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Published on January 24, 2008

Author: TMCPetVending

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Pet Clin opens in Colora, MD.

-rT ^BBB^^^B^BpP^BMBRIP ip i In Q&moimim. By Dan Meadows of the nozzle, he would twist and con- According to Restucci, the Pet Clin tort his body around to get as big a booth is one of the first steps in making Clyde hates to take a bath. I mean mouthful as his business an all-around pet store and he absolutely despis- he was capa- doggie haven. He detailed for me his es them. Fortunately ble. future plans during a quick jaunt around for me, and anyone After try- the property, pointing out for me where else who stops by to ing that a the therapeutic pool, doggie daycare, visit, Clyde isn't one few times, dog training courses and much more of those dogs that and getting will eventually be. He's even planning takes every opportuni- myself for a second, outdoor Pet Clin booth ty to roll around in soaked to for the warmer summer months. the most rancid- the bone Restucci also trains Chesapeake Bay smelling things he can each occa- retrievers, proudly showing off photos find. Even if he goes sion while of his dogs, along with numerous rib- without a good cleaning attempting to keep up with him, I bons and awards they've won, on a bill- for months-and he has-he doesn't really tried to put the forces of nature at my board in his store. The store itself is smell bad. But eventually, inevitably, his disposal. I would wait until we had a more than just a feed store, although thick black coat will start to mat and torrential downpour, then take him out- they do have a full range of food for lots need a good washing. side, soap him up and let the rain wash of animals, including Purina Deer Chow At first, I tried putting him in my away all of the built up dirt and grime. (I didn't even know that existed). It's a bathtub, filling it about a 1/4 full with This method still left me dripping wet, genuine pet store with a wide selection warm water, soaping him up and rinsing but it had the advan- of toys and other products. him down with the shower head. tage of only having to Restucci is Needless to say, he wasn't happy. He control him long 3 clearly thinking would struggle to get out of tub, splash- enough to build up a toward the ing soapy water everywhere, soaking me good lather. But future. In my and anything else laying around my bath- unfortunately, soon brief conversa- room. And afterwards, he would make after I declared this tion with him, I it a point to go and rub his saturated the best possible could tell that body against any and all furniture in the way to clean a dog, he was seeing house, just to spite me, no doubt. we had a drought not what was Then I tried to wash him with the and a good four currently there garden hose out in my back yard. This months went by as much as what method had the benefit of keeping my without much is to come, even house and personal possessions dry, if more than a drizzle. talking about not myself. However, Recently, I had the opportunity to going around to other pet stores in the without the try out a new Pet Clin dog washing region to get ideas to help him make his bounds of the booth at J.R. Pet and Animal Supply store the best it can possibly be. bathtub, it was in Colora, MD. The booth, manu- For now, the Pet Clin booth is a very difficult to factured by a Spanish company, is start, along with a new name for the keep him under one of only a handful of Pet Clin store, which was formerly J.R Animal control, which machines currently operating in Supply, new signs and a little sprucing made rinsing all of the United States. Marty Restucci, up. They are also the regional distribu- the shampoo out of the store's owner, practically tor for the Pet Clin booths themselves. his coat next to beams over the shiny new stain- So, back to Clyde. I brought him to impossible. And less steel mechanism, located in a J.R. Pet and Animal Supply to try out the then there was the newly built special room on the machine. For $7,1 got a 14-minute little matter of how property. cycle in the booth that includes sham- much he enjoys J.R. Pet and Animal Supply, located on poo, rinse, optional flea rinse and a two- drinking from the hose. So much so, Tome Highway just outside of Rising speed, groomer-style dryer. The dog that anytime I would squeeze the trigger Sun, MD, is a business in transition. goes onto a platform, then locks in with 10

two chains that clip to a standard dog // completely before moving on to the other interesting features. One being a collar, securing the dog to the platform dryer. The dryer, also on a flexible hose, special trap that allows the water to safely, without the risk of slipping off started on a fast speed and moved into flow freely through the platform's drain squirming away. That was a big sel a lower speed after a few minutes. but collects all dog hair without clog- point for me. Clyde was none-too- ging. I wish I had one After that, you could raise or lower fond of the hair dryer—I of those for my the platform to the desired height that may have found some- shower. The other is best suits your dog, making it easier to thing he hates more a self-sanitizing rinse wash. The first step was the shampoo. than my bathtub—but he that the booth does The flexible hose and nozzle allows you got used to it and finally automatically after to shoot a steady stream of warm settled down, allowing each washing, spraying water mixed with an all-natural sham- me to get most of the a disinfectant onto poo. I could tell Clyde wasn't happy, but excess moisture out of the platform from he did stay still and let me completely his thick coat. small spray jets along saturate him. He didn't even try to And after all that, its sides. drink from the nozzle. there was still four min- When all was said Next came the rinse with just plain utes remaining on the and done, the Pet water to wash away all of the shampoo. overall cycle. The 14 Clin booth is definite- At this point, Clyde tried to make a minute standard cycle is more than ly better than waiting for a heavy rain. break for it, but the fasteners hooked to ample time to give any dog a thorough And for perhaps the only time ever, I his collar kept him in place very well. I washing and drying. Finally, I unhooked was completely dry while Clyde got a didn't even really have to hold him to Clyde from the platform and let him totally saturating wash. He may not keep him securely on the platform. down, and he was clearly happy to be have enjoyed it—he never does—but he'll After rinsing him down, I tried the done. Restucci even tried to give him a get used to it. I think. optional flea rinse. Clyde has never had treat for his trouble, to which Clyde, in For more info on J.R. Pet andAnimal fleas, but I figured, why not, he might as his predictable hard-headed manner, Supply or the Pet Clin dog washing well get the full experience. With the turned his nose up. booths, call I -866-635-2174. flea rinse, I just had to saturate him The Pet Gin booth has a couple of Available ONLY at J.R. Pet £ Animal Supply! (formerly J.K Animal Supply) 2497 Tome Highway, Colors MD 21917 aee-635-2174 jranimalsupply@gmail.com ItBttHmn MM *m fHt&m Hint ttttr*- *j«/JANUAE!Y2008 11

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