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Published on August 26, 2007

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Slide1:  Slide2:  GDX Automotive History:: In 1984, GenCorp becomes the parent holding company for General Tire, while in 1986, General Tire combines the Chemicals/Plastics and Industrial Products divisions into a company called Diversitech General. As a response to 1987’s market conditions, GenCorp takes a new strategic direction, changing the company mix once again by selling General Tire and RKO General. To make better use of core competencies restructuring continues through 1988. Diversitech combines business segments to form GenCorp Automotive. GenCorp Automotive specializes in vehicle sealing and vibration control products, including weatherstripping, vibration control products, reinforced plastics, soft interior components and polymer products. The flexible flush glass sealing system becomes a key innovation in the product line. GenCorp strengthens their automotive segment in 1988 when they acquire the Bailey Corporation. Bailey provides GenCorp with key strategic strengths including inner and outer belt technology and increased extrusion capacity. 1980’s Slide3:  GDX Automotive History:: In By the 1970’s, General Tire has flourished and diversified. In 1972, the company counts five business segments which include General Tire, as well as Aerojet General, a company solely dedicated to aerospace and defense production, and RKO General, an entertainment company. Chemicals/Plastics and Industrial Products are divisions formed to produce manufactured goods such as extruded rubber products and automotive weatherstrips. 1970’s In 1930, General Tire and Rubber launches their first international manufacturing operation in Mexico. This international expansion continues in 1934 when the company establishes a manufacturing operation in Canada. 1937 sees the company begin extruding gaskets for refrigerators and automobiles, marking the birth of GDX Automotive.dedicated 1930’s W.F. O’Neil establishes the General Tire and Rubber Company in Akron Ohio, and introduces GenCorp, which later becomes GDX Automotive, to the Automotive market. 1915 Slide4:  GDX Automotive Corporate Structure:: Michael Bryant President GDX Automotive Steve Jeske Vice President Sales/Marketing Global Janice Stipp Vice President Finance Global Doug Cooper Senior Vice President Law Global Troy Cooley Vice President Purchasing Global Burkhard Bruhl Managing Director Operations Europe Scott Paquette Senior Vice President Operations North America Jeff Gilbert Vice President Engineering Global Wolfgang Fries Vice President Human Resources Global Slide5:  Global Presence Means Local Support:: North America Farmington Hills, MI* Batesville, AR New Haven, MO Salisbury, NC Wabash, IN Welland, ONT Europe Grefrath, Germany** Rehburg, Germany Valls, Spain Palau, Spain Chartres, France Corvol, France St. Nicolas, France Odry, Czech Republic Pribor, Czech Republic Asia Wanyuan, China *World Headquarters **European Headquarters Slide6:  Innovative Sealing Solutions:: Customize NVH Performance - Meet Customer Objectives Enhance Vehicle Styling Creative Assembly Solutions Hood-to-Cowl Weatherstrip Secondary Seals Glassrun Weatherstrip Roof Rail Weatherstrip Quarter Window Weatherstrip Decklid Weatherstrip Inner Weatherstrip Outer Weatherstrip Below Belt Retainer Weatherstrip Door Weatherstrip

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