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Published on October 1, 2007

Author: Cubemiddle


Slide1:  $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 E500 E400 E300 E200 E100 D500 D400 D300 D200 D100 C500 C400 C300 C200 C100 B500 B400 B300 B200 B100 A500 A400 A300 A200 A100 DD2 A-A1:  Which book of the Bible talks about the Jews leaving Egypt? A-A1 Q-A1:  Exodus Q-A1 A-A2:  Which book in the Bible contains the songs written by King David? A-A2 Q-A2:  Psalms Q-A2 A-A3:  How many books are there in the New Testament? A-A3 Q-A3:  27 books Q-A3 A-A4:  Which apostle denied Jesus three times after Jesus was arrested? A-A4 Q-A4:  Peter Q-A4 A-A5:  Who is the author of the “Acts of the Apostles” A-A5 Q-A5:  Luke Q-A5 A-B1:  What do we call the "sermon" that the priest preaches during Mass? A-B1 Q-B1:  Homily Q-B1 A-B2:  From which books are the Sunday Mass second readings usually taken from? A-B2 Q-B2:  Letters from St. Paul Q-B2 A-B3:  What is the name of the Creed we recite on Sunday Liturgies? A-B3 Q-B3:  Nicene Creed Q-B3 A-B4:  What does “Eucharist” mean? A-B4 Q-B4:  Thanksgiving in Greek Q-B4 A-B5:  Every Mass is divided in two parts. What are they? A-B5 Q-B5:  Liturgy of the Word And Liturgy of the Eucharist Q-B5 A-C1:  What is the name of the Season after Easter Sunday? A-C1 Q-C1:  Easter Q-C1 A-C2:  What is the name of the Season between Easter and Advent? A-C2 Q-C2:  Ordinary Time Q-C2 A-C3:  What is the name of the day that starts the Season of Lent? A-C3 Q-C3:  Ash Wednesday Q-C3 A-C4:  Which feast do we celebrate when the Church was established? A-C4 Q-C4:  Pentecost Q-C4 A-C5:  What is the name of the three days in which we celebrate the Paschal Mystery? A-C5 Q-C5:  Triduum Q-C5 A-D1:  Is it a mortal sin not to attend Mass on Sundays? (Yes or No) A-D1 Q-D1:  Yes (If not attended on purpose). Q-D1 A-D2:  How many times at least should Catholics go to Confession per year? A-D2 Q-D2:  Once. Preferably before the Easter Season (during Lent). Q-D2 A-D3:  How many times at least should Catholics receive Communion per year? A-D3 Q-D3:  Once. Preferably during the Easter Season Q-D3 A-D4:  What are the two kinds of sin? A-D4 Q-D4:  Venial and mortal sins Q-D4 A-D5:  Which geographical region has the highest Catholic Population? (Hint: Not a country) A-D5 Q-D5:  Latin America Q-D5 A-E1:  Which prayer do we pray to the Blessed Mother three times a day? Hint: (dawn, noon, dusk) A-E1 Q-E1:  Angelus Q-E1 A-E2:  Are the words of the Our Father found in the Bible? A-E2 Q-E2:  Yes Matthew 6:9-14 Q-E2 A-E3:  Are the words of the Hail Mary found in the Bible? A-E3 Q-E3:  Yes. The Annunciation and the Visitation Q-E3 A-E4:  How many sets of mysteries are there in the Rosary? A-E4 Q-E4:  Four. (Joyful, Glorious, Sorrowful, Luminous) Q-E4 A-E5:  What is the name of the prayer priests pray five times a day? A-E5 Q-E5:  Liturgy of the Hours Q-E5

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