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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: osf

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Presentation at the workshop Political watchdogs - Lessons Learned from Data driven Campaigns ( bit.ly/watchdog11 )

NAŠI POLITICI O.S. – new media watchdog Jiří Fiala – Naši politici o.s. Prague February 2014

The economist: Czech politics- State capture...



Our missions and objectives… „The aim of the civic association, Naši politici o. s., is to create an independent source of information to provide public with relevant undistorted information on public administration - state and local governments.“In this regard, we focus on: 1. 2. 3. persons who hold an elected mandate / function and / or have a major impact on the formation and execution of public administration in the Czech Republic. The basic objective is to be achieved through the establishment and operation of an internet portal www.nasipolitici.cz. analytical work on exploring the links between politicians, lobbyists and financial flows within public institutions - exploring potentially non-standard processes within public procurements and subsidies from the EU funds and other issues related to the transparency of the public administration. Usage of the informational potential of publicly available data to create an open data network aggregating those available data into a new information quality. Use of data and analytical outputs, in cooperation with partner watchdog organizations and investigative journalists for self-analytical, investigative and advocacy work. In this respect our association operates internet portals www.budovanistatu.cz and www.fondyeu.eu.


Virtual election 2010 – preferential voting

Presidential election 2013 – networking of NGO‘s

Google Add Words – PPC promotion granted

EU Structural Funds – 48 billion EUR for the Czech Republic (2007 – 2020)

Where is the mistake? 1. Risk Analysis 2006 - poorly implemented ... 2. The strong influence of politicians on administration of Operational Programs 3. Dysfunctional control from Leading Authorities/Audit Authorities 4. Methodological inconsistency of Operational Programs 5. Significant administrative burden vs. low effectiveness / usefulness 6. Missing authority that would interpret the correct procedure (The Office for the Protection of Competition x The European Court of Auditors x Ministry of Finance x Tax Offices) 7. Lack of transparency and open sources of information 8. 1 billion EUR reported to European Anti-Fraud Office probable corrections

From the CZ Police Interception: „I will tell Lucie that this subject will win the tender and others will be a facade. Give me the project, I will adjust the tender.“ (K.Pancová)  The Reconstruction of the Bustehrad castle should have cost 181 million CZK - about 20 million CZK should have been allocated for bribes. „The Council composed of regional politicians did not provide for single project financed by one of the priority axes of Regional Operational Programm - Central Bohemia a real control over the project. The fact that the Regional Council - Central Bohemia yet hasn’t done these checks causes a risk that the term of sustainability will elapse without the accomplishment.“ (The official statement, The National Audit Office, 2012)

Solution - reduce risk and increase efficiency 2014 - 2020  „The goal is not a perfection, but a change for the better “ (TI - M. Fantová 2007)  Effective control and repression  Legislation changes (The Reconstruction of the State Project)  Prevention • Simplifying the distribution structure • Greater methodological unity • Effective management of corruption risks • Transparency and open information - "open data"

By connecting various public information sources can be created a new information quality • A List of Operational Programm Beneficiaries – Ministry of Regional Development. • A Procurement Database Vsechnyzakazky.cz. • Visualization of the economic relations – data from the Czech Business Register Podnikani.cz. • Structured profiles of politicians and Lobbyists - Nasipolitici.cz. • Czech Statistical Office • Commercial database CreditCheck

„Hard data“ – essential basis for analytical work Information documents from different public sources serve as basic data for the analysis and investigation


Fondyeu.eu - a project summary The main objective of the Fondyeu.eu project is to increase the transparency of information on the beneficiaries and the projects that received financial support from the EU Structural Funds. The project allows easy searching and linking of detailed information relating to the individual recipients of grants from the EU, with the associated procurement, visualized economic and personal relationships and connections with persons involved in the political sphere. With the Internet application www.fondyeu.eu you can, for the first time, simply search for connections between the beneficiaries of subsidies, public procurements and politicians identified in connection with the grant recipient.

Fondyeu.eu – an information on grant recipient

Fondyeu.eu –10 largest subsidies for accommodation entities

Controversial Practice Examples - anonymous shares / offshore 1) President Securities a.s.– anonymous shares, controlled by ODS regional election manager, it is not clear who actually carries out the project. Director of Regional Operational Project Northwest P. Markvart – Chomutov mayor candidate (ODS) 2) Armaturka Krnov, a.s. – 6 grants from EU with the total allocated amount of 66 million CZK, business relations with State Owned Enterprises, Cyprus offshore owner – until July 2013 was involved minister František Koníček (Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs)

Fondyeu.eu – future development of the application

Fondyeu.eu - Publicly beneficial applications of the year 2013 1. Awarded as the best Public Servise Application of the year 2013 in the Czech Republic. 2. "The application compared to the official website of the Ministry for Regional Development (MMR) is not only more friendly, but also informationally richer. Linking MMR data from the Czech Statistical Office and Nasi politici project database is creating an elegant webs of grant recipients’ relationships with other entities and clearly shows the Who, Where and With Whom.“ Jiří Táborský (Czechposition.cz, 30.11.2013)

Politicians and public expenditures – investments into our future is necessary to watch ... „we will build a great things together“

Projects are supported…

Thank you Jiří Fiala fiala@nasipolitici.cz

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