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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: jamesxpla

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My response to evaluation 6

By James Ellis

 We felt it was important to use a lot of media technologies in our production. The main technologies used were editing software's, the camera and the mobile tripod. The editing software that we used was Adobe After Effects. We felt this would be suitable as it had the features available to construct a professional and well visual production. Another reason we felt it would be suitable as our primary editor, Connor, was familiar with the software and enjoys using the software in his spare time, therefore his wide knowledge on the software benefited the group largely. I myself become familiar with the software after the construction of our preliminary task of producing a re-make of an existing title sequence, in which we chose the Quentin Tarantino classic, Reservoir Dogs, in which I assisted Connor with the editing. As the remake of the title sequence worked well with the use of the Cannon 700D camera, slow dramatic speeds and various camera angles, we felt as a group that we would use the same equipment including the mobile tripod and use this in our opening title sequence. The digital camera provides an vivid visual picture as well as quicker upload speed as it only takes an SD card to transfer the data from camera to computer. The use of the tripod allowed us to capture moving scenes with a steady speed and mobility as well as preciously capturing stills.

 The art of Foley was used greatly in the production to enhance the audio aspect in our opening title sequence. At the beginning of our filming journey, we encountered many audio issues whilst filming for example wind and footsteps. In order to eliminate these issues, we used Foley, where we were positioned in an recording studio and with the assistance of our Foley artist, Carl Atkinson, we were able to re-record some of the vocals and speech recorded which sounded dull and quiet when listening back to it on whilst editing. In order to record the Foley we used the Apple software Garage Band in which our artist showed enlightened us on how the system works. We also used Foley to enhance the sound of footsteps, background noise and the sound of closing doors. Foley produces high-quality sound appose to the standard sound recorded on the camera.

 We have been introduced to many new types of technology throughout the process of our production. Most notably social technologies, including Youtube, Slideshare, Prezi, Pinterest and Padlet. These sights are used to promote movie titles but also socially discussing ideas related to them. Another social technology we used was Skype, in which we spoke to editor Mike Harrowes as mentioned in a few of my other blogs. Using these technologies has widely improved my computer skills as well as my knowledge on how new technology works. It also provides a purpose to my text as you can engage with them thoroughly, with the use of hyperlinks and interactive features.

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