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Published on August 6, 2007

Author: Flemel


Preventing Childhood Overweight and Obesity:The Pediatrician’s Role:  Preventing Childhood Overweight and Obesity: The Pediatrician’s Role Renee R. Jenkins, MD, FAAP President-Elect American Academy of Pediatrics October 26, 2006 Childhood Overweight & Obesity:  Childhood Overweight andamp; Obesity The mission of the American Academy of Pediatrics is to attain optimal physical, mental and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents and young adults. To accomplish this mission, the Academy shall support the professional needs of its members. Childhood Overweight & Obesity:  Childhood Overweight andamp; Obesity Childhood Obesity is compromising the health and well being of our children The American Academy of Pediatrics cares! And we are doing something about it! Why We Care:  Why We Care Obesity is currently the single most prevalent chronic disease in childhood. Why We Care:  Why We Care Obesity increases the burden of disease for children and adolescents Cardiovascular disease Type 2 diabetes, DKA Polycystic ovarian syndrome Respiratory disease Slipped capital femoral epiphysis, Blount’s disease Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis Pseudotumor cerebri Depression, low self-esteem, decreased quality of life Why We Care:  Why We Care The lifetime risk of diabetes for babies born in 2000: 1 in 3 for males 2 in 5 for females Narayan KM, et al. JAMA290 :1884 –1890,2003 Why We Care:  Why We Care Minority populations are hardest hit: In 1998, 21.5 percent of African American children, 21.8 percent of Hispanic children and 12.3 percent of Caucasian children had a Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than the 95 percentile for age and gender.* *Strauss RS, Pollack HA. Epidemic increase in childhood overweight, 1986-1998. JAMA 2001;286:2845-8. Why We Care:  Why We Care Obese children constitute a significant portion of every primary care and specialty practice in Pediatrics Slide9:  Childhood Obesity is a Strategic Priority for the AAP Childhood Obesity is an AAP Strategic Priority:  Childhood Obesity is an AAP Strategic Priority Obesity-Related Key Objectives:  Obesity-Related Key Objectives Obesity prevention is part of every routine child health supervision visit Increase clinical skill in identifying and treating overweight and obese children, including comorbidities Collaborate with medical schools, residency programs and fellowship programs to integrate obesity prevention and treatment into the curricula Obesity-Related Key Objectives:  Obesity-Related Key Objectives Pediatricians will actively promote policies, programs, and interventions that support Pediatricians will be recognized by insurers, employers, the medical community, and legislators as critical providers of obesity prevention and treatment AAP’s Obesity Activties:  AAP’s Obesity Activties In order to engage in obesity prevention, intervention and treatment of obesity, Pediatricians need: Education National, state and local advocacy support Community networking Practice Management Support Reimbursement Research into causes and effective prevention and treatment strategies. Educational Activities:  Educational Activities AAP policy statements, including: Prevention of Pediatric Overweight and Obesity Active Healthy Living: Prevention of Childhood Obesity Through Increased Physical Activity CME programming Educational Activities:  Educational Activities Pediatrics for the 21st Century Program: 'Fact, Fiction, or Future of Pediatric Obesity' Sample slide sets for public use AAP News articles Obesity curriculum for pediatric residents Resources for Patients & Families:  Resources for Patients andamp; Families AAP overweight and obesity web site (average 55K hits; 4K unique visitors PER MONTH) Books Brochures Partnerships With Private Sector and Federal Agencies:  Partnerships With Private Sector and Federal Agencies CDC, MCHB, AMA: consensus guidelines CDC: VERB! Campaign AHRQ: DVD for parents/children OSG: Shaping America’s Youth NIH: We Can! American Heart Assoc: dietary guideline/obesity initiative Assoc of Children's Museums:'Go Kids!' initiative Shape Up America Action for Healthy Kids Community-level Collaboration:  Community-level Collaboration Grant Opportunities Community-based approaches Advocacy summit and workshops Local wellness policy promotion Legislation and public policy tracking/issue briefs Practice Management Support and Reimbursement Resources:  Practice Management Support and Reimbursement Resources Meetings with national carriers Recommendations for obesity coverage Obesity Coding Fact Sheet Template letter and negotiation resources Research:  Research Periodic Survey of Fellows Pediatric Research in Office Settings Network: healthy lifestyle study For More Info:  For More Info: Slide22: 

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