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Published on September 16, 2014

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. The E-Bootcamp in Hypnotic Marketing by Joe Vitale and Jo Han Mok Copyright © 2003 by Joe Vitale and Jo Han Mok. All rights reserved. Reproduction or distribution in any way, shape, or form is strictly forbidden. Lesson #10: The Most Powerful Hypnotic Marketing Strategy Did you know that the single most powerful Marketing Strategy on the Internet is the most overlooked one, and it’s 100 % FREE? Joint ventures represent the ultimate form of risk-free advertising because do all of the marketing is for you by your partners in exchange for a share of the profits. By paying only upon a successful sale, you risk absolutely nothing. Joint ventures are just like your normal affiliate program. The caveat is, the norm in an affiliate program is that only about 15% -20% of your affiliates do any serious selling. Based on the Pareto Principle, the 15-20% of your affiliates will make up for up to 80% of your sales. Therefore, it would make perfect sense, to zero in on this minority group, also known as ‘super affiliates’, in order to run a successful affiliate program. These super affiliate joint venture partners can be defined by three different characteristics: • He/she has a large enough opt in list to sell large volume of your product/service in a short amount of time, such as an e-zine owner. • He/she has a website with heavy monthly traffic that targets the market you desire. • He/she in the market place whom consumers trust when it comes to making buying decisions. Here are the four major steps that you need to take in order to start and run a recruiting the "super" affiliates who can literally make tons of sales for you in a short amount of time. 1. Testing the waters 2. Give them the toolbox 3. Zero in your laser 4. Seduce and entice The key to more profits and success is to continuously find and recruit these highly productive "super affiliates" to sell your products for you.

#1: Testing the waters: Before you start recruiting people to sell your stuff, you need to know whether it’s a winner or a dead duck. If it’s a dead duck, it’s a dead duck. How do you tell if it’s a dead duck? Test! Always test small! By adhering to the following ‘testing order’, you can keep all risk to a minimum: a) Your own opt in list b) Classifieds c) Solo-Ads Here are some resources I use to test my offers: Guru Mailer: The net’s most qualified opt in list Traffic Oasis: Exclusive home biz leads Ezine Blaze: Make money while testing your ads! Rim Digest: - A solo ad costs $149 or you can get two solos for $249. You can find out more about them here: Ezine Hits: A long time favorite of all Internet Marketers. Terry Dean raves about it all the time. Probiztips: Diane Hughes is a great friend of mine, and her ezine is just phenomenal! EzineSeek eZINESearch The Ultimate Magazine Database E-ZineZ Best

Ezine AdSource (paid subscription) Marketing Maestro (paid subscription) You can find instructions on how to place your ads on the site itself. You can submit an ad today and have it run in just a day or two and start making money. If you're on a tight budget.. you can start of with 2 bucks! 2 Bucks An Ad Advertising Program : Can you imagine paying only $2 for an ad that goes out to 800,000+ ezine readers? Best bang for buck! Make BIG money with tiny ads! #2: Give them the toolbox: If you want people to help you, you need to make it as easy and as ‘no brainer’ as possible. If you’re dealing with super affiliates, they will not have the time to create marketing material of their own from the scratch, so you’ll be wise to equip your super affiliates with as many marketing tools as possible. Give them a complete toolbox. Here are some tools that you will do well to include: a) Classified Ads b) Solo Ads c) Articles d) Virtual Covers e) Banners f) E-Course g) Endorsements Classified Ads: One of the most powerful and hypnotic classified ad writing techniques is known as the implied endorsement. It ‘camouflages’ with content, and looks like it’s part of the ezine as opposed to a traditional Classified. SPECIAL For Our Readers Only: ******************************************************* Yes, The Lazy Man's 14 Minute Wealth Solution Helped Me Make $500 My First Month, And It Will Work For YOU Too! Finally! Make $500 Next Month! It's No Accident.

In Just 14 Minutes, I Can Show You How To Earn Up To An Extra $3,750+ Per Month! You Too Can Laugh At Money Worries -- If You Follow This Simple Plan Click Here To Join Absolutely FREE! ==> ******************************************************* Solo Ads: Solo ads usually have a higher response to classified ads because they’re stand alone mailings. Where you place your ad is usually more important than the actual ad itself. An example of a solo ad is something like this: Dear <%firstname%>: If a 23 year old college kid from Singapore pulls 5 figures a month in a cluttered apartment in Boston wearing nothing but his boxers and using a lousy laptop, works with the biggest names in marketing, and gets featured on national TV and radio... What do you think his secret is? Note: It's not what you think!) He tells all here: Click here: ==> P.S.: He'll show you how to ram streams of cash into your bank account even if you have no product website or programming knowledge! Articles: Articles are sometimes much more effective than ads because people are pre-sold by the content. Feel free to model the following article as an example of ‘sales –tool’ type of article.

What's The Hypnotic Marketing Secret? (It's Selling H- - E) - by Jo Han Mok (c) Jo Han Mok - All Rights reserved Hypnotic Marketing Institute Let's face it. Secrets are hypnotic. Secrets of a Marketing Maverick, 7 Secrets Of Success, Joint venture Secrets Revealed, Marketing Secrets Of a Mail Order Guru, Killer Copy Writing Secrets, the list goes on. Why do we have so many secrets anyway? Is there really so much we don't know? People cannot stand having a secret kept from them. Can you? You're reading this article probably because you think that there is a Hypnotic Marketing Secret don't you? Do I know something that you don't? Maybe. Maybe not. But if I do reveal something to you that you do NOT know, then you would have discovered a SECRET. So what is the Hypnotic Marketing Secret? The secret is to create one. That'll almost instantaneously make your marketing Hypnotic. Read that again. The secret is to CREATE one. Make your readers feel like something is being kept from them. The more scandalous, the better! Go ahead, sensationalize the "Secret". Have a ball! By creating a secret, and a sense of mystery around the product I intend to sell, I sell HOPE to my reader. This HOPE that I create, will SUCK my reader into my copy. All I have to do is continue selling HOPE in my copy. By now, you should be either scratching your head or having

an a-ha moment. Here's my Amazing Hypnotic Marketing Formula: <<Secret = Hope = Sales = Cash In My Pocket = GRIN>> Say I'm selling a weight loss product. I may structure my headline, like this: "Shocking Secret Report Reveals That The Weight Loss Industry Is Conspiring To Keep People Fat!" Now this rude wowser of a headline does two things: 1) It makes the reader think that something is being kept from them, that they do not know. And that something is keeping them fat! 2) The reader will be assured that it's NOT his/her fault that he/she is fat. Now, the reader will be in the "I knew it all along” mind set, and will devour every word of the sales letter like a carnivore. Why? Because you just sold them HOPE! They want to discover the very thing that is hidden from them which is preventing them from reaching their goals. The reader is happy because it is NOT his/her fault that he/she is fat. It is not because he/she did not exercise, did not watch his/her diet and therefore he/she cannot lose weight, even though that could possibly the brutal truth. There is HOPE after all! People don't WANT the truth. They can't HANDLE the truth. You can't tell them that the reason they're fat is because they do not exercise and they eat like there’s no tomorrow. You can't tell then that they're not making money, cos they’re not doing anything, and simply sitting there hoping to become millionaires overnight. Shocking isn't it? People WANT HOPE. HOPE is a universal need. HOPE makes your marketing hypnotic. Imagine how much more receptive the reader will be in that frame of mind? Your product becomes THE solution. It's the HOPE that your reader needs to "defeat" the conspiracy that prevents he/she from attaining his/her goals!

What would that do for your sales? Would that put a GRIN on your face when you see your sales explode? Congratulations. You've just graduated from Hypnotic Marketing School Cum Laude. Jo Han directs Joe Vitale's Hypnotic Marketing Institute. He is the net's leading expert on "Fusion” Marketing, and is known for his uncanny ability to exploit the synergy between Viral Marketing, Stealth Backend Marketing, Reprint Rights and Subconscious Internet Marketing. -=-=-==-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- How would You like to Sell an X-Ray of Joe Vitale's Hypnotic Marketing Brain And Earn A Lifetime Income? Click Here> -=-=-==-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ** Attn Ezine editors / Site owners ** Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety in your ezine or on your site so long as you leave all links in place, do not modify the content and include our resource box as listed above. Feel free to substitute your own link in place of our link in the resource box. Earn up to 100% on every purchaser you refer! Full Reseller details are available here: Virtual Covers: You can allow your affiliates to display virtual covers on their website to encourage click throughs. Although this is probably the ‘least effective type of sales tool, it can still achieve pretty decent results when you combine it with powerful ‘teaser type’ copy.

Banners: The best type of banners that have been proven to pull the best are known as ‘invisible banners’ and they usually consist of a ‘button’ type image with a white background, so it looks like it’s part of the website. Even though they don’t work as well as they used to, people will still ask for it. The winning ‘format’ to follow would be a ‘headline’ and teaser sub-head. E-Course: If you can write a good follow up E-course that can be given away via autoresponder, it’ll make for a very powerful tool. Endorsement: Truth be known, unless you toot your own horn, people usually won’t toot yours. You will do well to write up an endorsement type mailing, for your super affiliate to use as a guideline. Check out the example below for “Masterwordsmith”. Subject: Re: Which ad pulled 100%? Hi <%firstname%>, <YOURNAME> here with some really *profitable* news for you! Our good friend Jo Han Mok has JUST released an amazing copywriting package that literally took my breath away the first time I laid eyes on it. Click here: ==> Insert Your Clickbank Link here It's the best copywriting course you'll find anywhere. No other copywriting resource on the Internet breaks each copywriting exhibit down block-by-block to show you what the copywriter was thinking, the strategy that drives the piece, and every last detail on how the piece was created. While that alone should make you jump to the site, wait till you hear THIS -- There is an un-advertised bonus --- which you won't see on the sales letter yet --- as Jo Han has JUST completed it. We're rushing this news to you so that you can be the first one to lay hands on it.

Click here: ==> Insert Your Clickbank Link here It is a 22-page Special Report by Jo Han on Bruce Barton's copywriting secrets called "The 2nd B in BBDO: The Copywriter Nobody Knows." You probably do not know who Bruce Barton is. (Which is why he is the copywriter nobody knows). There is not enough space to detail Bruce's Barton's accomplishments but what you might be interested in, is the fact that Barton once wrote a simple sales letter that achieved a miraculous 100% response, and raised over $30,000, which was a lot of money during his era.(1920s-1950s) How much would it be worth to you, if you could lay your hands on the letter and apply Barton's secrets to your own ads and promotions? There are other bonuses, of course, and the site describes them all. But the new report on Barton is simply so good and so priceless that I had to shine a spotlight on it. Anyway, go see Jo Han's new site. It's at - Click here: ==> Insert Your Clickbank Link here To your success, <YOURNAME> PS -- Even if you aren't interested in buying anything, you should visit the site and study the letter there. It is truly hypnotic. It's at - ==> Insert Your Clickbank Link here PPS -- And watch out when you exit the site. You're going to see one of the most startling pictures you've ever seen. (It's more funny than anything else.) Go if you dare: Insert Your Clickbank Link here #3: Zero in your laser:

Research your potential joint venture partners. Find out their wants and needs by studying their Web site, e-zine, marketing materials, business history, etc. You could also close your eyes and put yourself in their shoes, then imagine what they would want. Remember, you’re not only dealing with a business but also with human beings. They have personal needs and wants that you could fulfill as well. Build a relationship with the business or person ahead of time (optional but it helps). Ask them plenty of questions about their business and personal needs and wants. Ask them if they would like to do a JV with you, but don't give any details. If they say "yes" and commit to it, it will be harder for them to turn it down. Their yes or no answer may also contain some valuable information that can be used to help persuade them to accept your JV offer. There are three types of JV offers you could send. You could send a normal, fair JV offer that's win/win. You could also send a JV offer you know they won't accept. That will allow you to send your original offer, which will sound very appealing compared to the first one. Or you could send a JV offer that asks for a little which you know they will accept but, during the negotiations, you just keep asking for a little bit more and build up what you want slowly. Try to find possible problems with their business, Web site, product, etc. Point out the problems or mistakes to them and offer to fix them in exchange for accepting your JV offer. They may also feel embarrassed and let down their defenses. Make a list of everything you can afford to offer the business. Make a list of things that you could get from them. Know what benefits you want to gain from the deal. Be sure they're your target audience. Make sure they possess the tools, skills and other resources you need in order to reach your desired outcome and to make the deal possible. Make sure the person you’re sending the JV offer to has the authority to approve it. You don't want someone else to delete it or forget about passing it on to the proper decision maker. Make sure they're not in direct competition with you. Sometimes, though, you can organize a joint venture with your competition if your goal is to knock off a bigger competitor together. Determine the major problems or obstacles facing your potential joint venture deal. Have your solutions ready.

Depending upon how complicated your joint venture deal could be, hire professional financial and legal advisers. Have a set time frame or deadline when you want the joint venture deal completed by. Set up a way to test the results of the joint venture deal like affiliate software, ad tracking, etc. #4: Seduce and entice: Write your JV proposal as a personalized message. You don't want to e-mail a message that sounds like it's going out to a hundred different people. It will lessen the overall value of your offer. Use their business or personal name. Introduce yourself and your company. Give any helpful background information. Tell them what you both have in common, it will lower their defenses. Use vivid descriptions of what they will get in return. Make it appeal to their senses and imagination. Also, use any metaphors, stories, and analogies that would be persuasive. It should look and sound professional. You don't want to have spelling or grammar mistakes. Always proofread it several times. Keep it organized and logical. Make the JV deal sound simple. Highlight any important or persuasive words and phrases. Write it like you talk. Make sure a child could understand it. Use short words, sentences and paragraphs. Use positive words. Explain to him/her what type of joint venture you have in mind. The proposal should be clear and easy to read. It should be free of jargon they wouldn't understand. Be human and show your emotions within your offer. If you're excited and enthused about the JV offer they will be too. Only use humor if you know them personally and have a good relationship with them. If possible send your proposal to the one who will make the final decision. Use their name in the subject line or headlines. Give them compliments about their business. Flattery does work. Include information that leads them to believe you are familiar with their business. For example, “I've been a long time subscriber to your e-zine.”

Give your JV prospects plenty choices and options. It'll make them feel like it's their idea to accept your offer, but will make the decisions which you actually want. Let your prospect feel like they are getting more from the joint venture deal than you are. Confess any personal or business problems you are having. It will make them feel sorry for you. Tell them all the benefits and advantages of the deal. Make it sound like they are getting more than you will. Tell them about any negatives they will experience by not accepting this deal or opportunity. Put your benefits in bulleted format just like you would in an ad copy and use proof or factual information to back them up. The proposal can contain visual aids if they help support, clarify or persuade them to accept the deal. Include words like: win/win, benefit, profit, gain, fair, equal, etc, in your joint venture offer. Offer them extra incentives to accept the deal. For example, free things to give away, cash, discounts, free advertising, percentage of sales, etc. Give them a limited time offer back-up with a good reason why. For example, there are other prospects waiting, only have a few left, raising prices soon, etc. Make it believable and of course don't lie. Give them enough time, but not too much time. Include any testimonials or endorsements from other businesses you've had a JV with in the past. Tell them how those people benefited by having a JV with you. Remove any risk they might have. Offer them a guarantee like you would in an ad copy. It should contain all the information they need to make a formal decision but leave room for negotiation. For example, "Please let me know your decision or any questions and concerns you might have. We can discuss all the specific details later..." Be prepared to answer questions that your potential partner might have. Be ready to offer them extra incentives in case you need to further persuade them to accept your proposal. Follow-up if you don't hear from them in a few days. Maybe give them a free sample of what you’re offering. Be as flexible as possible but don't give in if it changes your desired outcome. Be prepared to compromise.

If they are stalling or hesitating making their decision and you have someone else who’s interested, tell them. They may make a quicker decision because they might lose the JV offer to someone else or maybe even their competition. If they want more than you're willing to offer you can tell them you have nothing left to offer. They might accept it and you'll lose nothing. If they don't you can always say, “I forgot I could offer you...” If they want more than you're willing to give them, give it to them but subtract something from the original offer you sent them. If they ask you questions after you presented them with the JV offer, make sure you understand them. If not, ask them a question to clarify their question. You want to give the right answer but not too much information which could be used to negotiate against you later on. If they want you to give them something in advance, don't do it until they made a decision to accept your offer and you have it in writing. Or unless they give you something in advance too. If they turn down your JV offer, ask why and use the information to prepare a new counter offer. You could also have an alternative offer prepared in advance anyway. Upsell: If they agree right away with enthusiasm and excitement you have a good chance of being able to ask them for more benefits with the offer. If you have nothing else to offer them or nothing else they want and you really want to make the JV happen, you can always offer them a future reward or benefit that you can't offer right now. If you notice your JV prospects using these strategies on you, use some right back or tell them you know what they're trying to do. They may get embarrassed and give in to your offer. Also, do the same thing if things are reversed and you find yourself to be someone else’s JV prospect. You could ask another e-zine publisher to trade solo, sponsor or classified ads. If the e-zine has a larger circulation you could offer to run more ads or throw in a bonus item. Examples of Joe’s Sales Letters to Create JV’s Here are some letters I’ve used to create joint-ventures. Feel free to model these to create your own hypnotic sales letters.

This first one is one I used to find people who wanted to make money selling my e-books (including this one you are currently reading). I sent it to my own email list. You can probably see how you can send it, or something like it, to your own mailing list. Here it is: Dear Friend, You can make easy money by telling your friends, clients and anyone else about my "Hypnotic" line of e-books, including my just released new one, "Hypnotic Marketing." All you have to do is become an affiliate here: Once you do, you can sell my books, as well as anything else Aesop Marketing sells - including titles by Bob Bly, Jay Conrad Levinson, and Joe Sugarman. Here are some of the e-products you can make good money selling: Hypnotic Writing Advanced Hypnotic Writing The Hypnotic Writer's Swipe file Hypnotic Marketing Hypnotic Selling Tools How to Write Hypnotic Articles How to Write Hypnotic Endorsements Impulse Marketing Subconscious Internet Marketing Killer Copy Tactics Guerrilla Marketing During Tough Times Guerrilla Marketing for the New Millennium Create Advertising That Sells Negotiate Your Way to Riches Trash Proof News Releases 37 Sexy Make Over Secrets Branding You and Breaking the Bank Computer Buying Secrets Revealed Branding the Net Free Money for Entrepreneurs on the Internet Psychological Triggers Power Positioning Ezine Adrenaline Magic Words That Bring You Riches Marketing On Steroids 24 Techniques for Closing the Sale the Weight Loss Hypnotizer In fact, this affiliate program has been rated as the #1 top-earning affiliate program in the world by various independent affiliate program rating services...(Allan Gardyne, Phil Wiley, etc...) Again, to get started, simply click here:

Yours, Joe ********************* Joe Vitale, President Hypnotic Marketing, Inc. "Aude aliquid dignum" Now this next letter was used to sell a new ebook. The interesting this with this letter is that I didn’t write it. Please take note of this: Jim Edwards and David Garfinkel wrote an ebook of their own and wanted me to help sell it. What they did was send me this letter and said I could send it out to my list if I liked it. So I didn’t have a letter to write. They handed me one. Furthermore, they put my affiliate link right in the letter. All I had to do was send the letter out! It was real clear that every time there was a sale, I’d make a profit. They made it easy for me to be in a joint-venture with them. I can’t stress enough how important it is to do something like this with anyone you want to JV with. In short, don’t make your JV partners work. The easier you can make it for them to do business with you, the easier you’ll create win-win arrangements where everyone profits. Now here’s the letter they sent me, which I sent out: Hi Friend, Joe Vitale here with some incredible news! You know, a lot of people have tried to make money on the Internet, and a lot of people have failed. A few have succeeded. Some are doing pretty well, and I'd like to tell you about one of them. His name is Jim Edwards. Just last month, for example, Jim sold 514 ebooks on 6 different subjects. In the last 9 months, he's sold 4,655 ebooks. With ebooks selling on the Web from $27 to $97 apiece, you can see how numbers like that really add up! Let me get right to the point. Jim believes there is unlimited opportunity right now to make big money selling ebooks, if you are someone who can "seize the moment." He has put together a brand-new resource: * eBook Secrets Exposed! * How to Make Massive Amounts of Money With Your Own eBook (Whether You Wrote It Or Not!)

See Jim put this new ebook together after surveying 814 of his customers. They told him they wanted to know more about * how to create more passive income * how to set up a totally automated ebook delivery system on the Web * how to make more money from each ebook sale * advanced techniques to create ebooks quickly * and more! Now just because Jim is doing well with ebooks, don't think he's defined how high you can go. Because there's one author on the Net who's making $35,000 a month with one ebook! Jim says he knows another author who will go over $1 million in sales this year. (ONE MILLION DOLLARS!) All from selling information over the Web! Frankly, I don't know how much money you could make with ebooks. What I do know is the opportunity is here, NOW, for those who wish to take advantage of it. See Here's how "eBook Secrets Exposed" came about: Jim sat down with David Garfinkel, one of the most famous copywriters in the world, and David slowly and methodically pulled every business secret out of him that there was to pull. Jim admits he felt totally drained (and a little empty!) after four hours and 20 minutes of nonstop grilling. Turns out David used to be a journalist before he hit the high (paying!) road of professional copywriting. After he and David edited and enhanced the six transcripts they ended up with, they had a veritable business manual for using ebooks to make money on the Internet! I have to tell you, it's incredible. In fact, here's what I said about Jim and David's new ebook... "Fantastic! If you've heard that ebooks don't sell, you heard it from someone who didn't read this amazing book! Thanks to Jim Edwards, I get huge checks for my ebook with him every two weeks! "How? Read this book and see! It's packed with tips, suggestions, ideas -- all easy and virtually cost-free -- to help you make money selling ebooks -- even if you didn't write them!" - Joe Vitale (author of way too many ebooks to list here) ... and I'm not the only one who thinks so!

They've shown it to a few fellow authors, and the response has been overwhelming. Jay Conrad Levinson, the world's best-selling marketing author (Guerrilla Marketing), said, "If there ever was a 'must' read for this century, it's this book." And Yanik Silver, Jim's co-author on "33 Days to Online Profits," sent these glowing words of praise: "Jim and David have really 'broken the code' on what it takes to make big money on the Web." Now, I figured since you've indicated an interest in the past in making more money on the Web, you'd want to know about this. I mean -- you ARE interested in making more money, right? :) So please do yourself a favor and check out the Web site now: * eBook Secrets Exposed! * How to Make Massive Amounts of Money With Your Own eBook (Whether You Wrote It Or Not!) Click By the way, this new resource contains a lot of information that's NEVER been revealed anywhere else before – especially all in one place! So take a look and decide for yourself if this is one business boom you want to cash in on! To your success, Joe Vitale P.S. Some people have asked how "eBook Secrets Exposed" is different from the earlier eBook "How to Write and Publish Your Own eBook in As Little As 7 Days," which Jim co-authored with me. The answer is that "eBook Secrets Exposed" contains detailed, step-by-step marketing methods and an array of inside secrets for making MONEY, along with concise summaries of the best ways to create best-selling ebooks quickly. On the other hand "How to Write and Publish Your Own eBook in As Little As 7 Days" focuses mainly on how to write an ebook fast, and gives a general overview of how to market and sell your ebook to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. So if you want the "advanced" information you can take to the bank immediately, get "eBook Secrets Exposed!" See

Here’s another example of a hypnotic sales letter used for a JV arrangement. In this case my friend Mark Levy was going into business for himself and wanted my help in getting the word out about him. He offered me a fair percentage for every lead I could bring to him. Because I personally know Mark and know he is a genius, I accepted. Here’s the letter I wrote for him: Dear Friend, How do you solve "impossible" problems? Let's run through a few scenarios and you tell me what you would do in each case.... * Problem #1: My publisher lets my book, "There's A Customer Born Every minute," go out of print. I buy up the inventory. I now have 2,000 copies in my garage. What can I do to move them -- and at a quick profit? * Problem #2: A management consultant offers corporations three programs: the first costs $100,000, the second $200,000, the third, two million dollars. How can the consultant increase his chances of being hired for the beefy two million dollar option? * Problem #3: A magician wants to get publicity in a major newspaper, yet he lives in a metropolitan area where magic is considered back page news, at best. What can the magician do to ace out larger stories, and get major media coverage for himself? When I first encountered the above problems, I must admit I was stumped. I had no idea how to solve them. But I know a secret to success not everyone knows: I know who to go to for help. Each of the above problems was solved by one man a genius who has shunned the spotlight far too long, and whose work has been raved about by such heavyweight achievers as Tom Peters, Ray Bradbury, Al Ries, and Jay Conrad Levinson. (And if that list doesn't impress you, you might as well delete this letter right now.) I'll tell you the identity of this genius in a moment. First, let's look at the above problems again -- this time with solutions provided by this "Da Vinci of Problem Solving": Problem #1: How would you sell my 2,000 books? My "secret weapon" said: "Shred the books, put the scraps in a tub, sit in the tub, have someonephotograph you, and issue that photo as part of a news release with the headline: 'Author Takes a Bath in His Own Books!' Use the body of the release to explain how you've gone from a struggling paper-book author, to a hugely successful e-book author; that way, you use a weakness (your garaged books) to help you support a strength (your briskly-selling e-books).

I also suggest you keep a few copies of your paperbook around, and sell them as rare and highly collectible." (I love it!) Problem #2: How would you advise the management consultant to increase sales of his two million dollar package? My mystery man said this: "In your advertising materials, reverse the order of your three programs. Put the two million dollar option first. Why? Since corporations think so highly of you, they may want to spend the two million, so why suggest otherwise? But even more importantly: If you lead with the two million dollar option, suddenly you're 'The Two Million Dollar Consultant.' Everything you do is seen through that lens, and, therefore, appears more valuable." Problem #3: How would you help the magician get publicity? My wizard-of-the-mind said: "I invented a stunt so unusual, that one of New York's major newspapers couldn't help but do a feature article on the magician who performed it. Here's what happened: The magician, Steve Cohen, arranged a meeting with a reporter, by sending him the following email: 'Tomorrow, let's meet for lunch. And on your way to meet me, keep a mental tally of every red car you see. You read that right. Take any route, and use any type of transportation you wish. But when we meet, I want you to have that red-car number in your mind.' The next day, Steve met the reporter, scribbled down a number on back of his business card, handed it to the reporter, and asked for the number of red cars seen. "61," the reporter said. Steve asked him to turn over the business card; there, unbelievably, was the number, 61. When the reporter wrote about this stunt in his paper, Steve's show was sold out for two months straight." I could go on and on about this incredible, reclusive genius. For instance, he worked as a director for an international wholesaler and helped them sell one BILLION dollars worth of books. (One BILLION!) And when one of his own books came out -- "Accidental Genius: Revolutionize Your Thinking Through Private Writing" -- and he wanted to generate publicity without spending a lot of money, he arranged to sit in the window of America's largest bookstore, where he demonstrated his problem-solving technique for four consecutive hours, by typing into a laptop, and projecting the words onto a screen visible to the Manhattan street. For that event, he issued a news release with the headline, "Man Attempts to Stop Midtown Traffic With His Mind." The store eventually sold over 700 copies of his book, and that appearance got him on CNN-FN, as well as other places. So -- what do *you* need solved? Maybe you need to raise money. Maybe you need a marketing strategy. Maybe you need contacts, leads, ideas, or breaks to introduce a new product, increase sales, or in some way make profits in new ways. I have no idea what the road-block is in your case...but I know someone who can help

you get through it -- guaranteed. The man I've been talking about is Mark Levy. Few know about Mark -- yet. Because I've known him for years now, I have the first chance to tell you about him and his skills. And that's why I'm writing to you today. Look, Mark is a genius. He has a warp-speed brain. He has lights on in his head where most of us don't even realize we have light switches. He has the uncanny ability to process information at lightning speed, shift perceptions as if his vision was a helicopter, and see solutions where most people simply see walls -- and brick walls, at that. He's a Super Man of the Mind. He's a walking, talking, money-making brain on steroids. Computers want to grow up and be like him. And I'm probably *under* describing his abilities. For a limited time, Mark is available to solve your problems. Now I must tell you up front, his fees aren't cheap, but I wouldn't be writing to you if I didn't believe the value he provides is worth a hundred times the price he asks. He is a market-maker. If you want to make an appointment with Mark, send him a short email to In the email, tell him a bit about your situation, the problem you're facing, and what you hope to accomplish. If he believes he can help you, he'll set a time to speak with you (if he doesn't feel can help, he'll tell you that, too). During that initial phone call, you and he will decide if you need to work together. That initial call is free -- no catches. Remember, a major key to success is knowing what you do well, and knowing when others can help you. What are you trying to achieve? What is a snag in your success? What is the "impossible problem" in *your* life? Let Mark Levy know. Write him at All the best, Joe Vitale PS -- Like me, you may have an entire library of great books to search for your answers. But you may not want to spend the countless hours flipping through pages, trying to find

the right method for you, or trying to adapt a method to your needs. Life can be much easier. Let Mark Levy *create* a tailor-made solution for you. Then you can issue your own book about how it transformed your life -- and bank balance! Again, write him and experience his magic, firsthand. He's at Tell him I sent you. Next, I’ll have you take a short quiz. These quizzes are for your use only. You do not need to send them to me or to anyone else. They are to help you reinforce and integrate the principles you are learning here. QUIZ: 1. What are the 3 characteristics of a super affiliate? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 2. What is the 3 step process for ‘testing the waters’? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 3. How tools do you use include in a toolbox? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 4. How should your JV proposal be structured? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 5. What are the 3 types of JV offers one could send? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

HOMEWORK: Your homework for this lesson is to put together a Toolbox and a JV proposal for the Hypnotic Marketing Bootcamp. Even though there are many elements involved in the toolbox, you can try to create as many as you can. It is not necessary however, to include all elements. Just fo what you can. Remember to make the JV proposal as personalized and benefit laden as possible. Review the lesson, and look through the model letters and get working. : - ) Your homework should be submitted in a Word Doc format. Send your homework to and be sure to put in the subject line “BOOTCAMP HOMEWORK” so I can clearly see it from all my other emails. Go for it! Jo Han Mok in partnership with Dr. Joe Vitale ☺ Director, Hypnotic Marketing Institute See NEW! - "The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History"

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