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Published on May 30, 2011

Author: mgrace79

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Japanese Gestures

Japanese Gestures

Gestures Definition amovement or position of the hand, arm, body, head, or face that is expressive of anidea,opinion, emotion,. Communicating with out word.

Japanese Gestures Gestures are different in Japan, because they have a different language and culture than our own. Gestures are a good way to communicate with out speaking a Japanese word.

Angry Placing finger on either side of the head, like a bull indicates that someone is “Angry”. In Japanese culture it’s to symbolise a devil.

Man or Good Showing a thumb can mean good but it can also be asking someone a question “Do you have a boyfriend”.

Do you have a Lover Showing someone the pinky finger is asking them “Do you have a woman”.

I’m Hungry Using one hand to symbolise chopsticks and another hand to indicate a bowl. This gesture shows people that you are hungry.

Mafia Placing a finger on your cheek and making it wrinkle is suggesting that someone is in the Mafia.

Indicating me In Australia we point at our chests when we speak about ourselves. In Japan they point at their nose to indicate themselves.

O.K Make a large Zero with your arms to indicate that you are O.K. In Japan teachers mark tests with 0’s rather than ticks.

One More Time Showing one finger means that you want someone to do something again. Or to give you one more.

Indicating No Thank You Waving one hand in front of one’s nose doesn't mean it’s smelly. In Japanese it means “No Thank You”!!

I Want Sake Sake is Japanese Alcohol, it comes in small glasses. So with your thumb and pointer finger shape it into a cup. You can indicate you want to drink sake.

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