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Published on November 1, 2007

Author: DC_Cloepatra

Source: authorstream.com

City on a Global Market:  City on a Global Market Territorial Marketing Strategies Mag. Ivana Jašić ‘The Creative City: Crossing Visions and New Realities in the Region’ I8 – 14 May 2006 IUC, Dubrovnik Territory:  Territory Aggregation of resources (tangible/intangible) System of values TM: a set of marketing tools and strategies aimed at increasing the value of the territory and ensuring its visibility on the market Process of understanding the potentials and relationships within the territory Needs for TM:  Needs for TM Globalization Decentralization Integration btw States Technological Development New Political Dimensions New Cultural Dimensions Goals of TM:  Goals of TM to develop the Existing Economy to develop new business organizations to attract new resources, new consumers to attract and diffuse knowledge Principles of TM:  Principles of TM Social Equilibrium Environmental protection Economic Competition Who?:  Who? Instruments for TM Plan:  Instruments for TM Plan S.W.O.T. Analysis Mapping of CULTURAL CAPITAL Brainmapping (niched marketing) Benchmarking (copy and paste) CULTURAL CAPITAL:  CULTURAL CAPITAL Case study in Strategies of Territorial Marketing: EUROPEAN CITIES AND CAPITALS OF CULTURE :  Case study in Strategies of Territorial Marketing: EUROPEAN CITIES AND CAPITALS OF CULTURE ECOC:  ECOC ‘For ECOC there is no simple measure of success, and attempts to make comparisons btw cities are undesirable and difficult.....There is a complex matrix of issues for any city of culture to deal with.’ From ‘European Cities and Capitals of Culture’ Study Prepaired for the European Commission, Part I, PALMER/RAE ASSOCIATES, Brussels, August 2004, downloadable at: www.palmer-rae.com/culturalcapitals.htm Strategic Planning:  Strategic Planning 21 ECOC Operating Expenditure 63% cultural programme 7 – 24 % communication and marketing,special events, merchandising wages, salaries, overloads rennovation of facilities urban revitalisation (physical) management of capital projects (pp.16 – 19) Strategic Design:  Strategic Design 21 ECOC Infrastructural Investments Transformation of public spaces and lighting Restoration of facilities and monuments Construction of new buildings (concert halls, theatres and museums) 1/3 carried out work in transport infrastructure (airports, railway stations and car parking) ¼ had minor capital investments in urban development (housing, sanitation, hospitals) ¼ developed cultural districts (regenerated historical areas or created new cultural districts) (p.18,p.69) Communication of Values:  Communication of Values Districtual Theories and Hypernetworks Cognitive approach and System Territory Communication of Values: Cyber marketing ECOC: European networking City Branding:  City Branding Brand value (the value of active cultural capital) Aims and motivations: ‘city image, urban regeneration, economic recovery, international visibility.....’ Benefits of the Brand Graphic identity (logo) associated with values of the City Branded Merchandise Increased potential for Sponsorship Increase in Cultural Tourism over years Widening of the definition of culture..... Towards SEE markets: Guides, manuals and proposals for SEE Cities:  Towards SEE markets: Guides, manuals and proposals for SEE Cities Strategic Proposals:  Strategic Proposals ‘What kind of cultural strategy does Dubrovnik need?’ AWL under the Kultura Aktiva Projekt, research and debate, 2006 http://see.oneworld.net/article/view/123985/1/ ‘Debate in Split: Independent Culture and Youth Centre’ Coalition of Youth association (KUM) under the Kultura Aktiva Projekt, 2006 http://see.oneworld.net/article/view/124369/1/ ‘Cultural Strategy for the City of Rijeka’ NGO ‘Drugo more’ with Rijeka City Council, five public debate sessions and a book published ‘Contributions to Cultural Strategy of Rijeka’, 2004 http://www.policiesforculture.org/project ‘Participative policy making: Cultural Strategy of the City of Zagreb’ ‘Druga strana’ Center for a Culture of Dialogue, lectures, debates, workshops in strategic planning, ‘Strategy for Cultural Centres in Zagreb’ 2003 http://www.policiesforculture.org/project Criteria for implementation:  Criteria for implementation Marketability? Financing? Authenticity? vs. professional expertise vs. territory Towards SEE Markets:  Towards SEE Markets Not for profit level: Networks for SEE Nat’l Pre-accession Strategies: ROPs (Regional Operative Programmes) EU Community Initiative Programme for transnational cooperation: European Neighbourhood Programmme INTERREG III B CADSES (2000 – 2006) program for spatial development www.cadses.net City on the SEE Market needs....:  City on the SEE Market needs.... Constant Fundraising (Compensation of Value) Identifiying and building of sectoral relationships on the territory Building of intersectoral bodies for transnational (EU) cooperation Dimension of time – does it qualify on the market? Patras Report:  Patras Report ‘Patras, as a relatively small city in terms of population, currently lacks certain key facilities and spaces to host significant and large – scale cultural programmes, although the city has plans for major infrastructure projects. The Panel were impressed with these plans, which the city claims will be completed by 2006.’ (p.8) From Report on Greek Nomination for the European Capital of Culture 2006, Issued by The Selection Panel for the European Capital of Culture 2006, Brussels and Patras 2002, downloadable at: http://europa.eu.int/comm/culture/eac/other_actions/cap_europ/pdf_word/patras_final_report.pdf References:  References Becattini, Giacomo, ‘The Marshallian industrial district as a socio – economic notion' in F. Pyke, G. Becattini and W. Sengenberger eds. Industrial Districts and Inter – firm Co-operation in Italy, International Institute for Labour Studies, Geneva, 1990. pp. 37 - 52 Porter, E. Michael, 'Clusters and the new economics of competition', Harvard Bussiness Review, November – December, 1998. pp. 77-90 ‘Organizing for Change’ in Phillip Kotler, Donald H. Haider and Irving Rein Marketing Places, Simon and Schuster, April 1993, pp.311 – 346 (Ch. 12) Minoja, Mario, Bocconi University, Milano and Borroi, Mario, University of Trento, 'Knowledge protection mechanisms in Industrial District' (paper) pp. 1 – 10 Miccoli, Giusi 'Reti imprenditoriali e creazione di conoscenza' (paper) pp. 1-6 at: NEXT on line, Strumenti per l’innovazione, Archivio No.6 Premazzi, Katia, 'Il cyber – marketing territoriale' in Valdani e Ascarani eds:Srategie di Marketing del Territorio, pp.323 – 376 Tables:  Tables Slide 8: Table for mapping of cultural capital, creator: Pier Luigi Sacco, Dept. of Cultural Economy, Universita' IUAV, Venice, Italy, EU, reproduced graphically with variables: QCA – Quality of Cultural Activity QLG – Quality of Local Governance QKP – Quality of Knowledge Production ELC – Education of Local Community PLC – Participation of Local Community MSC – Management of Social Criticalities EDE - Entrepreneurial Development DLT – Development of Local Talent AOT – Attraction of Talent AEF – Attraction of External Firms Visuals:  Visuals Slide 15: Case studies in Branding ECOC Logo for Genoa, 2004 ECOC Logo for Lille, 2004 Dubrovnik Summer Festival, poster design: Orsat Frankovic

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