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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: 7Summits

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Gamification 201: Winning with Gamification, a Guide to Success

The top companies in the world understand the potential of game mechanics to drive measurable business value and user behavior, but are still learning how to properly implement them.

- Why are so many companies looking to gamification and digital motivation systems?
- Please join a panel discussion featuring SolarWinds and - - Hitachi Data Systems to gain valuable insight into their successful implementation of gamification within their online communities. The panel will be hosted by 7Summits, Bunchball, and Jive Software.

In this presentation you will learn:
- Core elements needed to achieve the desired business and program objectives
- How to plan missions, rewards and recognition to guide user behavior
- Design principles to consider during implementation
Real world examples and results from Solar Winds and Hitachi Data System
- How to factor gamification into your activation and adoption plans

Gamification 201: Winning with Gamification, a Guide to Success Hosted by: 7Summits, Bunchball & Jive Software Panelists: Hitachi Data Systems, SolarWinds

Gamification 201: Agenda • Introductions • Gamification Best Practices within Jive • Hitachi Overview • SolarWinds Overview • Panelist Question/Answer Session


Speakers James Davidson, Partner & Vice President of Digital Strategy 7Summits @jdavidson Michael Torok, Director of Community, SolarWinds @micktorok Donna Garber, External Community Manager, Hitachi Data Systems @dgarberhds Nick Gable, Community Manager Hitachi Data Systems

Gamification Best Practices – 7Summits

Confidential & Proprietary 2009 70+ FOUNDED TEAM OUR MISSION CLIENTS SERVED 90+ Creating online communities that transform business and enhance people’s lives Strategy Experience Technology + + + PARTNERED WITH SOCIAL INDUSTRY LEADERS COMPREHENSIVE CAPABILITIES Milwaukee, WI Schaumburg, IL National Client Reach OFFICE LOCATIONSFOCUS ON SOCIAL BUSINESS AWARDS / RECOGNITIONS Jive 2012 MVP 7Summits Introduction 6

Source: Gartner Consider this… “More than 70% of the world’s largest 2,000 companies are expected to have deployed at least one gamified application by year-end 2014” Yet… “Gartner predicts that by 2014, 80% of current gamified applications will fail to meet business objectives” Gartner

Confidential & Proprietary Commons Criticisms of Gamification ■ It creates an artificial sense of achievement – Meaningless badges - “Who cares if I am the emperor?” ■ It’s not fun or engaging – “This is too hard” or “I am bored.” ■ Encourages unintended, and unwanted behaviors – “I know how to game this.” ■ Just a simple reward system that lacks impact (and value) for my business – “Will this badge REALLY get me to eat better? 1 2 3 4 A lack of alignment between your community strategy and gamification are often to blame for poor engagement or results

Confidential & Proprietary When do I plan for gamification? TWO TYPES OF COMMUNITY BUILDING 2. POST-LAUNCH1. PRE-LAUNCH Common Focus and Questions : • How do we align with business processes • Which Jive features should be enabled • How do we simplify the user experience • Which community metrics are important? • How do I drive adoption at launch? Common Questions: • How do I get user to engage within the community? • Is there an easy was to identify and incent my community advocates? • How do I keep user coming back? • How do I measure community vitality?

Gamification should be a key part of your community strategy and implementation. It should NOT be an after thought and needs to be planned, managed, measured and adjusted as your community matures.

Confidential & Proprietary Aligning gamification with your strategy WHY: Review Business Objectives and Goals WHO: Identify Participants & Value Statements HOW: Plan for your Bunchball implementation and measurement pre and post launch WHAT: Define & Prioritize Gamification Uses


Confidential & Proprietary Gamification Planning What We Want What They Want What the Tool Does Strategy Business & Community Objectives Members’ Needs & Motivations Missions Badges Concepting Planning (Content, Administrative) Implementation Evaluation & Refinement

Confidential & Proprietary Bunchball + Jive Best Practices ■ Benchmark community metrics prior to adding gamification ■ The greatest rewards should be the ones that provide the greatest business value – don’t incent the wrong things ■ Makes sure there is a combination of easy- and difficult-to-get rewards – and avoid “maxing out” too quickly ■ Consider “unexpected” badges – for the surprise and delight factor ■ Let the community know gamification is coming before “flipping the switch” ■ Create content that guides members through the gamification features – and be prepared to respond to feedback ■ Consider how existing Jive points and status levels should be applied to gamification – because they will become invisible ■ Review default gamification settings and test – all active missions will be visible when it’s turned on

Confidential & Proprietary Key Takeaways 1. Aligning Bunchball with your community strategy is the key to success 2. Ensure gamification statistics are mapped and included within your measurement plan and reporting to guide activation / adoption efforts 3. Continually monitor and modify your Bunchball configuration based audience behavior, number and types of activity and content in the community (don’t set it and forget it) 4. Frequency of action is also a factor you'll need to take into consideration - if an activity can happen frequently or repeatedly it's important not to reward too heavily, to avoid rapid accumulation of points 5. Set rate limits and/or daily challenge limits for all rewards - having a cap on earning is a must in having control on earning potential 6. Commenting is a unique use case that requires care in how you incent volume of commenting - focus on quality rather than quantity – reward helpful or insightful comments over just general feedback

Hitachi Implementation Overview

 HDS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd., helps our customers convert huge stores of data into information they can use to innovate.  For more than 100 years, Hitachi has believed that business innovation helps society. Hitachi Data Systems

 External facing, Peer to peer technical information sharing ‒ Support call deflection  Enable members to collaborate, network and learn from other professionals  Listen and learn from our customers  Access to experts and HDS thought leadership HDS Community Overview

 Share our propriety services content with our Services Specialization Partners in a secret space  Build relationships with customers, partners and prospects  Demonstrate innovation and thought leadership  Leverage and amplify our partners’ expertise to share important product information  Change the perception that HDS culture is secretive ‒ “Open the kimono!” Community Objectives

 Tailored missions and criteria based on community objectives - about 50% were changed from defaults  Revised points and rewards based on anticipated user activity and to incent behavior ‒ Ask / Answer a Question ‒ Marking content as correct or helpful  Customized Bunchball images based on revisited missions and to fit Hitachi branding (examples on the right) Bunchball Highlights

 Employee at Strategic Technology Partner awarded the HDS Most Valued Professional award  Handpicked community advocates were promoted as a “Featured user” on community welcome page  MVP’s would get special access to HDS resources Success: MVP Program “The HDS Community is from my view a success platform for best technical discussions, share ideas and make connections.” – Head of Storage & Backup Engineering, Major International Corporation

Lessons Learned Orientation Reputation Self-Help Global Accounts HDS-Related Special Awards Level 1 1-3 days 10-25 points Level 2 2-4 weeks 25-100 points Level 3 2-6 months 100-250 points Level 4 6+ months 250-1,000 points

 Plan key actions and missions around central business objectives early in development  Space-specific missions to engage a targeted audience  Attendee mission to drive real-world actions at live events Lessons Learned Activity Importance Point Value Liking a piece of content Low 10 Following a space Med 25 Posting an answer marked as correct High 50

Evolution:  Communications & awareness strategy around tougher missions  Monthly featured missions with real world prizes Challenges:  Slotting in time each week to consistently evolve the program  Working with MarCom on badge images Moving forward…

SolarWinds Implementation Overview

26 SolarWinds – No we are not a ‘green’ energy company » We’re an IT generalist software company  We have over 29 licensed products and another 30 free tools THWACK – WINS IN GAMIFICATION 26 150kcustomers 180countries 450of the F500

27 What is thwack? » An evolution of our original, non-Jive, support forum » A major component of SolarWinds’ Community strategy  Our blog platform  Our announcement platform  Our idea/feature request platform  Our main social platform, and a self-help support platform  The only support channel for the free tools we offer » A series of topical places for customers, resellers, employees and ‘visitors’ (read-only access) to connect, share, and learn THWACK – WINS IN GAMIFICATION 27

28 What’s the point? Why does SWI care? » It’s the hub - customers at the center  Customers Connecting with one another – provide creative synergy around content and uses and recognize us as thought leaders » Support, products, dev, marketing & sales teams are the spokes  Support sees call deflection value  Products and dev team gets ideas & product innovation  Marketing has two-way dialog with our install base and potential customers while also leveraging it for brand awareness and thought leadership  Sales uses the existence of thwack as a selling point but they also use our reviews to help with sales friction » We are at the center of customer marketing, charged with engaging and retaining customer membership and giving prospects a view into the customer experience. THWACK – WINS IN GAMIFICATION 28

29 Gamification – Some of Our Points and Missions » Dealt with a points migration (needed to avoid point inflation) » Mission Goals  Incent more customer champions  Educate our current and potential customers  Started with the out-of-the box missions to intro people to the new platform  Created our own set of incented actions  Most proud of: understanding our biggest customer draws and created a future-proof mission to highlight them. THWACK – WINS IN GAMIFICATION 29 • Create an account • Check out the content exchange (download an extension) • Vote on a feature request (feedback on the product) • Get support by browsing the forum (like a thread) • Bookmark our roadmap post (know what’s coming) • Read 2 blogs (learn)

30 Goal = Support Call Deflection Support - the original purpose of the SolarWinds forums » We still associate a large amount of our traffic with the product-specific forums » We incent good info and showing appreciation for good info  We give you points for liking/rating and marking posts helpful and correct.  We give you even more points when your content is marked correct. THWACK – WINS IN GAMIFICATION Action Value Get your content rated or liked 5 Mark an answer as Helpful 5 Mark an answer as Correct 10 Get your post marked Helpful 5 Get your post marked Correct 25

31 Behavior and Education Gamed » Our monthly missions are focused mainly on educating users or incenting behavior.  Mark 5 helpful and 5 correct, earn 500 pts. Extra: Like 25 replies that are helpful and earn 250 pts  It works. In most cases the halo is also powerful. » We added the ‘liking’ useful and correct answers instead along with the marking of correct/helpful answers. We drove users to like those threads they felt were answered.  180% increase in Helpful answers marked  240% increase in Correct answers marked  170% increase in Likes THWACK – WINS IN GAMIFICATION 31

32 Rating Gamed » In February, we drove “rating” with a monthly mission for extra points. Again, for only 500pts. THWACK – WINS IN GAMIFICATION 32 Jan February Mar Ratings 20 789 129

33 THWACK – WINS IN GAMIFICATION FSM Challenge » For a number of months we have had product-centric monthly missions. We have been using gamification to educate.  May was take the Firewall Security Manager Challenge – this was 10 question quiz with each question worth 400 pts. Questions were both prod specific and general firewall knowledge. (SurveyGizmo)  184 completed the challenge  29 joined thwack to complete the challenge.  4900 views of the challenge announcement and 69 comments 33

34 THWACK – WINS IN GAMIFICATION Customer to Customer Interaction 34

35 Engage and Retain » To engage and retain our membership, we can’t always be mired in the technical, nor can we always be looking for the sale or an overt business objective. » You need to be able to have fun. » You need the latitude to have fun. » Yes, that is my desk. My Gummi-bear-laden Pessimist mug and the point of this slide THWACK – WINS IN GAMIFICATION 35

36 Know thy customer. Know their fun THWACK – WINS IN GAMIFICATION We were born of 3 Network Admins who wanted simple tools to do their jobs… we’re geeks. Our customers tend to be… geeks. We embraced our inner Sci-Fi geek… Each level of the bracket was image- mapped and hot linked to a gamified poll, allowing you to vote for a winner and state your reason why they should win. We’re doing it again this year… very soon, stay tuned for the theme. We’ve changed it up.

37 Bracket numbers… » The bracket battle was a new space, so these are broken out by date for the individual rounds of the bracket. » Total views driven into the new space in < 1 month: 58,702 » Continued 4 month viewing halo yielding ~15,000 more views. THWACK – WINS IN GAMIFICATION 37 Round Date Bracket page views Poll views Total views during round Prequel 03/08 - 03/11 2537 1712 4249 Sector I 03/12 - 03/15 15062 19298 34360 Intermission 03/16 - 03/17 861 374 1235 Fleet 16 03/18 - 03/20 3768 3926 7694 Super 8 03/21 - 03/25 3303 2436 5739 Death Quad 03/26 - 03/27 1565 801 2366 Judgment Day 03/28 - 04/02 1936 1123 3059 Round Date Avg. votes/poll Total Votes Number of Polls in play Prequel 03/08 - 03/11 93 93 1 Sector I 03/12 - 03/15 248.266 3724 15 Intermission 03/16 - 03/17 N/A Fleet 16 03/18 - 03/20 138.875 1111 8 Super 8 03/21 - 03/25 146 584 4 Death Quad 03/26 - 03/27 86 172 2 Judgment Day 03/28 - 04/02 115 115 1

38 Crowd Sourcing – Front and Center » Ideas/Feature Requests are front and center and sub- spaces/forums are available for every product. THWACK – WINS IN GAMIFICATION 38 A year and ¾ after implementing ideation and gamification, we have 2423 ideas with 15532 votes. 121 of those ideas were implemented in products. 45 more were in the process of being implemented. That means customers drove 166 new ideas from the crowd into our products. The power to run a report and say, “You asked and we listened.” Ideas are 25 pts and then voting also gains you 5 pts (whether you vote up or down).

39 Spread the Word » Our Spread the Word forum eases sales friction  When we hit friction, sales can send prospects to thwack. » We know that people want to hear from others using the products. » We always encourage posts in Spread the Word with points » Adding gamification revitalized an important part of our strategy. We once again saw 5-6 posts a month in a forum that was not seeing activity. THWACK – WHAT IT IS AND HOW WE GAMED IT 39 Action Points Posting in Spread the Word 1,200 + custom badge for your profile After posting in Spread the Word, link us to 3rd party sites where you've mentioned us 300 per link Post a link in Spread the Word to where you've blogged about us or reviewed us 1,500

40 Points are More than Leaderboard Position – They are Currency THWACK – WHAT IT IS AND HOW WE GAMED IT

41 Gamification = Results » Millions in support cost savings » 150+ new ideas that customers drove » 6x more ‘customer champions’ – MVPs » 100+ testimonials for Solarwinds “saving our customers’ bacon” THWACK – WINS IN GAMIFICATION 41


Q&A Panelists James Davidson, Partner & Vice President of Digital Strategy 7Summits @jdavidson Michael Torok, Director of Community, SolarWinds @MickTorok Donna Garber, External Community Manager, Hitachi Data Systems @dgarberhds Nick Gable, Community Manager Hitachi Data Systems


Register today for our free webcast series on Gamification. Gamification 301 - 5 Ways Gamification is Essential to a Social Business featuring Kim Celestre. Gamification Webcast Series

Questions Thank you for joining us today! If you have any remaining questions, please feel free to email us or tweet us at: james.davidson@7summitsagency.com / @jdavidson michael.ledesma@jivesoftware.com / @jivesoftware

Web Facebook Twitter 7SummitsAgency.com facebook.com/7SummitsAgency @7SummitsAgency Thank you

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