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Published on March 12, 2008

Author: Tatlises

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Slide1:  WELCOME PRESENTATION ON Slide2:  This presentation has been prepared for providing information about Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. Jalgaon, India, to the present/ prospective investor. This presentation material contains proprietary and confidential information about the company. It should not be used for any purpose, other than the purpose specified here. No part of this information be disclosed, reprocessed, copied or stored in any manner without the prior consent, in writing, from the company. Disclaimer Slide3:  Our Goal - Build perpetual institution serving agri and water sector. Our Loyalty - Lifelong commitment to agriculture. Our Belief - Greatness of Mother India. Our Dream - Prosperity in Rural India. Our Culture - Work is life. Our Duty - Reasonable return to all stakeholders. Our Vision - We will establish leadership in whatever we do. Our Mission - Leave this world better than you found it. Small Ideas. Big Revolutions. Our Philosophy Slide4:  Head Quarter: Location Slide5:  Micro Irrigation, Plastic Piping & Sheet Jain Plastic Park, Jalgaon, Maharashtra Fruit Processing Plant Jain Food Park, Jalgaon, Maharashtra Onion and Vegetable Dehydration Plant Agri R&D cum Demo Farm & Tissue Culture Lab Jain Agri Park, Jalgaon, Maharashtra Jain Food Park, Jalgaon, Maharashtra Production Facilities, Maharashtra, India Recently dehy. facility at Jalgaon has been reorganized with addition of dryer from Orient Vegetexpo & shifting of dryer from Coimbatore to improve operational efficiency Slide6:  Production Facilities, Other States, India Kondamadugu, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Chittoor Plant -1, Andhra Pradesh Micro Irrigation & Plastic Piping Plant Onion & Vegetable Dehydration Plant R&D Farm / Micro Irrigation & Plastic Piping Plant Coimbatore, Tamilnadu Baroda, Gujarat Fruit Processing Plant Fruit Processing Plant in Hyderabad has recently shifted to Chittoor to improve operational efficiency. Hyderabad Plant is currently utilized for Plastic Processing. Coimbatore Plant will start Plastic Processing from 1st Quarter of FY07-08. Chittoor Plant -2, Andhra Pradesh Fruit Processing Plant Slide7:  Production Facilities- Outside India Drip Irrigation Company NaanDan Irrigation Systems, Israel NuCedar Mills, Inc., Chicopee MA, USA Building Product Company Aquarius Brands, Ontario, USA Dehydration Company Cascade Specialities Inc., Boardman, OR, USA Drip Irrigation Company Aquarius also has the manufacturing facility at Fresno in California & Winter Heaven in Florida NaanDan also has manufacturing facility in USA, Chile, Brazil, Spain & Austarlia Drip Irrigation Company Chapin Watermatics, Watertown, NY, USA Slide8:  Product Divisions Agricultural R&D Farming Tissue Culture Vermi-compost Organic Manure Bio Gas Drip Irrigation Sub soil Irrigation Sprinkler Irrigation PVC Pipes & Fittings PE Pipes & Fittings Well Casing & Screen Pipes PVC Free Foam PVC Celuka PVC Rigid PC Compact PC Corrugated Onion & Vegetables Dehydration Fruit Puree, Pulp and Concentrate. IQF Solar Water Heating Solar Lighting Solar Inverter Solar Pump Solar Dryer Solar Fencing Applications: Open Field Irrigation Control Irrigation Landscape Applications: Agriculture Horticulture Nursery Domestic Gas Applications: Drinking Water Farm Irrigation Plumbing Sewerage Effluents Cable Ducting Gas Dust suppression Applications: Advertising Interior Designs Industrial Building & Construction Marine Industry Transport Greenhouse Stadium Roofing Applications: Processed Food Soups Salad Dressing Juice Baby food Ice cream Confectionary Applications: Domestic Commercial Industrial Slide9:  Strong Brand Equity More Crop Per Drop ® Slide10:  Most Valued Customers Happy Farmers Slide11:  Distribution & After Sales Services Network The above figures are for all company products Slide12:  Export Market - Valued Customers Slide13:  Domestic Markets - Valued Customers Slide14:  Quality Achievements ISO 9001: 2000 Sheet Division MIS Division Pipe Division Agriculture Division Solar Division ISO 14001: 2004 MIS Division Pipe Division Sheet Division ISO 22000: 2005 Food Division BRC/ Kosher/ HACCP Food Division Slide15:  Human Resources About 88% of Human Resources are less than 46 Years of Age Company has employed highest Agricultural Scientists, Engineers & Technicians in Private Sector In addition to above about 747 associates are working in overseas companies Company also provide temp employment to about 2000 people during season Slide16:  Awards & Accolades Till date we have received 33 State, 1 Regional, 97 National and 4 International Awards for, R&D, Quality, Innovative Product development, Fair Business Practices and outstanding Exports. The internationally prestigious “Crawford Reid Memorial” Award instituted by Irrigation Association, USA was bestowed on our Chairman Shri B. H. Jain for “Significant Contribution to the Irrigation Industry outside the United States”. In this year itself, he has been conferred by “Doctor of Letters” by NMU, Jalgaon and by “Doctor of Science” by KKV, Dapoli & MPUAT, Udaipur. Recently he has also received Yeshwantrao Chavan Foundation Award for noticeable contribution in the field of Agriculture-Industry. Slide17:  India to be most populous country in next 25-50 years. Food Production need to be doubled to sustain population growth. No increase in available land resources. Available land is becoming less productive. India to be water scarce nation by year 2017 - UNICEF & WWF. Depleting ground water table due to over-exploitation. Rising water table of saline and sodic water. Growing scarcity and increasing competition for water. Water scarcity to lead to more poverty. Adverse effect on food production due to water & land problems. Small Ideas. Big Revolutions. Facts facing the Nation - I Slide18:  We have ‘Food Security’. We have millions of tons of food grain stored in warehouses. But - Where is ‘Rural Prosperity’? - Where is ‘water security’? Small Ideas. Big Revolutions. Facts facing the Nation - II Slide19:  We had Green Revolution - Excellent We had White Revolution - Great Now we need - Blue Revolution - Yellow Revolution But - How do we achieve? - When do we achieve? Small Ideas. Big Revolutions. Facts facing the Nation - III Slide20:  ‘JAIN Integrated Model’ Small Ideas. Big Revolutions. Slide21:  Alleviate rural poverty and bring rural prosperity. Provide water security. Enable small holder farmer to - increase production - generate income - improve quality of life Conserve energy. Create far-reaching, long-lasting impact by using modest available resources. ® Objectives Slide22:  Agro-hydrological rational for sustained development. Optimum management of natural resources. Active R&D for productivity enhancement. Utilisation of hi-tech agricultural inputs. Develop market environment for mutual benefit. Self development by farmer through private sector participation. Basis Slide23:  Backward and forward linkage in entire agriculture value chain. Value addition through corporate farming and contract farming. Transfer research findings to end user. Protection and development of socio-economic systems. ® Structure Slide24:  Optimum application of water through a systems approach. Basic research through Bio-technology Securing water flow to sustain eco-system. On farm balance of water. Effective implementation of soil fertility management Better and productive pre and post harvest cultural practices. Timely and constant advisory at each stage of crop cycle. Assured buy-back of quantity and committed prices. Value addition to farm produce. ® Key Components Slide25:  Jain Integrated Model Slide26:  Strategy Slide27:  Corporate Actions Organic Growth Capacity expansion plan under implementation across major business units Capex commitments of Rs.1.5b during Fy07-08 New Regional Production Facilities in Southern & North India for Irrigation & Piping Products Strengthening distributors & dealers network in Southern & North India Scalability with high “Turnover to Investment” Ratio i.e. Extremely efficient use of capital Post expansion (Fy06-07 & Fy-07-08), Revenue potential to go up by Rs.15b Stepping-up contract farming for mango & pomegranate in addition to onions Plan to raise US$50-60m during Fy07-08 to fund expansion & acquisitions In-organic Growth Acquired 100% Control in Chapin Watermatics, USA, a pioneer of Drip Irrigation Acquired 51% Control in NuCedar Mill, USA (Building Product) Acquired 65% Control in Cascade Specialties Inc. USA (Dehydration). Balance 35% will be acquired over 5 years Acquired 100% Control in Aquarius Brands, USA, a strong brand in US Irrigation Market Acquired 50% Control in NaanDan, Israel (3rd largest), a strong brand in Global Irrigation Market Acquired strategic stake (7.5%) in Euro drip. Europe’s leading Drip Irrigation Company Slide28:  Application of water to root zone through custom designed system Micro Irrigation –Water Management Solution Visible Benefits: Water Savings, Cost Savings & Productivity Increase Suitable for Cash Crops, Horticulture Crops, Oil Seeds, Fruits & Vegetables and Agro-forestry Slide29:  Irrigation Business in India Current Scenario Almost 60% of arable land in India is still rain-fed About 2m ha of the total 70m ha of irrigated land under MIS GOI task force projected coverage of 17m ha under MIS by end of XI Plan (i.e. 2011-12) Government funds 50% of the system cost by way of capital subsidy GOI task force had recommended Rs.307b , 5-year investment plan by end of XI Plan (Rs.615b business opportunity) Increased GOI Allocation for Subsidy in FY07-08 for Micro Irrigation (about Rs.6.9b) XI plan target for Agri Growth at 4% vis-à-vis current growth of 2.3% Higher targets for Farm Credit and Agri Investment ( 2%+ of GDP) Current Industry size is about Rs.7b, which can grow to a level of Rs.20b annually in next 2-3 year Domestic Market Share: Drip 55% Sprinkler 35% Slide30:  Major Growth Drivers for Micro Irrigation [CURRENT REVENUE-MIX] [STATE-WISE DOMESTIC REVENUE] Major Growth drivers are State Initiated Projects in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat & Tamilnadu Growing Retail Business in Maharashtra Upcoming project in Karnataka, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh & Other States New Overseas Markets through acquisitions & exports to South African Continent Slide31:  Overseas Acquisitions- Update Acquisitions to achieve Scale & Operational Efficiencies Cross Border Synergies such as Low Cost Production Base, Technology Transfer to benefit all Access to Strong Management Team for Future Growth Inorganic Route- Micro Irrigation Business Chapin Watermatics, USA (100%) Aquarius Brands USA (100%) NaanDan Irrigation, Israel (50.001%) Micro Irrigation Micro Irrigation Micro Irrigation Benefits: Give JISL entry in world’s largest Market for Drip Irrigation Strong franchise Access to US, Mexico, Europe, Africa markets Extensive distribution & Product line Participate in turnkey projects globally Benefits: Strengthen JISL position in US Market (2nd largest) Strong Brand Equity Strong franchise Possibility of cross border transactions Widest product offering incl. Agri, Landscape, Turf, Mining etc. Strong R&D Benefits: Decades of know-how and expertise in irrigation and crop technologies Expertise in large-scale agro-projects Significant presence in Israel, France Italy, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Spain & Australia Widest product offering & Strong Brand Equity Possibility of cross border transactions Strong R&D Valuations / Revenue: Current Revenues-US$ 10m Revenue Potential of US$ 25m with marginal capex Acquired at US$ 6.25m Valuations / Revenue: Current Revenues-US$ 30m Revenue Potential of US$ 50m with marginal capex Acquired at US$21.5m Valuations /Revenues: Current Revenue- US$70m Revenue potential of US$ 100m with marginal capex Investment of US$ 21.5m Slide32:  Piping Business Current Scenario Rural-Urban Infrastructure growth at breakneck speed in India GOI plan to increase Investment under Bharat Nirman Scheme (Massive Infrastructure Projects) GOI budgetary allocation of Rs.7b for Safe Drinking Water to all Rural Habitations GOI budgetary allocation of Rs.10b for Rural Sanitation GOI emphasis on Integrated Watershed Management Programme Piping products segment to benefit from “Drip under Lift” Projects (Command Area Development) Govt. push for urban infrastructure, renewal of water supply & sewerage pipes PVC pipes to benefit from increased micro irrigation spends Planned Investment by Telecom Companies for Rural Connectivity Beginning of city gas distribution network by oil companies Domestic Market Share: PVC 15% PE 30% Slide33:  Major Growth Drivers for PVC Pipes Strong Retail Business in States like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & MP Huge Demand expected from Government Sponsored Schemes Current Expansion Plan will make Company “Undisputed Leader” in Piping Products [CURRENT REVENUE-MIX] [RETAIL (By STATES) & INSTITUTIONAL REVENUE] Slide34:  Major Growth Drivers for PE Pipes [CURRENT REVENUE-MIX] [DOMESTIC REVENUE BY MAJOR SEGMENTS] Huge investment in Rural India by All Telecom companies to improve Rural Connectivity Preferred Supplier Status from British Telecom & Alcatel Demand from Municipal Corporation for renewal of existing Drainage & Sewage Lines Company’s ability to participate in Higher Dia Project (up to 1600mm) Slide35:  Plastic Sheet Business Current Scenario Total US Market Size for Trim Board and related applications is $3.5bn Siding market in USA stands at $12b PVC Lumber Growth from New Homes as well as from remodeling of Existing Homes Newer applications in home building industry will expand the market PVC sheets are increasingly replacing wood as the material of choice Higher thickness PVC Sheets (Free Foam) have multiple applications The distribution segment catering to advertising, signage also growing fast Market Share: Overseas 20% Slide36:  Major Growth Drivers in PVC Sheets Growing demand from Lumber Segment in United States Growing Demand from Distribution Market in Europe & USA Value Added Products like Clapboard Siding, Trim & Corner Board for High End Customer Segment [CURRENT REVENUE-MIX] [EXPORT REVENUE BY MAJOR CONTINENTS] Slide37:  Overseas Acquisitions- Update Investment in Start-Up Venture to gain Early Bird Advantage Inorganic Route – Plastic Sheet NuCedar Mills, USA (51%) Building Product- Siding & Trim Benefits: First company in the building materials industry to introduce premium grade architectural siding, trim and millwork Ideal for new homes or remodeling Presence in world’s largest market for PVC Trim & Sidings Patents registered Cater to Premium customer segment Valuations /Revenues: Commercial production started in Jan-07 Revenue potential of US$ 50m Investment of US$ 3.1m Slide38:  Agro Processing Business Current Scenario: Fruit Processing India is the second largest producer of fruits in the world India currently processes less than 2% of its fruits & vegetables Agro processing is a focused area for the Indian Government Domestic demand for juices increasing due to preference for healthy drinks High antioxidant Pomegranate Juice to fuel the demand Demand for New IQF product (Incremental potential for Value – adds) Current Scenario: Dehydration India is the second largest producer of Onions & Vegetables in the World Global opportunity of 1m tpa for Dehydrated vegetables Dehydrated onion used as a food ingredient, Segments growing globally @ over 7-8% Value added products -fried/toasted/frozen onions/vegetables to create new demand Dehydration- among 3 Globally & Fruit– Globally largest in Mango Slide39:  Major Growth Drivers in Dehy. Onions/Veg. Growing demand from US & European Market Repeat orders from Existing Customers & New Customers being added Reach to Global Customers through acquisition of Cascade in USA [CURRENT REVENUE-MIX] [EXPORT REVENUE BY MAJOR CONTINENTS] Slide40:  Major Growth Drivers in Fruit Pulp & Puree [CURRENT REVENUE-MIX] [REVENUE BY MAJOR CONTINENTS] Strategic Supplier to Coke in India Growing demand in Europe US & Middle East Market Value Added Products like Frozen Pulp, IQF Products, etc. launched Wider Product Offering through Recent introduction of Pomegranate Juice & Concentrate Slide41:  Overseas Acquisitions- Update Acquisition of dehydration company helped to become Strategic Supplier to MNC’s across Globe Inorganic Route – Dehydration Business Cascade Specialties, USA (65%) Dehydration Benefits: Makes JISL No. 3 in the world’s Access to biggest dehy. onion market Widest product range incl. low bacterio products Access to high solid variety of onion Access to organic farming for organic products Valuations / Revenues: Revenues of US$ 11m Revenue Potential of US$ 25m with marginal capex Acquired at US$ 4.75m Slide42:  Financial Overview [GROSS INCOME: SUSTAINING SALES MOMENTUM] [SUSTAINED MARGIN-EBIDTA] [IMPROVED NET WC CYCLE (DOS) ] [ROCE % & RONW TREND %] FCCB Issue of US$ 60mn was made on 29-Mar-06 (Conversion Price-Rs. 345.59 per share) As on date conversion request received for US$9mn (about 15%) Net Debt (Excl. FCCB)/ EBIDTA as at Mar-07 is around 2 x Slide43:  Production Capacities (Indian Operation) Capacity expansion across major Business Unit under implementation Plan to set-up Regionalize Manufacturing Facilities for better market reach Slide44:  Segment Performance (Indian Operations) CAGR of 45% in Revenue for last 3 years Management expectation of maintaining similar Growth in next 3-5 years based on current business environment Consolidated Performance for FY07-08 will have full impact of all recent Acquisitions (Expected Revenue of about US$ 180 m) Slide45:  Segment Performance (Consolidated Revenue) YoY Growth & CAGR Slide46:  Segment Performance (Consolidated EBIDTA) YoY Growth & CAGR Slide47:  Shareholding Pattern & Top Shareholders Total Outstanding Equity Shares – 61.48m Total shareholders - 26,784 Current Market Capitalization- Rs. 29b (US$708m) based on Market Price of Rs. 468/ps on 1st Jun 2007 Equity Shares & FCCB Listed on BSE & NSE in India as well as Singapore & Luxemburg Exchanges Slide48:  Challenges Company is in the midst of rapid growth in all of its businesses Part of the growth in micro-irrigation market in India is subject to government policies Micro-irrigation growth would require large trained employees & dealers network at ground level Piping products business is very competitive PVC sheets business is overweight to US housing market Margins will remain leveraged to commodity (Polymers) price movements. Agro-processing businesses are subject to whether and seasonality risks Slide49:  Thank You

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