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Published on January 25, 2008

Author: Valentina


FAA NW Mountain Region Airport Conference:  FAA NW Mountain Region Airport Conference Jets in Your Future – NetJets Fractional Ownership Business Jet Requirements Bio:  Bio Al Ball Senior Airport Analyst, NetJets Aviation Employee of NetJets/Executive Jet since 1987 Commercial, Multi-engine, instrument rated Pilot FAA Licensed Aircraft Dispatcher FAA Licensed Advanced Ground Instructor Today::  Today: Company Overview 91K/135 Factors NetJets Airport Requirements Components of Evaluation 1964 - The Beginning of EJA:  1964 - The Beginning of EJA Executive Jet Airways Inc. - Founded by Brigadier General O.F. “Dick” Lassiter to bring the military version of on-demand VIP transport (MAC) to the civilian market. Original board of Directors: General Curtis LeMay, James Stewart, Arthur Godfrey, and others. 1966 - Brigadier General Paul W. Tibbets Jr. joins the company as Executive VP of EJA SA in Switzerland The Swiss subsidiary (EJA SA) is sold to Carl Hirschman, who renames the company Jet Aviation 1974 - Forward:  1974 - Forward 1974 - Purchased 12 new Lear 24D 1984 - RTS Capital Services Inc. Purchases EJA as a wholly owned subsidiary RTS is a New York based financial services company specializing in equipment financing through leveraged leasing (primarily Helicopters, General Aviation & Telecommunications) RTS will provide EJA with Additional aircraft for its charter fleet, while EJA provides RTS with operational and technical support Richard T. Santulli:  Richard T. Santulli Mathematician by Education Leasing Expert by trade RTS Capital Services JayEffBee Stables 1986 - Forward:  1986 - Forward 1986 - The Fractional Ownership/Quarter Share (QS) Program is announced Purchased Citation SIIs for the program EJA President Paul Tibbets retires 1993 – 1995 – Executive Jet expands beyond small cabin aircraft purchasing 20 Hawker 1000, 25 Citation V – Ultras, and 22 GIV-SP aircraft 1996 - Operations expand into Europe with NetJets Europe (NJE) 1997/98 – The BIG order: Citation X - 31, Citation Excel – 50, Citation VII – 20, GIV-SP – 11, Hawker 800XP – 20, Falcon 2000 – 24, and a joint venture with Boeing for the BBJ Warren E. Buffett:  Warren E. Buffett Chairman & CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Self made Billionaire Buys into Quarter Share program in 1995 Bought Executive Jet in 1998 Other companies GEICO Auto Insurance FlightSafety Dairy Queen Worldwide Company Overview:  Worldwide Company Overview People 2800 Crew 500 Technicians 1200 Operational 4500 Total 2300 Individuals and Companies participating in Fractional Program Fleet 8 Citation Bravos 74 Citation Ultra 9 Citation Encores 59 Citation Excel 17 Citation 650 44 Hawker 800XPs 26 Hawker 1000 70 Citation X 36 Falcon 2000 37 Gulfstream IVSP 8 GV 5 BBJ 5 G-200 (103 Managed Aircraft) 501 Total Aircraft NetJets Total Fleet Size:  NetJets Total Fleet Size At this point, the NETJETS fleet equals the 5th largest airline in the world. NetJets Growth:  NetJets Growth Third Party Services CY2003:  Third Party Services CY2003 Booked 9,000 airline tickets/month Reserved 22,000 hotel rooms/month Over 83,797 owner catering orders for $16 million Over 458,804 crew meals for $17 million Arranged 11,000 limousines/sedan trips for over $7 million Spent over $43.4 million for crew training Over 7,000 aircraft cleanings for over $3.2 million Maintenance support required 80,000+ hours 19,712 Charter hours in support of NETJETS for over $80 million Purchased 99,067,675 Gallons Jet A Average uplift of 490 gallons/3400 pounds Meat and Potatoes::  Meat and Potatoes: 91K/135 as of 11/17/03:  91K/135 as of 11/17/03 Both programs require Destination Airport Analysis to reduce runway length below 60% With DAAP, both programs allow landings up to 80% of effective runway length if dry With DAAP, if conditions are wet, ONLY under Part 91K, an additional 15% safety factor is applied to landing distance Add’l DAAP Requirements:  Add’l DAAP Requirements Must establish Pilot qualification and experience Must evaluate “flight” using FAA approved performance data Must evaluate airport facilities and topography Including communications, terrain features, and glideslope Add’l DAAP Requirements, cont.:  Add’l DAAP Requirements, cont. Current runway conditions Including slope and surface composition Weather reporting Additional safety margins from: NOTAMs Aircraft equipment Environmental conditions Add’l DAAP Requirements, cont.:  Add’l DAAP Requirements, cont. DAAP is mandated for each landing requiring greater than 60% effective runway length Four minimum NetJets departments: Operational Intel/Analysis Scheduling Flight Dispatch Operations Operational Intel/Analysis:  Operational Intel/Analysis Approach Facilities Topography/ Terrain Glideslope Initial Performance review – including RWY length Scheduling:  Scheduling Crew Scheduling Pilot Quals Pilot Experience Flight Scheduling Crew Aircraft (MEL) Secondary airport Flight Dispatch/Meteorology:  Weather reporting Environmental events Day of flight NOTAMs Flight Evaluation FAA Approved data Aircraft (MEL) RWY conditions Flight Dispatch/Meteorology Operations:  Operations Program Manager “Master Chef” Line Pilot Experienced Oversees schedule DOF approval DAAP approval Slide22:  NetJets Airport Evaluated solely to provide convenience for our Fractional Owners Driven by Runway length Weight bearing NetJets Airport Evaluation:  NetJets Airport Evaluation Identification of obstacles Approach path Imaginary surfaces NACO and AIP Obstacle analysis DOF – Digital Obstacle File Jeppesen Obstacle database Boeing Obstacle database Airport Evaluation:  Airport Evaluation AC 150/5300 - 13 Design categories of airports NetJets fleets fall within BII – 91 - 121 kts approach 49 – 79 feet wingspan CIII – 121 – 141 kts approach 79 – 118 feet wingspan Runways and Taxiways:  Runways and Taxiways Company Guidelines Airport Planning Guide AC 150/5200-18B – Airport Safety Self Inspection – section 9 Review of Airport Layout Plan Review of pavement cross section Facilities:  Facilities NetJets Fixed Base Operator Standards FAA guidelines for standards and documentation FBO Audits Supplier records Facility safety and security Training documentation Incident notification NetJets Airport Review:  NetJets Airport Review Bear in mind: Close to 4000 requested airports, worldwide! 13 different (and growing) fleets 52,000 reviews, 2 departments Owner places request for airport Initial review for Owner aircraft Airport Review Package is created Subsequent fleets sent package for review at same time Airport Review Package:  Airport Review Package Package contents: Information cover page Current 5010 AF/D/Jeppesen Airport Directory Jeppesen approach plates and airport diagram World Aero airport/runway information Airport Review Package, cont.:  Airport Review Package, cont. Nav Pac Current NOTAMs Appropriate weight bearing agreement AeroPlanner Air Nav Jeppesen proprietary handler information if required Historical documentation from previous reviews Slide30:  Airport Layout Plan Scale drawing that includes Taxiway widths Apron dimensions Safety area encroachments Often has airport design category Most accurate for discussing geographic references Pavement Cross Section:  Pavement Cross Section On Site Evaluation:  On Site Evaluation Pilot or new const. generated Pavement condition Runway markings condition Signage and lighting Shoulder condition Parking apron access and condition FOD System Updates:  System Updates Aircraft Restriction Notes:  Aircraft Restriction Notes Construction Guidance:  Construction Guidance Sea level RWY 6000 feet in length E-W with appropriate aircraft Runway weight bearing mins: 25 SW, 55 DW Taxiway and apron same Standard RWY markings VGSI and TWY lighting Wx reporting and ground Comm. Slide36:  Discussion and Questions Slide37:  Thank you to: Mr. David Fields Ms. Cathy Zimmerman Mr. Scott Fredericksen

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