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Published on June 1, 2019


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1. Overview You have cherished an idea in mind and that’s not just a figment of imagination. That’s a cultivated thought since years as to how you would live. A constructed address will nullify the thought. A slice of land will foster the thought. Seeing one, your imagination will take wings. Wide and stretched wings.   Cultivate your ideas, imagination, figment, eccentricities and your soul into the home you are gonna build. Start from the thought, end with a masterpiec. Get a fascinating structure. Call it your home, A land can work wonders.   [JBR Colonisers and Developers offers an opportunity to build a career in the most conductive work anvirionment enabling to grow and develop with a combination of professional poise and entrepreneurial flair. We belive that each employee is an important stakeholder in fulfilling our professional commitments. So If you feel you have the inner passion to grow and succeed in a dynamic organization, join us.  # Wide concrete roads, Sewage, Drains, Adequate water supply and     complete electrification. # 24X7 Secured campus JBR GROUP Coloniser and Developer in Bhopal jbrcoloniser@gmail.com 0755-4902000 Menu 

2. # Maximum Greenery, maximum life. # 6 lane approach road from Bhopal and Hoshangabad Road. # Secured Campus, no encroachment, call it good for transferable      employees. # Build as per your choice, save money. # A unique project of its kind on the road # Apt for investment, wonder Township. # Street lighting in entire campus. # Adequate water supply with overhead water tank # Based on vastu. # Underground cabling for electrification # Beautiful entrance gate # Its actually a plush luxury. # The township is worked to details. # Meticulous, scrupulous and puncttilious. OK, No more hard – hitting words. The township is simply a piece crafted with soul, sweat and blood. A monalisa of townships.

3. JBR GROUP CO N S TR UCTI O N CO MPA N Y I N B HO PA L When we Create a Building there is a vision that challenges the conventional notions of architecture, design, materials and thinking. Often, these structures shape more than just the environments and lifestyles of the people living in them; they shape the future blueprints of entire cities. At JBR Group, it is our constant endeavour to transform the city with every building of ours. When we incorporate playgrounds and swimming pools into our designs, it’s not just to offer our customer better amenities, but to offer their children better childhoods. When we push ourselves to nd innovative solutions, it is not so much to save costs, as it is to save our environment. that’s why we are the best construction company in bhopal OWNER MESSAGE

4. Director Message J B R G RO UP This has been another year of excellent progress for the Company, delivering significantly improved financial returns, and continuing to invest in an organised and structured manner towards future growth. The Indian Property market though subdued remains active for new homes and remains strong in Bhopal compared to the rest of India Against this strong market scenario we are continuing to advance in our own progress (projects) and developments across all our businesses.

5. The fact that we delivered our highest completion projects for the 3 years whilst continuing to be at forefront in terms of quality and customer service standards is a great testament of our business modeland the dedication of our team. This testament is also reflected year over year with75% of our home owners continuing to recommend us to a friend – an exceptional accomplishment in this competitive industry. We are well on the way to hitting our FY19 targets with improved gross margins and with up scale projects in sought after and desired residential locations of Goa.Our offering are not only apt for the locals but for also for the HNI’s seeking investment opportunities. At the same time as delivering an excellent financial performance, and returns to our buyers we have continued to invest for the future despite the land market being fraught with issues we have managed to enter into strategic Joint Venture agreements therefore ensuring continuity and a stronger presence for the long term. Our business policy of strategic tie ups along with the expansion of our business portfolio together with our business model ensures that the Company remains both strong and dynamic JBR Group JBR Coloniser & Developers in Bhopal JBR Group is a well known Real Estate company in Bhopal. Most of our projects comprises of apartments, posh villas and farmhouses across Bhopal JBR ETHOS

6. Our Mission We will strive to be a performance leader in every dimension of our business. We will never substitute price for quality. Our operating philosophy is teamwork with our customers. Our unchanged goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We will manage our business for long term success so we can help you realize your dream of a comfortable future, ‘your home’ . Our Vision Our vision is to continuously add value to the lives of our customers, business associates and stakeholders while also giving back to society what we’ve gained from it.  our team always wanted to  building the new India and become the world’s most valuable real estate company. To be the pacesetter in real estate scenerario by ful lling customer expectations.

7. Our Value We love to showcase the work we have completed as we’re always extremely  proud of what we can and do achieve. we provide always ethical and  professional service, as well as compliance and respect foar all community,Please browse through out recent project gallery and let us know what you think!

8. Our Motive As a developer, JBR Group has always believed that form follows function. This is evident in every aspect of our design and the way we plan homes. JBR Group also lays special emphasis on the quality of its homes and expects everyone in the team to follow the rule of ‘Better, not cheaper’. We realise that buying of a home is more than just a transaction; it is the realisation of an important dream. We have a large Number of Plot available, 01 OUR CREDENTIALS We Are The Best In Real Estate Services

9. T & CP Approved Plots Secured Campus


11. 24*7 Service

12. Metro

13. CCTV Secured

14. Expressway

15. Car Parking



18. Our Services DEVELOPMENT We are working on Commercial,Residential projects.Recently we have launched our New project "Jai Bhawani Residency"which has fully Dxeveloped 800 plots in 20 Acre with all the necessary facilities available located at Hoshangabad Road,mandideep. CAREER JBR Colonisers and Developers offers an opportunity to build a career in the most conductive work anvirionment enabling to grow and develop with a combination of professional poise and entrepreneurial

19. air. We belive that each employee is an important stakeholder in ful lling our professional commitment HELP Aggressively pursue innovative methods to provide exceptional customer service. Build lifetime relationships with our customers and communities,we Support our clients in accomplishing their desires and personal objectives. Support Acknowledged as one of the reowned property professionals,our breadth of experience in this core market assists us to provide purposeful and insightful advice and information to our customers.Right from intial planning to nal implementation,we support our clients in accomplishing their desires and personal objectives.

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