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Published on July 11, 2016

Author: AnthonyHinesMBCPMBCI


1. Getting The Upper Advantage No Matter The Odds By: Anthony Hines

2. Who Am I….I am a hardworking guy who, like many others, found himself out of work during the economic downturn in 2010. After a long battle of wrong turns, job search strategies that led to no where, and dead end leads, I decided to take a more strategic approach to my job search. Like anything else in life, I needed to treat my search like a full- time job and create a plan that would allow me to stand out above the competition. Why Am I Sharing What Helped Me…because I quickly realized that to handle an event like that is to focus on what you can control and share the experience to help others. I believe that an experience not shared is a lost opportunity in life, and that smart people learn from their mistakes and smarter people learn from other people’s experiences.

3. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING MORE. Get Your Resume Checked  Email your resume to and tell them I sent you. That way you will get a free comprehensive and detailed report of how your resume looks and flows. Go for it because without a great resume, you have no chance of getting any job much less a great job. The turnaround is quick and the service is stellar.  Read My Job Search Tip Document First . These are the Free documents that tell you everything that I did to get activity & visibility in my search. Email me at and I will send you them.

4.  The next group of slides will discuss things that make hiring managers annoyed. This is information from article written by Emily Co that is out on POPSUGAR as well as my own opinons.  I will tell you the tip or idea from the article or myself and let you know why I like it to help you in dealing with the process.  Remember, I am by no means a professional and never claim to be. I am just giving you things as I see them to help you to see through the ‘fog’ and get ahead in your career.  I hope my ideas help you out and help me to end unemployment one person at a time.

5.  When you don't understand the company or product.  There's nothing a hiring manager hates more than wasting time, and you will definitely be seen as a waste of time if you don't understand the company or the product. It'll show that you're not even doing the basic research you need for the interview. Why should they even consider you if you're not putting forward the effort? It'll seem like you don't have any passion for or interest in the company, which is one of the biggest pet peeves of any hiring manager.

6.  When you don't ask questions.  When you don't ask questions, it shows disinterest and lack of effort. One hiring manager told us, "It makes me feel like they're just looking for any job. Anyone can make up good answers to an interview question, but I want to see how they think and what they care about." Need some help with this step? Check out some great questions to ask during the interview or check my JSSK about interview questions.

7.  When you are too persistent.  Persistence is an admirable trait, but be careful not to go overboard. "A little persistence is good — I've often given a candidate a second look after a follow-up email," said one hiring manager. "But emailing multiple times a week, stopping by the company's headquarters, and reaching out to every employee you can find on LinkedIn can seem desperate and annoying, and none of those things will get you hired."

8.  When you don't follow directions. The job listing says to email and not call or maybe that a cover letter is required. Follow those instructions to a T, because if you can't follow simple directions, it's likely that your application will be ignored.

9.  When you get the company's name wrong in your application materials. You'll be surprised how often candidates mess this up in their applications. If you're sending your résumé to a lot of places, you may accidentally copy and paste the wrong company name. "Nothing gets a cover letter tossed in my trash faster than seeing another publication's name in the 'to' field," said a hiring manager.

10.  When you don't include links for easy reference. Hiring managers will appreciate the little details that make the process easier for them. One hiring manager advised, "If you mention your portfolio, a website, or your social media profiles, make it easy for me to view them! I want to read more about you and see what you can do, but I'm not going to spend time digging for it myself if you don't include."

11.  When you don't follow up after an interview.  This seems like an obvious step, but a lot of people don't follow up after an interview. At the very least, said one hiring manager, send a quick one-line thank you, although a thoughtful follow-up referencing something from your discussion is very much preferred.

12.  When you make up an answer. You may be startled by an unexpected question, but don't resort to making up an answer. First of all, your interviewer can probably tell, and secondly, she will not be impressed. Take some time to think before crafting your answer.

13.  When you're too casual. You may get along with the hiring manager, but remember that you should always still be professional even if the company culture seems casual. "Keep emails professional and always include greetings and sign-offs, not just one-liners sent from your phone, and present yourself as poised and confident but not overly familiar in your interview," advised one hiring manager.

14.  And now some of my ideas of what drives hiring managers crazy.  How about you dress right for the interview and that you get to the interview a bit early but not too early and that you don’t come running in making excuses about why you are late. Let’s start with those

15.  Constant Interrupting by the over anxious candidate.  Don’t be finishing the person’s sentences thinking that you are impressing them. Believe me you are not. The person is probably saying “if this person is interrupting me now, what will it be like later?”

16.  Vague Answers.  Make your answers as concise as possible with numbers and real examples and real data and don’t be afraid of silence. Silence is not as bad of an enemy as incessant talking.

17.  Annoyance if they are interrupted.  Just my opinion, remember the hiring manager is working. Don’t take it personal if they get a call or have to answer an email or a ping. Some people do that on purpose to see how you will react. Yes, they should not do it as a courtesy but that is not reality. Roll with the punches. It makes you look more flexible.

18.  Got great professional skills and experience that you can share with a company that needs help? You may want to consider Maven. This company has a list of many requests for information or experience that maybe you could answer and pick up some cash on the side while doing it. Plus, you can tell your friends about it and make some cash if they signup . Check out this link for more information. tOnwRzvx.dpuf

19.  I want to reiterate that I am not a professional and only providing you with things I did that helped me out during my own job search.  I do these presentations because the job search process has a lot to do with attitude and outlook. That’s on you. Excuses are for losers. Be a winner and take charge. You can do it because you have done it before I bet.  Make sure you individualize any all of the information provided on this or any of my presentations. My ideas are to guide you and help you to understand concepts.

20.  If you want to quickly increase your linkedin connection total, including many recruiters, go to .  This paid service will make your connection total explode. I caution that if you are not ready for a substantial amount of LinkedIn connection requests especially from recruiters, you may not want to sign up and believe me it doesn’t stop. They keep coming.  Now if you want that type of traffic and want many more contacts guaranteed, please use the above link for quick service.

21.  If you have found this presentation helpful and found some ways to gain an advantage in your job search, then my hours of work to help the unemployed one person at a time has been a success.  please email me at and tell me how its going. If you have read my docs and have seen my other Job Search Survival Kit presentations , I believe that you are on your way to your next group of opportunities. Embrace the challenge and do your best daily. Go for it and don’t look back. No excuses, no delays, no procrastination. Go for it.

22.  Come join the LinkedIn group that I recently created. It is called the Anthony Hines Job Search Survival Group. It’s a unique group because the people in it really support and help each other to get their next opportunity.  Just log into, go to groups and join the above named group. People really seem to find it useful and I check in often as well. Come join today.

23.  Go back to and check out my other “Job Search Survival Kit” presentations because over the recent past, I have added a bunch of new chapters that enhances what you have just read and will also help to get you an even better edge in your job search journey.  Check out my Job Search Survival Kit on as well. Just search for it and it will come right up.  Most importantly, make sure you email a copy of your resume to for your free resume critique because you have no chance of ever getting a great job without a great resume to get you noticed.

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