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Published on October 10, 2009

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An extensive overview of the types of convergence, how companies have implemented various strategies and the role of multimedia storytelling.

University of North Texas Department of Journalism Online Journalism 3340 Oct. 6, 2009 Newsrooms & Convergence –In Detail

Today’s class Convergence and newsrooms Saving newspapers? BLOG POST DUE THURSDAY, OCT. 8 Write 300 – 500 words on the impact/role of multimedia storytelling Here are the links: Knight Digital Media Center: Multimedia Storytelling http://multimedia.journalism.berkeley.edu/tutorials/reporting/starttofinish/choose/ Online Journalism Review: “Multimedia Storytelling: when is it worth it? http://www.ojr.org/ojr/stories/070210ruel/

Types of News Websites “Convergence” takes form in various ways Uneven development due to: Size of media company Philosophy Strategic Competitive strategy

Corporate Structure Specific newspaper brands tied to the home town Dallasnews.com Washingtonpost.com Nytimes.com Umbrella sites Newhouse News’ Regional Approach AlabamaLive.com NJ.com ClevelandLive.com Which approach is better? Does it matter?

Convergence: Ownership Company owns multiple content or distribution channels Disney/ABC Viacom/CBS GE/NBC Fox Time Warner Leverage technology: synergy Cross promote Develop once, distribute in multiple platforms Source: Rich Gordon - http://ojr.org/ojr/business/1068686368.php

Convergence: Ownership The critics: Eliminating a “diversity of voices” Reducing competition Evolution of “communications” companies Source: Rich Gordon - http://ojr.org/ojr/business/1068686368.php

Convergence: Tactical Partnerships between TV & Newspapers Collaboration with competition More “resources”: ‘feet on the street’ Generating eyeballs/readers Several critical issues: Who runs the story first? Role of the newspaper TV critic “covering” programs on the partner TV station Source: Rich Gordon - http://ojr.org/ojr/business/1068686368.php

Convergence: Tactical Why Media General thinks it works Tampa Tribune, WFLA, TampaTribune.com Daily tips/information Spot news Photography Enterprise reporting “Franchises” – TV reporter with a newspaper column; City Hall reporter with a nightly spot on TV newscast Public service Events Source: Rich Gordon - http://ojr.org/ojr/business/1068686368.php

Convergence: Structure Media company reengineers the newsroom to make it function like a “converged” newsroom Orlando Sentinel: Launched a 24-hour local cable news channel in partnership with Time Warner Cable Created a staff of multimedia editors whose job it is to do whatever is necessary to get newspaper content -- and print reporters -- on the air. The editors, most of whom come from broadcast backgrounds, coordinate between the two newsrooms, arrange talkbacks for print reporters and produce original TV programming, such as a weekly Source: Rich Gordon - http://ojr.org/ojr/business/1068686368.php

Convergence: Structure Startribune.com, the Web site of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune Hired a TV photographer and producer to serve as an online multimedia reporter. Covers news events, shoots video, takes still photographs and creates multimedia presentations for the Web site. Source: Rich Gordon - http://ojr.org/ojr/business/1068686368.php

Convergence: Information Gathering Retraining staff Reporters learning how to shoot stills, videos and capture digital audio Photographers learn how to shoot video along with stills Evolution of “MoJos”, “Preditors” Blurring of lines between print & broadcast Source: Rich Gordon - http://ojr.org/ojr/business/1068686368.php

Convergence: Presentation (Storytelling) Multimedia packages Reporting, writing, photography, audio, video, information graphics Readers gets to interact NY Times: How different groups spend their day TampaBay.com: Mugshots Charlotte Observer: The Smoky Mountains Source: Rich Gordon - http://ojr.org/ojr/business/1068686368.php

Types of News Websites “Shovelware What you read in the daily newspaper or see on TV is what you see on the website Costs Staffing Lack of technology/content management system Strategic decision All stories written in traditional inverted pyramid style What are the pros & cons?

Types of News Websites Periodic Updating Mainly shovelware with some exceptions Breaking News Sports stories/scores Some dedicated staff assigned

Types of News Websites Continuous Updating Combination of shovelware and original packages Wire-service (AP, Reuters) operation mentality Sports stories/scores Special ‘web-only’ reports Extensive interactive features, graphics, including audio and video Full-time dedicated staff

Digital Storytelling Tools Shovelware out, Within Media In It’s no place for lazy journalists Dig deeper, report more, drive to find more sources, quicker Need to be more accurate and more thorough Search, research and verify

Integration “Among-media” Shovelware Reproducing newspaper story as-is into newspaper Posting video from newscast onto the web “I think that the great fear was that we were all going to turn into three-headed monsters and do three times as much work in eight hours, and you just can’t. And, furthermore, you probably won’t do it that well; particularly in a market this size you can’t afford to have a mediocre person on TV or a mediocre news writer.” Jim Riley, Director of Operations, of TBO.com http://www.ojr.org/ojr/workplace/1017858030.php

Integration “Within-media” Great reporting + multimedia using digital media tools: your pen, paper, digital recorder, digital video camera Long form narrative meets digital story telling Fully integrated into the story assignment process Ability for more in-depth coverage Better interviews Greater consciousness of photos Selected use of video Fairness & accuracy still reign

Types of Convergence Storytelling or presentation: Using digital tools to create new forms of story telling. Print Broadcast Internet

Types of Convergence Storytelling or presentation: Using digital tools to create new forms of story telling. Broadcast Internet Print

The Interactive Audience Shorter lines of communication between journalists and audience Traditional Media: Readers v. Non-readers Readers an ‘amorphous mass’ Defined audience – by geography Circulation, ‘signal’

The Interactive Audience Now: Individual, personalized, direct Email addresses for reporters Tracking readers: Story by story Top Down Editors to Readers Readers in Control Audience Participation

Participatory journalism - “We Media” http://www.hypergene.net/wemedia/weblog.php?id=P36

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