Jodo Mission of Hawaii Bulletin - March 2014

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Information about Jodo Mission of Hawaii Bulletin - March 2014
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Published on March 3, 2014

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The monthly newsletter of the Jodo Mission of Hawaii.

Information of O-Toba for 2014 Dear Members and Friends of Jodo Mission: Thank you very much for your support to Jodo Mission. We hope you are enjoying a very safe and peaceful New Year. Time passes so quickly! It is time to order your O-Toba. We will soon send you an O-Toba order form to order your O-Toba for O-Bon 2014. Because of the Temple’s busy summer schedule, the deadline to order your O-Toba is Tuesday, April 1st. Our O-Bon services will be held on July 25-27 (Fri-Sun). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. In Gassho, Jodo Mission of Hawaii HBC Buddha Day(Hanamatsuri) Celebration Sunday, April 6, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. at Jodo Mission of Hawaii Please reserve April 6, 2014. The Hawaii Buddhist Council is planning a Buddha Day or Hanamatsuri Celebration for the day Shakyamuni Buddha was born. Guest Speaker is Dr. George Tanabe. The Hawaii Buddhist Council is compr ised of the following Buddhist denominations: Nichiren Mission, Soto Mission of Hawaii, Higashi Hongwanji Mission, Jodo Mission of Hawaii, Koyasan Shingon Mission and Tendai Mission. Address Service Requested Jodo Mission of Hawaii 1429 Makiki St. Honolulu HI 96814 (#1208-0314) Jodo Mission of Hawaii Bulletin - MARCH 2014

VISION FOR THE FUTURE (5) By Rev. Yubun Narashiba Japanese Buddhism in Hawaii has a very unique cultural background. In Japan, Buddhist customs differ from village to village, town to town, prefecture to prefecture. This is because Buddhism has been localized to fit to the custom in each area. Since Japanese immigrants came to Hawaii from the various regions of Japan, ceremonial customs are different according to the area where the family came from. However, as time passes, those customs are becoming unclear and more confusing for the younger generations. Because of this confusion, younger generations seem to be going away from Buddhism by saying that Buddhism is hard to understand. Therefore, in this article, I would like to explain the standard procedure of doing a service. As the first, let me show you the two common procedures of having funerals among the members of Jodo Mission of Hawaii. 1. When Someone Passed Away Death ↓ Medical examination ↓ Call for a minister ↓ Makuragyo (Bedside service) ↓ Call for a mortuary ↓ Body pick-up ↓ Meeting with the funeral director at the mortuary ↓ Viewing service ↓ Cremation ↓ FUNERAL with the first 7th day service ↓ 49th day service Burial service ↓ Hatsubon (1st O-Bon) service ↓ 1 year memorial service 2. When Someone Is Very Close To Death Call for a minister ↓ Rinju Gyogi (Last rites) ↓ Death ↓ Medical examination ↓ Call for a mortuary ↓ Body pick-up ↓ Meeting with the funeral director at the mortuary ↓ Viewing service ↓ Cremation ↓ FUNERAL with the first 7th day service ↓ 49th day service Burial service ↓ Hatsubon (1st O-Bon) service↓ ↓ 1 year memorial service Note: Above two service procedures are purely for informational purpose. We shall honor your family customs and decisions to arrange a funeral service. **Editor’s note: This article is a reprint from our August 2011 issue. Because this article contains information you will need to know some day, we will be reprinting it from time to time as space permits. Page 2

Spring Higan Chutoba Form (彼岸会中塔婆申し込み用紙) Your Name(お名前) : Phone(電話): ______________ Name of Deceased (亡くなった方のお名前): Higan Service March 23 at 10 a.m. 1. ____ I plan to attend service ____ 2. I do not plan to attend 3. 4. One Chutoba is $7 X Total of Chutoba (中塔婆1本7ドル) (本数) = Total $ (合計) Please make checks payable to “Jodo Mission of Hawaii”. DEADLINE: Sunday, March 9, 2014 FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Order accepted by Date accepted Received by Date paid / / / (In person/ Mail / By phone) / (Cash/ Check # ) Write Spring Higan-e Service The word “Higan” literally means “the other shore” in Japanese. One shore represents this world which we are in, and the other shore “Higan” represents Amida Buddha’s Pure Land. The river represents the bad mind we all possess. The concept is that we practice the teaching to reach the other shore across the river. We have two Higan seasons in a year. One in the spring, the other in autumn, as Higan is held during the week of the spring and autumn equinox. Shan Tao, one of the high ranking priests of Jodo Buddhism in China said that the sun sets due west during the equinox thus it is a good opportunity to think about Buddha’s Pure Land which exists far away in the west, as well as appreciate our ancestors who are also there. Please join us in crossing the river to the other shore as we think about Buddha’s Pure Land and respect for our ancestors. Our Higan Service will be held: Sunday, March 23 at 10 am On that day, Chutoba prayers will be conducted during the service. If you request a Chutoba, please fill out the form on this page, and send it to or drop it off at the Jodo Mission office. One Chutoba is SEVEN dollars. Please make your check payable to “Jodo Page 3 Mission of Hawaii.”

Announcements Membership Dues (Gojikai) REMINDER: If you have not paid your membership dues ($60) this year, please be sure to do so by making your check payable to Jodo Mission of Hawaii (mail to 1429 Makiki Street, Honolulu, HI 96813). Thank you. ARIGATO: Jodo Mission wishes to thank Kotake Shokai for the case of Tokuhon-A. Many temple members who came to the New Year’s Day Service received a box. Thank you for your thoughtful gift! Mind, Body & Soul Do you know a person who can speak on the subject of mind, body and soul? We all have stresses in our lives be it from work, family, health or all at the same time. If you know of an interesting speaker, please contact Rev. Narashiba at 949-3995. Thank you. HAWAII STATE JODO SHU FUJINKAI SCHOLARSHIP Namiye Nakamura Scholarship The Hawaii State Jodo Shu Fujinkai offers a $750 Namiye Nakamura Scholarship to a Hawaii high school graduate or a member of the temple who wishes to further his/her education toward a degree or advanced degree in an accredited college or university. The applicant for the scholarship must meet the following criteria: 1. Priority will be given to a student graduating from a high school in Hawaii. 2. If there are no graduating students applying, any applicant continuing their education may receive the scholarship. 3. Be accepted at an accredited university or institution of higher learning. 4. Possess good moral character and leadership potential 5. Be an active member of his/her respective Jodo Mission 6. Submit an application by April 15th. The family or legal guardian of the applicant must currently be a member of his/her respective Jodo Mission. Financial need will be considered. Determination of the scholarship recipient will be made by a Scholarship Committee. If there are any questions about the scholarship, please consult Rev. Yubun Narashiba at 949-3995. Page 4

Visitors from Japan—Koto Joysei Ministers [Young Ministers Association] Koto Josei Ministers from Tokyo, Japan: On February 9, 2014, 11 ministers from the Koto Josei Ministers Association and their families visited Jodo Mission and also conducted a Japanese Service led by Rev. Okochi after our Sunday English Service. Leis were given and they enjoyed their trip to Hawaii. Their trip was in commemoration to their first group who came to Hawaii for a visit 40 years ago. Taisho University Students: On February 16, 2014, 13 students from Taisho University of Tokyo, Japan, came to our Sunday English Service accompanied by Mr. Toshimichi Sakurai, Chief Coordinator of the International Affairs & Educational Exchange Program and Professor Hiroko Nishikage. The students studied English in Japan and are here taking a course in English at the University of Hawaii. Page 5

What is “Perpetual Memorial Service?” (Eitaikyo) This record of a perpetual memorial service and is called Eitaikyo in Japanese. When the date of death occurs for a person listed on this record, the ministers pray for that individual during the morning service. The prayers will continue each year for as long as Jodo Mission exists. Anyone can be included in it. You may put your own name on the list, too. This also helps when it is difficult to have memorial services. We also welcome you to attend the morning service at 8:30am. How to apply Stop by the office, and fill out the application form. Each name costs $200. After the application is accepted, the name will be listed on the record. Jodo Mission Office Hours: Monday to Saturday 8am—5pm Sunday & Holidays 8am—3pm Phone: 949-3995 Website: Obituaries The Jodo Mission of Hawaii extends its sincere condolences to the family members and loved ones of the following members who have recently left this world for the Pure Land. Keichi Ogi Kokichi Kawahara Tsuyoshi Okahara Mitsuru Suehisa Tsutomu Honda Sueyo Nakamura Harry Tomotoshi Oshiro 89 93 86 88 95 93 66 Wedding Services, Baby Blessings, House Blessings are available upon request. Wedding Services: If you are planning to get married or know someone who is planning a wedding or if you would like to renew your wedding vows, you are welcome to recommend our Temple. To pledge eternal love between husband and wife to Amida Buddha is very important. Baby Blessings: May Amida Buddha’s love surround our children with love. House Blessings: May your new house, apartment, home be blessed. Please call for an appointment. Inochi no Riyu (The Reason for Life) Rev. Yubun Narashiba Rev. Kanjun Nakano Head Minister Resident Minister Page 6 Rev. Dwight Nakamura Retired Minister Sada Masashi of Japan has written a beautiful song for Jodo Shu as part of the 800th memorial service for Honen Shonin. Please come to our Sunday Service to learn this beautiful song.

Perpetual Memorial Service (Eitaikyo) for March 1. Fusa Sato Toshikado Kimura The Sato & Suzuki Families The Matsushita Family 10. Chotaro Fujise Fujise & Kobayashi Family 2. Kazuo Ishizaki Fushi Shintaku Haruo Shigeoka The Isogai Family Masao Hayashida Harriet Nomiyama Setsuko Tsuda De St. Martin 3 Hideo Shoji The Shoji Family Yoshima Takabayashi (2) The Nanbara Family The Tanigawa, Hirano,& ’ Hisano Family The Namba Family 11. Seikichi Teramoto The Teramoto Family Mami Kumagaya Shizuko Kubota Yoshiko Oshiro Ono Iwamoto Kazue Kishida 4. Kuma Tabata Mume Yamamoto Kuni Ishikawa 12. Taikichi Yamane Clara Asami Tominaga Ruth Chieko Sakuda 5. Matsue Nakamura Yukio Hisamoto The Hayashi Family Toshisuke Terada Margaret Chieko Iwamoto Sadae Kanehira Shigeno Toyofuku 13. Benshiro Tanimura The Tanimura Family Kunisuke Higashimura Mume Yanagihara Seitaro Komiya Tetsumi Fujimoto (2) Rui Hara The Hara Family Fujino Imada Barney Rio 6. Bishop Enjo Ito Hideo Kubota Kaoru Kusunoki Chiyo Iwamoto Tsugio Aoki (2) Ruiko Kaita 14. Eijiro Hara Satoshi Shinagawa Yuku Nakamura Shuso Saiki George Aoki Hisayo Kawaoka 19. Umeki Matsumori The Matsumori Family Tsuru Fukuda Ototsuchi Yamanaka Yamanaka Family Ikuzo Kuniyuki 15. Hachizo Aoki The Aoki & Kimura Family Naoyuki Hara Hara Family Asajiro Asai Omoyo Nagano The Nagano Family Hajime Aoyama Harunori Ohara Suematsu Namba 8. Hatsuno Daitoku The Daitoku & Fujimoto Family Yoshi Imamoto The Iwamoto & Kawakami Family Gisaburo Kawamura The Kawamura Family Satoru Takitani 25. Chiyo Nishimura The Nishimura Family Kimie Umemoto (2) The Umemoto Family 17. Seiichi Yanagihara Tetsubei Ishimoto The Yanagihara Family The Ishimoto & Akimoto Tadako Kunimoto Family Kunimoto & Nago Family Nobuo Nakamoto Edwin Seimu Matsumori(2) The Nakamoto Family Mieko Nomiyama Kichizo & Kikue Miura Tsuchiyo Fujimoto Shizuno Uyehara Mizuko Tokuichi Ohara Sankichi Umemoto Suyekichi Watanabe 18. Moyo Iwamoto Matsuyo Hamada Inouye 26. Yukiko Takeda Eisaku Asaumi The Takeda Family 9. Sumie Chikamoto The Ota Family Seiichi Takaoka Masao Watanabe Gohichi Hifumi Sam Takaoka 27. Yukitsuchi Morikawa The Morikawa Family Kiyoe Kakehashi Asae Okamura 20. Ichiyuki Mizuno 29. Muta Chinen (2) The Mizuno & Ohta Family Satoshi Ukeda Asakichi Iwamoto Shizuno Ebisuzaki Iwamoto Family Zennoshin Yoshioka 30. Bishop Shinko Nakajima Setsu Yamamoto 21. Masuji Kajioka Betsy Yoshiko Kubota The Kajioka & Morita Kikuyo Lila Uyeharu Family Betty Sun Ogata Shima Nakagawa The Nakagawa Family 31. Kamenosuke Kinoshita Bishop Shinjun Shimizu The Kinoshita Family Gonsuke Nakahara Aki Fukuda The Fukuda Family 22. Asano Fujikami Nao Fujita The Fujikami Family The Fujita Family Suegusu Matsuo The Nakamura Family The Matsuo Family Ishi Onaga The Onaga & Nakamura Family Heijiro Furumoto Ito Nakamoto Rev. Shutetsu Uenoyama Chiyoko Umezu Yoshikata Hayashi 7. Kiku Yagi The Yagi Family Makoto Tanaka The Tanaka Family Hiroshi Higa The Higa Family Suematsu Namba Kikue Tanaka The Tanaka Family Kenichi Kinoshita Masao Hashimoto Hideo Sugihara The Sugihara Family Kamado Taira 16. Hanako Kanehira The Kanehira Family Shigeo Sakuda (2) Chizuko Yasumoto Masato Kawano Robert Katsuhiko Sumida Kikutsuchi Tarumoto Satoru Iguchi Giichi Hayashi Stephen Toshiichi Kotake Howard Masuji Tasaka Kiyo Ota 23. Miko Kawano The Kawano Family Kazu Nakai The Nakai Family Midori Uno Sadami Suehisa 24. Rikuo Masuoka The Masuoka Family Hanako Yanagihara Torae Miyao Shigeki Hirono

10:00am Obetsuji Service 8:30 am Fujinkai Meeting 31 24 17 10 3 Mon 26 19 12 5 YBA: No meeting 25 18 11 4 Tue 21 14 7 27 Fri 29 8:00 am Sewing Class 22 15 8:00 am Sewing Class 8 1 Sat Phone: 949-3995 Website: Jodo Mission of Hawaii Sunday School. Let’s enjoy studying Onembutsu by doing various activities. March 9: Sunday School is going on an excursion. Sunday School: We welcome children to join our Sewing Circle: March 8 and 22 8:00 to 11:00 am Anyone interested in sewing is welcome to participate. 28 20 13 6 Thu Fujinkai March 2: 8:30 am Ikoi Hall Wed March 2014 April 1: Deadline for O-Toba Orders HBC Buddha Day Celebration at Jodo Mission of Hawaii Deadline for Hawaii State Jodo Shu Fujinkai Scholarship Oahu Rengo Fujinkai Convention at Jodo Mission of Hawaii 10:00 am Sunday Service 10:00 am Spring O-Higan Service COMING EVENTS: April 6 @ 10 am: April 15 April 27 30 23 10:00am Sunday Service Deadline: Chutoba Orders SundaySchool Excursion 10:00 am Family Service 11:45 am Board Meeting 16 9 2 Sun 8:30am Morning Service Everyday

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