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Published on September 30, 2015

Author: JuanEls1

Source: slideshare.net

1. P R O P E R T I E S JAWITZ Taking your home to the market. Presented by Juan Els

2.  JAWITZ Properties is a premier real estate brand founded in 1969 and specialise in the marketing and selling of properties in South Africa – and also international offices in both Botswana and Mauritius.  We benefit from having a complete and professional corporate structure with all the necessary departments needed for the marketing and selling of your home.  The presentation that follows will give you insight into our unique understanding of all the critical factors that go into marketing and selling your residential property successfully.  I will be honest and upfront  I will tell you if myself or my company is not the best fit for your situation  I will be honest about pricing your property. The best marketing in the world will never sell an overpriced home.  I pride my self in providing full service, maximum exposure, ongoing communication and results  I will use our unlimited resources to turn your FOR SALE sign into a SOLD sign  Our team is with you every step of the way  My Marketing starts when we agree on a price and sign the listing. I can have your home on the market in less than 24 hours. Welcome To Jawitz Properties My Commitment to you

3. Meeting Your Needs  Property market valuation  Marketing and advertising  Multi Listing Services member with . ….56 agencies working on your property.  Promotion on the Internet  Show days  Handling the details  Negotiation on your behalf for the best . ….possible price the market will pay.  Avoiding inconvenience  Keeping you informed  Shortest possible time on market  Home enhancement recommendations  Pre qualification of potential buyers  Financing options  Closing costs and net proceeds  Post-sale follow up

4. • Carefully and thoroughly listing your home to showcase its features especially those that highlight its uniqueness. • Professionally photographing your home for advertising and marketing purposes. • Arranging a virtual tour of you home which will be showcased on Private Property. • Advertising your home professionally in the right newspapers, magazines and websites - those used by buyers to view properties. • Producing a marketing brochure which is given to buyers attending show days and all other clients who visit your home. • Erecting For Sale boards outside your home to attract potential buyers who drive past your home. • Putting your home on show! Even with the increasing use of websites and other technologies to view properties, over 70% of our sales are as a result of buyers first seeing the property at a show day. • Our local advertising campaigns further enhance our brand, ensuring that clients recognise our company’s presence in the area. • As part of a national group, referrals account for up to 20% of our sales annually. When you list your home with us, you gain access to buyers not just looking in your area, but buyers looking in similar areas and at similar prices. Marketing Activities

5. Home Enhancement Develop a plan to enhance your property’s ability to attract buyers Exterior * Keep grass mowed and edges trimmed * Pick up lawn tools, toys, sweep front walkway * Clean up after pets Interior * Pick up toys and shoes; make beds, put clothes away * Prepare tables with flowers and place settings; set out a board game or “coffee table” book * Turn off the television; play soft background music * Tidy up bathrooms; set out show towels * Clean windows, open drapes and shades, turn on lights, make house look bright and cheerful * Do a quick dusting and give the carpets a once-over with the vacuum; straighten rugs; empty wastebaskets * Keep pets out of the way; make sure all pet areas are clean and free of odor Special tips for showings * Secure jewelry, cash, medications and other valuables * Leave while your house is being shown * If people who are not accompanied by an agent ask to see your property, please refer them to us; we will pre-screen them

6. The Best Price Attainable * A Competitive Market Analysis will give you a solid foundation for the realistic pricing of your property. * We will assist you in determining the most effective list price for your property by considering . the following factors: The Competition * The number of similar properties for sale * Their prices, financing terms, location and physical condition Physical qualities of your property * Location * Age and condition * Size of house and lot * Floor plan and architectural style Market Conditions * Interest rates and availability of financing * Buyer demand * Prices of recently sold properties * State of the economy * Seasonal demand

7. • The first critical factor is the relationship between marketing your home; generating maximum buyer interest and the time your home stays on the market! • In determining the price at which we take your home to the market, it is important for you to understand this relationship which is illustrated below. The First Factor AT JAWITZ PROPERTIES, WE BELIEVE THAT THERE ARE TWO FACTORS THAT PLAY A CRITICAL ROLE IN MAXIMISING THE FINAL SELLING PRICE OF YOUR HOME!

8.  Homes that are over priced and do not sell become the basis for comparison for competing homes that offer better value and that will sell in a shorter time period. This rule applies at almost any price level.  The longer your home stays on the market, the greater the risk of receiving lower offers and eventually selling your home below current market value! With a realistic and pro-active pricing plan based on market feedback, this scenario is completely avoidable! YOUR HOME IS NEW TO THE MARKET AND THE MARKETING OF YOUR HOME SHOULD GENERATE MAXIMUM BUYER INTEREST AND ACTIVITY.  If your home is priced correctly to the ‘Current Market’, interest will be high and the market will respond with genuine and competitive offers.  The ‘Current Market’ is defined as comparable homes that have recently sold and homes that are currently for sale in both your suburb and in similar suburbs, while also taking into account the unique features of your home.  If your home is overpriced relative to the ‘Current Market’, you run the risk of eliminating potential genuine buyers who may have been interested in your home. The initial phase The secondary phase

9. SECOND FACTOR: Is a MLS group mandate WE STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT A GROUP MANDATE WITH JAWITZ PROPERTIES WORKS FOR YOU FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS:  It allows the consultant to create a platform of competition between buyers to .....maximise price!  This is very different to an open mandate which creates a platform of competition .....between consultants. Competition between consultants creates a race to submit the .... quickest offer and not necessarily the best offer.  A group mandate allows us to carefully manage the marketing and pricing of your .....home in conjunction with you and other agencies!  An group mandate allows us to give you, our client, better feedback and .....communication to enable you to make the right decision at the right time about your .....home!  Our buyer database from 45 agencies allows us to cross reference buyers between .....consultants and areas, increasing the likelihood of finding the right buyer faster!  An group mandate means that Jawitz Properties and your consultant can maximise .....the time, effort and money spent to market and sell your home! It is in both your and our best interests to maximise the selling price of your home! We believe that with our experience, knowledge and understanding of the market, a group mandate with Jawitz Properties is the right decision!

10. The Sales Process Qualifying Buyers Pre-approved Buyers A potential buyer for your house will receive a pre-approval decision from the Ooba Bond Originators for a loan amount necessary for the purchase of your property. 1. Affordability The buyer won’t waste time looking at homes he can’t afford. Homes outside their price range will be off grounds. 2. Motivation A preapproval letter tells you that the buyer is already working with a lender that’s willing to finance his purchase and that he can perform. 3. Saves Time The bank has already agreed to finance the buyers home purchase. Now, it’s just a matter of gathering up the information for any additional data the lender requires and having the home appraised. 4. Additional Costs Sometimes, first time homebuyers particularly aren’t aware of additional costs that come with buying a home like title insurance, lender closing costs, homeowners insurance and escrow fees. With an itemized list of costs provided after being preapproved, purchasers are armed with good information so you can be ready for any additional expenses that may come your way.

11. Understanding choices, meeting your needs • Taking your home to the market professionally! • We will present all offers in an objective fashion, review and explain their terms and help you evaluate how it fits your goals. • Dealing with you as our client in a manner that is professional and upholds the highest levels of ethics and integrity! • Delivering on what we promise to do and acting in your best interests at all times! • Pro-actively discussing with you the next step in marketing your home taking into account buyer feedback about your home and the length of time on the market! • Achieving a price for your home that is acceptable to you and that is the best price the current market will pay! Handling the details and keeping you informed • We will monitor the progress of the transaction and keep you informed throughout the entire transaction. • Giving you constant market feedback and communicating with you after every show day and buyer appointment! • Working with the buyer of your home to track that all their contractual obligations are adhered to! • Ensuring that all the terms and conditions associated with the sale of your home are discussed with you! Closing the sale: When an offer is presented we will negotiate on your behalf to help you obtain the most favorable price and terms, and we will work on your behalf to successfully close the sale. The Sales Process

12. Property sold by JAWITZ

13. Property sold by JAWITZ

14. Properties sold by JAWITZ

15. After-Sale Services * Ensuring that the legal documentation are drawn up and signed by both parties. * Ensuring that the financial aspects of the deed of sale are complied with. This includes seeing that the deposit and all costs, such as transfer and conveyancing fees are paid on time. * Ensuring that all outstanding rates and transfer duties are paid on time. * Ensuring that the obligatory certificates which the seller must pass on to the authorities are obtained. * Ensuring that all suspensive conditions, particularly those applying to the buyer, such as the award of a bond or the sale of another home (a very common precondition), are achieved or, if not achieved, appropriate steps are taken to either help the buyer or to move onto a new deal. * Setting the dates of occupation. * Ensuring that only agreed fittings and fixtures, specified in the deed of sale, are removed and that all others remain in place. * Ensuring that the property is in good condition when the new owner moves in. * If early occupation, with occupational rental, is being allowed, ensuring that the necessary sums are paid up front and that the temporary ‘tenant’ complies with the conditions of the lease.

16. JAWITZ PROPERTIES Resources We Are Ready To Go To Work For You NOW! WE UNDERTAKE TO GIVE YOU 100% OF OUR COMMITMENT AND IN RETURN WE ASK FOR 100% OF YOURS! WE’RE USING TECHNOLOGY TO REACH MORE CLIENTS - FASTER Through the use of our industry leading technology we market properties around the world Along with offices nation wide and our industry leading website Jawitz.co.za, we also advertise properties on IOL.co.za, Property24.com, PropertyGenie.co.za, TheTimes.co.za, iAfrica.com, RealEstateWeb.co.za– international website’s LuxuryPor tfolio.com, ReloHomeSearch.com, TheWallStreetJournal.com as well as social media sites Facebook and Twitter. Upon listing your home, a list of potential ‘close match’ buyers is automatically generated for our sales consultants to immediately start phoning potential buyers. All buyers who have registered with us and who may be interested in viewing your home are immediately notified by e-mail that we have just listed your home. Each time we put your home on show, electronic invitations are sent to all potential buyers whose buying criteria match your home. Exclusive MMS’ functionality is also available for us to send electronic brochures to clients who don’t have e-mail.

17. Thank you for taking the time to meet with us. We look forward to living up to the Jawitz Properties promise and successfully selling your home! Contact Details Northern Pretoria ADDRESS: 286 Zambezi Drive Sinoville Pretoria Contact numbers Office: +2712 543 0010 Fax: +2786 275 5569 Cell: +2781 299 5405 Email: juan@jawitzptanorth.co.za Website: www.jawitz.co.za

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