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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: Comm202



AGENDA  1. Resume feedback  2. Cover letters  3. Up Next  4. Key takeaways

1. RESUME FEEDBACK  Name size  Consistency  Length & font size  Education section: what is the achievement?  Grammar: ask for help!


2. COVER LETTERS eModule recap: What are the differences between a resume & cover letter?

2. COVER LETTERS WHY?  Lets employer know your intentions  Demonstrates written communication skills  Elaborates on your stories  Illustrates your personality and what could be!

2. COVER LETTERS 3 QUESTIONS ANSWERED Can I do the job? Do I want the job? Am I a good fit?

2. COVER LETTERS COVER LETTER RESUME is about YOU… is about THEM and WHY you make a good match!

2. COVER LETTERS 5 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS Closing Integration Skill-Matching Branding/Tailoring Opening

2. COVER LETTERS Why would you do research? What do you want to know?

2. COVER LETTERS RESEARCH… what do you want to know? • • • • • • • • • • What are the main products or services the company offers? Why is this interesting to you? How would you describe the organizational culture? What do you think the working environment will be like? What are the values and/or mission statement? How do these align with your values system? What are the names of the top local executives/recruiters? Who will you address your cover letter to? Do you know anyone within the organization? What is the nature of that relationship? Who are the primary competitors? What do they do better? What is the topic of a recent media article about this company? Does the company have a Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Glassdoor presence? Have you connected with them via social media? Overall, what in your research piqued your interest in this company? What are your most marketable skills for this position? What are your strongest most relevant stories from your skill matrix assignment?

2. COVER LETTERS #1 THE OPENING THE HOOK! Interest/Passion + Company Fit + Summarize Skills (+ optional name drop)

2. COVER LETTERS #1 THE OPENING HOOK EXAMPLES How fast can you change four tires? One hour? Ten minutes? A few years ago I witnessed a Formula One team do it in 2.7 seconds. They said a perfect run would be just about one second. In everything that I do I strive to reach that one second – that perfect test score, that perfect presentation, that perfect career. The CA Recruit has been both a forward-looking and a reflective process for me. Ever since representing the Canadian office at KPMG’s International Case Competition nearly 18 months ago, I feel as if I have been welcomed into the KPMG family.

2. COVER LETTERS #1 THE OPENING HOOK EXAMPLES I like to stand out. Nothing replenishes my inner tank of energy and joy more than helping others. Everyone gets further with the help of others by being pushed to succeed and to surpass limits. Deloitte embraces servicing companies on the professional level and has been successfully doing so with both an optimistic and altruistic mindset. Matching your desire at Deloitte to provide customers with strategic solutions and my intrinsic drive to serve others is the key reason to why I am excited to submit my application for the summer internship position as a Business Analyst in the field of Strategy and Operations.



2. COVER LETTERS #2 SKILL MATCHING Skills (matrix) + Experience (2-3) + Education (leverage Bcom) + Matching Qualifications

2. COVER LETTERS #2 SKILL MATCHING Each paragraph proves that you have the necessary skills to be successful on the job Don’t forget to always link back to the job posting! Context Action Result Link

2. COVER LETTERS #3 BRANDING & TAILORING  About leaving a good impression  Must be consistent throughout  Make sure it fits with both the company’s values, culture, and your expectations  Use industry jargon/company-specific language

2. COVER LETTERS #4 CLOSING Your chance for final impression! Restate your skills, but use different wording. Summarize strengths + Show your passion + Thank them + Call to action (follow-up)

2. COVER LETTERS #5 INTEGRATION  Visual matching: same formatting as resume  40% of your grade is matching… generic is not okay 400 of you in COMM 202, and even more applying for your dream job. Find a way to stand out.

2. COVER LETTERS #OTHER  Word choice – overly emotional words (“deeply honoured”, “it would be a blessing…”)… you are qualified!  Grammar & spelling – 2+ mistakes = -40%!

2. COVER LETTERS #OTHER Address any “elephant in the room” situations (e.g. relocation, bad grades, etc.)


4. UP NEXT 1. Cover Assignment: Draft (2 copies) due March 14th 2. Resume & Cover letter- March 21st @ 2pm 3. Office hours: SIGN UP NOW. 4. Tutorial next week, no lecture

MAIN TAKEAWAYS 1. Resume = you. Cover Letter = them. 2. Personally connect 3. Differentiate yourself

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