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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: wroberts


PowerPoint Presentation: Powerpoint Templates Transgression: Jealousy PowerPoint Presentation: Relational Transgressions JEALOUSY CONCEPTUALIZATION: Jealousy is the negative emotional reaction to the fear of losing a valued relationship to a real or imagined rival ( Salovey , 1991) Jealousy is a complex of feelings, cognitions, and behaviors, but often includes: Hurt, anger, and fear (Guerrero & Andersen, 1998) PowerPoint Presentation: Relational Transgressions JEALOUSY CONCEPTUALIZATION : Jealousy is often confused with envy & rivalry: Envy occurs when people want something valuable that someone else has Rivalry occurs when two people are competing for something that neither one of them has Jealousy occurs when people worry they might lose something they value (e.g., a good relationship or a high-status position) to someone else PowerPoint Presentation: Relational Transgressions JEALOUSY TYPES: Cognitive: People make appraisals of the threat, which involves general and specific thoughts & evaluations of the rival & the relationship. Emotional: Fear and anger are the most central emotions to jealousy but others include sadness, guilt, envy, and sexual arousal. PowerPoint Presentation: Relational Transgressions JEALOUSY TYPES: Reactive and Suspicious: Reactive : awareness of an actual threat to a valued relationships Suspicious : one’s partner hasn’t misbehaved and one’s suspicions do not fit the facts at hand Romantic versus Sexual: Romantic : worrying that a potential rival can interfere with the existence or quality of one’s romantic relationship Sexual : a type of romantic jealousy concerned that a rival wants to or may have sex with one’s partner PowerPoint Presentation: Relational Transgressions JEALOUSY INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES: Individual differences exist in determining who is more susceptible to jealousy, some include: Dependence : when people need a partner or relationship, any threat is menacing Inadequacy : people worry they cannot live up to their partner’s expectations Attachment style : preoccupied people experience more jealousy than others PowerPoint Presentation: Relational Transgressions "Mean Girls Theorize About Jealousy" PowerPoint Presentation: Relational Transgressions JEALOUSY TYPES: Some people are more susceptible to jealousy: Sexual exclusivity : people who expect monogamy experience more reactive jealousy Gender roles : traditional “macho” men and “feminine” females experience more jealousy than androgynous people Sex differences : no difference in amount; difference in reasons (i.e., Ms > sexual jealousy, Fs > emotional jealousy) PowerPoint Presentation: Relational Transgressions JEALOUSY RESPONSES: (Guerrero et al.) Negative communication Violence Counter-jealousy induction Denial/Inhibition Silence Surveillance/Restriction Rival Contact Rival derogation Signs of possession (tie signs) PowerPoint Presentation: More to come next time

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