happens. These guys have the most sophisticated systems that only convert like crazy, but are automated right to the bone. Two key things to look out for: The follow up system, notice how they consistently follow up with personalized emails to persuade you to join their opportunity, and more importantly, how they ‘empower’ you with plug and play tools you can use. If you can cut and paste, you can promote their opportunity. This is the model you want to adopt for your own Hypnotic Marketing System. Opportunities like these are guaranteed to be the next big wave because they’re completely web based, and there is no ‘physical product’ to deal with so you can literally run it with nothing but an email connection. Most of them have their own online contact manager to help manage your prospects and members. All one needs to do is to focus on promotion, and the system does the rest. This is a true Hypnotic Marketing System and one that should be followed. Theses opportunities understand the pressing need to make the marketing process as powerful and as ‘idiot-proof’ as possible. They also know that Internet Marketers build wealth from Multiple Streams of income, and they make this as easy as possible, because other than promoting, no other ‘work’ is really required. Website #1: Ebusiness Next Website #2: Traffic Oasis Website #3: Retire Quickly Website #4: Debt To Freedom Website #5: Ezine Blaze

Website #6: Spam Terminator Jo Han’s Top 10 Free Tools to Help You Double Your Income and Time Off! 1: Eudora Pro Used by almost all the top Internet Marketers. The filters are incredible and you can filter all your spam so that they won’t clutter your inbox. They also have an incredible web based version that knocks the socks off Yahoo and Hotmail 2: TextPad A great piece of word processing software! It’s better than notepad in my opinion. It enables you to quickly reformat text to the correct width so that people can read your emails and newsletters easily. 3: RoboForm. Fill in all your forms with one click! And no, unlike Gator, this is not scumware. 4: Time Cave Send a reminder to yourself via email, so that you can complete all your tasks on schedule. 5: Quotations Database 6: Ideas To Jumpstart Your Business Brain 7: Tech support 8: Search Engine Possibly the best resource for search engine tools. 9: Java Scripts 10: Cgi Scripts Joe Vitale’s Online Marketing Strategy: Step One: List with Search Engines 1. Name your site something that begins with “A.” Search engines will bring up sites alphabetically. You want to be at the top of the list, where people will see it first. 2. Create a 25-word description of your site that includes key words. This is what most search engines will register to help people locate what they seek. Be sure your key words are the ones someone may type in when wanting to locate your type of information. 3. Use Submit-It to automatically list your site with many search engines. Visit 4. Also use the free section of Postmaster. Visit 5. And use FreeLinks at 6. Also use the A-1 Directory at 7. Announce to the Yellow Pages at 8. Also list with 9. List with 10. Visit WebTrack and use their free services. See 11. Visit for more instructions and links to help list and promote your web site. 12. Visit promote for more links, including over 600 free places to promote your site. 13. Visit the MegaList of links at 14. The site at not only provides you with a way to submit your sites to the top directories and search engines, but also provides monthly reports on the status of your submission. Test drive the Did-It.Com Detective for free. It's a service that keeps you informed about your site’s submission status by checking the major search sites to see if your Web presence has been indexed.

15. List with the new search engine: 16. Important: If you can change your URL (by adding or changing an extension of it), then re-submit your site to all of the above with a re-written 25-word description. This way you will get your site listed at least twice with every search engine. It will then be considered a new and different site. TIP: Another way to do this is to list each page of your site as a new site. This can get complicated, but it can also lead to more listings at search engines. Step Two: Post to E-mail Lists 1. Who would be most interested in the subject? Who benefits from your product or service? Create a “relationships graph” to uncover all the hidden markets for your site. Here’s how: Draw a circle in the middle of a sheet of paper and write the name of your product or service in the middle of it. Then free-associate and write down all the different markets, or groups of people, who may want what you are selling. Circle each item you write down, creating a series of clusters on the sheet. 2. Search for e-mail lists that pertain to your subject. These are some of the places where the people you just graphed, the ones interested in your product or service, are already gathered. Go to and A newer and maybe better search site for e-mail lists is at Also search as well as 3. Join relevant lists and post helpful messages. Offer information and let your URL in your sig file inform people of your site. Soft selling works best here. 4. Offer something free. The net has a “gift culture” mentality. They expect something for nothing. Post messages offering free special reports, for example. When they ask for your report, include a short resource box at the end of what you send them that describes your product or service and invites people to visit your site. Step Three: Post to Newsgroups 1. Using the relationships graph you created, search for the newsgroups that would benefit from your product or service. These are the other places where your market gathers. To locate them, use and and and 2. Announce your web site at the newsgroup comp.infosystems.www.announce and at alt.infosystems.www.announce

3. After four weeks, change your URL or add an extension to it, and re-post to the above newsgroups. It will be considered a new site listing and bring more traffic to your site. 4. Read posts at the newsgroups you selected to get a feel for what they like to see, and then post a helpful short message. Offer information. Let your site be plugged in your sig file or as an aside, not as a direct ad. Step Four: E-mail Associations 1. Search for associations that would benefit from your product or service. Again, these are places where your market may gather. Search and 2. Send e-mail about your site to the relevant associations. They may want to link to you, or offer your product or service to their members. Step Five: Locate Expos 1. Search for expos and trade shows that may want you as a speaker or may want to know about your web site using Search Engines. 2. E-mail the targeted expos about your web site and your product or service. Step Six: Exchange hotlinks with other web sites 1. Use search engines to find other web sites interested in the same subject as your site. Type in keywords similar to the keywords for your site and note what other sites come up. Visit them. Search engines to explore include: Alta Vista at Infoseek at Lycos at and Dogpile at Webcrawler at Yahoo isn’t a search engine but a giant directory worth searching: 2. E-mail those sites and ask if you can exchange reciprocal links to promote each site. 3. Visit the Internet Link Exchange at to locate other sites to exchange links for free.

Step Seven: E-Mail the Media 1. Send a short e-mail news release to the appropriate media about your site. If you’re not sure how to write a press release, check out Raleigh Pinskey's “Pitching Your Project to the Media,” an excerpt of press release pointers from her book You Can Hype Anything. Go to 2. Send your release out. Click Press Direct: Over 1800 Business Press Release E-mail. Addresses, allows you to click an e-mail link to a publication, paste your press release into the body of the message, and send it off through cyberspace. Easy and efficient. See it at 3. Go to for a dated list of e-contacts. 4. Visit WebTrack again and use their free services. See 5. Visit the Internet Publicity site at 6. Get the All USA E-Mail Media database. Call 1-800-457-8746. 7. Send an e-news release to and to 8. Also look at 9. Check out Step Eight: Locate sellers 1. Search for other sites (via Alta Vista) that may want to sell your product or service. (Or use the list of sites you generated in step six above.) 2. E-mail them about their selling your goods. Step Nine: Promote off-line 1. Consider sending a press release over a wire service to the media. 2. Consider a postcard mailing to your own mailing list or to targeted markets. Step Ten: Do the obvious 1. Add your URL to all your stationary, business cards, etc. 2. Tell your friends, family, customers, and network.

3. Change your web site daily or weekly to make it interesting, so people will return. 4. Add your URL to your sig file. 5. Consider classified ads on commercial servers, such as America Online, and BBS’s. Step Eleven: Consider Direct E-mail 1. Send the e-list(s) you target a short e-note about your site. Offer them something free as an incentive. 2. Visit Other Ideas: 1. Sponsor someone else’s web site. “Brought to you by (your name)” brings attention to you. All the people who visit the other site will learn of your site. 2. Advertise at a search engine or directory, such as Yahoo. (Very expensive) 3. Think creative. Find a way to plug your site in unexpected groups. Create “Ten Funny Things About (your business)” and post it in the rec.humor newsgroups, for example. 4. Let others advertise with you. Add a line such as “This space for rent” to your opening screen. Someone may want to advertise on your site or sponsor your site. Still Other Resources: * Read “NetMarketing: How Your Business Can Profit from the Online Revolution” by Bruce Judson. Wolff New Media, 1996. In bookstores. Or visit * Read Guerilla Web Strategies: How to Promote and Market Your Web Site by Vince Gelormine. Coriolis Group Books, 1996. In bookstores. Or see Last Minute Up-Dates to This Strategy: 1. For a directory of TV and radio media contacts that you can send e-news releases to, go to 2. For a great one-stop source of publicity information and links, visit the Public Relations Online Resources site at

Next, I’ll have you take a short quiz. These quizzes are for your use only. You do not need to send them to me or to anyone else. They are to help you reinforce and integrate the principles you are learning here. QUIZ: 1. What are the 8 components of a Hypnotic Marketing System? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 2. What is the most focal point of any web layout? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 3. What are the three categories of people you need to follow up with? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 4. What should you aim to do when you mail to your affiliates? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 5. What do MLM systems allow the prospects to focus on? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ HOMEWORK: Your homework for this lesson is to create a model of your Hypnotic Marketing System. Research all the various components of the System, and put together a plan and outline exactly what options you’ve decided to go for and why. It should look something like this:

Minisite: Created through Frontpage Online Credit Card Processor: Clickbank (digital product) Affiliate Program: Managed by Clickbank The most important part you’ll need to do, is put together an evaluation of why you’ve made the choices you did, and how much of the actual ‘work’ is automated and how much ‘manual work’ you’ll still have to do. Obviously, you’ll want to create a model that virtually automates everything and leaves you as little ‘manual work’ as possible. Your homework is to submit a Word document of your personal plan and you should name the document “System”. This will be your “marketing blueprint” for reselling the packaged home study course. Go through this lesson. Look at all the tips and principles. Review the quizzes. And then start doing your online research, evaluating all the options very carefully. Send your homework to and be sure to put in the subject line “BOOTCAMP HOMEWORK” so I can clearly see it from all my other emails. What are you waiting for? Get working! Jo Han Mok in partnership with Dr. Joe Vitale ☺ Director, Hypnotic Marketing Institute See NEW! - "The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History"

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