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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: Taega2002

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PowerPoint Presentation: Chapter 23-3 Today! GOVERNMENT & ECONOMY: GOVERNMENT & ECONOMY Since WWII, Japan’s government and economy have changed. Japan used to be an isolated imperial state. Today, Japan is a parliamentary democracy with one of the world’s strongest economies. Government: Government Since the end of WWII, Japan’s government has been a constitutional monarchy led by an emperor Power of the emperor is limited to ceremonial duties Emperor Akihito Government: Government Power is held in the Diet and a prime minister who is chosen by the Diet Diet is an elected legislature Laws are made by the prime minister and the Diet in Tokyo, Japan’s capital city Economy: Economy Manufacturing is Japan’s most successful economic area Japanese companies are well known for making high quality products, specifically: (1) cars (2) electronics Economy: Economy Japanese companies are among the world’s leading manufacturers for: (1) TVs (2) DVD players (3) CD players (4) Other electronic items Reasons for Economic Success…: Reasons for Economic Success… REASON #1 : GOVERNMENT The government works closely with business leaders to control production and plan for the future Reasons for Economic Success…: Reasons for Economic Success… REASON #2 : THE WORKFORCE Well-educated, highly trained workers Companies are efficient & productive Most workers have a strong work ethic (the belief that work in itself is worthwhile) Hardwork + loyalty to companies = successful businesses Reasons for Economic Success…: Reasons for Economic Success… REASON #3 : TRADE Products manufactured in Japan are intended to be sold outside of the country Many goods are sent to China & the United States The United States is Japan’s major trading partner Reasons for Economic Success…: Reasons for Economic Success… Trade surplus : a country exports more goods than it imports Japanese companies have become wealthy because of the surplus Reasons for Economic Success…: Reasons for Economic Success… Tariffs : a fee that a country charges on imports or exports High tariffs make imported goods more expensive; Japanese people buy their own products instead of imported products DAILY LIFE: DAILY LIFE Japan is a densely populated country Smaller than California, but has 4 times as many people! Cities are crowded Tokyo Life in Tokyo: Life in Tokyo National capital Center of Japan’s banking and communication industries Population = approximately 30 million people PROBLEM : Crowded city = limited space SOLUTIONS : T all, narrow buildings Underground shops & restaurants Capsule hotels (sleeping chambers) Life in Tokyo… Capsule Hotel: Life in Tokyo… Capsule Hotel Capsule Hotel Room: Capsule Hotel Room Transportation Between Cities: Transportation Between Cities Network of rail lines connect cities that are far apart Shinkansen (bullet trains) = high speed, very efficient Rural Life: Rural Life Not a lot of arable land - Arable land : land suitable for farming Land is too rocky or too steep, so farms are small and they use terrace farming ISSUES & CHALLENGES: ISSUES & CHALLENGES #1: Lack of space - As population increases, overcrowding has become a serious issue - Taller buildings have been constructed to conserve space ISSUES & CHALLENGES: ISSUES & CHALLENGES #2: Economic Challenges - Other countries are rivaling Japan’s economic dominance - Competition from China & Korea have begun taking business from Japan ISSUES & CHALLENGES: ISSUES & CHALLENGES #3: Pollution - 1997: officials from 150 countries met to discuss the pollution problem - Kyoto Protocol was signed - Kyoto Protocol was an agreement to cut down on pollution and improve air quality ISSUES & CHALLENGES: ISSUES & CHALLENGES #4: RESOURCES Few natural resources Japan must import raw materials Japan has little arable land; farms can’t grow enough food for an increasing population Japan has to buy food from other countries; including China & the United States

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