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Information about J210MidTerm

Published on March 14, 2014

Author: Chazz55

Source: authorstream.com

Review for MidTerm: Review for MidTerm Journalism 210 THE BASICS: THE BASICS WHO: You, of course  WHAT: The MidTerm WHERE: Wed / MZ 211, Sat/MZ 360 WHEN: Wed/3-20, Sat/3-23 (regular time) WHY: To be sure you’re learning HOW: Using a Scantron 882 ; your AP Stylebook and a Computer THE EXAM: THE EXAM PART 1: 25 Multiple Choice Questions (Scantron) + AP Style Exercises PART 2: Write Two (2) Stories a crime report a story about a lawsuit THE READINGS : THE READINGS TEXTBOOK: Chapter 3; Pages 94-95, 98-105 and 162-169 Basics from News University Exercises : Beats, Crime Reporting & Courts THE SKILLS: THE SKILLS Using the AP Stylebook (your weekly quizzes are your friends  ) Writing a Basic News Story Covering Cops & Crime Using a lawsuit to write a news story FAQS: FAQS NO: You are not required to submit Beat Reports or AP Quizzes on MidTerm day. YES: You can use your AP Stylebook NO: You cannot use your Textbook YES: The MidTerm is the only assignment for this week. YES: You can leave when you are done.

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