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Published on March 6, 2014

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BOOK REVIEW-KSR Prasad's Introduction to the Evidence Based Panchakarma

BOOK REVIEW KSR Prasad's Introduction to the Evidence Based Panchakarma It gives me great pleasure to go through this monograph on “Introduction to the Evidence Based Panchakarma” written by Prof. Dr. Shiva Ram Prasad Kethamakka, Head of Department, Panchakarma, Mahatma Gandhi Ayurvedic College, DMIMS, Salod, Wardha. I started to read his book with a critical if not so censorious eye. Medicine is the most dynamic of biological disciplines. It is regarded as the oldest Indian sciences and is proved to be the science in which Indians specialized first. It is undoubtedly true that all people are different, and that the ideal form of medicine should take such differences into account. Ayurveda strength in this regard is one of its sources of appeal. However, the mere fact that medicine ought to treat people individually doesn't imply that Ayurveda's individualized treatment techniques that are actually grounded in reality. They could be wishful thinking rather than an insight into the truth. The increasing popularity of Ayurveda in the west and in India has naturally led the consumers and therapists to assess its clinical potentials and theoretical under pinning closely. But search for ancient cure of Human diseases and ailments is both intriguing and mind-boggling. Ayurveda contains declarative statements based on the crystallization of accumulated experience and observation of natural phenomena. The conclusive statements made generations ago could be the end result of experiments conducted by ancestors. But the methods of derivation employed to arrive at the conclusion remain largely unclear and unknown to the later generations of Ayurvedic professionals. The effect of this appears to be a shift in approach which is exploratory analytical and conditional based in contemporary medical issues including patent laws. It is also be noted that modern medical approach today is inclined towards accepting multifactor etiologies for diseases, individualizing treatment and has started giving emphasis on homeostasis are all strongholds of Ayurveda. In spite of having tremendous wealth of knowledge based on real experience, a statue observation, the system has been relegated to back benches and raises many a eyebrows considering a non-science a witch craft because efforts were not made to apply Cartesian principles of drawing inferences and conclusions based on hard data, obtained by designing experiments around hypothesis. Hence, what appeared essential was to create a base of evidence for fundamental principles of Ayurveda, which are explained in its own terminology. And for this purpose, interpreting the paribhasha in contemporary scientific language was necessary as only then it would be possible to design protocols for experiments. In medicine, observation alone can ensure correct diagnosis in majority of cases provided it is followed up by the right deal of logical reasoning. At times, however, finality of opinion would have to be reserved to be made only after relevant investigations. Dr. K. S. R. Prasad has taken scrupulous care in presenting all the relevant information regarding need of evidence based Panchakarma both in procedure as well as therapeutically, approach to conquer or concur-explained about main Journal of Indian System of Medicine, Vol.1, Number 2, August, 2013 54

BOOK REVIEW - KSR Prasad's Introduction to the Evidence Based Panchakarma defective areas and given more stress towards the need of standardization of procedure and Herbo-mineral compounds. Further he has presented the importance of Research in Ayurveda and presenting the clinical data for publication in the standards so that it will help for further researchers as evidence to continue the same. The entire compendium is well designed and written keeping in view for research scholars of Ayurveda and the time constraint busy practitioner who is practicing Panchakarma as an Evidence Based method. The Monograph “Introduction to the Evidence Based Panchakarma” written by Prof. Shiva Ram Prasad Kethamakka is surely an attempt in that direction and finds a slot in that category to be very useful both to the teacher, research scholar and the taught, particularly so in the current trends and modes of teaching of the subject imparted in the Ayurvedic Institutions. Every thoughtful person who has ever been asked to respond to a writer's work has probably experienced the anxiety and difficulties I have described. I say if you feel a little wary about responding, that's a good sign. I Personally Congratulate Prof. Shiva Rama Prasad Ketamakka for this useful endeavor and conclude by… You are thinking, lots of hard work, much clearer, super progress, I am proud of you, showing your stuff, that's the way, keep studying, almost there, so close, better than ever, I knew you could do it, way to go. “The greatest discovery of any generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering the attitudes of their minds.” - Albert Schweitzer Dr. Prakhya SivaRamudu, M.D(AY),M.A(San),M.A(Psy) Professor & H.O.D of Panchakarma D.G.M. AMC & P.G. Research Centre, Dr. S. V. Savadi Road, Shivanand nagar, GADAG-582 103 Karnataka Email: Drpsr012@gmail.com This Book can be availed from: Dean, Mahatma Gandhi Ayurved College Hospital & Research Center, Salod (H), Wardha, Maharashtra – 442001 Contact email: mgayurvedcollege@gmail.com, mgac_wardha @yahoo.com or by sending a DD of Rs 225 + Postage. Journal of Indian System of Medicine, Vol.1, Number 2, August, 2013 55

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