January 2016 District 29-1 Lions Newsletter

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Information about January 2016 District 29-1 Lions Newsletter

Published on January 11, 2016

Author: maconrad

Source: slideshare.net

1. Happy New Year Lions & Lionesses! It is hard to believe that my first half year as your District Governor has gone by. I want to thank the Lions and Clubs in District 29 I for all you have done in the past 6 months. I’ve had a wonderful me visi ng your clubs and learning about your fundraisers and community service projects. I look forward to visi ng the rest of the clubs during the coming months. We s ll have some work to do to make this a successful Lions year. At the end of our first 6 months we have gained 90 new members. Unfortunately, we also lost 97 members resul ng in a net loss of 7. We can turn this around if we resolve to work as a team to focus on membership growth and keep a close eye on members who for some reason or another haven’t been a ending mee ngs or par cipa ng in club ac vi es. Find out why and keep them in our Lions family. This is a good me for each club to review their plans and goals and make adjustments as necessary. I’m so proud of the generosity of our Clubs in suppor ng the District 29 I Parade of Checks. So far we have received checks amoun ng to $57,777 as follows: Lions Clubs Interna onal Founda on $14,468 Pilot Dog $3,355 WV Lions Sight Conserva on Founda on $17,064 Diabetes Fund $3,180 WV Blind & Deaf Recrea on Program $4,045 Youth Exchange $2,095 Romney Student Work Program $2,705 Quest $2,645 Leader Dog Kennel Program $8,220 What a great job! We s ll have 8 clubs who have not yet par cipated and several of those have indicated their checks are coming. Thanks to all who have given and those who are about to contribute. Please remember to register to a end the WV Lions Leadership Retreat to be held during the last 3 days of this month at the Charleston Marrio Town Center. It will be a rewarding and fun experience. Addi onal info and a registra on form can be found in this newsle er. Once again, I want to wish all of you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! If I can help in any way, please let me know. DG Al District 29-I Newsletter January 2016 “Seize the Moment” District Governor’s Message

2. DG Al Cox 2015-16 Calendar January 9 WV MD 29 Council of Governors, Pipestem Resort 16 3rd District 29-I Cabinet Mee ng, WVU Eye Insitute, Morgantown 10 am 29-31 WV Lions Leadership School, Charleston Marrio 29 WV Lions Sight Conserva on Founda on, Charleston Marrio 4 pm February 2 Charles Town Lions TBD March 3 Adamston Lions Club, Christ Methodist Church, Adamston 6 pm 11-12 District 29-L Conference, Parkersburg, Blennerhasse Hotel 15 Inwood – Bunker Hill Lions 6:30 pm April 7 Hedgesville-Pikeside Lions, Hedgesville United Methodist Church 6 pm 8-10 WV Lions State Conven on, Pipestem Resort 8 WV Lions Sight Conserva on Founda on TBD 10 4th District 29-I Cabinet Mee ng TBD 10 WV MD 29 Council of Governors, Pipestem TBD 10 WV Lions Sight Conserva on Founda on TBD 26 Wilsonburg Lions 6:30 pm Club: New Member: Sponsor: Bridgeport Lisa Hall Robert Boyer Bruceton Mills Peggy Galloway Jean Clark Bruceton Mills Rex Galloway Jean Clark Buckhannon Howard Ross Gary Frush Romney Mona Childs John Childs Romney Mar n Keller Roy Knight Wardensville Angela Funk Pa y Aus n Donald D. Cole Short Gap Lions Club WORLDWIDE WEEK OF SERVICE TO FIGHT HUNGER AND POVERTY Show your commitment to service, and help LCI reach the Centennial Service Challenge goalof serving 100 million people, by planning a project impac ng hunger and poverty in your community. From stocking your local food pantry, to serving meals at a soup kitchen, there are countless ways to make a difference. No ma er how you choose to serve, be sure to join us for this Centennial service event!Join Us for the Worldwide Week of Service to Fight Hunger and Poverty. Here's how your club can take part in this special event: Plan your project - Host a service project that impacts hunger and poverty in your community during the week of January 10-16. Go to the LCI website @ Lionsclubs.org to download a Planning Guide for project ideas and planning ps. Promote your project - Invite your community to serve with you to showcase your club and the power of service. Report your project - Report your service on the MyLCI Service Ac vity Report to earn a Centennial Banner Patch and to get your club's name on the Centennial Ticker. Be sure to include the project date.

3. BETWEEN US LIONS SVDG Ken Shahan Happy New Year, to you and your family. Here’s hoping and praying for a world at peace. This month letter is addressing all Club, in District 29-I, by getting into the fun of competition with other Club. There are many ways this can be done, whether it with membership growth, visitation, how much can goods you collect. All of this can be done by filling out your District Contest Forms and emailing them to our District Chair, Lion Mark Conrad. Lion Mark has been very busy this past year tabulating your monthly forms that have been submitted to him. The competition has two grouping, Small Clubs 35 members or less and Large Clubs over 35 members. The competition categories are Membership, Visitation and Publicity, as of November 2015 the results are as follows: If you need a copy of the Contest Forms contact: kenshahan@aol.com. LARGE CLUBS: Membership Publicity Visitation CLARKSBURG 600 CLARKSBURG 20 CLARKSBURG 70 FORT ASHBY 7825 FORT ASHBY 110 FORT ASHBY 95 TENNERTON 4350 TENNERTON 390 WARDENSVILLE 100 WARDENSVILLE 11325 WARDENSVILLE 160 SMALL CLUBS: Membership Publicity Visitation BRIDGEPORT 6475 EAST LEWIS 45 NUTTER FORT 335 EAST LEWIS 3525 JUNIOR 40 FRANKLIN 200 KEYSER 140 JUNIOR 2225 NUTTER FORT 120 KEYSER 6825 NUTTER FORT 8625 PARSON 1200 PAW PAW 2625 ROMNEY 925 STONEWOOD 400 TUNNELTON 200 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declared the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future. JJeerreemmiiaahh 2299::1111 There is still time to join in this fun competition and bring home the honors to your Club, by knocking these current Clubs off, you just need to get involved and have some fun in the process.

4. District Peace Poster Contest Winner Johnna Smith is the District 29-I winner of this year’s Peace Poster Contest. Johnna lives in Buckhannon and is an 8th grade student at Buckhannon Upshur Middle. Her art teacher is Mrs. Sherri Butler. The theme for this year’s contest was “Share Peace”. Johnna was sponsored by the Tennerton Lions Club. Congratula ons, Johnna! Students ages 11, 12 or 13 on November 15, 2016 are eligible to par cipate in the LCI Peace Poster Contest. The 2016-17 theme is “A Celebra on of Peace”. Lions Clubs can order Peace Poster Contest kits beginning January 15th from the Club Supplies Sales Department at LCI for $11.95 each. Each club can send one winning poster to the District Governor postmarked no later than November 15, 2016. For more info go online to Lions Clubs Interna onal and in the search box enter “Peace Poster Contest”. The Nu er Fort Lions Club, headed up by Lion Anne a Payne and the pediatric staff at United Hospital Center hosted a performance of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” at UHC on Thursday, December 10, for local schools, pre-school, daycare centers, pediatric pa ents, parents and teachers, there were 80 in a endance. This live presenta on by the Hampstead Stage Company was performed by the Na onal Touring Theatre Company. This interac ve educa onal produc ons are a great way to bring the arts to children and allow children to exercise their crea vity. Nu er Fort Lions Club Romney Lions Club Nice turnout for District Governor visit. Club Secretary Dr. Roy Knight (2nd from le ) and PDG John Childs (last on right) welcome new Romney Lions (l-r): Dr. Mar n Keller, Jamie McBride, Anita Adkins and Mona Childs.

5. Short Gap Lions & Guests. DG Al presents his "Seize the Moment" pins to Short Gap Lions (l-r) Secretary Keith Staggs and President Bob Miltenberger. The Bruceton Mills Lions DG Night & Christmas Party was held at Lion Jean Clark's home. DG Al inducted two new members sponsored by Lion Jean Clark. (l-r): Al, Jean, new members Rex & Peggy Galloway and Club President John Myers. Bruceton Mills Lions Club Tennerton Lions enjoying great food & fellowship at their annual Christmas dinner. The Tennerton Lions Club inducted two new members (l-r): Secretary Frank Becker, President John Haymond, new member Nancy Ward, Lion Penny Haymond, new member Terry Harper and DG Al Cox. Tennerton Lions Club The Buckhannon Lions gathered to celebrate the Christmas Holiday. DG Al inducted a new Buckhannon Lion (l-r): Lion Al, President Hank Ellis, new Lion Howard Ross and his sponsor Lion Gary Frush. Buckhannon Lions Club Short Gap Lions Club

6. 2016 LEADERSHIP RETREAT NEWS By Lion Steve Glass, Chairperson As the date of the 2016 Lions of West Virginia Leadership Retreat nears, I wanted to share with you a li le bit about six of the twelve exci ng seminars that we have scheduled. Organizing Leadership at the Grass Roots “We can solve child poverty in West Virginia.” One in two West Virginia children live in a family without enough money to make ends meet. This interac ve seminar will include a brief presenta on of the child poverty crisis, and then dive into strategies that leaders might use to lend a hand in solving the crisis. Might this be a new centennial service challenge for all of us? Crea ng & U lizing Social Media Do you live in Bedrock with Fred and Wilma or on Jupiter with George and Jane? You can choose to keep your Lions club in the Stone Age or rocket them into the next century of service. Social media is nothing to fear. At the Lions of West Virginia Leadership Retreat get ready to impact the future of your community and world by ge ng set up on Facebook, Twi er, and Instagram! Bring your laptop, IPad, or smart phone, a name for your accounts and passwords. You’re going to Jupiter! Genera onal Differences “What’s happened to the greatest genera on? Why are young people ALWAYS on their cell phone? Why is our Associa on struggling so hard to bridge the genera on gap? Join twenty-one year old Brandon Johnson as he answers these ques ons and more! How Leaders Mo vate Others Inside every Lion there is a Leader wai ng to get out. Quality and though ul leadership is essen al to con nue to grow our Associa on and any organiza on. Effec ve leadership directly impacts our membership growth and the service that we provide to our communi es and membership experience. You need to give yourself permission to come out and move forward and meet these challenges. Persuasive Public Speaking This seminar is designed to make the a endees aware that to present oneself in a public se ng requires discipline in dress, discipline in posture, and, specifically discipline in speech. A endees will take away from this presenta on valuable lessons which are geared toward making them be er public speakers and community leaders. Lions are dedicated to serving; however, they cannot serve their communi es well if they fail to deliver the Lions’ message with power and persuasiveness in appearance, knowledge, and believability. Time Management You cannot create or save me but you can manage it! You can do this by managing YOU, for you do have control over how you choose to use your me. Most of us know we could manage our me more effec vely – but it can be difficult to iden fy the mistakes we’re making and to know how to improve. In this seminar with an expert on the topic you will iden fy the most common mistakes and learn new strategies for managing your me more wisely. Deadlines to Note: Registra on Deadline: January 23, 2016 Room Reserva ons: January 15, 2016 (this has been extended from the previous date of January 1, 2016) 2016 Lions of West Virginia Leadership Retreat Reminders Final No ce! January 16, 2016 is the last day to make room reserva ons for the Leadership Retreat. This date has been extended from the original date of January 1, 2016, so if you s ll would like to a end, you may make a room reserva on by calling the Marrio at 304 365 6500 and telling them that you are part of the Leadership Retreat group. January 23, 2016 is the last day to make reserva ons for banquet meals and all of the seminars and other ac vi es so please make your reserva ons soon! Those a ending the Retreat are advised that public parking is available in the Town Center Shopping Center parking lots at a substan ally less rate than the Hotel parking facility. The shopping center lots are just a short walk away from the Marrio Town Center so take advantage of them.

7. Detach and send registra on to PID Steve Glass Jane Lew and East Lewis DG Christmas Dinner. East Lewis Lion Steve Colburn presented a Leonard Jarre Award by DG Al and Club President Ginny Lamb. Lion Howard Reeder long me member of the East Lewis Club and DG Al Cox. Jane Lew and East Lewis Lions Clubs Lions of West Virginia 2016 Leadership Retreat Registration Form Name Tag Name______________________________________________________ Lion ______________Lioness ______________LEO _______________ Address_____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Home Phone __________________Cell Phone ___________________ Email ___________________________________________________________ Club Name ___________________________________________________________ District 29 L_______ C ________I _________ Other ____________ I am a first time attendee: Yes _________________ No Special dietary requirements________________________________ __________________________________________________________ REGISTRATION FEE is $125.00 per person Non-Lion Meals Only Tickets - $110.00 (No individual meal tickets) Make check payable to Lions of WV Leadership Retreat and mail completed registration to: PID Steve Glass 191 Ridgeway Drive Bridgeport, WV 26330 Message from the Chairperson: We respectfully ask that if you plan to attend the Retreat that you send in your reservation by January 23, 2016. In planning for meals with the event planner, we must guarantee a certain number of meals for each banquet. Our guarantee date is Monday, January 25, 2016. We will not guarantee banquet meals for any persons sending reservations received after January 23, 2016. We truly hope that you will take full advantage of this premier opportunity in West Virginia to enhance your leadership abilities. Our planning committee has strived to put into place a weekend of fun, great fellowship, and opportunities to broaden your knowledge and understanding, and to gain information that you can use in your family life, work environment, social networking and in your Lions Club. I hope to see you in Charleston! Lion Beth White presented a Leonard Jarre Award by the Jane Lew Lions. Jane Lew Lion and Zone Chair Ruth Straley honored with a Melvin Jones Fellowship. Look- ing on are DG Al and Club President Michael Walker. Ray Smith a Jane Lew Lions member also received a Leonard Jarre Award.

8. DG AL COX 313 Worley Avenue Clarksburg, WV 26301 304 216 5251 304-623-3121 anewtc2@aol.com Important Dates to Remember from the DG’s Desk…. January 13 Melvin Jones Birthday January 16 District Cabinet Mee ng at WVU Eye Ins tute January 29-31 West Virginia Lions Leadership Retreat at the Charleston Marrio Town Center Clarksburg Lions Club Clarksburg Mission - Lion President Nick Lambernedis, Director of Ministries Lou Ortenzio, Food Service Manager Angie Knight, Mission Execu ve Director Chris Mulle and Lion Al. The Salva on Army, Major Brooks Gilliam, Lions Nick and Al. The Clarksburg Lions donated the ground beef they won in the WV Lions Beef Raffle to local food banks.

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