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Published on February 5, 2014

Author: danhops888

Source: slideshare.net

JD in-store Radio Review As part of my assignment on music based programming, I created three music-based shows: one internet, one commercial and one in-store. The first show I recorded was for an in-store’s radio system, with the shop being JD. In my analysis of the show I will be reviewing it in depth through means of looking at my strengths and weaknesses while presenting and controlling the radio equipment. Firstly, I believe my song choices were appropriate for the intended audience. JD is a shop which specializes in branded sports clothing such as Nike and Adidas. These clothes are generally favoured by children, teenagers and young adults. The genres from the songs I picked include RnB, pop and indie rock, whose general target audience are the age-groups listed above. This is because they are more mainstream types of music, which is in the interest of younger people. Some of the songs played on my hour include Eminem featuring Rihanna : Love The Way You Lie, Dappy : No Regrets and Katy Perry: Roar. These types of songs are/were mainstream music and were chart-hits. Love The Way You Lie though old, remains in the listener’s interest as it was extremely popular at it’s time of release. I think that and all of the other songs I played are justified. I presented the show along with Daniel Harrison and we took turns announcing songs, in-store details and facts about each song we played. I felt that as presenters we didn’t work too well as we didn’t exchange much talk, only sticking to talking about the songs. The only time we talked together was when Daniel had to prompt me by asking me what was coming up. I think we would have done better if we engaged with each other sporadically and were more confident while presenting. However, as it is instore people wouldn’t really be giving the radio their full attention, with many viewing it as background noise to accompany their shopping. I have previously analysed Subway’s in-store radio show as part of one of my assignments. The show featured no speech based content at all and only few adverts, so I believe our lack of speech is justified and keeps in character with shows like it. However, if we were going to speak to each other it should only be about the shops products as in-store radio presenters wouldn’t really talk to each other about what is happening in their personal lives. This is because it is of no real interest to its intended audience. At some points we were going off the script we had too much, which resulted in us sounding too robotic and less fluid. If we didn’t say our lines correctly, we would panic and quickly say the name of the artist/song/store product in an attempt to get back on track. This gave our presenting at times, a rushed feeling. I have worked often on our college radio station and during my hour on it I do not use a script, electing to use notes instead. I think this gave me a more free-flowing style of presenting and seemed like I was doing it in the moment and not reading lines. I think I will adopt this approach for my future radio shows as it may make me more confident, knowing I am saying what comes naturally. Even though we went off our scripts a lot we often had enthusiastic voices, rather than a boring droning one. This fits into the audience’s needs as they would generally want to listen to a energetic presenter rather than a quiet one.

In terms of relating to the store I thought we did very well. We often told people about sales that are on and to have a look at the company’s website and twitter pages. We also at one point gave out the JD help team’s phone number, telling the listening audience to ring “if they have any queries or problems” or to “drop us a line @JDhelpteam”. We researched the contact details beforehand to make sure they were accurate. The use of the phrase “drop us a line” seems welcoming and relaxed and I think these cases of listener interaction suited their needs. When we were talking I think that we should have had some form of background music, either in the form of an instrumental or the upcoming song, to have more going on and provide a backing to our speech. Only once did we mention a news story but, it lasted relatively short and wasn’t worded very well. I spoke about how Calvin Harris had recently broke up with his girlfriend Rita Ora and as a “tribute to their relationship” played ‘We Found Love’ by Calvin Harris and Rihanna. I think this is something that I could have possibly scripted even though the story broke just minutes before our recording. There was relatively little dead air, as if we made mistakes while speaking we quickly amended them, so there was no pauses between our words. However, towards the end of our show when Daniel is telling people the address of the JD website. He stops after “www.JD...” as he has not read the full address featured on the script. He then quickly had to sift through it to find it but, not before approximately 7 seconds of dead air. To improve on this minor issue I think we should make small notes to consult during our presenting. They would be used as a quick reference in case we needed to correct our mistake. When we presented songs we rarely spoke about the artist or song. We occasionally made small comments such as “the 17 year old teenage genius” (Martin Garrix). When Number One played (Tinchy Stryder Featuring N-Dubz) we mentioned about Dappy’s trademark hat and its availability in store and his (then) appearance in the Big Brother house. I mentioned this quickly saying “So why don’t you go and watch that”. This was a closed sentence and was more of a command instead of casually suggesting the show to the listener. Often before songs we would say “Hope you enjoy” or “Hope you all love it” as basic viewer interaction and to seem kind and welcoming to the listener. Daniel also said before one song (Number One) that it was his favourite. This provided a bit more chat and a relaxed approach to the show. It was a quick line but, it added a sense of humanity to the show as it then didn’t seem that we were reading off a script, by adding a personality to the presenter. Our transitions between songs/jingles and our speech content was very good and we only once didn’t change the sound effectively, adding a small amount of dead air no more than two seconds long. This was because we selected the wrong button and nearly played something entirely different. However we quickly realized the error and changed back to the normal schedule. Overall, I would say our technical aspect of our presenting was very good as the transitions, apart from the time mentioned above, were smooth and effective. Our show ended almost abruptly with us both quickly saying bye after Daniel had mistakenly forgotten JD’s website address. However before this we said “we hoped you enjoyed the songs” and “enjoyed your time shopping at JD”. I felt this added

more interest to the listener as it is directed at them and is kind and pleasant. We also told the listener the store’s closing time, as it would be of interest to them, especially if they are shopping late at night and don’t want to rush. Overall, I thought our show was good as we were able to announce songs and in-store products easily and fluently the majority of the time. Our transitions were near perfect and only our speed of using the controls needs improving. We spoke clearly and we maintained an audible level of volume for the listener throughout the show. However, I think that there are many things that we could improve on and I would like to display these improvements in our next radio show. One thing that I would like for us to improve on is our confidence. I think we would be a lot smoother and efficient at presenting if we are confident and aren’t going into the recording panicking and worried that we might mess it up. If we are much calmer and say what comes natural to us rather than reading constantly off a script, I think we could do much better. Also, in our two coming radio shows which are commercial and internet shows respectively, we will need to chat a lot. I want our conversations to be unscripted and confident, with a lot of light-hearted jokes and banter to make it as relaxed and entertaining as possible. I think we should play songs at a low level in the background while we announce them because; some songs have long musical intros which may bore the listener after a while.

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