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Published on December 7, 2007

Author: sabanci

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Director’s Welcome:  Director’s Welcome Jonathan Dorfan 32nd Annual SSRL Users Meeting October 17, 2005 SLAC Mission :  SLAC Mission Photon Science Discoveries To make discoveries in photon science at the frontiers of the ultrasmall and ultrafast in a wide spectrum of physical and life sciences Particle and Astroparticle Physics Discoveries To make discoveries in particle and astroparticle physics to redefine humanity’s understanding of what the universe is made of and the forces which control it Operate Safely; Train the Best To operate a safe laboratory that employs and trains the best and brightest, helping to ensure the future economic strength and security of the nation SLAC Future – Responding to the Changing Scientific Landscape:  SLAC Future – Responding to the Changing Scientific Landscape The balance of the scientific elements of the Lab are changing: The size of the photon science program will grow dramatically in the next three years By 2009, the on-site accelerators, SPEAR3 and LCLS, will both be doing Photon Science. By 2009, DOE’s Basic Energy Science office will be the dominant budget at SLAC The B Factory will have it’s last year of data-taking in FY2008. Post FY2008, Particle and Particle-astro physics will be focused on B Factory data analysis, the International Linear Collider (ILC), HEP theory and a suite of non-accelerator telescopes SLAC will continue its strong tradition of accelerator science New Laboratory Organization:  New Laboratory Organization Our Major Stakeholders are Investing in Our Future:  Our Major Stakeholders are Investing in Our Future Our primary stake-holders, DOE/Congress and Stanford University, are both making large investments at SLAC DOE has entrusted SLAC with the long-term of one of the world’s most exciting accelerator-based scientific landscapes ― ultra-fast science. This complements the recent investment in SPEAR3 Stanford University is likewise investing in major ways in our long-term future Ultra-Fast Science Center Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology Guest House Total DOE Funding is Increasing:  Total DOE Funding is Increasing SC – Science BER – Biological and Environmental Research BES – Basic Energy Sciences HEP - High Energy Physics Stanford University: A Crucial Element in SLAC’s Success:  Stanford University: A Crucial Element in SLAC’s Success The key to SLAC’s success and style has been its intimate connection to a great research university. SLAC is a School of Stanford University – there is a very close coupling to both the academic and administrative leadership of Stanford The University is a pro-active contract administrator of SLAC – it provides very close, supportive and highly skilled oversight of the Laboratory Facilitates recruitment to SLAC of exceptional intellectual capital both at the faculty and staff level Crucial investments by the university have and will greatly leverage the Government’s investments Photon Science: Outstanding Leadership:  Photon Science: Outstanding Leadership Prof. Keith Hodgson. SLAC Deputy Director and Director for Photon Science Stanford Prof. Phil Bucksbaum. Director of Ultrafast Science Center Slide9:  Has Clearly Demonstrated its 500 mamp capability SPEAR3 – Worldclass intermediate energy, 3rd gen. source Linac Coherent Light Source at SLAC: The Next Revolution in X-Ray Science:  Linac Coherent Light Source at SLAC: The Next Revolution in X-Ray Science LCLS Will Be The World’s First X-ray Laser Slide11:  Photon Science -- Linac Coherent Light Source Experimental Facility LCLS Construction :  LCLS Construction LCLS is a major endeavor. It will require and receive the talents of the full laboratory to build, commission and operate Anticipate major upgrades to begin ~2012 LCLS is a very large and long-term commitment from the Federal Government to the SLAC site Budget - $379M through 2009. Commissioning in FY2008. Operations start in April 2009 Slide13:  LCLS Opens Up A New Center for the SLAC Campus -- The CLOC Building Central Lab Office Complex (CLOC) Capacity >260 72,000 GSF Total 150-Seat Conference Room The Ultra-fast Science Center (UfC) will be located in the CLOC building WE ARE THRILLED PHIL BUCKSBAUM HAS ACCEPTED A PROFESSORSHIP WITH US AT SLAC AND THAT HE WILL BE THE FIRST DIRECTOR OF UfC Nothing is More Important to SLAC’s Sustainability than Strong ES&H Performance:  Nothing is More Important to SLAC’s Sustainability than Strong ES&H Performance I am deeply committed to the very highest levels of ES&H performance – outstanding science is science performed safely. You will find the same dedication and commitment from the rest of the Directors and our staff I need the same level of commitment and performance from the User Community and I thank you for your past strong cooperation and dedication in this regard

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