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Published on March 27, 2008

Author: Felipe

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International Market Briefing 21 November 2006 :  International Market Briefing 21 November 2006 Tad Teramoto Regional Director Japan JAPAN MARKET VISITORS TO AUSTRALIA & STATES (Year Ending JUNE):  JAPAN MARKET VISITORS TO AUSTRALIA & STATES (Year Ending JUNE) (,000) 2004 2005 2006 AUSTRALIA 646.3 650.7 624.4 NSW 273.1 293.6 266.1 QLD 454.2 448.9 418.3 VIC 66.2 68.3 64.9 WA 48.8 52.4 45.6 NT n/a 55.2 53.4 JAPAN MARKET JAPANESE VISITORS TO NSW & QLD (Year Ending JUNE):  JAPAN MARKET JAPANESE VISITORS TO NSW & QLD (Year Ending JUNE) JAPAN MARKET JAPANESE VISITORS TO NSW (Year Ending JUNE.):  JAPAN MARKET JAPANESE VISITORS TO NSW (Year Ending JUNE.) Japan Market Strategy:  Japan Market Strategy Tourism NSW Market Approach Maximize Visitation Potential through wide range of TRADE and Consumer Activities. Trade Activities Education / Training Famil Coordination Newsletter Collateral Sales Call/Marketing Meeting Tourism NSW Sales Missions Sydney Style Events Consumer awareness activities via VJP & IMV Partnership with non trade partner Japan Market – Intelligence & Trends - 1:  Japan Market – Intelligence & Trends - 1 Market: Economy: Second biggest economy in the world - Recovering BUT decreasing average annual salary continuously in 8 years. Bludger Market Problems : Freeter (Job Hoppers) NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) (Freeter – 18~30ys: 1.13M / NEET – 15~35 ys: 0.64M) Population: Retiring 10M Baby Boomer Generation from 2007 to 2011. Trend of Baby Boomer Lifestyle 3/4 people need to work after 60s for financial reasons. 3/4 people want to be involived in volunteer activities. Prefered activity after retirement (Hakuhodo Survey) Men: 1. Domestic travel (57%) 2. Int’l travel (46%) 3. PC (39%) Women: 1. Domestic travel (60%) 2. Int’l travel (54%) 3. Music/movie (43%) Travel Market: Active Generation - 34~44 ys Female & 44~49ys Male and Active SENIOR Passive Generation – 20~29 ys Male & Female Domestic Travel boom Japan Market Intelligence & Trends - 2:  Japan Market Intelligence & Trends - 2 Destinations: Popular Destinations: AN-KIN-TAN (Cheap/Near/Short) Destinations - Holiday (plus Business) markets Asia Countries - Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong (900 flights/173,000 seats p/w) Korea (850 flights/125,000 seats p/w) Guam – Holiday market (140 flights/29,000 seats p/w) China – Business & Holiday (50%/50%) markets (1,000 flights / 169,000 seats p/w / 4,400 Japanese companies based in China) Europe – Holiday market (13 airlines/300 flights per week) Trend - Visiting one country, Historical Culture, Competitive Tour prices News hook Topics (Davinci Code, Mozart, Christmas in Europe) Japan Market Intelligence & Trends - 3:  Expanding New Destinations: East Europe, Macao, South America, Middle East Countries, Africa, Mongolia Charter flights to off-port destinations: 3,000 flights (in 2005) Domestic Destinations: Hokkaido, Okinawa, Kyoto etc. Soft Destinations: Hawaii (152 flights/ 32,400 seats p/w), US Mainland (630 flights/98,500 seats p/w) Oceania (Australia & NZ) (139 flights/27,700 seats p/w) Japan Market Intelligence & Trends - 3 Japan Market Intelligence & Trend - 4:  Japan Market Intelligence & Trend - 4 Australia Market: Destination Trends CNS: Segment - HM, Family, OL, Senior, Group, Student Market Situation - Cheaper Tour Prices (An-Kin-Tan), Attractive (Profitable for travel agents) Optional Tours, Enthusiastic RTO Activity Airline – TYO, NGO, OSA, SPK, (FUK) GC/BNE: Segment - HM, Family, OL, Senior Market Situation - Higher Tour Prices than CNS, Koala, Q1, Enthusiastic RTO Activity Airline – TYO, OSA SYD: Segment – OL, HM, Student, Senior, Family Market Situation – Higher Tour Prices, One of the Most Beautiful Cities in the world, Less RTO Activity Airline – TYO, OSA Japan Market Intelligence & Trend - 5:  Australia Market: Market Trends Australia (Sydney) - Losing market share in Japanese overseas market Not enough promotions? Not enough catchy topics? Not attractive destinations? Active School Tour Market (about 50,000/year) & Working Holiday Market (10,000/year) First time visitors – 63% / Repeaters - 37% (c.f. Hawaii 55%) Losing HM & Overseas Wedding Market Share Stronger Aussie Dollar = High Land Cost A$1.00 = JPY95~100 Increasing Airlines Oil Surcharge NRT/SYD/NRT JPY27,200(A$300) plus TAX Japan Market Intelligence & Trend - 5 AIRLINES – CHANGE OF CAPACITY & FREQUENCY:  AIRLINES – CHANGE OF CAPACITY & FREQUENCY Sydney Route (Non-Stop) As of April 2006 As of October 2006 AIRLINES – CHANGE OF CAPACITY & FREQUENCY:  AIRLINES – CHANGE OF CAPACITY & FREQUENCY Sydney Route (Non-Stop & Direct flights) As of April 2006 As of October 2006 As of April 2007 AIRLINES – JETSTAR MOVEMENT:  AIRLINES – JETSTAR MOVEMENT Japan Route ? Current Market Activities - 1:  Current Market Activities - 1 Japan Sales Mission Promote & Educate Sydney / Regional products to industry (One of action plans of Japan Tourism Industry Forum) Tourism NSW Mini Sales Mission (Sydney Suppliers) in Oct. 2005 Tourism NSW Mini Sales Mission (Blue Mountains Suppliers) in July 2006 Tourism NSW Sydney Style Sales Mission (9 Sydney Suppliers/1 Hunter Region) in Oct. 2006 Current Market Activities - 2:  Current Market Activities - 2 Japanese Newsletter Up-date new products, destination information and topics from Sydney (by Japanese Co-ordinator in H.O.) Publish in Bi –Monthly basis Distribute by Mail to trade & media (x 500)      plus E- Mail (x16,000) Utilize products seminars Current Market Activities - 3:  Current Market Activities - 3 Familiarization Tours Jointly projects with TA and airlines for wholesalers and school teachers. 2005/06 Oct.05 JAL Slow Stay Famil. (JL) Feb.06 Oz-Net Theme Famil. (TA/QF) Mar.06 High School Teachers Famil. (TA/QF/JL/TVIC) 2006/07 Oct.06 QF Agent Famil (QF/QHI) Dec.06 HIS Counter Staff Famil (QF/TVIC) Jan.07 JAL Slow Stay Famil (JL) Mar.07 JQ Inaugural Agent Famil (JQ) Oz-Net Famil (QF) Current Market Activities - 4:  Current Market Activities - 4 Seminars Destinations & products seminars to wholesaler retail staff, school teachers jointly with TA and other STOs and Airlines. 2005/06 Oz-Net Seminar (TA/QF) Destinations Seminar (QF Osaka) Consumer Products Seminar (SIT Agent) High School Teachers Seminar (TA/STO/QF/JL) Incentive Groups Seminar (JTB/TA/STO/QF) 2006/07 Agent Operation Staff Seminar (QF/TA/STO) Retail Agents Seminar (QF/TQ/TNSW) Current Market Activities - 5:  Current Market Activities - 5 Tactical Campaigns Joint Sydney Campaigns with Wholesalers and Airlines targeting OL, Family and HM markets. SIT Tour Campaigns with SIT Agents, targeting FIT and active senior market. e.g. Golf, Hiking, Photo Shooting, Flower & Garden, Driving Current Market Activities – 6-1:  Current Market Activities – 6-1 TA “Visit More of Australia” Campaign          Objective: To recover Sydney business via package tour                     and deliver diversity experiences targeting on Experienced        Seekers. Term : 2006 Shimoki (Oct’06/Mar’07) Core Destinations: SYDNEY plus MEL, ADL, TAS Experiences: City, Journey and Nature Airlines: QF & JL Wholesalers: 7 major wholesalers in TYO,NGO,OSA,FUK Targets: 6,500 pax. Promotion channels: TA Website & Transit & Newspaper Ad TNSW Support: Collateral Production (Sydney Harbour Ferry & Cruise Guide) Current Market Activities – 6-2 TA “Visit More of Australia” Campaign:  Current Market Activities – 6-2 TA “Visit More of Australia” Campaign Current Market Activities - 7:  Current Market Activities - 7 Collateral Educational Manual - School Tour Market Sydney Harbour & Cruise Guide – FIT market Sydney & The Rocks Walking Map – FIT and student market Image CD – Up-date Images for wholesalers Current Market Activities – 8- 1:  Current Market Activities – 8- 1 Consumer Awareness Activity – Expose Sydney & Region   Media Activities: VJP (TA & TNSW) IMV (TNSW) 2005/06 Activities : VJP - 2 TV programs / 11 Magazines IMV - 2 TV programs / 2 Magazines Current Market Activities – 8- 2:  Current Market Activities – 8- 2 Consumer Awareness Activities – Expose Sydney & Regions Market Activities for the Balance of 2006/07 and Future Opportunities:  Market Activities for the Balance of 2006/07 and Future Opportunities 1. Destinations & Products Promotion Japan Sales Missions – Arrange regular visits by Destination & Product suppliers Seminars & Trainings – Joint with wholesalers/TA/Airlines Famil Tours – Products Testing for general and special theme products Products Developments – Seven Experiences for Experienced Seekers Japanese News Letter – Up-Date Information 2. Tactical Campaigns 3. Consumer Awareness Activities – Expose Sydney & Region VJP (2TV & 6 Magazines) & IMV (2 Magazines & 1 Newspaper) 4. Collaterals Regional destination information & products. 5. Japanese Website Development 6. Partnership Development – Non travel industry trade partners

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