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Published on August 7, 2009

Author: KireinaNeko

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Japanese i-adjective Present Tense Exercises

A reminder before beginning these exercises. In order to turn an i-adjective that is in the present affirmative(informal) into the present negative(informal) all you have to do is : Drop the final ( i ) from the adjective Replace with ( kunai ) Present aff.  yoi(is good) Present neg. yokunai(is not good )

Turn the following Present affirmative (inf)i-adjectives into present negative(inf.) Ex: oishii (is delicious)= oishikunai (is not delicious) EXERCISE 1A

yasui = (cheap) 2. chiisai (small)= 3. amai = (sweet) 4. nagai = (long) 5. kurai = (dark) 6. tanoshii = (fun) 7. akarui = (bright) 8. omoshiroi= (interesting)

14. furui= (old) 15. hayai= (fast) samui= (cold) 9. Kanashii = (sad) 10. tsuyoi= (strong) 11. atsui= (hot) 12. abunai= (dangerous) 13. takai= (expensive)


Translate the following : Ex : Is bad= warui / Is not bad = warukunai 1. Is hot = 2. Is not hot= 3. Is cold= 4. Is not cold= 5. Is happy= 6. Is not happy= 7. Is expensive= 8. Is not expensive= 9. Is fun= 10. Is not fun=

11. Is interesting= 12. Is not interesting= 13. Is bright= 14. Is not bright= 15. Is fast= 16. Is not fast= 17. Is cheap= 18. Is not cheap= 19. Is old= 20. Is not old=

Remember to take a 15 minute break for every 45 minutes of study.

Write the opposite of what each sentence states by writing the ( kunai) form of the i-adjective. Ex: Kononekowakawaiidesu. (This cat is cute.) Becomes Kononekowakawaikunaidesu.(This cat is not cute.) Exercise 1C

1. Sonoshinbunwafuruidesu (That newspaper is old.)       2. Konotesutowayasashiidesu.  (This test is easy.)   3. Anonihongo no jishowa ii desu.  (That japanese dictionary is good.) 4. Sonotoriwautsukushiidesu.  (That bird is beautiful.) 5. Konokurumawatakaidesu.  (This car is expensive.)   


Practice writing the kunai (is not X ) form of each of the i-adjectives below.

More lessons/exercises coming soon !

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