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Information about Jeopardy Test Taking

Published on January 13, 2008

Author: Carolina


ATTITUDE:  ATTITUDE TIME MANAGEMENT:  TIME MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION:  ORGANIZATION ODDS ENDS:  ODDS ENDS TEST DAY:  TEST DAY Slide8:  Attitude Time Management Organization Odds & Ends Test Day $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 Slide9:  Attitude - $100 I should always do my ____. Slide10:  Attitude - $200 During the test, I should not do this to my classmates. Slide11:  Attitude - $300 My eyes should be on this person’s paper. Slide13:  Attitude - $400 I should avoid this with my family or friends before the test because it can put me in a bad mood. Slide14:  Attitude - $500 When I feel nervous, this can help calm me. Slide15:  Time Management - $100 If you rush through a test, you’ll probably make plenty of these. Slide16:  Time Management - $200 I should go to bed early the night before the test so that I can get plenty of this. Slide17:  Time Management - $300 To save time, I can skip over these questions and come back to them later. Slide18:  Time Management - $400 You should have a special time set aside everyday to do this. Slide19:  Time Management - $500 If I have extra time at the end of a test, I should do this. Slide20:  Organization - $100 You should lay these out the night before the test. Slide21:  Organization - $200 A reason why it is important to be organized. Slide23:  Organization - $300 You need to remember to write down the test date in this. Slide24:  Organization - $400 Look at how many questions are in the section so that you can figure out how much of this can be spent on each question. Slide25:  Organization - $500 Ask your parents to reschedule appointments that are during this. Slide26:  Odds & Ends - $100 If you do not understand the directions, you should ask these. Slide27:  Odds & Ends - $200 You should read these before answering test questions. Slide28:  Odds & Ends - $300 You should not make these marks on the answer sheet. Slide29:  Odds & Ends - $400 You should sit this way when working on the test. Slide30:  Odds & Ends - $500 If you do this you should be able to follow directions the first time they are given. Slide31:  Test Day - $100 Before a test, you should eat a good _____________. Slide32:  Test Day - $200 Your clothes should feel like this on the day of the test. Slide33:  Test Day - $300 If you have glasses or contacts, you should do this on test day. Slide34:  Test Day - $400 You should come to class like this. Slide35:  Test Day - $500 You are doing this if you are looking, listening, and following directions. Slide36:  Attitude - $100 What is my best? Slide37:  Attitude - $200 What is disturb? Slide38:  Attitude - $300 Who is my own? Slide39:  Attitude - $400 What are arguments? Slide40:  Attitude - $500 What is deep breathing? Slide41:  Time Management - $100 What are mistakes? Slide42:  Time Management - $200 What is rest? Slide43:  Time Management - $300 What are hard questions? Slide44:  Time Management - $400 What is study/do homework? Slide45:  Time Management - $500 What is check my answers? Slide46:  Organization - $100 What are my clothes? Slide47:  Organization - $200 What is it makes things go more quickly/you can find things easier/ it keeps you from losing things? Slide48:  Organization - $300 What is an agenda? Slide49:  Organization - $400 What is time? Slide50:  Organization - $500 What is the test? Slide51:  Odds & Ends - $100 What are questions? Slide52:  Odds & Ends - $200 What are the directions? Slide53:  Odds & Ends - $300 What are stray marks? Slide54:  Odds & Ends - $400 What is straight (with good posture)? Slide55:  Odds & Ends - $500 What is listen carefully? Slide56:  Test Day - $100 What is breakfast? Slide57:  Test Day - $200 What is comfortable? Slide58:  Test Day - $300 What is wear them ? Slide59:  Test Day - $400 What is prepared? Slide60:  Test Day - $500 What is attending or paying attention?

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