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Published on February 26, 2014

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Why Jharkhand  Jharkhand has many things to entice tourists; its evergreen forests, wildlife, lakes, waterfalls, scenic beauty, health and holiday resorts and a soothing climate. The new state of Jharkhand carved out of Bihar is known for its ample greenery and rich mineral wealth.

About Jharkhand  Jharkhand has a wealth of mining industries and mineral deposits. The region accounts for 35.5% of India’s known coal reserves, 90% of its coke coal, bauxite, quartz and ceramic deposits and 40% of its copper. It is home to the large steel plants of Bokaro and Jamshedpur. Engineering Companies such as the HEC & MECON have established a considerable presence in Ranchi, the capital city.

Contd..  Area: 79,714 Sq. Km  Population: 21 million  Capital: Ranchi  Languages spoken: Santhali, Mundari, Kurukh, Khortha, Nagpuria, Sadri, Khariya, Panchparagnia, Ho, Malto, Karmali, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali

Climate Jharkhand  Jharkhand has a typically tropical climate with hot wet summers and mild winters. Temperatures can soar up to 42ºC in the capital city of Ranchi in summer although it is considered to be a relatively pleasant city. The monsoon season is July to September and the state receives an annual rainfall of 1326mm.

FOOD  Local food of Jharkhand includes vegetarian as well as nonvegetarian dishes. The tribes make their own local liquor called ‘hanria’, which is made of rice and can taste pungent for first timers!  Litti and Chokha are two special delicacies of Jharkhand. People include different kinds of pickle in each meal.

CULTURE  The tribal communities of Jharkhand date back 5000 years, according to some historians, proven by the cave paintings discovered in the region. For all those who are keen to see the art and craft traditions of Jharkhand, the Tribal Research Institute and Museum in Ranchi has many interesting displays.  Dance and music make up an integral part of their social interaction, which is true of most tribal societies all over the world. "Sarhul" is the most celebrated tribal festival of the region when they worship the Sal tree with much dance, music, drinking and camaraderie.

SARHUL  Sarhul is celebrated during spring season and the Shaal trees get new leaves. It is a worship of the village deity who is considered to be the protector of the tribes. People sing and dance a lot when the sprouting. The deities are worshipped with shaal flowers. These shaal flowers represents the brotherhood and friendship among villagers and Pahan the priest, distributes shaal flowers to every villager. Then the Prasad is distributed among villagers. The Prasad is a rice made wine called Handia It is in essence, a spring festival celebrated during FebruaryMarch, when the Sal trees in the forests around (so dear to the tribals) sprout fresh new green foliage and burst into flowers which are locally known as Shalony or Shalai. These flowers are in fact mascots of the festival. The respective village deities too are worshipped with these flowers. The flowers are also symbols of friendship and brotherhood, and hence distributed in each household by the tribal priests. The Prasad (consecrated and sanctified food) on this occasion is Hadia or Diang, a highly popular local brew who basic ingredient is stale rice. Traditional group dance, music and feasting with gay abandon are the highlights of the festival.

Best time and off season to visit Jharkhand Best time to visit Jharkhand is between October and February. At this time, the weather is pleasant and ideal for sightseeing. Jharkhand experiences tropical climate. The summer months from March to June are hot and wet with May being the hottest month of the year. Perhaps tourist doesn't prefer to visit Jharkhand at this time. The temperature during this month varies between 25°C to 37°C. Summer season is followed by monsoon season and the state experiences maximum rainfall from July to September. During the winter season, from October to February, the weather is pleasant with temperature varying between a minimum of 10°C and a maximum of 20°C.

Getting There • Ranchi is the only city of Jharkhand which is connected by a daily flight to Mumbai via Patna and Delhi. Ranchi is very well connected by railways to other parts of the country. Direct trains are there from Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Patna. • Jamshedpur (Tatanagar) is the other option it is connected by a daily trains from Mumbai.

BY TRAIN        MUMBAI TO JAMSHEDPUR (TATANAGAR JN) Gitanjali express -12859 Jnaneswari delux – 12101 Howrah Sup Exp – 12869 Howrah mail – 12809 Karambhoomi exp – 15611 Mumbai CST- Howrah Ac Duronto Exp – 12261 (fastest train-26 hrs)

BY AIR      Mumbai to Ranchi 3hrs 35min via Patna – indigo 3hrs 45 min via Patna – Goair 4hrs 45min via New delhi – Air india 5hrs 40min via Kolkatta – Jet airways


TRIP PLAN            Mumbai to Jamshedpur Jamshedpur to Ranchi Ranchi to Bokaro Bokaro to Dhanbad Dhanbad to Dumka Dumka to Deogarh Deogarh to Koderma Koderma to Hazaribagh Hazaribagh to Chatra Chatra to Palamu Palamu to Ranchi


JUBILEE PARK Ravana went to Mount Kailash and prayed to Lord Jubilee Park is Situated in the heart of city, Jubilee Park is a replica of the famous Brindavan Gardens of Bangalore. This park is spread in approximately 225 acres, dotted with flower beds and illuminated fountains to add to the beautiful decor maintained. Earlier every weekend the garden used to attract thousands of tourists when the fountains were illuminated. Recently this practice has been suspended. However, on the 3rd of March every year tourists come to watch the spectacular sight. This day marks the birth anniversary of the founder of Tata empire Jamshedji Tata. The park was presented by the Steel Company to the citizens of Jamshedpur in it's Golden






DIMNA LAKE DIMNA LAKE is Surrounded by flora the Dimna lake is 13 kms from Jamshedpur. This is situated at the foot of Dalma Hills. It is an ideal picnic.



DALMA WILD LIFE SANCTUARY it is a thick forests spread in some 195 sq. kms. makes the Dalma Wild Life Sactuary where one can find elephants, barking deers, sloth bears, porcupines, leopards, tigers etc. The steep slopes of Dalma offers excellent trekking opportunities

Contd..     Things worth watching in the Sanctuary are: 3" Tracking route: A tracking route from NH 33 to Dalma top. The other tracking paths also give one an adventurous time. Hide out and water holes: Many marvelous water holes like Chotka Bandh, Shanka Bandha, Bara Bandh etc. are there. The strong construction of Hide out and watch tower nearby the water sources gives you a good view of the wild animals playing in water. Rest Houses: There are several Forest Rest Houses that are situated at Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary. From Pindrabera Rest House one can watch the beautiful lights of the steel city Jamshedpur at night.

Contd..      FACT FILE Area: 193.22 sq km (core 35 sq km, buffer 158.22 sq km) Altitude: 154m-928m (max) Temperature: Summer 22oC – 38oC, Winter 5oC – 28oC Getting there: Drive 16km from Jamshedpur on NH-33 (Ranchi highway) via Pardih Kali Mandir and turn right at Shaharbeda. Shaharbeda is also accessible via KandraChandil from the Kadma-Adityapur Toll Road; though slightly longer, the road is much better. At Shaharbeda, enter through the Dalma Forest Arch, cross the canal and turn right for the Makulakocha forest check-post, 4 km from the main road. The Pindrabera

Contd..    Permits: For overnight stay at the 2-room Pindrabera FRH, acquire permits from Range Forest Office, Mango (Opp. Payal Talkies) Jamshedpur or Divisional Forest Office, Doranda, Ranchi Ph 0651-2480948 Fees: Entry – Adults Rs.2, Children Rs.1, Photography – Still Camera Rs.50, Video Camera Rs.200, Vehicles – Rs.20 for 2-wheeler, Rs.60 Tempo, Rs.80 Car/Jeep, Rs.120 Mini Bus, Rs.200 Bus/Truck, Guest house Rs.300/room Timings: 6am-5pm





HUDCO LAKE HUDCO LAKE is a nestle in the pictures que and hilly terrain of Telco Colony, the lake is a delightful retreat for those desirous of being in nature's- lap' within the city precincts.


GLIDING AND FLYING CLUBS  The Jamshedpur Gliding Club, the Jamshedpur Cooperative Flying Club Ltd. and the Tatanagar Aviation Pvt. Ltd. offer wide scope for 'extra terrestrial' sporting activities, such as gliding and flying. Jamshedpur has facilites for gliding and flying at the Sonari airport.

TATA STEEL ZOOLOGICAL PARK A variety of flora and fauna exists in condition close to their natural habitat at the zoological park. Situated besides the Jubilee Park, it is a treat for all the nature lovers. Any one can closely observe the flourishing nature here without a microscope. Migratory Birds visiting every year during winters is equally enchanting for all the bird lovers. The park also has a beautiful lake, a boathouse and "Machaan Restaurant".


Jamshedpur to Ranchi

RANCHI          Tagore hill Hundru falls Dasham falls Jonha falls Hirni falls Nakshatra Van Gonda hill & Rock garden Ranchi lake Panch Gagh falls

Tagore hill   About 3 km. from the main Road Ranchi, the Tagore Hill is about 300 ft high. As the hill is associated with a history pertaining to Tagore family, it is known as Tagore Hill. A number of books are supposed to have been written by Rabindra Nath Tagore on the top of the hill. At the foot of the hill are situated the Ramkrishna Mission Ashram and it's office and centre of Divyayan and Agrarian Vocational Institute. Trekking to Tagore hill

Tagore hill

Hundru falls  Ranchi is nature's bounty to mother India which has specially been adorned with falls and streams. Hundru falls is about 28 km. aways from Ranchi town. The Swarnarekha river falls from a height of 320 feet making a wonderful scene known as Hundru falls. During rainy season it takes a formidable form but in summer it turns into an exciting picnic spot .

Hundru falls

Dasham falls  About 40 km. away from Ranchi on Tata Road falls a village named Taimara near which flows the Kanchi river, Falling from a height of about 144 feet Kanchi river makes a pretty fall called Dassam falls known as Dassam Ghagh also encircled with charming scences. The tourists are warned not to take bath in the falls or at least be careful while bathing in the stream.

Dasham falls

Jonha falls  Jonha is about 40 km. away from Ranchi . The road leading to Jonha is a bit narrow but so adventures as well as and arduous as that of Hundru. There is also a hospice Tourists rest house which accommodates Lord Gautam Budha's temple. This falls is named after Gautam as Gautamdhara too, it is approachable by road. The tourists can go upto Gautamdhara station by train also.

Jonha falls

Hirni falls  About 70 km. From Ranchi on way to Chakradharpur is located Hirni Falls . Having situated amidst dense forest Hirni has been favoured by nature for scenic beauties. The tourists are carried away by emotions and flight of imagination while observing Hirni.

Hirni falls

Nakshatra Van Nakshatra Van is situated near Raj Bhawan. It is constructed in the year 2003 by State Government. It is a Designed Project in which 27 plants been planted according to the 27 planets of Astrology Science. Here the tourist attractions are Musical Fountain, Medicinal Plants & Natural Beauty of Plants.

Gonda hill & Rock garden  About 4 km from G.P.O., it Is situated the Gonda Hill with a water reservoir at its top. At the foot of the hill is a big lake known as Kanke Dam and a lucrative place for tourists.

Gonda hill & Rock Garden

Ranchi lake   Ranchi Lake is centrally situated. It is a few minutes walk from GPO and is adjacent to Ranchi Telephone Exchange. The lake taken for beautification is yet to be beautified conforming to the original concept envisaged by the Deputy Commissioner, Madan Mohan Jha. However, the lake has an added attraction of boating for the visitors. Boating on Ranchi Lake 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Panch Gagh falls  it is on Ranchi- Chakradharpur Road about 6 kms from Khunti. This fall consists of five streams which falls from a good height.


BOKARO    Garga Dam City Park Jawaharlal Nehru Biological Park

Garga Dam  Bokaro City is located in picturesque surroundings on the southern bank of river Damodar with Garga, one of its tributaries meandering along the southern and eastern outskirts of the city. On the north, the city is flanked by the high ranges of the Parasnath Hills and on the south just beyond the river Garga, it is enveloped by the Satanpur hillocks.

Garga Dam

City Park  City Park, Bokaro has a well-maintained City Park with an artificial lake. Recently three artificial islands have also been created.This park has a variety of animals and birds and a modern aquarium is another attraction located in sector.

JAWAHARLAL NEHRU BIOLOGICAL PARK  Jawaharlal Nehru Biological Park is a Biological Park named after Jawaharlal Nehru with a variety of animals and birds and a modern aquarium is another


Bokaro to Dhanbad

Dhanbad    Maithon Dam Topchanchi lake Panchet dam

Maithon Dam  This dam, designed for flood control, has been built on the Barakar river. It has a unique underground power station which is first of its kind in SE Asia. Just a little away from the dam lies an ancient temple at Kalyaneshwari. The lake at Maithon is spread over an area of 65 sq. km. There is a rest house on an island in the lake. Boating and fishing facilities are available. Close by, a Deer Park and a bird sanctuary are also situated. Prior permission is required for visiting the powerhouse. The permits are issued from the office of the Assistant Public Relations Officer and guide services are also made available.

Maithon Dam

Topchanchi lake  Topchanchi Lake (37 km) is situated on national highway # 2. It is an artificial lake surrounded by green hills and forests and a wonderful place for picnics and spending quiet holidays.

Panchet dam  This is a census town situated 9 Kms. South of Chirkunda and about 54 Kms. South east of Dhanbad. The Panchet Dam, around which the Township has developed, is located here.

Panchet dam

Dhanbad to Dumka


MASANJORE DAM  Masanjore dam or the Pearson dame on rever Mayurakshi is a picturesque place on foot hills of long range of forest clad parallel hill ranges. This place is basically a hydro electric power generating center but in the process of time it has become popular center for the tourist. With the beautiful garden on the down hill and two beautiful Dak-bunglows on the bank of the river at charm to its beauty.


TATLOIE KUND  Tatloie is a hot water Spring, situated at a distance of 15 km from the district headquarters of Dumka. It is rounded by small mounts, beautiful, attractive and greenish natural atmosphere. The water of spring is very clear and healthy.

KUMDABAD  Kumdabad is a very beautiful picnic spot . Just 13 Kms. from the Dumka town , you find a rare view of natural beauty with small hills ,beside that smooth flowing river Mayurakshi.

KATHIKUND  On Dumka-Pakur road , at a distance of around 25 kms. From the main town there is a block of kathikund. This place with very old establishment of sericulture and khadi production is surrounded by range hills and deep forests with a river passing between the valleys. This topographical background provides numerous sites small and big for picnic.

HILL RANGE      Running south from pakur to godda.The hill range of Dumka seen parallel & terminate. Mangalbhanga hill to the south east of Dumka is Ramgarh hills further west 2parallel ranges of hills also stretch in an easterly direction from Masanjor to Ranibhal. Beside hill ranges some hillocks are also in like (i) Lagwa hil at Nonihat under which lies the Tatloi hot water stream (ii) Hijla hill top. (iii) Sapchala hill top.

HOT SPRINGS     HOT SPRINGS: Tharia Pani- Near Gopi kandar on Dumka-Pakur Road. 40km from Dumka. Nunbil max.60km from Dumka-Dumka Jamtara road near Kundhit. Tapat Pani-Left bank of M. river.1.25miles of Kumrabad.Airodrum road near Dhadakiya. max.10km from Dumka. Susum Pani-Close to village baghmara on the opposite bank of Mayurakshi river

Dumka to Deogarh

Deogarh    Tapovan Trikuti hill Nandan hills

Tapovan  Situated on the eastern front of Deoghar about 9 kms from the city is a famous place of "Pahari Mandirs" where are a number of caves and it was a meditation place for the rishis and munis for a long time. Thus it came to be known as Tapovan.


Trikuti hill  It is situated 13 km away from Deoghar on the way to Dumka. There are three main peaks on the hill which is why it is called Trikutachal. The height of this hill is 2,470 feet (750 m). There is also a temple of Shiva at this place known as Trikutachal Mahadeva Temple. It is the mouth of river Mayurakshi. Here we also find an altar of the goddess of Trishuli. It is an attractive place with a cool stream flowing.

Trikuti hill

Nandan hills  It's a beautiful hill and lies on the western side of Deoghar-the whole town and its surroundings is visible from here. For the tourists there are various arrangements like train, Russian swing, Boating club, restaurants, etc, together with a big statue of 'Nandi' - all these attract numerous visitors to this place.

Nandan hills

Deogarh to Koderma

koderma     Tilaiya dam Urwan tourist complex Satagawan petro falls (petro falls) Makamaro hills

Urwan tourist complex  Few kilometres from the Tilaiya dam is Jharkhand State tourism Development's Tourist Complex at 'Urwan', where one can consider spending time by the side of the dam, where one can enjoy boating and other water sports. Interested tourists can follow the main road and drive to Hari Har Dham at Bagodar which is famous for the 52 feet high Shiv Ling which took 30 years to complete and is believed to be the tallest in the world.

Satagawan petro falls  It is one of such places situated in the lap of nature. Surrounded by hills, it has petro-falls in the dense forest. It is considered to be more attractive than the fall of kakolat in Bihar. One can go to petro falls from Fatehpur more on NH 31 and between Rajouli & Nawada, passing through Akbarpur, Govindpur, blocks of Nawada district. The approach is difficult

Makamaro hills  The Makamaro hill near Dhab also has some religious relevance. It is beleived that Parsuram had killed his mother and three brothers here on instruction of his father.

Koderma to Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh   HAZARIBAGH WILDLIFE SANCTURY Canary hills

HAZARIBAGH WILDLIFE SANCTURY  For the eco-tourist, nature lover and wildlife enthusiast, hills, deep nullahs, thick tropical woodlands, grassy meadows. 'Sal' is the dominant tree spices. Wild bear, sambhar, nilgai, chital and kakar are populous. Sloth bears, tigers and panthers also prowl. The ten observation towers in the sanctuary make it all the more easier to have a closer encounter with wild life.


Canary hills  Close to the town lies the Canary Hill which has a well-laid out park and is studded with three small lakes. It has an observation tower. From the top of the hill one can have a panoramic view of the town.

Canary hills

Telaiya dam  Telaiya Dam (52km): It is the first dam and hydro -electric power station constructed by Damodar Valley Corporation across Barakar river in Hazaribag district. It is 1,200 ft. long and 99 ft. high. It is situated in an ideal surrounding with a reservoir stretching in 36 sq. kms. The main objective is to control floods. The hydro -electric station produces 4,000 kilowatt of power. The beautiful natural surroundings and the drive from Barhi on GT road to the dam site through reservoir and the picturesque hillocks are the attraction to the motorists and the tourists. There is another dam at Konar, which is 51 km from Hazaribagh.

Telaiya dam

Telaiya dam

Hazaribagh to Chatra


KOLHUA HILL  Kolhua hill lies about 6 miles south east of Hunterganj. At hunterganj one has to cross the lilangen river which is now bridged and jeep or walk through the uneven track to the foot of hill. The height of the hill is 1,575 feet and from the top one can find an excellent view. The top of the hill is quite distinctive and is known as " Akash Lochan"(Sky Eye). There are some ancient temples, the most important of which is a temple of ' Kali' known as 'Kauleshwari Devi'.

KUNDA CAVE  Kunda Cave:- The ruins of old Kunda palace are still found at a distance of about three- four miles from the present Kunda Village. The place might have been created either towards the end of 17th or beginning of the 18th century AD. The walls are still standing though in a very much dilapidated condition, Still attracting a large number of visitors from out side. But the main centre of attraction for the illiterate public of places far and near is a Cave situated at a distance of about half a mile from the remains of the old Palace probably dug shortly after the building of the Palace. A narrow path runs downwards from the southern portion of the palace and leads to the cave. A shallow stream , which can be crossed without letting the feet touch the water

TAMA SIN  It is an attractive beauty spot of Chatra situated on the north-east at the distance of 26 kms. It is to be travelled through a 'Katcha' fair weather road via village Kolhaiya,.There is a big reservoir of water at foot. It is famous for the image of Goddess Bhagwati. Here one can enjoy the scenic beauty of the gorgeous water fall forgetting the worries of life. Tamasin has a break up of 'tamasin' which means 'darkness prevails '. This area is full of mixed forest having high trees making the area dark even in the daylight .Tamasin is mainly famous for a very beautiful waterfall which is awaiting the due love of the tourists.

BICHKILIYA FALL  It is 'Dah' or water reservoir on the bank of river Niranjana(Lilajan) at the distance of 11 kms from Chatra in west. The road up to 5 kms is motorable and the rest 6 kms. is a foot track. It is lovely to look at the water fall foaming snow-white showers with musical tone inviting the lover of nature to have solace in the lap of nature. Due to inaccessibility this nice picnic spot has become adventurous.

DUARI FALL  It is also known as Balbal Duari situated at the distance of 35 kms in the East of Chatra district on Gidhaur Katkam Sandi Road. It can be reached from Hazaribagh also. The road is motor able and one can visit this directly form Chatra. During rainy season it is difficult to travel but it is pleasant in winter and summer. There is a hot spring in the bed of river Balbal near the village i.e. Duari. The water is supposed to have curative effect on skin diseases. As in Rajgir here people flock to have hot bath for obtaining remedial effect .In the same way on MakarSankranti people gather here in a large number to have a holy dip. The sight is also charming & delightful.


GOA FALL  It is a beautiful water fall at the distance of 6 kms. on the west of Chatra on way to Maloodah. Up to 4.5 kms. it can be reached by jeep and the rest 1.5 kms can be tracked on foot. The water falls in the reservoir from the height of 30 ft. On all the three sides there are rocks and in middle there is a reservoir On each Monday during the month of Shrawan (rains) people flock here in multitudes, take a dip and enjoy jumping in the fall. It is the nearest picnic spot of Chatra District.

DUMER SUMER  It is also another important beauty spot of Chatra situated on the North at the distance of 12 kms. of which 10 kms. can be covered by vehicle and the rest two kms is a foot track. The road is Katcha. It looks nice to see the water fall from such a height. It appears as if the spring is dashing against the rocky walls fomenting white rays. One feels as if he is enjoying shower bath under the sun. Nights are lull with magical effect.

KHAYA BANAROO  This notable picnic spot of Chatra is about 10 kms. from the district headquarters on the south-west of the town. One can travel by 8 kms of metalled road on Chatra - Chandwa Road and 2 kms. by fair - weather motorable road, the rest 2 kms. can be travelled on foot. The woods are lovely, dark and deep. The scenery is resplendent in all its exquisitely green sylvan beauty. The dancing waves of the stream, foam at places, producing a gurgling sound is sure to attract the tourists since the whole valley appears to be echoing with the sound," O listen for the vales profound !".

Chatra to Palamu


BETLA NATIONAL PARK   Betla is most important tourist place of Jharkhand having luxuriant Sal and miscellaneous trees and bamboo forests. 226 sq. km. Of Betla forest has been declared as Betla National Park and 753 sq. km. Of forest has been declared as Palamu Sanctuary. The forest starts from Kechki and extended up to Neterhat. The forest has 970 species of identified plants, 174 species of birds, 39 species of Mammals, 180 species of Medicinal plants, besides reptiles and other species. The main wild animals found are:Tiger, Leopard, Elephant, India Gaur (Bison), Chitalor, Sambher, wild boar. There are two elephants are available at Betla for tourist to get


PALAMU TIGER RESERVE  Palamu Tiger Reserve is very rich in biodiversity and various wild life species have been included in Red data book of the I.U.C.N. (International union for Conservation of nature and neutral resources) and the appendices of C.I.T.E.S. (Convention on International trade in Endangered species of flora and fauna).


UPPER GHAGHRI WATER FALLS  4 kms from Netarhat and a unique picnic spot. Inside a beautiful valley the over flown water o Netarhat Dam makes a very loving small waterfall.


LOWER GHAGHRI WATER FALLS  Situated at a distance of 10 kms from Netarhat in lush green and pass through the forests of a poet's imagination-deep, dense and delighting. On reaching there witness the stunning fall of water deep down to about 320 feet making a majestic waterfall. The forest is so dense that even sunrays find difficult to pierce through it. Forest a place of scenic beauty and picnic spot.


LODH FALLS   About 60 kms away from Netarhat deep in to the forests the river Burha makes a fantastic and majestic water fall of about 468 feet height claiming to be the highest waterfall of Jharkhand. The thundering sound of the fall is audible even 10 kms from it.


end of the journey     Plan A – Palamu to Ranchi We get flights and very rare trains which takes a lot of time to reach Mumbai. Plan B – Palamu to Rourkela We won’t get flights from here but we will get 8 choices in train to comeback to mumbai.

Plan A - Palamu to Ranchi

Train from Ranchi to Mumbai   12812 HTE LTT Super – Friday sat 18609 RNC LTT Exp – Wed (very slow train)

Flights from Ranchi to Mumbai    Indigo - 2 hrs 20 min Air India – 4hrs 35min Go air - 2hrs 15min

Plan B - Palamu to Rourkela

Train from Rourkela to Mumbai   12810 HWH MUM MAIL – ALL DAYS 2PM – 5AM 12102 JNANESWARI SUP DL – M, T, THU, FRI 5PM – 5:45 AM      12152 SAMARSATA EXP – SAT SUN 6AM – 7:30AM 12812 THE LTT SUP – FRI,SAT 12:20PM – 1:35PM 12860 GITANJALI EXP – ALL DAYS 7:48PM – 9:20PM 12870 HWH CSTM EXP – FRI 8:35PM – 11:20PM 15612 KARAMBHOOMI EXP – SAT 8:35PM – 11:35PM

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How to Reach. Air: Dhanbad is an important railway station on Eastern Railway and is very well connected with Patna, Kolkata, Delhi ...
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