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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: agirishchandra



Career is journey where we people look for jobs on the way. Different people have different experiences, but each experience is an opportunity to learn and grow.

The Job Search Roller Coaster Managing the emotions, thoughts and frustrations during job search! GIRISH CHANDRA ANANTHANARAYANA 16TH FEB 2014

The Job Search Roller Coaster  Job Search involves making choices and facing situations that are emotionally charged  Wanberg, Zhou and Van Hooft (2010) liken Job search process to a ‘‘roller coaster, with ups and downs in perceived progress and experienced affect’’  Research also suggests that Job Search involves facing rejections, which involve emotions similar to those experienced during isolation, rejection and physical pain  Frequently experienced emotions in the job search process – Fear, Frustration, Anger, Anxiety

Stages of the Roller Coaster The bubbles of hope are extremely important in the Job Search process! Optimism Hope Again Hope Again Hope Again Hope Again Apprehension Anger Worry and Anxiety Hopelessness Hopelessness Self Doubt Frustration Burn Out Give Up The Roller Coaster Journey varies from person to person, and one may EXIT the roller at any stage - when one finds a job or otherwise!

The Bubble of HOPE  HOPE is a bubble that can burst with even slight negative experiences, but one needs to keep creating more bubbles!  HOPE prepares one to COPE with the stress involved in the process!  There is always HOPE around even when you are on the worst part of the roller coaster, and that’s the hope!   Ask for help and help is not far away! Keep HOPE alive! Do whatever is needed to keep these bubbles alive until one bubble turns into reality!

Create and Sustain the Momentum!  Momentum is everything in Job Search, and we need to create it!  We are MOMENTUM BEINGS ( – we are what we repeatedly do or say to ourselves! – We always have a choice!  When the momentum is negative, break the momentum with the Bubble of HOPE, and when the Momentum is positive – convert more HOPEs into Realities

Assess your Situation  When you are going through a Rollercoaster, ASSESS the following regularly  Your Emotional and Mental states – are they taking you down or elevating you?  Your job Search Strategies – how are you applying? How are your resume and cover letter? Are they working for you? What could be the contributing factors?  Talk to coaches or other resources who can help you  Have you considered Volunteering, Job Shadowing, and such modes?  Job Market – are you targeting the right job market? Right jobs? Right roles? Right Positions? Talk to someone who can  Your Support System – there may be people who can actually help you. Assess your network and if needed create new and expand it.

Managing Emotions  Emotions can be powerful, they can over power you! So … before your emotions manage you, manage your emotions  Different emotions are triggered during different times, so be aware of those:   Waiting for the call – anxiety, frustration, fear etc [You are not the only one applying, and you are not the only one going through it]  Rejection – dejected, upset, sad, angry, unsure [Move on and focus on the positives, rather than the negatives]   Applying for a job – uncertainty, apprehension [Talk to those who can help] Called for an Interview – anxiety, fear [Prepare well and be yourself] It is not just the negative emotions that affect you, manage the positive emotions too because those may leave you a little over-confident!

Managing Rejection  Rejection is painful for anyone – whether it is love or job search; research suggests that any feeling of rejection is as painful as a physical wound!  Upon receiving an email or hearing that you have not got the job you were dying for, take a moment and realize it may not be the end of the world!  Stop blaming yourself or the employer (if you are). Stop guessing reasons why you might have been rejected (unless you know or you are told).   Reflect on the experience. Learn from it. And, Move On! Engage in something you LOVE – distract yourself! Hug the consequence and yourself! See the BRIGHTER side!

Assess your Job Search Strategy!  You have applied to many jobs but have not been getting the response   How have you been applying? Are you applying the right way?   Look at your resume, cover-letter, personal branding etc what could be wrong? Are you doing your research? Do you really understand the market and employer needs? Are you addressing those in your application? Define or Redefine your Job Search Strategy  Meet people, conduct informational interviews  Ask to volunteer – seek volunteering opportunities  Seek professional help – have your application reviewed  Ask for Mock Interviews from those you think can help!

Seek the support structure  The rough waters of job search can throws us away, create your own bridge and manageable the job search with ease, some of the strategies could be:  Professionals – seek professional help, by networking or informational Interviews  Family – discuss openly with the family, they are a source of strength  Friends –friends often provide the greatest support during the job search  Sustained motivation – read positive books and thoughts regularly  Job Search Groups – network with similar others, but those who are positive  Volunteer – the most critical of all strategies  Network, Network, Network – develop meaningful networks that elevate you  Informational Interviews – extremely powerful tool to keep yourself updated and people provide insights that you may not have otherwise considered

Write your Job Search Story  This is something I do – I write my job search stories, and hope to publish it some day. These slides are also part of it.  Why Write?  When I write, I realize what went right and what went wrong with greater clarity!  When I write, I know the gap between my plans and actions – what I wanted to achieve and what I achieved  When I write, I can share it with others who could be in similar situations  Writing helps me keep myself positive and motivated  Writing also helps me sharpen some of my skills and provides me clarity

The Job of Job Search  Job Search is a serious job in itself – it provides the greatest learning about self  Research shows that people who are unorganized in job search have feelings that are negative and more frustrating than those who are organized   Set a clear routine and create specific goals for the day  Get out of your computer or laptop, and go out and meet people  Connect with at least one new person a day   Set out a plan everyday as to what you will achieve Learn at least one thing new – keep yourself updated and positive Your future job may involve all these things are more – demonstrate to yourself that you can do these?

What more? Want more?  Found this useful?   Found this not-so-useful?   [I am glad. Tell me about it] [Tell me how I can make it better] Want to hear more?  [I would love to hear from you!]  Have something to add?  Want to share some of your ideas? Please write to me on I wish you well. Keep Smiling!

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