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Published on June 9, 2008

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Jean-Claude Van Damme_His Best Quotes

J ean- C laude V an D amme Learn more about great philosophers on His Best Quotes

Jean-Claude Van Damme (born October 18, 1960) is a Belgian martial artist and actor who is best known for his large catalogue of action movies. His Belgian background combined with his physique gave rise to his nickname The Muscles from Brussels . Van Damme has also been called the "King of the Belgians" due to his international superstardom. Learn more about great philosophers on

But, he can also be a wonderful philosopher... Learn more about great philosophers on

“ If you work with a pneumatic drill during an earthquake, you must desynchronize, otherwise you work for nothing.” Learn more about great philosophers on

“ A biscuit has no soul, it is just a biscuit. But, before it was some milk, eggs. And, in eggs, there is potential life.” Learn more about great philosophers on

“ I believe in the moment. If there is no moment, at this moment, it is necessary to come at this moment, at the moment we want.” Learn more about great philosophers on

“ Statistically speaking, one out of five person is mental. If there are 4 people around you and they all seem normal, it's not good.” Learn more about great philosophers on

“ My model, it's myself! I am my best model because I know my errors, my qualities, my victories and my defeats. If I spend my time taking another model as model, how do you want this model to model me in the good way?” Learn more about great philosophers on

“ If you call a clairvoyant and she does not pick up the phone before it rings, hang up!” Learn more about great philosophers on

“ I am fascinated by the air. If we take the air from the sky, all the birds would fall on the ground... And planes too... At the same time, you can not touch the air... It exists and it does not exist. It feeds man even if he is not hungry... It is magic! Air is beautiful, but at the same time you can not see it, it is sweet and you can not touch it... Air is a little like my brain.” Learn more about great philosophers on

“ You do not need a flash when you photograph a rabbit which already has red eyes.” Learn more about great philosophers on

“ If you invite people to a party, all having the same blood group, but you do not tell them, they are going to talk about other things.” Learn more about great philosophers on

“ If you are sleeping and you are dreaming that you are sleeping, you have to wake up twice to get up.” Learn more about great philosophers on

“ If you are lost in the forest, stand still for two years and moss will grow will grow on one side of your legs. It indicates the North.” Learn more about great philosophers on

“ Adam and Eve, I do not believe in it anymore you know, because I am not stupid: the apple, it can not be bad, it is full of pectin...” Learn more about great philosophers on

“ I like peanuts. You drink a beer and you are fed up with the taste. Then you eat peanuts. Peanuts are sweet and salty, strong and soft, like a woman. To eat peanuts is a really strong feeling. And then you want to drink some more beer again. Peanuts are perpetual motion in the outreach of man.” Learn more about great philosophers on

"There are people who did not succeed because they are not aware, they are not "informed". They are not conscious that they exist. Poor people, they do not know. It is necessary to wake people up. That is to say, there are people who do their job, who study, they have a diploma, they are in contact with all this. You have a cold and you always sneeze. You need to blow your nose. Do you want a handkerchief? So there are people like that who are not aware, it is an example, I am aware.” Learn more about great philosophers on

Thank you Jean-Claude!!! Don't change anything... Learn more about great philosophers on

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