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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: socialscribblers

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This article has been written for Techkriti Blog for a Cause Contest.
The topic was:
“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the World.” Write about a particular issue concerning the position of women in today’s society.

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The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world The first person whom we come to know in this world is our mother. She is the lady who bears the greatest of all pains to bring us into this world, to nourish us to be a good human

being. She is someone whom we can trust to be there with us at all points in our lives. Then we also have the sister, the wife and the daughter. All these roles played by women are always considered to be full of love and affection. But these mothers, sisters, wives and daughters are all being harassed, tortured and disrespected throughout the world. Every society sees women as a weaker gender. Everywhere ever since the earliest of times these people have been treated as second class citizens. But over the last century, the world has seen a great progress when it comes to women. The education of women has led to their progress in all spheres of lives. They do not bear all the cruel deeds against them and have started to raise their voices. Women now are at par with men. There are successful female doctors, engineers, executives, politicians everywhere around the world. It is true that not all women have access to education or facilities that will help them succeed even today but days are changing fast. But the question is: has the society changed its view regarding women?? We can argue yes it has changed. Society has accepted female world leaders. There are women who went to the space. But a closer view reflects minor problems that are faced by today’s educated women throughout the world and especially in India.

A family in India no matter how sophisticated always has a typical mindset (sometimes unknowingly) about an ideal woman. There is always a proper code of conduct for the daughter-in-laws. In most middle class families today in India, educating daughter is a familiar issue and the daughter is brought up with utmost care and freedom. But life after marriage isn’t the same for most irrespective of how much the lady earns. The roles which women have to face in today’s modern Indian society are highly complicated. Most Indians are brought up with a traditional mentality about the expected behavior of the men and so an educated Indian woman has a dual role to play: traditional one (care for family, cook, etc) as well as go out and earn. Also the educated youth isn’t as independent as people project. There are courses or jobs which are considered to be done better by boys. And the worst part is sometimes it is not just because of the “god-gifted” physical strength that boys have. Even today in the era of computerization where most machines work by a code input, girls fear to form groups solely made of girls to execute professional exercises. It is not that a girl cannot execute those tasks, it is just that girls feel more confident to work with boys. Since time immemorial, it’s the women who have failed miserably to support her fellow women. It is the women who

would first discourage another woman who has more success and popularity. It is the women who pass the first remarks and gossip to defame others. It is the women, the mother of a son, who encourages dowry, female infanticide and all other such crimes. It is the same woman who judges another on the basis of her dressing style or on the basis of the popular definitions of “beauty”. And sometimes it is also these women’s inability to accept her in-laws as her own that drifts families apart. It is time that we, the educated Indian women, bring a change in ourselves to bring a wider change in the fate of women in India. Let us gain some confidence, now, and accept the fact whole heartedly that we are powerful even by ourselves to be successful. Men and women need to be equal and for that we, the modern Indian women should now get the stereotyped roles redefined for us. Let us together stop being called “gossip girls” or be known for the make-ups we put on. Let us be known for our actions as a responsible citizen. Let us accept and lend a helping hand to all the other women who are fighting each day to be free. When a woman achieves excellence, she is praised more than the equivalent men. Let this be stopped. We are the same. We are all equivalent human beings. Let us value the careers of girls and boys equally. A girl is not just made to raise children and do household chores. Let us all make it usual for a man to help the wife for such jobs and not gossip against them. Let us start believing that we are equal

and not just keep saying that we are. Let us be independent. Men cannot reform our fate until we ourselves change our mindset. -Jayashrita Debnath

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