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Published on September 23, 2014

Author: phoenixiw



Lesson Plan

Edu.10: PEDAGOGIC CONTENT KNOWLEDGE ANALYSIS Victory College of Teacher Education Olathanni Submitted by Jeena G IInd Sem. Malayalam Reg. 13388009 Submitted to Dr. Renjith M (Assistant Professor in charge)

ssZw-Zn ]mTm-kq-{X-W-tcJ--þ36 - A[-ym-]n-I-bpsS t]cv : Po Pn hn-Z-ym-e-b-¯n³-sâ t]cv : Pn.-F-¨v.-F-kv.-Fkv, hnjbw : ae-bmfw GIIw : the F¶ Ie D] GIIw : BZÀihpw bmYmÀ°-yhpw ]mT-`mKw : A³]Xv....]Wn-sb-Sp¡pw BapJw amcm-b-ap«w hy-àn-I-sf-Ip-dn-¨pw -kvt-l -_-Ô-§-sf-Ip-dn¨pw IpSpw_ _Ô-§sfIp-dn¨pw tmh-ep-Ifpw IY-Ifpw Fgp-Xnb Fgp-¯p-Im-cmWv sI kptc{μ³ 1922 s^{_p-hcn 22 v sImïv Hm¨n-d-bn Pn¨p. alm-mb Fgp-¯p-Im-c³ entbmtSmÄtÌmbn, Xm³ Fgp-Xn-bXpw ]d-ª-Xp-amb Imc-y-§fpw Nn´-Ifpw kz´w Pohn-X-¯n {]tbm-Kn-¡p-¶-Xnsâ A]qÀÆ Nn{XamWv Cu ]mT-`m-K-¯p-f-fXv. ]T e£-y-§Ä  Ip«n-IÄ¡v GXv tPmenbpw sN¿mw F¶ t_m[w D−m-¡p-¶-Xnv  A[-zm--¯nsâ al-Xzw Ip«n-I-fn F¯n-¡p-¶-Xnv ]mTy]²Xn Dt±-i-§Ä Bib {Kl-W-t¯msS ]mT-`mKw hmbn¨v a-Ên-em-¡p-¶-Xnv  sNmÃp-IÄ FgpXn Ah-sb-¸än hni-I-ew sNbvXv Ipdn-¸p-IÄ Fgp-Xp-¶-Xn-v  qX--]-Z-§Ä Xncn-¨-dn-bp-¶-Xnv ]mT-m]-{K-Yw tSmÄtÌmbv {]`p-hnsâ thjhpw `mhhpw hfsc X³a-b-X-z-t¯m-SpIqSn Ah-X-cn-¸n-¡p-¶p. IqSmsX tSmÄtÌm-bn-bpsS Zn-Ir-X-y§-sf-bp-amWv Cu `mK¯v sI. kptc-{μ³ hnh-cn-¡p-¶Xv qX ]Z-§Ä {]`p :þ A[n-]³ cq]w :þ BIrXn A{]-X-y-£-ambn :þ adªpt]mbn Irjo-h-e³ :þ Irjn-¡m-c³ tXmÂhmÀ :þ tXmÂ_Âäv ¢mkv : VIII Unhn-j³ : B Ip«n-I-fpsS F®w : /38 XobXn :07/08/2014 ka-bw : 45 ann«v

]qÀÆmÀÖn-X-ti- jn-IÄ  sXmgn CÃm¯ Ah-Øbpw AXv sN¿m-Xn-cp-¶m-ep- ff {]iv-§fpw Ip«n-IÄ¡-dn-bmw. A[-zm-n-¡msX ]W-ap-−m-¡m-m-In-sö [mcW Ip«n-IÄ¡p-−v. ]T-tm-]-I-c-W- §Ä  ]mT ]pkvXIw  sI. kptc-{μsâ Nn{Xw  IrXn ]cn-Nbw  Ihn-sb-¡p-dn-¨p-ff NmÀ«v {]iv-ta-Je D]-{]ivw  A[-zm--tijn hnI-k--¯nsâ A`mhw  kaq-l-nÀ½mÀÖ--s¯-¡p-dn-¨p-ff sXämb [mc-W-aqew hy-àn-Xz hnI-k-s¯ kw_-Ôn¨ icn-bmb ImgvN-¸m-Sn-Ãm-bva. ]T--{]-hÀ¯--§Ä {]Xn-I-cWw aps¶m-cp-¡w: A[-ym-]nI Ip«n-Isf A`n-kw-t_m-[ sNbvX-Xn-p-tijw Ignª Znh-k-¯nsâ ]mT-`m- K-¯p-n¶pw Nne tNmZ-y-§Ä tNmZ-n-¡p-¶p. CXp-t] mse tSmÄtÌm-bn-bpsS Hcp Znh-ks¯Ipdn¨v ap-¡-dnbmw F¶v ]d-ªp-sIm−v ]mT¯nte¡v {]th-in-¡p-¶p. Ip«n-IÄ adp-]Sn ]d-bp¶p AXn-p-tijw sI. kptc-{μsâ Nn{Xw {]ZÀin-¸n- ¡p-Ibpw At±-ls¯ Ipdn-s¨-gpXnb NmÀ«pw IrXn-I-f-S-§nb NmÀ«pw {]ZÀin-¸n-¡p-¶p. Ip«n-IÄ Ihn-sb-¡p-dn-s¨-gp- Xnb NmÀ«v hmbn-¡p-Ibpw a:-]mT-am-¡p-Ibpw sN¿p¶p BZÀihpw bmYmÀY-yhpwþ sI. kptc-{μ³ sI. kptc-{μ³ Pw : 1922  sImÃw PnÃ-bnse Hm¨n-d-bn {]kn-²n-IÄ : tmh-en-Ìv, ncq-]-I³,

{][m--Ir-Xn-IÄ  Im«p-Ip-c§v, Xmfw, amb, koa, acWw ZpÀ_-ew, ]Xm-I, Icp-Wm-e-bw, koXm-b- w, Kpcp (tmhepIÄ)  tSmÄtÌm-bn-bpsS IY, Ipam-c-m-im³ (Po-h-N-cn-{Xw)  Pohn-Xhpw Rmpw (B-ß-I-Y) AXn-p-tijw ]mT-`mKw au-ambn hmbn-¡p-¶-Xn-p-ff Ah-kcw ÂIp-¶-Xn-tm-sSm ¸w ]pXnb ]Z-§Ä Is−-¯p-¶-Xn-p-ff {]hÀ¯w ÂIp-¶p. XpSÀ¶v kwi-b-ap-ff ]Z-§-fpsS AÀ°w ]dªp sImSp-¡p-¶p. NmÀ«v tm¡n hmbn-¡p¶p Ip«n-IÄ hmbn-¡p-Ibpw kwi-b-ap-ff ]Z-§Ä tNmZn- ¡p-Ibpw sN¿p-¶p. A[-ym-]nI ]mT-`mKw kv^pS-X-tbmSpIqSn hmbn-¡p-¶p. AXn-p-tijw ]mT-`m-K- ¯nsâ Bibw ]d-ªp-sIm-Sp-¡p-¶p. {]hÀ¯w hni-I-e--Ip-dn¸v X¿m-dm¡mw :þ A[-zm--hp-ambn _Ô-s¸«v ]g-s©m-Ãp- IÄ tiJ-cn¨v Bibw Is−¯n hni-I-e Ipdn¸v X¿m-dm-¡p-I. CXn-mbn Ip«n-Isf kwLm-Sn-Øm-¯n Xncn-¡p-¶p. Ip«n-IÄ Is−-¯n-bh Ah-X-cn-¸n- ¡p-¶-Xn-p-ff Ah-kcw ÂIp-¶p. A[-ym-]nI Bi-bs¯ t{ImUo-I-cn- ¡p-Ibpw sN¿p¶p. FÃp apdnsb ]Wn-Xm ]Ãp-ap- dnsb Xn¶mw. k¼-¯v Ime¯v ssX]¯v h¨m B]¯v Ime¯v Imbv]¯v Xn¶mw. XpS-§n-bh Fgp-Xp- Ibpw hni-I-ew sN¿p- Ibpw sNbvXp. XpSÀ {]hÀ¯w hni-Zo-I-c-W-Ip-dn¸v X¿m-dm-¡pI :þ c£n-Xm-¡sf klm-bn-¡p-¶-Xn-mbn n§Ä¡v ho«n Xs¶ GsXms¡ tPmen-IÄ sN¿m-m-Ipwþ hni-Z-am-¡pI.

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