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Published on December 6, 2007

Author: Coralie

Source: authorstream.com

MERLOT International Conference 2006 Facilitating Japanese language learning through innovative online activities developed collaboratively :  MERLOT International Conference 2006 Facilitating Japanese language learning through innovative online activities developed collaboratively Kazue Masuyama & Andrea Shea California State University at Sacramento Presentation Agenda:  Presentation Agenda 1.To describe the collaborative development and implementation of technologies into Japanese language classes 2.To showcase interactive online activities 3.To show students’ responses 4.To share what we learned working together My journey of learning and using technology….:  My journey of learning and using technology…. Summer 2002:  Summer 2002 I need help! Sure, how can I help you? Summer 2002:  Summer 2002 We came up with an idea. WebCT as a Teaching & Learning Hub! Slide7:  Foreign Language Lab Slide8:  www.csus.edu/indiv/s/sheaa/projects/genki Usagi-Chan’s Genki Resource Web Page Slide9:  WebCT Home Page Slide10:  WebCT Course Syllabus Schedules Handouts Streaming Audio PowerPoint Presentations Grade Postings Learning Games Important Announcements E-mail Discussion Board Quizzes, Exercises, Surveys Slide11:  (1) Interactive online daily schedule Slide12:  Click here! WebCT Japanese 1 Homepage Slide13:  Content Module Slide14:  Table of Contents Slide15:  Interactive Online Syllabus Slide16:  (2) Posting PowerPoint presentation, notes, and handouts Slide17:  PowerPoint Slides Slide18:  PDF Print Version of PowerPoint Slides Slide19:  (3) Online audio files using voices of native speakers of Japanese Slide20:  (4) Online quizzes & exercises Slide21:  Example: Online Quizzes & Exercises Slide22:  How did we collaborate for quizzes? Faculty needed to have an easy way to create WebCT quiz and exercise questions Online specialist created a PHP program that used a MySQL database to create questions This allows faculty to create interactive online quizzes and exercises easily Questions generated by PHP program:  Questions generated by PHP program Slide24:  (5) Student Homepages in Japanese Student Homepage (First year):  Student Homepage (First year) Showcasing their own work in Japanese Reading other students’ homepages as a part of classroom activities Developing their webpage over the course in Japanese Student Homepages:  Student Homepages Slide27:  (6) Online research & discussion on Japanese culture Discussion Board:  Discussion Board A place to share the information on Japan-related events Cultural Learning Site Pop-culture & entertainment Festivals & Food Customs & manners Geography Folklore & mythology Doing online research on Japanese culture:  Doing online research on Japanese culture Students’ Task Search Word(s) Web page address Information Importance and relevancy to their lives A question for an exam in a multiple-choice or true-false format, with the correct answer indicated Slide30:  Actual student posting Online culture quiz Slide31:  (7) Web-based exercises for newly introduced vocabulary & verb conjugation Slide32:  Vocabulary Flashcards Slide33:  Vocabulary Flashcards Slide34:  (8) Lesson-by-lesson kanji sheet with stroke-order movies & PDF worksheets and flashcards Slide35:  QuickTime Movie Kanji (Writing) Online Exercise Kanji Exercises - cont.:  Kanji Exercises - cont. Slide37:  PDF Kanji Flashcards Slide38:  PDF Kanji Worksheet Detailed examples of collaboration:  Detailed examples of collaboration Drag-n-drop game e-portfolio A detailed example of collaboration:  A detailed example of collaboration Hiragana & Katakana (Japanese characters) drag-n-drop games Note: These games are available through the MERLOT resource page Hiragana Japanese writing system:  Hiragana Japanese writing system Hiragana: 46 Japanese syllables (characters) Students must recognize these characters in the first 2 weeks A typical approach to teach hiragana in classroom using flash cards:  A typical approach to teach hiragana in classroom using flash cards Pros Hands-on Fun Ice-breaker Students’ full attention Cons Preparation Time consuming activity Individual differences Designing a new approach:  Designing a new approach Online specialist saw potential for an equivalent online activity designed the game based on a simple French drag-n-drop exercise Game evolution:  Game evolution Simple French Drag-n-Drop Version 1:  Version 1 Drag-n-drop characters Timer keeps track of current game We didn’t know if anyone was playing the game Version 2:  Version 2 Scores are logged to a database Students are not typing in their real names, difficult for instructor to monitor Multiple names of the same students. Discouraging for others. Latest Version:  Latest Version Student enters student ID Welcomed by first name Shows best time so far Latest version:  Latest version Slide49:  Click here! Hiragana Challenge Slide50:  Hiragana Challenge Slide51:  Enter student ID Slide52:  Time to Beat Timer Another example of collaboration:  Another example of collaboration e-portfolio WebCT 6 - Student homepages no longer available Masters’ project Third year Japanese class Slide55:  Name, major,email, resume, etc. Self-introductionin Japanese Slide56:  Future goal “I want to live in Korea” & “I want to study in Japan” Philosophy:“Everybody is unique” Slide57:  Enter studentUsername andPassword Slide58:  Click here to edit the caption of the picture Steps to create e-portfolio Slide59:  Enter caption text in box e-Portfolio: pros and cons:  e-Portfolio: pros and cons Pros Easy to use Accessible by others Multilingual Free Cons Limited capability Limited improvement What did students think about use of technology in their learning?:  What did students think about use of technology in their learning? Participants:  Participants 185 college students who enrolled in the first year Japanese language course from Fall 2002 to Spring 2005 Data collection:  Data collection Anonymous online survey In-class non-anonymous survey Interviews Research questions:  Research questions Did students perceive a technology-enhanced class as useful? What activities do they perceive to be the most and least beneficial to their learning? 2002-2005 Survey results:  N=185 2002-2005 Survey results Let’s listen to what the students have to say about class activities?:  Let’s listen to what the students have to say about class activities? What did we learn by working collaboratively?:  What did we learn by working collaboratively? Slide68:  Design/developing product Piloting Assessing Improving/implementing   Instructor Consultant Collaboration Student Slide69:  Andrea’s amount of help Kazue’s level of skills and knowledge using technology 2002 2003 2004 Future? 2005 Slide70:  Increase in faculty’s technology skills allows online specialist to work on more advanced tasks Increase in online specialist’s knowledge of content allows faculty to work on more advanced projects collaboratively Example: Kanji website for Advanced Placement Japanese program: current project:  Example: Kanji website for Advanced Placement Japanese program: current project Slide72:  Kazue Masuyama: kmasuyama@csus.edu Andrea Shea: ashea@csus.edu

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