Javascript: 8 Reasons Every PHP Developer Should Love It

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Information about Javascript: 8 Reasons Every PHP Developer Should Love It

Published on January 26, 2009

Author: relaxnow


JavaScript 8 Reasons Every PHP Developer Should Love It Boy Baukema 24 January 2008 1

Welcome! 2 2

What I’ll cover - 8 Reasons to love JavaScript - JavaScript to PHP - Availability - Lambda functions & closures - Libraries - Future - Resources - Q&A 3 3

Gmail? 4 4

jQuery? Prototype.js? Dojo? 5 5 6 6

JavaScript Evangelist @ 7 7

1. JavaScript is misunderstood 8 8

2. JavaScript IS the web 9 9

3. JavaScript is EVERYWHERE Do we really need graceful degradation? 10 10

3. JavaScript is EVERYWHERE 11 11

3. JavaScript is EVERYWHERE 12 12

3. JavaScript is EVERYWHERE 13 13

3. JavaScript is EVERYWHERE 14 14

3. JavaScript is EVERYWHERE 15 15

4. JavaScript has lambda functions VS 16 16

4. JavaScript has lambda functions VS 17 17

4. JavaScript has lambda functions PHP 4 >= 4.0.1, PHP 5 18 18

4. JavaScript has lambda functions PHP 5.3 19 19

4. JavaScript has lambda functions 20 20

4. JavaScript has lambda functions 21 21

5. JavaScript has closures Javascript closure example 22 22

5. JavaScript has closures PHP closure 23 23

5. JavaScript has closures PHP closure continued... “I never thought I'd say this, but I miss closures.” - Marco Tabini, php|architect 24 24

6. JavaScript is different 25 25

7. Small and easy to extend 26 26

7. Small and easy to extend strcmp array_walk_recursive echo intval nl2br stripos abs asinh empty in_array number_format stripslashes acos asin end ip2long octdec strip_tags addslashes atanh exit isset ord stristr array atan explode is_array parse_str strlen array_change_key_case base64_decode exp is_bool pi strnatcmp array_chunk base64_encode filesize is_double pow strncasecmp array_combine basename file is_finite preg_quote strpbrk array_count_values base_convert file_exists is_float printf strpos array_diff bin2hex file_get_contents is_infinite print_r strrev array_diff_assoc bindec floatval is_integer property_exists strripos array_diff_key call_user_func floor is_int quotemeta strrpos array_fill call_user_func_array fmod is_long rad2deg strspn array_fill_keys ceil function_exists is_nan rand strstr array_filter checkdate func_get_args is_null range strtolower array_flip chop func_get_arg is_numeric require strtotime array_keys chr func_num_args is_object require_once strtoupper array_key_exists chunk_split getdate is_scalar reset str_ireplace array_map class_exists getrandmax is_string round str_pad array_merge compact gettype join rsort str_repeat array_merge_recursive constant get_class krsort rtrim str_replace array_pad cosh get_defined_functions ksort serialize str_rot13 array_pop cos get_defined_vars lcg_value setcookie str_split array_product count get_headers levenshtein sha1 substr array_push count_chars get_html_translation_tabl log10 sha1_file substr_count array_rand crc32 e log shuffle tanh array_reduce create_function get_included_files long2ip sinh tan array_reverse date hexdec ltrim sin time array_search decbin htmlentities max sizeof trim array_shift dechex htmlspecialchars md5 sleep ucfirst array_slice decoct htmlspecialchars_decode md5_file sort ucwords array_splice defined html_entity_decode method_exists soundex unserialize array_sum define http_build_query microtime split urldecode array_unique deg2rad hypot min sprintf urlencode array_unshift die implode mktime sqrt utf8_decode array_values dirname include mt_getrandmax strcasecmp utf8_encode array_walk each include_once mt_rand strchr var_export wordwrap 27 27

8. JavaScript is the future “JavaScript is probably the most important language in the world today.“ - Steve Yegge (ex-Amazon, now Google) “Our JIT compiler generates code that is roughly equivalent to the performance of unoptimized C code (gcc -O0).” - Andreas Gal, Mozilla Tracemonkey dev 28 28

Learn JavaScript! 29 29

8 Reasons 1. JavaScript is misunderstood 2. JavaScript IS the web 3. JavaScript is EVERYWHERE 4. JavaScript has lambda functions 5. JavaScript has closures 6. JavaScript is different 7. Small and easy to extend 8. JavaScript is the future 30 30

Thank you! Contact details: Boy Baukema 31

Questions ? 32 32

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