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Published on February 18, 2008

Author: Paola


Slide1:  Start Playing Jeopardy Slide2:  Final Jeopardy Comedy Misc. Genre Double Indemnity Created by Adam Garry, Co-nect 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 400 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 Film Noir Horror “Comedy” 100:  “Comedy” 100 Answer The main goal of comedy films is to have the audience do this. “Comedy” Answer 100:  “Comedy” Answer 100 Laugh “Comedy” 200:  Answer “Comedy” 200 The first names of the three (3) Marx Brothers starring in Night At the Opera “Comedy” Answer 200:  “Comedy” Answer 200 Graucho Harpo Chico “Comedy” 300:  “Comedy” 300 This type of comedy attempts to make fun of a very serious topic. Answer “Comedy” Answer 300:  “Comedy” Answer 300 Black or Dark Comedy “Comedy” 400:  “Comedy” 400 High Anxiety is an example of this type of comedy. Answer “Comedy” Answer 400:  “Comedy” Answer 400 Parody or satire. “Comedy” 500:  “Comedy” 500 Bringing Up Baby is a form of this subgenre of comedy. Answer “Comedy” Answer 500:  “Comedy” Answer 500 Screwball “Double Indemnity” 100:  In the movie, this was Walter Neff’s profession. “Double Indemnity” 100 Answer “Double Indemnity” Answer 100:  “Double Indemnity” Answer 100 Insurance salesman. “Double Indemnity” 200:  “Double Indemnity” 200 Technique, classic in film noir, used by Walter Neff to tell his story. Answer “Double Indemnity” Answer 200:  “Double Indemnity” Answer 200 Voice Over or Narration “Double Indemnity” 300:  “Double Indemnity” 300 The jump backwards in time used at the start of the film is known by this term. Answer “Double Indemnity” Answer 300:  “Double Indemnity” Answer 300 Flashback. “Double Indemnity” 400:  “Double Indemnity” 400 According to Lola, Phyllis Dietrichson’s profession before getting married. Answer “Double Indemnity” Answer 400:  “Double Indemnity” Answer 400 Nurse. “Double Indemnity” 500:  “Double Indemnity” 500 Barton Keyes kept referring to his instincts by this term. Answer “Double Indemnity” Answer 500:  “Double Indemnity” Answer 500 “Little Man” “Misc. Genre” 100:  “Misc. Genre” 100 Period pictures that feature a historical event or person such as 300 or Ben Hur Answer “Misc. Genre” Answer 100:  “Misc. Genre” Answer 100 Epic “Misc. Genre” 200:  “Misc. Genre” 200 Films where the characters have new experiences or are in exotic locates; e.g. swashbuckler films Answer “Misc. Genre” Answer 200:  “Misc. Genre” Answer 200 Adventure “Misc. Genre” 300:  “Misc. Genre” 300 Movies that feature full scale song and/or dance routines; e.g. Hairspray Answer “Misc. Genre” Answer 300:  “Misc. Genre” Answer 300 Musical “Misc. Genre” 400:  “Misc. Genre” 400 These movies usually feature fantastic special effects and high tech gadgets and have themes involving outer space or time travel; e.g. The Matrix Answer “Misc. Genre” Answer 400:  “Misc. Genre” Answer 400 Science Fiction “Misc. Genre” 500:  “Misc. Genre” 500 These films often have big budget stunts, chase scenes, battles, fights and includes all James Bond movies Answer “Misc. Genre” Answer 500:  “Misc. Genre” Answer 500 Action “Film Noir” 100:  “Film Noir” 100 True or False: Film noir is not a genre Answer “Film Noir” Answer 100:  “Film Noir” Answer 100 True “Film Noir” 200:  “Film Noir” 200 First coined as a term by French film critics in the mid-1940s, film noir literally means this. Answer “Film Noir” Answer 200:  “Film Noir” Answer 200 Black Film “Film Noir” 300:  “Film Noir” 300 The name given to designate the evil woman in films noir. Answer “Film Noir” Answer 300:  “Film Noir” Answer 300 Femme fatale. “Film Noir” 400:  “Film Noir” 400 This film, starring Humphrey Bogart, is often considered the first film noir. Answer “Film Noir” Answer 400:  “Film Noir” Answer 400 The Maltese Falcon “Film Noir” 500:  “Film Noir” 500 This window treatment is often used to cast a series of shadows in classic films noir. Answer “Film Noir” Answer 500:  “Film Noir” Answer 500 Venetian blinds. “Horror” 100:  “Horror” 100 This is the goal of horror films. Answer “Horror” Answer 100:  “Horror” Answer 100 Frighten, cause panic or scare people “Horror” 200:  “Horror” 200 True or False: The evil monster in a horror film has to be a person Answer “Horror” Answer 200:  “Horror” Answer 200 False “Horror” 300- Daily Double:  “Horror” 300- Daily Double Daily Double “Horror” 400:  “Horror” 400 What do Janet Leigh (Psycho) and Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween) have in common (besides the obvious that they both did horror films? Answer “Horror” Answer 400:  “Horror” Answer 400 Mother-daughter “Horror” 500:  “Horror” 500 Name three (3) types of main (evil) characters that you will find frequently in horror movies. Answer “Horror” 500:  “Horror” 500 Crazy humans Grotesque creatures Vampires The devil Zombies Possessed Unfriendly ghosts Final Jeopardy:  Final Jeopardy The name of Bruce Willis’ character in Sin City Answer Final Jeopardy Music Answer Final Jeopardy:  Answer Final Jeopardy Hartigan Daily Double:  Daily Double In Halloween, how many people are shot? Answer Answer Daily Double:  Answer Daily Double 1 (Michael Myers)

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