JahiaOne - Extending Jahia7 with NoSQL. Demos and Showcases

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Information about JahiaOne - Extending Jahia7 with NoSQL. Demos and Showcases

Published on February 18, 2014

Author: Jahia

Source: slideshare.net


Jahia is a versatile platform, extensible through modules even to implement highly complex business needs. This session demonstrates how NoSQL DB can be used with Jahia to deliver advanced features like on-line presence and social network relations.

Extending Digital Factory Extend Digital Factory with Spring Data & Spring Framework © 2002 - 2014 Jahia Solutions Group SA

Spring social ●  Allow connections to S-a-a-S like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. ●  OSGI modules allows to provide connections to those social networks as services ●  Modules can reuse those connections to access those networks API

Service Connections ●  Jahia 7 will allow you to register connections to social networks. ●  Connections are persisted in the JCR ●  Connections are on a per site level ●  Ease access to social network api

Social API ●  Get your network API from the connectors (Facebook, Twitter, etc) ●  Use it to retrieve information from the network or to publish/update links/news/status

What to do with it Demonstration Social network services Twitter LinkedIN Facebook OSGi Facebook Twitter Social network rules Digital Factory

Social rule service ●  Easy to define a module that will provide rules to send updates on social networks ●  Following the same ideas it will be possible to register user in Jahia through their facebook/twitter account

Demo Send a tweet using social service connector and rule service

NoSQL ●  Highly specialized DB (Graph, Map/List, Document) ●  High Scalability ●  No Schema

Neo4J GraphDB


MongoDB ●  JSON Type Document ●  Document are stored by Collections (~tables) ●  Specialized Indexes (Geospatial, etc.) ●  GridFS (File storage)

Spring Data ●  Connection to different type of DB, no common framework like in Spring Social ●  Jahia 7 allows to define Spring Data connection at the server level ●  Neo4j, Redis and MongoDB are supported for now, plans for Hadoop and GemFire

What to do with it Demonstration Spring Data Connectors User Activity OSGi MongoDB Neo4J Redis Digital Factory User Graph Friend Messaging

Atmosphere ●  Asynchronous web ●  Broadcast to connected users

Friend to Friend Messaging ●  Use Neo4J for the graph of friends ●  Use redis for message archive and online presence ●  Use atmosphere for broadcasting messages from one user to another

Architecture ●  Use 4 modules (data-connector, user-graph, useractivity, friend-messaging) ●  Data-connector exposes DB connections ●  User-graph maintains the relations between users

Architecture ●  User activity opens and maintains a broadcaster for each user ●  Friend messaging use all modules to create a chat between friends, with archiving of messages and realtime chat

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