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Published on October 13, 2007

Author: WoodRock

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Japanese Game Technology Trends Klaus Oesch – Fenix Program Manager:  Japanese Game Technology Trends Klaus Oesch – Fenix Program Manager Klaus Oesch Finantec Oy December 2003 Slide2:  Contents This slideshow summarizes the information gathered from Japan during FENIX trip to Asia in November 2003. If you have any questions on the contents or contacts mentioned in the presentation, please contact Program Manager Mr. Klaus Oesch, klaus.oesch@finantec.fi Broadband Market Creation – Mega Consortium:  Broadband Market Creation – Mega Consortium (Shuichi Yoshiba, Secretary General, Megaconsortium e-mail. s_yoshiba@ampersand.co.jp Open Consortium, provides users high value services and expand markets Business co-operation between differet service providers Joint development of broadband content services designed for use on computers Joint development of broadband content services Stimulating growth of communication services Joint development of marketing services Joint development of new broadband services through joint investment Mega Consortium - Advantages:  Mega Consortium - Advantages Regular member (ISP over 12 million users) An associate member (Content provider, Service provider) Improved value of service by interconnectivity Availability of better lineup of content and service Increased effectiveness of investent in broadband infrastucture Improved opportunities to provide services to over 12 million users Availability of an efficient environment for providing content and service Access to a full support service platform covering everything from R&D to internet access terminals MegaConsortium - Framework:  MegaConsortium - Framework Core partners, KDDI (Dion), Nec (BigGlobe), Panasonic, Japan Telecom 22 Service providers 23 Content providers, Publishers, Game companies, Picture providers Infrastucture providers, Billing, SMS, other infra 55 Associate members Network infrastructure = Technology, CDN infrastructure = Infrastructure, Contents service = Service, Portal Browser = Contents When the 4 layers are complete the markets will begin to grow Creates a new paradigm by horizontal division of business and enjoy benefit on each member MegaConsortium – Business Creation:  MegaConsortium – Business Creation Business direction targeted – How to increase consumers purchase rate? Working groups 1. Content – Direction of the broadband services?, 2. Marketing – How to enhance the media value?, 3. Communications services - How to get IP-telecom instant messaging ang chat services attractive? Pilots: Japan largest cybermall, IP telecom services e.g. Kitaro concert, activities in South Korea Rich compound business model development – value adding communities Emotion based content - Mangas, Anime –animated films E-learning - english conversation sites A new company will be created (from planning to business centered company) MegaConsortium - Market Creation:  MegaConsortium - Market Creation Rakuten Megabargain – e-Shopping Tokyo FM an NEC – Broadband broadcasting iiv channel www.bb.tfm.co.jp Community infrastructure is to be delivered free Consumer service price 500 – 1000 yen/broadcast (Kitaro) MegaConsortium seminars Megaconsortium tours, exhibitions Club co-operation, studies, alliance between members Activities targeted also towards active senior people User number is growing by 70 000/month In the end 2007 more than ADSL users Business proposals from S-Korea and China Slide8:  New Life Style with mobile phone (Yukiharu Sambe, Managing Director www.taito.co.jp) Postmodern Culture - Mediamosaic MMOG-games are more popular in China and Korea than in Japan Virtual life – real life (event, shopping dependent gaming) Namco mobile games are popular Personal diaries, Pokemon type games Living wallpapers, short presentations 3D simulators, fighting games Teenager girls are interested of ringtones, pictures Hundreds of mobile e-mails between teenagers Japanese Phone Content Business :  Japanese Phone Content Business Mobile Phone contents 1800 MUSD (Ring tone, Game, information, data base) 80 Million handsets on market, 40 % of them are Java handsets Browser business Docomo 47 %, J-Phone 15 %, AU 15 %, no browser 23 % 2001 Docomo has started to distribute Java phone – started with 70 –80 popular games Java games 2003= platform ARM9, 80- 160 Mhz+content processor, 320x240 QVGA, 256 K program, Graphic 3 D engine First Java phone had the same system performance than 1970-80 video game Telecommunications Karaoke Taito, Sega, Giganet, Exiting Joy, Daichikosho - > market grows slow Technology and Brand mobile content – well known title is the key to the success Mobile phone net games are coming (Adventure Diary, Net puzzles.) Trends in Japanese digital contents and game market :  Trends in Japanese digital contents and game market Many players competing and co-operating; Namco, Sony, Sega, Taito... creating game markets Cross-media; Japan digital TV inaugurates 12/03 The scalable, personal digital world everywhere = mobile phone is the interface at home and in the town -> no more remote control -> new kind of entertainment, information and e-shopping Main trends; Communications, Value Adding Communities, 3-D Graphics, Sound world, Creatures based on artificial life technology, MMOG games are more popular in China and Korea than in Japan – 3 G BREW based games New content forms; short movies, mangas, adventure games 3D simulators, fighting games, world building simulators Maybe the next big thing – Enhancement of content -> User+brand content = ”me and Mickeymouse General problem: prostitution, sex violence crimes Mobile Entertainment in Japan:  Mobile Entertainment in Japan (Shinya Terasaki, NRC) Docomo, i-mode, i-appli, Docomo java (proprietary) Vodafone, J-Phone, Vodafone Live!, JSCL, KDDI, EZ-appli, Brew, KDDI-P Recent Phone trends; camera 1-2 megapixel, Display QVGA 240x320, polyphonic ringtone, 24 polyphony Cost monthly subscription 300 JPY = 2-3 euro per month a site subscription, user can download all contents during subsciption, site may offer several contents Java games, wallpapers, ringtones Majority is monthly subscription, billing is included in operator charge Content; Java games, Magazines, Pri-Mode street photo printer 200-500 JPY/print Main camera shooting target is human – myself - my friends, dating Decorating the mobile phone Japanese digital contents and game markets:  Japanese digital contents and game markets (Mr. Takashi Kobayashi, Nomura Research Institute) Japanese market for on-line games estimate is 1440 million year 2008 On-line games, mobile type contents, e-learning E-book market is a small market 22 billion yen On-line music distribution 80 billion yen year 2008 Video distribution market; second largest market 50 billion yen 2008 Information, news - non entertainment market 370 billion yen 2008 Half of the users are using internet – 50 % users are women Success; Penetration on infrastructure, convenience of payment, Service is convenient e.g. for music distribution If there is not content enough there will be a negative spiral Sega mobile business strategy:  Sega mobile business strategy (Mr. Tetsuji Ishii, General Manager, Mobile Business Department, Sega Corp.) Docomo has 16 games sites, Vodafone 13 game sites, KDDI Ezweb 5 sites Sega Mobile development 7 billion yen Sega Music Networks – Karaoke – 2 billion yen Core competence to capture the consumers - Sega Games Arcades, CD-ROM, Game cards, Mobile devices Nintendo ”the game” -> arcade games to mobile phones Mobile games is a new concept; competitors are the tv and radio -> to provide real entertaining time for consumers Japanese style mobile games :  Japanese style mobile games (Mr. Masanobu Endo, Game Author, Gamestudio Inc.) Game Watch 1980 – 89 ->computer games, games at home Gameboy 1989 – 2001 = game in the pocket Tamagochi 1996 –99 Bandai = artificial life -> female come to market, Sega has 40 % of female users Pocket Monster Pokemon Mini-Tetris = Tetris in Pocket Game Gear, WonderSwan = portable games 20 million 2,5 G and 20 million 3 G terminals Sony multimedia terminal, PSP, optical devices,radio-LAN connectivity Played a wide range of age groups Played by many female users Played at home Main themes -> Classical, Puzzle, Fortune telling, Role games Mobile community - @deai.com :  Mobile community - @deai.com (Mr. Toshifumi Nakabayashi, CEO, Cyberz Inc. www.cyberz.co.jp) Cyberz Internet Community Service Provider -> creative communities -> a place where you can send e-mail Dating sites are creating the main stream activities leading to the mass markets Site = camera picture, GPS position, report to the web master about the different people in the area, matching service, web log and diary in the site, access ranking service Search of opponent sex by different subjects Dating parties Security against prostitution, filtering system, log data to alert the user Service providers have the responsibility TAITO – On line Karaoke and Java Games:  TAITO – On line Karaoke and Java Games Yukiharu Sambe, Managing Director www.taito.co.jp Founded 1953, Video Games 1973, Space Invaders 1978, On line Karaoke 1992, Mobile entertainment 1999, 500 full-time game development engineers – many teams focusing to online systems 2003 Taito total sales 800 MUSD –many languages and handsets Arcade Space business, 500 big and 2000 small arcades Game Software, over 100 Java games (Nokia N-gage/Symbian/memory card games) Network Content business – new life style and media concepts Home Karaoke, On- line Karaoke (Karaoke player for N-gage 10/03) More than 3 million ring tone/music subscribers -> Taito holds 1200 000 music content subscribers Overseas = providing more than 40 operators, Vodafone, Club Nokia, Motorola, Orange... TAITO:  TAITO Nokia Research Center, Japan:  Nokia Research Center, Japan (Dr. Yoshikatsu Nakagawa, NRC, Japan) Japan NRC is a technology hotspot – 50 persons Strategic Focus Areas – Wireless Access, Future Multimedia Terminal, Wireless Applications Concentrating e-Japan national program Large investment on internet and mobile technology -iPV6, 4G, ubiquitous networking Technology focus areas: Embedded Software, Hardware Technologies – High Density Packaging, Linux-Java, Mobile Internet, WIDE Widely Integrated Dstributed Environment University Co-operation, Keyo, Waseda, Osaka Beijing NRC – Applications related research Nokia Wireless Communications Group Japan:  Nokia Wireless Communications Group Japan WCG Wireless Communications Group NRC/Tokyo From Pre-standardisation research to product development Radio Technology, Wireles networking, IP Networking 4 G research and interfaces with the Japanese standardization interfaces e-Japan Mobile ipv6 network at Roppongi hills Location aware services, video streaming, dynamic iPVsec VPN WCDMA inter working testing against other manufacturers terminals www.nokia.co.jp Marko Teittinen Nokia N-Gage – small console:  Nokia N-Gage – small console Play anywhere anytime - Leading Holistic Experience Content consumption optimized devices Community Interactivity N-Gage hardware Series 60/Symbian OS – Nokia rich Game SDK Arena Enabled Games Arena Web site, server core, SNAP routing Matchmaking, Message boards and chat, Tournaments, news and Alerts, Rankings, Game clips Online multiplay, Cheats, Walktroughs, Shadow Gaming, 2-person Bluetooth www.n-gage.com/ http://arena.com Multimedia Framework on Embedded Linux:  Multimedia Framework on Embedded Linux Eigo Mori, NRC Symbian is the main software platform of Nokia Reseach is also going on in Open Source software More information (http://dspgateway.sourcefoge.net) makes it possible to utilize DSP from Linux media player Chinese Government is thinking about to use Linux New technology wawe is coming; digital TV, Home broadband network, 3 G network, more hardware innovation Linux will be an apparent enabler Future Technologies for Future Terminals, NRC:  Future Technologies for Future Terminals, NRC (Johan Bergqvist, NRC) User experience – Usability Terminal features sky-rocketing - 5/95 rule 5% if functions used 95 % of time Extreme diversification Mobile phone is a commodity - personalization Enabes for making appealing form factors’Processing, graphics EMC – MEMS, miniature GPS Displays, sensors, environmental issues Balancing of features enabled by new technologies is a necessary University of Tokyo- Ubiquitous:  University of Tokyo- Ubiquitous (Prof Hiroyuki Morikawa, Ubiquitous network, Interaction with physical world, Ayoma Morikawa laboratory) AML projects 3 C = Computing, Contents, Connectivity Everywhere Ubiquitous networks, Contex aware services = U 3, U Cube project indoor GPS ”Dolphin” Stone Room (Service Synthetizer on the Net) SLSocket, Service Mobility COCO Multisensor context inference Ubiquitous Monster Entertainment application integrating virtual game and physical world University of Tokyo - Metadata:  University of Tokyo - Metadata (Prof. Hiroshi Yasuda, Researches on content creation, archiving and authentication for mobile terminals) ”Distance doesn´t matter anymore” New environment for Services -> Hi-Speed 30 mill, Ultra hi-speed 10 mill households -> paradigm shift in Communication Business New business models for d-commerce -> growth of Content providers and content aggregators Easy creation of Content, Broadcasting ->Personal Casting -> Everyone should made content Metadata role Changes -> Metadata key for the business -> Metadata centers 3 D Avatars business growth 400 %/year How to make metadata becomes very important University of Tokyo – Mobile Content:  University of Tokyo – Mobile Content Digital Movie Producer DMP -> CG movies, personal diary, book of travels etc. Internet content production via XML expression, Archiving, expert system Directional Planning Engine Content Finger Printing – Personalization of Content -> New approach to DRM -> Manage CFP with time and place University of Tokyo – Content vs. Context:  University of Tokyo – Content vs. Context Prof. Kioharu Aizawa, Context-based video retrieval for life-long applications) Life log - a new application area Can we keep our entire life by video? Wearable imaging system Life – A very long personal experience How to capture, How to maintain, How to watch? Wiever of various modes 70 years life x 16 hrs/day VCR quality = 184 Tbytes broadcast quality = 736 TBytes 70 years recording will be on desktop near future Processing is critical -> Content based retrieval Context is more helpful than content -> subjective context vs. objective context for indexing Retrieval methods (interface, information, name, place etc.) University of Tokyo – VLSI hardware for Automatic Recalling:  University of Tokyo – VLSI hardware for Automatic Recalling (Prof. Tadashi Shibata, A psychologically inspired VLSI Architecture for Human Like Soft Computing Systems) Learn from Mind processing – Automatic Recalling of Past Experience Brain processing – Digital implementation-> New VLSI architecture Cephalometric Landmarks Identification -> Odontoly Expert System Psychologically inspired VLSI Brain Model (Vision processors+Associative Processors+Memories from the past) Collaborative architecture of Left+Rigt Brain MPU´s develops an human like intelligent processing system Hyper realistic exiting games? Ultra enjoyable Mobile Phones? University of Tokyo:  University of Tokyo (Prof. Masanori Sugimoto, Supporting face-to-face collaboration with sensing and mobile technologies, Interaction Technology Lab) Epro = Edutainment learning system, a system supporting collaborative work at elementaru schools Physical interface allows learners in self education Sensing Board, RFID technology Caretta, face to face collaboration, collaborative learning/work Ampersand:  Ampersand A typical Japanese ISP aggregator Portal services Attractive content – multilayer content services Business services, set-top-box, internet appliances Megamarketing business www.ampersand.co.jp Cybird :  Cybird Kei Shimada, Senior Manager, Cybird Most versatile content provider (mobile content, marketing solutions, technology development for BREW) Providing exclusive contents (e.g. Star Wars brabd – rigtones, screensavers, wallpapers etc.) Yahoocommunity photoalbum – ”smile on the net” Cybird = Mobile+Smile, adding value to tv, movies, magazinessor posters with the addition of mobile internet Mobile commerce – ToysrUs catalog Content projects; bringing Onomichi´s 800 years old history to visitors hands Mobile Service - Restaurant data base Developing TV-mobile entertainment show for biggest Japanese TV station Japanese Mobile Markets:  Japanese Mobile Markets Competition about the ”de facto” mobile content standards 80 million mobile subscribers 2003 2 G Market share is NTT Docomo 57,3 %, KDDI 19,4 %, Vodafone 18,6 % Tu-Ka 4,7 % Market share 3 G only, KDDI 90,4 %, NTT Docomo 8,9 % (FOMA failure!) KDDI 1. 64 kbps cdmaOne = Added multimedia content, 2. 144kbps cdma 1x = enhanced content quality , 3. 2,4 mb 1x EV-DO = max 2,4 Mbps downlink speed = higher speed connection+ lower packet charging services NTT DoCoMo – Challenging the Mobile Frontier :  NTT DoCoMo – Challenging the Mobile Frontier 4,5 years growth and innovation – World most successful Mobile Internet Service I-mode Success story, 40,1 million subscribers in Japan More than 2600 companies offering services and content, over 3700 sites 90 % of users are active content browsers Proper business model and de facto standard -> subscribers up and continously raising ARPU -> 10 billion USD content market in Japan i-Mode represents approximately 21 % Docomo´s ARPU Expecting over 50 million users overseas (Europe France -Bouygues, Italy - Wind, Germany e-plus, Spain – Telefonica, Netherlands – KPN, Greece - Cosmote..) Identical stratey for both Japan and overseas NTT DoCoMo – in 201X Dreams will come true in Your Palm:  NTT DoCoMo – in 201X Dreams will come true in Your Palm 3 Key i-mode strategies to arouse positive feedback Best selection of Technologies most attractive for content providers -> internet de facto standards -> HTML, HTTP, GIF, MIDI, Javav, Flash Best setup of business model and service design -> Monthly subscription model, open platform Understandable marketing for ”ordinary” subscribers -> content centric marketing, not technology Content centric coordination – value chain coordination (Vodafone copies the model) Customised and reasonably priced content ( 1 ringtone for 0 – 0,40 eurocents) I-mode ecosystem (Handsets, Platform, Content partners, Content, operators marketing) KDDI – Ubiquitous Solutions Company:  KDDI – Ubiquitous Solutions Company Mr.Tsyoshi Takenouchi, Manager, Content Business Development Solutions Business Sector, www.kddi.com KDDI is aiming Ubiquitous Network Society AU Company A = Access, Always, Amenity, U = Unique, Unversal, User-Oriented Ezweb fusing Fun with convenient Access Driving the future in 3 G content KDDI – Driving the 3 G market:  KDDI – Driving the 3 G market KDDI 3G Mobile Services –over 10 million subscribers (WAP 2.0, MPEG 4, GPS) 3 G application Services, Hi Quality Nationwide Coverage, Longer Battery Life/Compact handsets Overseas China, US, Australia Affordable Data rate Tariff expands the charged Content business BREW Application Services (World Wide Application Services, C++ applications) 0,85 downloads/month e.g. Brew gaming, BREW Apps e.g. search engine, GPS applications BREW handsets are made by Toshiba, Sanyo -> 3 G graphic engines, adding persons to games by application camera Reason for Brew = More speed, enhanced functions KDDI – AU Services:  KDDI – AU Services Photo-mail services IMAP base MMS Chaku-Uta Musical Ring Tone with original Artists Vocal downloading 5 million Ezmovie MPEG-4 Video handsets, Chaku-Movie Movie Clip Ring Tone downloading (Wake up calls, sharing with friends) -> Ring Tone + EzMovies = Long & High Quality Movies (1,5 MB 3 min. movies) 187 sites; Music&Movie clips, Animations, Models, Comedies Infobar mobile handsets GPS Based Location Navigation Services, QVGA sized Hi-Def Maps, Walking Navigation Services 60 – 70 Content Providers (100 3Q03 + 100 services 1Q04 almost all of them are games) KDDI – AU EV-DO Future Services:  KDDI – AU EV-DO Future Services Coming CDMA 2000 ixEV-DO Services – CDMA IX WIN Downlink up to 2,4 Mbps Offering Rich Contents up to 1,5 –3 MB TCP Video Streaming 3 GPP2 File Format = file fragmentation for effectiveness Monthly flat rate charging + e-mail 4 200 yen/ month Supporting AAC-LC Code for Movie Content Sharps E-bookformat Comapct XMDF Plus for electronic books CELSYS Digital Comic Manga Format Comic Serfin for Manga Contents EX Channeel –push contents Human interface in multimedia and next generation systems :  Human interface in multimedia and next generation systems National Institute of Informatics (www.nii.ac.jp) Science information Network SINET (www.sinet.ad.jp) National Research Grid Initiative Infrastucture Systems research Research on Human and Social information Research center for testbeds and prototyping Catalog information services Information Retrieval Service Prof Haryoki Ueno, Symbiotic Robots- SPAK software plteform based on internet and distributed agents based knowledge Prof. Sinitchi Sach, Video Procesing Lab, Designing and implementation of data structures towards efficient processing of multimedia information

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