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Published on March 19, 2014

Author: Zoomtan



Tanning Provides Vitamin D
Our bodies need vitamin D and one of the best ways to get this is through sunlight. Our skin produces the vitamin naturally but only when exposed to UV rays.
Unfortunately, many people live in areas that do not receive a lot of sun throughout the year. Where else can people get this vitamin then? Tanning in moderation can be an excellent source of UV rays that help us release vitamin D.

Tanning  Provides  Vitamin  D     Our  bodies  need  vitamin  D  and  one  of  the  best  ways  to  get  this  is  through       sunlight.  Our  skin  produces  the  vitamin  naturally  but  only  when  exposed  to  UV  rays.       Unfortunately,  many  people  live  in  areas  that  do  not  receive  a  lot  of  sun  throughout       the  year.  Where  else  can  people  get  this  vitamin  then?  Tanning  in  moderation  can  be       an  excellent  source  of  UV  rays  that  help  us  release  vitamin  D.       Before  the  tanning  trend  started  in  the  United  States,  Europeans  visited  had       their  own  form  of  tanning  salon  know  as  a  “solaria.”  This  indoor  tanning  facility  was       made  for  therapeutic  benefits  rather  than  aesthetic  benefits.       We  are  told  UV  rays  hurt  our  bodies,  so  why  should  we  go  be  exposed  to       them?  Balance  is  the  answer.  Our  bodies  need  around  4,000  units  of  vitamin  D       daily.  That  is  the  equivalent  of  the  vitamin  D  in  40  glasses  of  milk  or  ten  vitamin       supplement  tablets.  Only  four  minutes  of  exposure  to  UV  rays  can  provide  the  body    

  with  that  amount  of  vitamin  D.       The  winter  months  prove  to  be  the  most  difficult  for  humans  to  get  vitamin       D,  which  is  where  indoor  tanning  becomes  useful.  It  is  essential  that  the  tanning  bed       include  UVB  rays  in  addition  to  UVA  rays  though.       Vitamin  D  is  directly  related  to  bone  mineral  density  because  the  vitamin       is  critical  for  absorbing  calcium.  By  doing  this,  vitamin  D  also  helps  to  prevent       osteoporosis  onset.  The  BioMed  Central  journal  researched  the  impact  of  vitamin       D  on  bone  mineral  density  in  women  taking  bisphosphonates  for  osteoporosis.       The  study  found  that  vitamin  D  made  the  drug  work  more  effectively,  even  after       treatment  ceased.     In  addition  to  producing  vitamin  D,  tanning  helps  regulate  the  hormones       serotonin  and  melatonin.  Both  of  these  hormones  aid  in  healthy  sleep  cycles  and       therefore  help  reduce  stress  level.       The  effect  on  skin  from  too  much  tanning  is  still  negative  however.  It  is  only       suggested  that  you  balance  your  tanning  in  order  to  receive  the  positive  health       benefits.  

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