Job Analysis and Job Descripsion

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Information about Job Analysis and Job Descripsion

Published on June 28, 2014

Author: mabdullah3292


Job analysis and Job description Muhammad Abdullah Institute of Southern Punjab, Multan

JOB ANALYSIS  is the first step in job evaluation and requires investigation each job skills and personal attributes required to perform the job satisfactorily.

USES OF JOB ANALYSIS  preparation of job description and job specification  serves as a basis for orienting and training employees regarding their specific duties  It is used in job evaluation  It clarifies lines of responsibility and authority  It provides a method of comparing rates of jobs ( wage and salary survey

STEPS OF JOB ANALYSIS  Identifying the job completely and accurately  Describing the task of the job  Indicating the requirements for its successful performance

JOB DESCRIPTION is a written summery of tasks, duties and responsibilities a set of statement based on standards of practice that comprises the employees contract with institution. It lists the expected behavior of an employee.

ELEMENTS OF JOB DESCRIPTION 1- job title 2- Date 3 – Requirements A- position requirement B- professional requirement 4- Position summary

PRINCIPLES OF WRITING UP EFFECTIVE JOB DESCRIPTION  Arrange duties and responsibilities in logical orders.  State duties and responsibilities clearly and concisely  Limit the use of the word ''may''  Be specific to show kind of work, complexity, skills required, and use action words as analyze, gather….

CHANGE AND UPDATING THE JOB DESCRIPTION.  Whenever significant changes are introduced into the requirements and responsibilities.  When many changes in the dynamic environment of health care agency.  Many organizations schedule a periodic audit of all jobs to updating job description

JOB SPECIFICATION  It is the personal qualifications, skills, physical and mental demands required for effective performance. Job specification is derived from job analysis and job description.

JOB EVALUATION defined as a systematic method of appraising the worth or value of each job in relation to all other jobs in the same organization. It built upon and job analysis and job description

PURPOSES OF JOB EVALUATION 1-To identify factors or conditions that place one job higher than another in a value hierarchy. 2-To determine the relative worth of each job as a basis for equitable pay differentials.

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