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Published on November 25, 2008

Author: whitesoxownyou


Joan of Arc : Joan of Arc By Jonah Feinerman Joan’s place of birth : Joan’s place of birth Slide 3: Joan of Arc was born on January 6, 1412 in Domremy, France. She was born into a relatively poor family. Slide 4: At the age of 12, Joan claimed that she was hearing voices. She said that they were those of 3 saints. The voices told her to drive the English out of France. Slide 5: The English and the French were fighting each other in the 100 Years’ War. The two sides were attempting to claim the French throne. Slide 6: Joan asked Count Robin de Baudricourt if she could go to the French court in Chinon. Robin de Baudricourt was a French commander in Vaucouleurs. Slide 7: The remains of the hall in Chinon. Joan met with Charles VII hear. The last remaining tower has been turning into a museum in Joan’s honor. Slide 8: At first, Baudricourt denied Joan access to the court at Chinon. He eventually allowed her to go once the French became desperate in the War. He also allowed her because she predicted the outcome of the Battle of Herrings. Slide 9: Once in Chinon, Joan convinced Charles VII and the court to allow her to the fighting. She wanted to wear the armor of a knight and travel with the French army, though she had never fought before. Slide 10: Joan arrived in Orleans, at the front of the war, on April 29, 1429 at the age of 17. Jean d’Orleans was the leader of Orleans at the time of her arrival. Slide 11: Jean d’Orleans, or John of Orleans, chose not to inform Joan of any meetings between war leaders or of any impending battles. Despite this, Joan arrived to every meeting and battle that she could. Joan of Arc was seen more of as a leader and someone who raised moral, rather than a warrior, but she did fight in every battle she was present for. Slide 12: As Joan continued her tour through France, English occupied cities began to surrender. The French took the throne soon, but the war was still going on. Slide 13: During a small fight at Compiegne on May 23, 1430, Joan was taken captive by the English at the age of 18. Joan told her troops to retreat. Because she was the one commanding the troops, she took the place of honor, meaning she had to be the last to retreat from the battlefield. She was then captured. Slide 14: Often during those times, the captors would ask for a ransom. But, Joan’s family couldn’t pay the asking price. While being held by the English, Joan tried many escapes. One of the escapes included jump 70 feet from this tower to the bottom of a dried-up moat. Slide 15: Joan of Arc was charged with heresy. The English Duke of Bedford had said that the throne of France was to be for his nephew Henry VI. Joan had helped the Dauphin, or the French king in waiting, so she was charged with heresy. Joan wasn’t given a fair trial by the English because the whole process was biased. The judge had been appointed by the English, and the jury didn’t have anyone who was French. Also, the English didn’t allow her legal council. Slide 16: Joan of Arc was found guilty of heresy and was sentenced to death. Joan was executed on May 30, 1431 at the age of 19. She was tied to a pillar and burned. Three crosses were held around her as she died. Her ashes were thrown into the Seine River in Paris. THE END : THE END Joan of Arc

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