J&P Building Systems Ltd - An *Introduction

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Information about J&P Building Systems Ltd - An *Introduction

Published on May 23, 2014

Author: JPBuildingSystems

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J&P Building Systems Ltd Introduction

With an extensive range of products for many of today’s modern construction requirements, J & P Building Systems have developed a reputation for providing safe, smart solutions. Supplying standard off-the-shelf products and bespoke designed solutions, J&P work closely with our parent companies to provide cost- effective, high quality and reliable products to benefit the construction industry. Alongside our range of products we also have an experienced team providing design guidance, technical support, sales and pricing assistance – to ensure our customers are supplied the most suitable value-engineered products and solutions for their projects. J&P Building Systems

J&P Parent Partnership Companies J&P Building Systems is the supply partner in the UK for our parent companies

Balcon connectors for steel balconies

Steel balconies are a common feature of apartments

They are normally fixed to the face of the insitu concrete floor slab

Until recently, proprietary fixing systems were always used

Typical proprietary balcony fixing inserts

Apart from cost, the big drawback with these systems is tolerance -or lack of it

Extract from proprietary technical literature

The lack of tolerance means that surveys and retro-drilling is usually required

Threaded rods projecting from slab edge

Threaded sockets cast into slab edge

Balcon channel inserts

Cast-in channel has always been known to offer high tolerance

Invented by Anders Jordahl in 1913, it has a proven track record of safety and provision of high tolerance.

In particular, channel allows considerable errors in casting to be overcome with no remedial work required.

Ideal position for channel and balcony plate

Channel to one side - plate remains in correct position

Channel too high - plate remains in correct position

Channel rotated - plate remains in correct position

Balcon system The channels are cast-in, with bars welded-on. The stub and back plate normally form part of the balcony package

How does it work?

How does it work? Shear is taken by the vertical toothed channels

How does it work? Moment is taken by tension in the top channel and compression against the vertical channels

Thermal performance The stub beam can be encased in a block of insulation. The thickness of insulation is not ‘fixed’ as with the proprietary systems.

Thermal performance The Balcon system has been thermally assessed by BBA.

Thermal performance The results showed that Balcon was thermally superior to existing proprietary systems.

Thermal performance Importantly, the analysis showed that the performance meet the criteria for minimising the risk of internal surface condensation.

Durability The channels and bolts have a hot-dipped galvanized finish. The minimum thickness of galvanizing is 50μm (microns). The Galvanizers Association publish guidance based on BS EN ISO 14713:2009 This indicates a coating life expectancy of at least 70 years.

Practical details BBC Media City

Practical details BBC Media City

Practical details BBC Media City

Practical details Clancy Barracks, Dublin

Balcon Case studies Woodberry Down

Balcon Case studies BBC Media City Media City

Balcon Case studies The Rock, Bury

Balcon Case studies Clancy Barracks, Dublin

Balcon Case studies Beaufort Park, Hendon

Balcon Case studies Kew Bridge Road, Brentford

Balcon Case studies Finzels Reach, Bristol Finzels Reach, Bristol

Balcon Case studies Finzels Reach, Bristol Finzels Reach, Bristol

Balcon Case studies Olympic Athletes Village (3 sites)

In addition: Cast-in channels are remarkably tolerant of mis-use and abuse, as these examples show.

Channel not secured before casting has sunk below the surface of the concrete. Concrete is highly honeycombed Used after load testing.

After this channel was missed out, the Contractor cut a chase in the column and ‘fixed’ a channel with resin. Rejected!

After this channel was mis- positioned, the Contractor added another, with resin. Rejected!

The missing concrete was replaced with grout. Used after load testing.

This group was severely mis- aligned, and the lower surface was set back. After load testing, this was used as designed with a modified end plate to the beam.

Inappropriate use of an oxyacetylene burner damaged the galvanizing. Concrete was blown off by the extreme heat. After making-good, and load testing, this was used as designed. Load = 70 kNm + 100 kN

J&P Building Systems Ltd Thame Forty Jane Morbey Road Thame Oxon OX9 3RR T: +44 (0)1844 215 200 F: +44 (0)1844 263 257 E: enquiries@jp-uk.com W: jp-uk.com GENERAL


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