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Information about JESUS ASKED SATAN

Published on March 23, 2009

Author: arulforyou


Slide 1: “One Day...” Slide 2: One Day, Jesus and Satan had a conversation and Jesus ask Satan what was he doing with the people here in the World... Slide 3: Satan Responded : They are entertaining me : Teaching them how to do bombs and to kill; to use weapons; to hate one another; to abuse the infancy; showing the youth to use drugs; to drink, to lie and to do everything prohibited... Slide 4: I am amusing myself very much!!!! Slide 5: Jesus asked: And after, what are you going to do with them? Slide 6: After ...I am going to finish them all!! Slide 7: Jesus asked: ¿How much do you want for them? Slide 8: Satan Replied: Why are you going to love these people? They are treacherous, lying, false, egoistic, and covetous! Slide 9: They will never love you really, they are going to blaspheme and spit in your face, they are going to despise you and they will not have you consideration any! Slide 10: How much do you want for them Satan? I want all your tears and your blood! Slide 11: Ok done deal! and...Jesus paid the price of our liberty! Slide 12: How do we forget Jesus! We believe everything they show us, but we question everything that comes from him... Slide 13: People send jokes thruogh e-mail sending themto each other at a fast speed! But when the e-mail is about GOD, they people think about it twice sending it to others. Slide 14: Everyone says they want to be with GOD one day Slide 15: A lot of us say: I believe in GOD, but what do we do for HIM! Slide 16: To speak of Jesus is not a matter that the people want to hear... They only come to Jesus when they are in big trouble. Slide 17: When you finish reading this message. Will you send it to somebody? Slide 18: Who will send this message? Who will you send this too? Slide 19:  Just the same, don’t be afraid , my child, I will always be with you. Even when you feel alone ... Slide 20:  Peace be with you ... Slide 21: Amen

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