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Information about jdbc1

Published on November 21, 2007

Author: Hannah

Source: authorstream.com

Java and Databases:  Java and Databases CS-328 Dick Steflik Database Drivers:  Database Drivers Think of a database as just another device connected to your computer like other devices it has a driver program to relieves you of having to do low level programming to use the database the driver provides you with a high level api to the database ODBC:  ODBC Open Data Base Connectivity Developed by Microsoft for the Windows platform as the way for Windows applications to access Microsoft databases (SQL Server, FoxPro, Access) Has become an industry standard Most data base vendors supply native, odbc, and jdbc drivers for their data base products JDBC Architecture:  JDBC Architecture Java Application JDBC API Data Base Drivers Access SQL Server DB2 Informix MySQL Sybase JDBC Driver Types:  JDBC Driver Types Type 1 JDBC-ODBC Bridge Type 2 Native API, partially java Type 3 JDBC Network Driver, partially java Type 4 100% Java Type 1 Drivers:  Type 1 Drivers Translate JDBC into ODBC and use Windows ODBC built in drivers ODBC must be set up on every client driver must be physically on each machine for both java applications and applets for server side servlets ODBC must be set up on web server driver sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbc provided by JavaSoft with JDK Type 1 Driver (cont.):  Type 1 Driver (cont.) Client JDBC-ODBC ODBC DB Vendor Library Type 2 Drivers:  Type 2 Drivers Converts JDBC to data base vendors native SQL calls like Type 1 drivers; requires installation of binaries on each client Type 2 Drivers (cont.):  Type 2 Drivers (cont.) Client JDBC Vendor Library DB Type 3 Drivers:  Type 3 Drivers Translates JDBC to a DBMS independent network protocol Typically talks directly with a middleware product which in turn talks to the RDBMS Jaguar, DBAnywhere, SequeLink Most flexible driver type all java Type 3 Drivers (cont.):  Type 3 Drivers (cont.) Client JDBC Vendor Middleware DB Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Type 4 Drivers:  Type 4 Drivers Converts JDBC directly to native API used by the RDBMS compiles into the application , applet or servlet; doesn’t require anything to be installed on client machine, except JVM handiest driver type Type 4 Drivers (cont.):  Type 4 Drivers (cont.) Client JDBC DB Structured Query Language:  Structured Query Language Developed by C. Date for Relational Data Base Management Systems (RDBMS) Simple Declarative Language has no program control statements SQL:  SQL Two categories of commands Data Manipulation Commands deal with: RETRIEVING DATA MAINTAINING DATA (ADDING, UPDATING,DELETING Data Definition Commands DEAL WITH: CREATING DATABASE OBJECTS (TABLES,VIEWS) Object organization and attributes Referential Integrity:  Referential Integrity Rules to insure that table data stays accurate and accessible rows in a table should be unique one column should contain no duplicate data primary key column values cannot contain repeating groups or arrays null is different than space and zero, 2 null values are not considered equal Data Manipulation Commands:  Data Manipulation Commands Select - query and display data from a database Insert - a new row into a table Update - modify a column in a table Delete a row from a table Select:  Select Select (column list) from (sources) where (conditions) order by (ocolumn list) column list - comma separated list of names of columns to be in output Ex. ssn , lastname , firstname,gpa can contain literals to be included in output Ex. Ssn,”~”,lastname,”~”,firstname sources - name(s) of table(s) to retrieve data from conditions (optional) - conditions for selections lastname like “S%” (lastname = “Steflik) and (firstname like “R%”) ocolumn list (optional)- list of columns that output should be ordered by Ex select * from student select lastname,fristname from student where gpa > 3.0 select lastname,firstname from student order by lastname,firstname Select - joined tables:  Select - joined tables Two tables may be joined and viewed as a single data source is the both have a common column suppose we have 2 tables: Inventory and category and each has a column called catg_code In category catg_code is unique and is the primary key Select - joined tables (cont.):  Select - joined tables (cont.) P_no Catg_code qty Catg_code descr Inventory Category join Select - joined tables (cont.):  Select - joined tables (cont.) To retrieve all of the part numbers and the name of the category to which the part belongs: select inventory.p_no category.descr from inventroy , category select a.p_no,” “,b.descr from a inventory , b category Insert:  Insert Add a row to a table insert into category values(“IGN”,”Ignition System”) use jdbc execute Update method ex. Stmt.executeUpdate(“insert into Category values(‘IGN’,’Ignition System’)”); Update:  Update Modify an existing row in a table update category set descr = “Ignition Subsystem” where catg_code = “IGN” Use jdbc executeUpdate method String s = “update category set descr = ‘Ignition Subsystem’ where catg_code = ‘IGN’ ”; stmt.executeUpdate(s); Delete:  Delete Remove a row from a table delete from category where catg_code = “IGN” remove the IGN category delete from category where catg_code like “I%” remove all rows where catg_code starts with an “I” Data Definition Commands:  Data Definition Commands Create table add a table to a database Drop Table remove a table from a database Alter Table add or delete column(s)

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