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Published on February 18, 2014

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New Staff Orientation Oklahoma Chapter February 18, 2014

Peggy Moran Community Education Coordinator Colin McKewen Walk Coordinator

Staff Orientation Agenda By: Janice Morgan, Special Assistant to CEO Overview /History of Oklahoma Chapter Chapter review Administrative Information Employee Policies and Procedures Kate Scruggs, Director of Finance Accounting Overview Payroll/Benefits Review Lindsay Jordan, Director of Development Donor/Foundation Relations Major events Nellie Windsor, Director of Communications/Tulsa Programs Randle Lee, Regional Director/OKC Office • Public Policy Diane Wood, Director of Programs Educational Programs Training

Oklahoma Chapter by Janice Morgan         Current Organizational Chart Brief History Key People – OK Chapter and National Alzheimer‟s Association Mission Statement Vision Statement Current Chapter Strategic Plan Financial History/Annual Report Newsletter Sample(s)

Management Team Mark Fried President/CEO Janice Morgan Special Asst. to CEO Debbie Ash Director of Administration & Board Relations Kate Scruggs Director of Finance Lindsay Jordan Sr. Dir. of Development Nellie Windsor Director of Communications Randle Lee Regional Director Central OK - OKC Diane Wood Director of Programs

Our History  The Alzheimer‟s Association was founded in 1980. Tulsa was known as the Tulsa Green Country Chapter – just one of 203 chapters nationwide over the next decade.  In 1996, the OKC and Tulsa Green Country Chapters merged to become “The Oklahoma Chapter”.  Then, through a national realignment plan in 2001, many of the over 200 chapters merged through a National realignment plan. It was during this time that Oklahoma merged with Arkansas to become: “The Oklahoma and Arkansas Chapter, Inc.”  For over 12 years, we remained a two-state chapter with 5 offices.

Our History On June 30, 2013, the Board of Directors voted to separate the Arkansas operations in an effort to better serve the overall mission of the Association. Arkansas became a separate chapter under the National Alzheimer‟s Association: “The Arkansas Chapter”.

Return to a one-state Chapter Effective July 1, 2013 We once again became a single state chapter: “The Oklahoma Chapter” Proudly celebrating 30 years of service to Oklahoma families!

Our Chapter’s History  Our current budget is slightly in excess of $3.5 million.  The chapter’s headquarters are in Tulsa, with an office in Oklahoma City and an outreach office opened in Lawton in January 2014. Another outreach office is planned in Enid later this year.  Currently there are 21 FT and 2 PT employees.

Our Board  Current Chapter Board membership stands at 27.  Our Advisory Board was formed in 2005 as a result of strong leadership of Chapter board members whose terms were expiring. In an effort to retain their valued leadership, vision and commitment to our cause, the Alumni Advisory Board was created. As chapter board member’s terms expire, they are considered for the Advisory Board as determined by the G&N Committee. Current membership stands at 18. 

Our History – the National Perspective  The Alzheimer's Association® is the world’s leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s disease care and support and the largest nonprofit funder of Alzheimer’s disease research. It was founded by leading Chicago businessman Jerome H. Stone and representatives from several families who had met with the National Institute on Aging to explore the value of a nonprofit organization to complement federal efforts surrounding Alzheimer’s disease. That meeting resulted in the formation of the Alzheimer’s Association in 1980 with Mr. Stone as president.

Our History – the National Perspective  Today the Alzheimer’s Association includes more than eighty chapters across America and national offices in Chicago and Washington, D.C. Its mission is to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health. Its vision is A World Without Alzheimer’s Disease®.

Our History – From the National Perspective Harry Johns became President/CEO of the National Alzheimer’s Association in 2006. He formerly served the American Cancer Society for 23 years.

Shared Fundraising Model In 2006, National developed a shared fundraising model in an effort to emphasize cooperation, not competition throughout the network. Our chapter was the first nationwide to enter the Shared Fundraising agreement with the National office. Over the next several years, as this model became a best practice, other chapters also joined. While some chapters elected not to join and thus are no longer part of the National Association, we currently have a total of 80 chapters nationwide.

Shared Fundraising SF incentivizes the National organization to invest in Chapters and allows for an unrestricted sharing formula of locally raised and unrestricted funds, as follows: 10% - Nationwide mission 60% - Chapter – 60% remains with chapter; – 30% goes to National; and – 10% Nationwide Mission 30% - National This effort has strengthened our nationwide competitive advantage, pulled us together as an organization and accelerated progress toward our mission.

New Chapter Leadership 2010 Following the retirement of longtime chapter President/CEO, Judi Ver Hoef, Mark Fried was promoted to this position effective July 1, 2010. Mark joined the Association in 2005 as regional director in the OKC office and was later moved to EVP.

Our Mission Mission Statement Oklahoma and Arkansas Chapter ‘To eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health’

Our Mission Mission Statement Vision Statement Oklahoma Oklahoma and and Arkansas Arkansas Chapter Chapter ‘To eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health’ ‘A world without Alzheimer’s disease’ ‘

Annual Report Annual report is available on website. Questions: Kate Scruggs, Director of Finance Serves as staff liaison - Finance Committee

Strategic Plan  This is a collaboratively developed plan developed for all parts of the Alzheimer's Association and includes the overarching Association-wide strategic objectives and priority activities on which each part of the organization and all staff are monitored and measured during the years of the plan.  The Oklahoma Chapter will meet with National staff member, Jim Wilgus on April 16 for an overview of the new Plan and determine the Oklahoma Chapter‟s priorities as it relates to the SP.  Staff measurable(s) will be determined for the coming fiscal year and will be reviewed quarterly as employees meet with supervisors to measure success in their given goals.

Chapter’s Growth $4,000,00 0$3,500,00  0$3,000,00  0 $2,500,00 0 $2,000,00 0 $1,500,00 0$1,000,00  Revenues Expenses 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 0 $ 500,000

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION KEY PEOPLE  Harry Johns – CEO at the National office; formerly with American Cancer Society for 23 years  Mike Houston, Director of Principle & Major Gifts, is our direct contact for OK Chapter  Robert Egge, VP of Advocacy/Public Policy; Washington D.C. office.  Scott Gardner, VP of Chapter Relations at the National Office – Jim Wilgus, Senior Director of Chapter Relations, has responsibility over our region and facilitates Chapter‟s Board and Management Team retreats, and staff meetings as appropriate.

Chapter Advisory Board Leadership – Jackie Kouri: Served on Chapter board 2004-2012; Elected to National Board in 2010. She is a leader in both development and advocacy, having chaired these efforts at the local and national level. She facilitates the board orientation for new board members. – Bob Thomas: (Past) National and local Board member; (former) Vice Chair of National Development Committee. Bob is a staunch supporter, advocate and fundraiser--Bob was #1 Walk Fundraiser in the nation for FY13! – Others: Craig Silberg, Harry Sheline, served as Chairmen of the Board (See Advisory Board Roster for complete list of members)

CHAPTER BOARD LEADERSHIP LOCAL: (See Current Board Roster)  Charlie Harding:  Key chapter board members serving in key roles include: Top Walk fundraiser in Tulsa over past 12 years, raising over $325,000. Recognized in FY13 as 4th Top Fundraiser Nationwide. Has served on board for 7 years (of 8 year term); was a former member-at-large of Executive Committee; also served as Chapter Delegate to National Assembly in 2009. – – – – 2014-2016 Chairman of the Board – Jeff Cope Immediate Past Chair: Craig Silberg (Fisher-Silberg Group) Executive Committee: Jeff Cope (Tulsa); David Murlette(Vice Chair-Tulsa); Jim Holman (Treasurer - OKC); Greg Shaw (Secretary – Tulsa); Susan Dornblaser (Tulsa); Julie Sloan (OKC); Susan Walker (Tulsa) Standing Committee Chairs: Personnel: Julie Sloan; Finance & Compliance: Jim Holman; Development: Greg Shaw; Program: David Murlette; Public Policy: Susan Dornblaser; Governance & Nominating – Susan Walker; Compensation: Jim Holman; Audit – Paul Williams

Orientation Overview by: Janice Morgan, Special Asst. to CEO (former Sr. Director of Administration and Board Relations 2001-2013) Oklahoma Chapter

Debbie Ash - Role  Director of Administration and Board Relations, for the OK & AR Chapter – – Executive assistant to CEO – – – Communication link for all staff; scheduling time with CEO Liaison to Board of Directors: All board correspondence should be directed to Debbie for distribution. Chapter files/National reporting Corporate records NOTE: Human Resources: Janice Morgan, formerly Sr. Director of Administration and Board Relations, now PT Special Assistant to CEO, has responsibility for policies and procedures and is responsible for new hire processing. Janice is the link with chapter MT for hiring process/procedures; pre-hiring documentation and orientation.

Administration by: Janice Morgan Alzheimer’s Association Insite (for employees) – Online Learning Center – Training modules for many areas of organization

Supplies - Printed Materials  Stationery, envelopes, acknowledgement cards, donor envelopes, and Chapter brochures should be requested/handled through Debbie Ash.  Most Alzheimer’s brochures ordered through Insite/ Alzheimer’s Store online; others printed by chapter (contact: Nellie Windsor). NOTE: All flyers, invitations, notices, etc. should be reviewed by Nellie.  Routine office supplies: Office Depot – – – Online ordering (Debbie in Tulsa; Jan in OKC) Use Office Depot purchasing card for urgent purchases from local store ONLY. This assures we receive our discounted pricing; is NOT a credit card; need to take Alzheimer’s credit card, petty cash or be reimbursed (with proper receipts). Remember: Sales tax exemption for OK

Approved Policies  Cell Phones  Inclement Weather  Communication Policy  Leases and Contracts  Computer Usage  Leave of Absence  Conflict of Interest and  Record Retention Disclosure  Severance  Corporate Sponsorships  Shared Fundraising  Donated Hours by  Social Media Employee  Travel & Entertainment  Dress/Appearance  Whistleblower  Incentive Compensation

Employee Handbook  Employee Handbook and Acknowledgment – Acknowledgment and Statement of Disciplinary Action – policies is to be returned for personnel file Upon receipt of revised Handbooks, old copies are to be returned to Tulsa Administration. Also, in the event you leave employment with us, the Handbook is to be given to supervisor. Please sign Handbook Acknowledgment and Statement of Disciplinary Action Acknowledgement forms, returning to Janice Morgan or Kate Scruggs. Please note that handbooks should be returned to Administration if employment is terminated.

Volunteer Recruiting by: Janice Morgan – Chapter - Volunteer Packets Checklist Application Background Checks Orientation process Volunteer Handbook – Volunteer Management : Everyone Ready Insite: volunteer management/online training tool available 24/7, allowing you to soak in information at your pace. The site provides a new seminar or self-instruction guide every third Monday of the month.

Administration Phones/Internet Communication  Email accounts for all staff; not for personal use and are monitored. Use “Out of Office Assistant” as needed; remove when you return!  “Chat” via Google Chrome  Google Hangout – limited availability for face-to-face meetings/communication purposes. (Cameras not on all PC’s)  Change VM as appropriate; i.e., out of office, vacation, etc. Check/delete messages daily.  Intercall Teleconferencing – each office and department has assigned passcodes for use of Intercall teleconferencing. (Q’s? Contact Debbie Ash)

Administration Janice Morgan  Board Committee Reports and Minutes– These are required for each committee meeting throughout the year for chapter files. – All Committee minutes are to be submitted to Debbie Ash/ Administration immediately following each meeting (i.e., Leadership Council, Public Policy, Program, etc. using appropriate templates for both agendas and minutes). – Shortened “Board Reports” are also to be provided for sending to board members for including only the highlighted accomplishments from each committee (a short/concise bullet list only) – Committee rosters are to be kept current and provided to Administration annually or as updated.

Useful Information  Directories – Debbie maintains directories for staff and board, including alumni advisory board – NOTE: not for external distribution – National Office directory – available on Insite  Sam‟s Club (Tulsa) – for office “kitchen” supplies  Federal Express account  U.S. Mail  Branding – always seek advice from Nellie Windsor, Communications Director, to ensure branding guidelines are followed! All flyers and handouts used by staff should be reviewed before use!  Accident report form for use at all Association events/programs in the event of accident/injuries. (NOTE: Find forms on Shared/Forms)

Helpful Resources  Oklahoma Facts and Figures

Staff Participation Major Events  Walk to End Alzheimer‟s® – It is a requirement that all staff engage as participants for Walks in each office.  Memory Gala attendance will be managed by supervisors or development staff in each office. Staff may attend events across office boundaries as needed.  Annual Education Conference* – Led by program staff with development staff responsible for raising sponsorship dollars. – Special volunteer award recognition included during the luncheon. *Effective 2014, may be discontinued or changed from current format.

Programs Overview* *Full Program Orientation provided by Director of Programs and/or staff Oklahoma Chapter Diane Wood, Director of Programs

Purpose and Goals of Programs  The reason we exist!  Without help, families usually experience serious consequences  We have provided CEU‟s for many of our education programs in an effort to help healthcare professionals receive credits as part of their professional education  Our services help people cope, develop care giving skills and deal with emotions

Program Materials 1. Please review the following:   Basics of Alzheimer‟s brochure &  2. Chapter Program Brochures on INSITE, ongoing training Review the „Core‟ Programs of the Common Program Plan on Insite - Insite.alz.org – Programs and Services Tab  Information & Referral  Support Groups  Care Consultations (level 1 & level 2)  Medical Alert/Safe Return  Community Education  Early Stage Program

Programs Overview  Review the following videos: (all staff) Inside Looking Out Alzheimer’s Association HBO Project Hope (4 hours)  Participate in a minimum of the following: (program staff requirement; other staff, at your option)   1 Care Consult  2 Community Education activities, and/or  1-2 Support Groups An activity that involves the Person with the Disease (PWD)

Program Overview Professional Education: Fee-based educational programs to the Senior Community Resource programs. Fees are based upon each regional office determination. The following programs require specific training by a staff Master Trainer prior to a staff member conducting these programs: Foundations of Dementia Care Activity Based Alzheimer‟s Care Professional Compassion Fatigue First Responder Training

Program Overview „Drawing on Memories‟: An Early Stage Art Program based off the Metropolitan Museum of Art dementia program. (These are grant-based programs) In Tulsa, programs are available at:  Philbrook Museum  Gilcrease Museum  Montereau  Water Works Art Center (Sapulpa)  and OASIS Adult Day Care The OK City office has established similar programs at:  OKC Museum of Fine Arts  Fine Arts Institute of Edmond

Program Overview  Audiovisual and literature lending library  Family services provided by volunteers in collaboration with faith congregations (Care Connections) – respite, telephone support, errands, etc.  Younger-Onset is a network of communications and services for PWDs younger than age 65.  Living with Alzheimer‟s/Caregiver Service Series: access to assistance; counseling; and education. Information for caregivers and also program for the person with dementia to attend at same time.  ACO – All Calls Option/Helpline: 24/7

Program Overview On-line Resources for Caregivers: Communityresourcefinder.org: ALZnavigator.org ALZconnected.org

Volunteers  Volunteers must complete the Volunteer Application packet, which includes a background check. (NOTE: review packet)  Volunteers needed for: – – – – – Office tasks Helpline Family support (respite, supportive phone calls, errands, etc.) Support group facilitators Events/Other (Walk, Galas, conferences, etc.)

LASRmetrics Definition: A report compiled from all chapters nationwide as a way of measuring the capacity of the Association, i.e.: This is how it is helpful:  For grant writing purposes  For use in reporting, including press releases, annual reports, board meetings

LASRmetrics LasrMetrics tracks the following: Programs:     Information and Referral Care Consultations Support Groups Education Programs Media/communications  Chapter website visits  Newsletter circulation  Media contacts (press releases, radio, newspaper, etc. Public Policy Activities

Orientation to Public Policy and Diversity Public Policy Committee – Susan Dornblaser, Chair Randle Lee, Oklahoma Public Policy Representative Oklahoma Chapter

 Annual Public Policy Forum: Advocates from around the country travel to Washington, D.C. in the spring of each year to promote key advocacy issues. (April 7-9)  Attendees: Board Members/spouses; key staff; experienced advocates; persons w/ Alzheimer‟s. All attendees pay their own expenses. Our chapter has had excellent representation, with 15-20 attendees each year from our chapter territory.

OVERVIEW Goals:  To position Alzheimer’s disease at the top of national and state public policy agendas through a coordinated effort  Improve quality of care for those with Alzheimer’s or related dementias; AND, to increase federal research funding  As a result of our efforts, we have increased advocates nationwide by over 34% over the past two years

 Advocacy/Public Policy Committee, chaired by Susan Dornblaser – Randle Lee, Reg. Director, is OK representative  Recruit and train advocates at the grassroots level  Ambassadors – to represent Alzheimer‟s Association in communicating with state legislators in each district

Communications by: Nellie Windsor, Director of Communications Oklahoma Chapter

Communications by: Nellie Windsor, Director  ALL IT issues should be addressed to Nellie  Tulsa Program Department staff  Newsletters: printed and e-newsletters  Social Media  Website submissions for chapter events  Branding: Responsible for proper use of all branding guidelines. NOTE: staff must have Nellie’s approval of all chapter flyers, brochures, etc. created internally, before printing or distribution.  Media/communication and marketing strategies

Main Events For updates to website, newsletter articles, etc: Remember to notify Nellie of your local events! Walks Galas Education Presentations Chapter Program events Support Groups

Technology  No unauthorized software or screensavers (per Computer Usage policy)  Requests for access to VDI for ResultsPlus and Helpline software must be requested through her. NOTE: No software or computer equipment should be purchased without Nellie‟s approval

Finance by: Kate Scruggs, Director of Finance Oklahoma Chapter

Finance: Payroll/Benefits by: Kate Scruggs  Pay Days: 15th & last day of the month via direct deposit – Employees are responsible for completing Time sheets (online) prior to end of each pay period. Will then be signed off on by your supervisor. Access for accumulated vacation and personal time. – Requests for Time Off: Complete Online – request(s) must be approved by supervisor.

Benefits by: Kate Scruggs Medical – Available for employees working 30 or more hours per week. – Currently the association pays for all but $65 (February 1, 2012) of the monthly premium for the employee. Spouse/Dependent coverage is paid by the employee – Includes a medical reimbursement plan consisting of reimbursement of 80% of the deductible expenses in excess of $300 Dental – Currently the association pays 50% of the monthly premium for the employee. Dependent coverage is paid by the employee – Available for employees working 30 or more hours per week.

Benefits by: Kate Scruggs  Group Term Life and AD&D Available to employees working 30 or more hours per week at no cost . Will pay your beneficiaries an amount equal to one time your annual salary to a maximum of $75,000. There is additional benefit should you die as a result of an accident.

Benefits by: Kate Scruggs Optional Coverage Available: – Additional Term Life – increments of $10,000 not to exceed 5x your annual salary. New hires are automatically approved for $100,000 – Additional AD&D increments of $10,000, not to exceed 5x your annual salary and not to exceed the additional Term Life. – Dependent Life (spouse)– increments of $5,000, not to exceed $150,000 and 50% of the employee’s additional term life. – Dependent Life (children) – increments of $2,000 not to exceed $10,000 and 50% of the employee’s additional Term Life. – Short-Term Disability/Cancer Insurance– Customizable options available

Benefits by: Kate Scruggs  Section 125: Two parts – premium only coverage and Flexible Spending  Premium-only coverage allows the employee‟s portion of the insurance premiums to be withheld pre-tax. Employees enrolled in medical or dental coverage are automatically enrolled in the premium only plan, unless they opt out.  Flexible spending allows employees to set aside a portion of their salary pre-tax for certain out of pocket medical expenses and/or dependent care. Annual maximum of $2,400. Administered by Infinisource and includes a “Benny” card allowing expenses to specific vendors to be paid directly by the administrator.

Benefits by: Kate Scruggs  401(k) plan Employees are eligible for the plan following 90 days of employment and can join at the semi-annual enrollment periods on January 1 or July 1. Employees are automatically enrolled in the plan at 4% at the first available enrollment date following the waiting period unless opted out of the plan, or have submitted an enrollment form requesting that a different percentage be withheld. The Association matches 50% of the employee‟s contributions to a maximum of 6% of the employee‟s salary.

Benefits by: Kate Scruggs  Incentive Compensation Plan - an employee bonus program providing the Chapter meets specific financial goals plus 4 of the 5 strategic and measurable goals as established by the National Strategic Plan. This Plan is subject to Board approval and may be changed or eliminated at their discretion.

Benefits by: Kate Scruggs  Vacation Eligible employees accrue vacation time each pay period. Vacation time is available for use following 6 months of employment. New full-time employees accrue vacation at the rate of 3.33 hours per pay period. Part-time employee‟s vacation accrual is based on (reduced) hours worked.  Personal Time Available for illness, medical appointments and personal business that can only be accomplished during business hours, but is not to be used for vacation purposes. Employees will accrue personal time at the rate of 4 hours per pay period.  Paid Holidays Staff enjoys 10 paid holidays per year plus one floating holiday. See Employee Handbook

Major Gifts Development Department Special Events Orientation provided as needed by: Lindsay Jordan, Sr. Director of Development

Development/Major Gifts  Major Gift Cultivation – a shared responsibility with regional staff in cultivating major gifts, planned giving, corporations and foundations for the purpose of meeting fundraising goals as set forth annually. National Major Gifts/Development Staff: names to know  Claudine Larocque, Sr. Director, Relationship Development  Mike Houston, Director of Principle/Major Gifts/Central Region

Development  Chapter Staff: – Lindsay Jordan – Senior Director of Development: Oversees all – – – – development efforts; including grant writing, etc. Sarah Hauptman – Special Events Coordinator; oversees Tulsa Walk and Gala Alex Rosa – Database and Research Administrator, Tulsa: Responsible for ResultsPlus, our database management program Kacee VanHorn –Development Manager for Central Oklahoma (OKC office) Colin McKewen - Walk Manager in OKC

Q & A’s  Questions /comments  Adjournment Thank you for attending! Contact your supervisor or Debbie Ash with any questions!

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